Just a Poor Polish kid in PA.

I’m just a poor Polish kid from Pennsylvania, who’s stuck at the moment. I have no way to afford to buy most of what I wanted, when I lived with my parents. I only get $5 a day now, instead of the full $25 that I used to get from T-SSI. The staff are accusing me of “running down” the company. Well, I think that they’re doing that, too. How come they’re allowed to and I’m not? Fucking double standards! I just say that I hate this, I hate that. When you’re a poor hick in NWPA, everyone in Pittsburgh and Erie looks down on you, the country boy out in the sticks. Same with the folks in Johnstown and Altoona. If I was in Pittsburgh, I’d have even less than what I have now. Pittsburgh is the nexus of Western PA and the big city that serves as a hub for the WPA region, like Philly is to the east.

We’re really ass-backwards in Crawford County, when you compare us to Philly and Pittsburgh and there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Walking out at Roche Park along that little trail is fun, but God is it hard on my legs! I am so big, at over 410 lbs. No wonder! I am made fun of for being fat online by certain asswipes on YouTube and when I react to them and get upset, I have my internet taken away from me!

The First Amendment is a joke out here! The state thinks that they know how to use the 1st to their maximum advantage! We have no First Amendment rights and I can be treated like a slave and like those morons in George Jr. Republic. I am made to “know my place” in the world in Pennsylvania, like in the old South, only I that I don’t have assholes in white sheets who are trying to make me dangle from on high! They share some things in common with those clowns, I swear. I am just a kid with a “bad” attitude! I must look up, but when I would get a girlfriend, I’ll wish that I did not have one and that I’m tired of being nagged all fucking day!

The city is only 10 miles away from Creveling Rd. When I go outside my place, I am accused of having “delusional” thinking and promptly placed in Meadville Medical Center, where my BSC, whom I’m “supposed” to trust, just says a bunch of bullshit to the people who report to the doctors as to whether I can be admitted or not and usually, they admit me to that hospital, where I suffer at the hands of incompetent assholes who think that every online profile is fake and that Daria Perekidaylova is “not” (yeah fucking right!) a real person and is therefore, a “delusion” Delusion is just a new swear word that they use to not listen to me! They just learned it from college! Someone give them a fucking cookie! If Daria came up to them and pissed all over them at the hospital, they’d still say that she “isn’t” real. When you have a stuck-up coon for a psychiatrist, you really feel that being white means you are better! Again, not racism when they shit all over me!

Ah racism! Racism! Racism! Racism! And it’s a “bad” thing to have “white privilege” just so that the fucking coons can shit all over us collectively for our past racist actions! I don’t give a fuck! I’m a racist! White supremacist? That’s just a slur that the “non-racist” types came up with to label and define me! The oh so “tolerant” rulers in Harrisburg! Equal opportunity hatred at its finest! How come it’s not racist when they shit all over us? I think that racism and sexism against white straight males is a thing! I hear it all the time on YouTube from the likes of Andy Warski and Computing Forever and Sargon and they can just sit there and mouth off about a supposedly “totalitarian” government and how they’re protecting their fellow whites! I have relatives down South and they HATE the KKK! They want as little to do with those morons as possible! Yeah, any sane person worth his salt would! I have my strong opinions and they came from when I was raised by my parents in that house in Corry. Now, it’s wrong-think, at least according to Wojciech Jaruzelski at the office! I call him that because like old Wojtek, he’s too chicken to believe that he is a Pole! He shies away from his Polish heritage, whereas I do NOT! Wojciech Jaruzelski sold us out to the Soviets and Gomulka did, too! But this is “delusional” thinking, according to my behavior specialist, anyway. When I read all the stuff online from our esteemed conservative friends in their little circles, they shit all over me just to keep me in my place, like old Borat on that movie and tell me that I do not understand the ways of the world!

Fuck that goddamned hospital! I am a Christian, sure I am, and when I’m more religious than the self-professed Christians who claim to be “helping” me, it’s “delusional thinking!” I’m a blasphemer now! Where’s your obligatory picture of our favorite Prophet that you can’t display, lest they try to kill you for it! Sure, Sure! They can go around threatening to basically commit genocide against persons of Danish blood and that’s fucking okay because they’re “protesting” being “offended” by some Danish cartoons! As if all Danes are collectively guilty for making “offensive” cartoons! These same folks collectively vilify all the Serbs, too, openly going around the streets of London threatening to nuke Denmark! Yep, in the religion of peace, whenever your blood just boils, you go out and take your machete and chop that person’s head and I when I try to act like they do, I’m “put in my place!” What I mean by that is, I’m put in a hospital surrounded by a bunch of real nutty folks and medical staff that treat me like shit! Fucking brown assholes! I’m of Danish blood in my family! My dad’s half-Danish and my paternal grandma’s family was and is of Danish descent! Fuck the state of Pennsylvania if this is how they’re treating me, while having the gall to accuse me of “treating” them that way! No, I’m a slave here and when you contact the ACLU to have something done about it, they tell you that they can’t do anything about it! They have laws that allow these commie fucks to shit all over my ass! The only thing that they are not allowed to do is point a Kalashnikov in my face and force me to get in the shower and to take one every single night! Showers aren’t bad at all! The regulations are upheld by the ACLU and when you complain about them, you’re shut out and stonewalled to death!

It’s “right-wing” propaganda from alt-right! What alt-right? What alt-right is there? The same dipshits who 10 years ago, were just a fringe group of assholes that the racists of other skin colors that did not like each other, were killing each other on YouTube comments! The violence got real in Charlottesville, too. Dylann Roof is just an example of what happens when one group is superior to another! Dylann Roof embodied white supremacy. His middle name was “white supremacy!” And then the whole nation just spouts off on TV about racism, this, racism that! Those bloated liberal and conservative pundits who have more fucking money than I’ll ever see in my entire life!

The whole nation goes nuts over a wanker like Dylann Roof when he shoots people in a church! There IS something wrong with that! When you have racists going into churches where being white means that you are basically excluded because you’re the wrong skin color, shooting people and killing them, there’s something wrong with our society at large!

Mass shootings have happened in American history ever since the 19th Century. In the 19th Century, a man could grab a rifle and go shoot people in cold blood in public, or so Hollywood would like to have you believe.

I’m done! Good night!

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Re-adding claw cats

I wish that it was possible to surgically regrow cat claws, once a cat’s been declawed. I just hate seeing cats declawed. For some, unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil. Over in hyper-emotional California, in some places, declawing has been banned/outlawed. As of 2019, it is currently not possible to do this. What if you regret having your cat declawed? Once that happens, they can’t be surgically regrown or added back into cat that has been declawed.

If only surgical techniques were possible to put cat claws back into cats once they are permanently declawed! Can this be even remotely done? As of April, 2019, I just know if it can even be done. If someone figures out how to surgically add claws to a cat that’s been declawed, then let me know, or better yet, let the whole world know about it and share it with said world.

I just pray that someone finds a way to re-add cat claws to a cat that’s been declawed! In other words, re-clawing a cat to have a full set of frontal claws. My parents’ cat, GeeToo does not have any frontal claws and I was wondering if anyone (who is reputable and reliable and is licensed) could add them again?

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Silly “alt-right” propaganda on YT.

Here today, ladies and gents, we have silly alt-right pro-Nazi BS on YouTube right here. This user named VertigoPolitix posted this video on YT, according to YT, 2 months ago. Why should we even consider uniting under the flag of Nazi Germany? How about uniting under the flag of the United States of America against both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany? The United States America represents a nation that overcame the two greatest evils of our time, Communism and Fascism. Don’t let those Antifa assholes bother you! Don’t let some neo-Nazi alt-right putz like VertigoPolitix bother you, either.

What do we call the ideology that we are currently up against? Communislam? Fascislam? We are now facing a new enemy with a totalitarian interpretation of Islam/Islamic Fundamentalism. Well and people compare them with our Christian fundamentalists, but believe me, these Islamic types make them seem sane by comparison, at least in the modern era. Has Christianity become “weak” like these fundamentalists assert? No, not really. There are more Christians of non-white races than any pale-skinned Christians on the entire planet. The “weakening” of morals will only make these people stronger. We cannot forget who we were and where we came from. I get that.

Oh yes! There are the rather odious and disgusting NAMBLA types out there. I tell you what. NAMBLA and The Flat Earth Society have one thing in common in that their core beliefs have proven to be dead wrong time and time again. Same with the Ku Klux Klan and other white hate groups. Notice how this user named VertigoPolitix equates Judaism with Marxism by replacing the words “International Jewry” with “International Marxism” as if they are the same. Marxists killed WAY WAY more Jews than Adolf Hitler could have dreamed of!

Anyone here notice that many of the Soviet apologist YT channels that spew their horseshit have beliefs that are exactly like Hitler’s or are fascistic/anti-Semitic? Communists are only fooling people when they falsely claim that they are “different” from Nazism and not “racist” when we can clearly see, that’s a lie. They just using the same anti-Semitic beliefs that their “enemies” the Nazis use, only they are “claiming” to be on the high ground “against” Nazism. Sure! Sure! This is yet another lie. Who says that you have to be a Nazi to be anti-Communist? Who says that you have to be a Commie to be anti-Fascist? This is yet more silly propaganda that they use to “justify” their positions in the 50 year mafia turf war known as the Cold War and World War II. This is why Communism and Fascism are both very dangerous and very odious. You know? The kind that defined a man like Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot or Josef Stalin. The United States was way better than Nazi Germany. Why do we need to listen to people who have some good ideas and other bad ideas? You know, people who advocate genocide against non-whites and trying to racially purify America in a Nazi-like fashion. These people ARE Nazis! Fascism and Communism are just as wrong as they were 75 years ago and that’s never gonna change. That’s never gonna change, no matter how many of the ideological spin doctors “say otherwise.”


It feels like the alt-right has been watching Patterns of Force on repeat, day after day, year after year, and month after month and so on an so forth. The Star Trek episode “Patterns of Force” pretty much discredits a lot of the alt-right ideology that we are now seeing on the internet. And Hillary “claims” to be “better” than Trump. They are about the same, only that Trump is more able to appeal to people’s sensibilities than Hillary was/is. Trump is a businessman, first and foremost. He knows how to motivate people to get the job done and he has used this first-hand knowledge, gained over many decades, to do it.
“Patterns of Force” pretty much discredits the whole alt-right movement and their fallacious arguments, if you know what I mean. The one user on YouTube’s right when he says that the alt-right will fizzle out and die, but the beliefs of standing up for the white male will not. I can understand the idea of standing up for white males, but marrying it with fascistic ideologies, a la KKK and neo-Nazi white supremacists, is just, well more than wrong. It’s a recipe for disaster! White men have done a lot of things throughout history and helped to create the world that we now live in. Is everything the white man’s fault? I think that in my opinion, if white men did not come over here from Europe to settle the Western hemisphere that I would probably not even be born or even live for any significant amount of time and I’d still be in Poland. I’d be speaking Polish as my first language, instead of English. My grandma was right when she said that I should be learning Polish. Tak, to prawda! This “On Hitler’s Worldview” video pretty much sums up why the Nazis were so hated and still are so hated, to this day. Well, I am an American of Polish descent, and I can tell you all from experience, that this is one reason why Fascism and Communism are so absolutely hated because we (Poles/Slavs) are targeted for destruction by madmen like Hitler and Stalin. Genocide is wrong!

How come Muslim protesters can go around chanting “WE WANT DANISH BLOOD?” in the streets of London about the Mohammed Cartoons printed by a Danish newspaper that so upset the Muslim world to the point where many of these simpletons were using acts of terrorism to “justify” being “angry” at them. This, again, is DEAD wrong! Islamophobia? I think it really does exist because we have such a fear of Islamic terrorism/fundamentalism that these idiots have caused Western airports to be like Fort Knox because of 9/11! I think that being phobic of Islam is natural and healthy, but the problem is that people often take it to ridiculous lengths to “justify” white supremacist/white nationalist propaganda, i.e. confirmation bias. Or justify violence against Muslims, be they Bosnian, Albanian, or Arab, or even Turkish. The Balkans is a rather complex issue that I think Marko Attila Hoare needs to reassess. Sure! Sure! He and his supporters will call me a “genocide denier” and all sorts of names, but that proves why they are wrong. The sickening lies that people of the Balkan ethnic groups use to justify their mutual hatreds and mistrusts of each other, and the Turks. The sickening, dysfunctional cycle of hatred and violence that has defined the Balkans for many centuries are why a Gypsy, like my housemate, would move to and live in the United States! This dysfunctional circle-jerk that has defined Europe for centuries became the very bases of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. America and NATO got involved in ONE chapter of the dysfunctional cycle of Europe’s millennia-long history, a full half century after the last one! They “claimed” to be saviors of the Muslims in the Balkans against the “Serbs” when in reality, only a few out of that Serbian nationalist oligarchy CLAIMED to represent the whole interests of the Serbian people, when they only represented their own selfish interests and those of their “enemies” like Izetbegovic and Tudman. In reality, they were “friends”, but that went out the window the second the shooting started! Is this really “genocide denial? The Germans were, and still are, no more collectively guilty of the Holocaust and more than the Serbs are for their own odious and sickening atrocities! The Serbs in the 90’s sought to emulate their enemies that had done the same shit to them over many centuries and that’s something that people need to consider. I don’t care about what mister Attila Hoare calls “apologetics!” Yes, the Serbs did use this to justify their atrocities against non-Serbs. This however does not mean that they did not perform such barbarous acts in the names of their peoples and religions. The Muslims ARE the extreme right, MARKO! Bigotry is bigotry! They are just as wrong as many on the right that want them “gone.” Why doesn’t Marko see this? All just because of the color of their skin! Their “confirmation bias” has a thing or two in common with the SJW kind that Sargon of Akkad makes video after video talking about!

Well, for one, the (REAL) genocide deniers like Julia Gorin and Pamela Geller pretty much prove the rather sickening and odious lengths that they are “willing” to go, just to play a glorified form of devil’s advocate with the Serbs of the 1990’s! Surely, Gorin and Geller would not do this about the German Nazis! It’s David Irving type stuff with these folks and the Serbs! That’s the rather sad irony here! People compare the Serbs with the Nazis and you’ve got Jews who “say” that’s “wrong” but I think that those people of Jewish descent who swore to defend the Serbs in the 90’s (I’m talking about YOU Jared Israel) should probably consider that they probably would have been next, after there weren’t any Muslims left to wantonly slaughter! The absolute madness of Balkan politics is manifested there and on Srpska Mreza. The rather tortured thinking that has defined how history has been written in blood in the Balkans manifests itself on these “pro-Serb” blogs. Why does no one call them out on their hypocrisy? If Clinton didn’t stop the 90’s Balkan Wars, then how much worse would you think that it would have gotten? Sure, I don’t like the guy, (or his politics,) but he has a point here. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with the propaganda video known as “Yugoslavia the “Avoidable” War” on YouTube. Did the West really help create another war in the Balkans? I think that the documentary should take into account the role that the Soviet Union took in creating the whole mess in the Balkans. These are yet more deflections of reality from the “pro-Serb” or whatever Balkan ethnicity that they happen to be shilling for, crowd! The Soviet Union brought a madman like Tito to power! The Soviet Union was his “biggest” supporter, even though in their rather myopic propaganda that they are so “famous” for, he was their “friend!” or whatever bullshit commie Pravda RT type circle-jerk propaganda would have you believe. No mention at all on how the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China created the mess in the Balkans. I believe that the Chetniks’ collaboration with the Axis powers again shows the tortured mentality that many in the Balkans believed then, as well as now. Yes, I’m gonna say it! Josip Broz Tito COLLABORATED with the Soviet Union! I think that it needs to be said! He was supported by a far worse totalitarian power than the one that he helped to defeat, 4 decades earlier! Tito was a Soviet collaborator! Something that his dumb apologists “deny,” but know to be true, no matter how much BS you use to deflect it. The Chetnik collaboration with the Axis powers was simply WRONG! They just got behind one band of killers against another even worse one, simply because they did not like the Commie Partisans and what they stood for. The Axis powers played the Chetniks like a violin against the Partisans! It was perfect manipulation to achieve one’s deadly ends! The Axis powers actually mistrusted the Chetniks and official documents prove this. The Axis powers knew that it was a glorified mafia turf war between the Chetniks and the Partisans. I’m sure than in America, you have folks from MS-13 who rat out their rivals to the police to “alleviate” their wrongdoings. The Chetniks were no more right than the Partisans and if you were to strip away Tito and his Yugoslav “mythology” surrounding the Partisans (and to an extent, the Chetniks) you would soon realize this! Sure, the Chetniks “claimed” to be “religious” Orthodox Christians, but it’s a lot darker than that. It just wasn’t as simple as that. Like the KKK in America, they were willing to go to great lengths to kill their own enemies and why you see on YouTube in the comments section of certain videos, a Serbian nationalist avatar on YouTube with the Serbian flag, imposed over a KKK hood. These folks make the KKK look like circus clowns! Their hatreds would make a Klansman blush! That’s how bad they really are! Except that the KKK practiced lynching and the Chetniks mostly killed their victims with firearms, instead of a noose, and the Ustashe did it with knives, but that’s really about it. Ted Bundy and Ted Kaczynski are still serial killers, even though they both used different methods to slay their victims. Sometimes, the Chetniks hanged people, but their preferred methods were with firearms to the back of the head or a rifle shot to the torso. It’s a good thing that we have people in Hermitage/Sharon area (Mercer County PA) that escaped all this stuff and are living happy and productive lives in Mercer County. They carried their hatred of Tito with them to there! And form diasporas of anti-Tito groups, that were mostly Serbian and Croatian .Sure, and they probably “joke” around they are going to ethnically-cleanse Erie (Pennsylvania, in Erie County of the same state) of Bosniaks! If they had any authority, they would, too. (LOL) Not a laughing matter, I can assure you of that. I think that some Bosniaks should go down to Hermitage and protest them, like how Antifa protests the “alt-right” at their events. Except, like a lot of those “counter-protests,” it would undoubtedly turn violent! Sure, and Alex Jones and his zombies protest Bilderberg meetings, all the time. Of course, you have Alex Jones videos with Serbian subtitles all over YouTube! Alex Jones is doing his usual audio spiel in English and these fluent Serbian English speakers translate them with their subtitles. I am very afraid that this would probably turn violent and if that does happen, the PA State Police will probably use this blog post as “evidence” for inciting acts of violence! I don’t want that! Have there been altercations in Hermitage, Sharon, and Farrell about it between Serbs and Croats? Probably at one point or another.

This toxic nature of Balkan politics must not be allowed to manifest itself, in Western PA. Knowing how wild Balkan politics become or rather HAVE become, that could very well happen. Fortunately, we’re much more civilized in the United States, but if the Alt-right and the far-left have their way, we just might see that kinda of stuff manifest over here. If you replace the words “Bosniaks” and “Albanians” with “Blacks” and “Hispanics”, you will notice just how these folks all sound the same! Notice how certain Serbs use the Native American Genocide in the Western Hemisphere to justify their own hateful and genocidal acts? There won’t be another genocide in the USA, like there were many over in Europe. We in America were no different than our European ancestors and while the “alt-right” “manly men” say that this is “racist” it’s the truth over a 100 years ago. I think that Europe could very well see violence in the streets between the far-left and far-right, and these people probably have stockpiles of automatic weapons to use against each other. Again, Europe’s mafia turf war politics are going to explode into another war that will make World War II look like a circus! Just like that Breivik asshole predicted! If you ever see Weimar Germany type shit with machine guns and the like, be sure and let me know! And they will, too! Breivik is to the extreme right what Antifa is to the extreme left! They share many of the same methods in common, except that their ideologies are different. Sure, Europeans will attack me in rather fractured English, but that doesn’t stop me! Europe is letting the far-right and far-left influence their daily lives! Thank God that there is a European Union because if Europe didn’t have a unified currency in the form of the Euro, then I think that Europe would be in an even bigger mess! It seems like the pro-EU crowd like to call those against them as “anti-European” when they are just as European as my Polish ancestors! I think that Europe needs to stop trying to be like the United States! They know that Americans have no time for their political circle-jerk tirades, (Millennia of European bullshit) any more than we did in 1776! They can “say’ that they are more “peaceful” and “tolerant” than we are, but that is not true. That’s like saying that Adolf Hitler is “nicer” than the Soviets!

Ignorance?” I’m “ignorant!” Oh sure and the alt-right/alt-left are “enlightened” and I’ve been “elightened” enough by their bullshit to know that they are BOTH wrong! Goodbye everyone! I just pray that our world doesn’t become a circle-jerk like on 2 Broke Girls or whatever!

Sure! Sure! And they’re gonna imply that because I’m autistic that I am “retarded” or “brain-dead” or whatever adjective happens to fit them, but I don’t give a shit! Those “manly” “alpha” alt-right white men have their own problems, but they won’t admit them online because they know that they will be dismantled and destroyed online. Ridiculing the alt-right and far-left Antifa commies is just gonna make them madder and madder! If you’re gonna ridicule them, do it with REAL facts and NOT this garbage. The alt-right are assholes along with Antifa and the commies! They prove time and time again why they are two sides of the same coin, no matter how much “spin” you put on it. This is like CNN and Fox News, type of spin, but we’re talking Der Stürmer type shit here! And no I am not talking about the Austrian singer-songwriter named Christina Stürmer. She has as about as much to do with them as Groucho Marx has to do with Marxism/Communism/Socialism. Yes! Yes! Marxism has been discredited and so has the ideology that VertigoPolitix is using, time and time again! Vertigo? I feel it sometimes and you just feel so dizzy that you want to throw up and often do, throw up! I feel that way here, too. This is just how appropriately named this guy’s YT channel is!

Anyone here notice that the rhetoric of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany share many commonalities? This is why BOTH systems were universally despised by pretty much any sane and rational human beings that are living in the West today and who have lived in the West, but have now passed on, but we will still remember them.

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What Fascism and Communism have in common.

I can’t take this anymore! The rest of the world KNOWS how to apply themselves to get jobs as a translator and they can hop all over the world, like a rabbit in a cage!

They have all the social skills to be able to apply themselves in ways that I cannot. I will never get that translation job!

Why do I have to start with a lowly job first? How come these motherfuckers can all be sociable and apply themselves? How come they can go to universities and not have to pay for their education with jobs? Because they’re in motherfucking Russia where their fucking government subsidizes their education! No, we can’t have THAT here! Thank you, conservative fucks! You conservative bastards make me sick!

I’m not a conservative and never have been. Okay, at one point in my life, I was far-left and went to the far-right, only to realize just how much these two had in common with each other. They are all able to easily agitate for changes and they always get what they want, and now they want to do it at the barrel of a gun!

I don’t want communism! What stupid brain-dead motherfucker wants fascism or communism? NEITHER ONE OF THEM WORKS!

You know what everyone? Debbie Schlussel IS the alt-right, minus the Nazi-style anti-Semitism, minus the anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel politics that are obviously popular among neo-Nazis! She is a Jewish white supremacist, except that she is not anti-Semitic/anti-Israel. They agree with most of the white supremacist ideas, except their hatred of the Jews and Israel! This is like that Patterns of Force episode of Star Trek (the original series) where a member of Starfleet creates a version of Nazi Germany without all the hatred and anti-Semitism, just a “perfect” country. That’s what the alt-right wants for the United States! Antifa can’t wait to turn this country into the USSR. Do you wanna know why these people all the same? They BOTH are willing to use violence and strong-arm SA stormtrooper type tactics, except that Antifa is the left and the alt-right (Proud Boys, et al) is well, the far-right/alt-right. Debbie Schlussel, Bernie Sanders, and Pamela Geller are just bunch of over-inflated kike assholes! Oh sure! They call all agree on Israel, but that’s about it! That’s pretty much about it! They disagree on policies and political views about immigration and things like that, but all that is a smokescreen for them to hide behind.

Our country’s being destroyed, not by Jews, (who gives a shit what they are!), but by people who think like Mr. Uygur and Mr. Jones and their allies on both sides! It doesn’t matter if they are Jewish or not, these people of all diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds are all in cahoots to ruin the USA. Because to only have “whites” do it would be “racist!” Because to not do so, would be racist! Anyone seen that movie “The Upside?” Well, I think that the paraplegic character played by Bryan Cranston wanted to hire the black guy, played by Kevin Hart, because to not do so would have been (OH GASP) RACIST! Do they have different standards in New York, than they do in Pennsylvania? It’s too bad that the movie doesn’t make it plain that the color of that guy’s skin had a lot to do with it. Oh of course! Bryan Cranston’s character is a white paraplegic guy with a French surname. The “non-racist” paraplegic comes to depend on this total buffoon to take care of him. It’s depicted as a private enterprise deal, instead of them answering to the state of New York, like my staff do in Pennsylvania at my group home. Wouldn’t the staff working for that paraplegic guy be answering to the standards of the standards of the state of New York? The Kevin Hart guy gets to destroy presents that were given to this white paraplegic guy by his friends because he feels that he doesn’t deserve them! This is yet another slam on people with disabilities, aka Rainman and Forrest Gump!

You know what? Those Nazi alt-right morons and their communist enemies have a lot in common! We in Poland found THAT out the hard way! I do not care about all the lame excuses by the politically-correct Buzzfeed/Wikipedia crowds! They were BOTH willing to kill in the millions! That can’t be forgotten!

Cranston’s character makes advances towards this girl who comes all the way from Buffalo to New York City! Oh, right! And you just “get” to NYC from Buffalo, like it’s nothing. I think that it shows just how detached the writers of that movie are from reality!

Christ! That’s like traveling from Erie to Philadelphia!

The white paraplegic finds out just how incompetent this guy truly is, but he seems to have his heart in the right place.

I think that she and Linda Sarsour have something in common. They’re both of Semitic blood and they love to whine a lot! I’m talking Debbie Schlussel and Linda Sarsour. They would kill each other if they were in the same room! Yep, just like a certain Turk and a certain American named “Jones!”
They would, too!

Good night!

Maybe since I made these stupid threats to shoot to kill those people of Russian descent in their ethnic churches in Erie that I am a “communist?” Well, ethnic cleansing and racism are, well indeed, communist and fascist ideals! I was an anti-religious communist, but with the Slavic nationalist (Polish) anti-Russian hatreds behind me. I had that in common with the communists! The communists just hated everyone who wasn’t one of them, and called anyone, who even slightly disagreed with them, a “Fascist/Nazi!” I felt alienated and disenchanted, much like my brother, back in 2009. I wanted to do something really evil because I wanted revenge for what Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) had done to me, from 2006-2009!
Now do y’all see it? Do y’all see it? The fascists and communists have no sanity and no morality! Well, the Nazis destroyed synagogues and the commies destroyed Orthodox Christian churches! I think that just shows how much those groups had in common. The commies hated all religions and the Nazis hated the Jews, but hid behind the veil of Christianity. Everyone who was sane and rational recognized just how offensive to religion people like the Soviets and the Nazis, truly were! They, of course, didn’t care about religion! It was all about state dominance for these people! Of course, the Soviets “tried” to paint themselves as the perfect atheists, but one can just how much their hatreds and lack of morality
At least my staff can actually speak a foreign language well enough and be paid thousands of dollars in the military to translate languages and they know how to apply themselves!

The commies and Nazis both used racism and hatred to further their objectives! The utter depravity of communism and fascism just knows no bounds! Just like the administrators of Corry Area Middle High School! No! These people made them look like a three-ring circus, but the same ruthlessness was there!

People know how to get the jobs that they want! This staff member is a woman and screening her would have been “sexist!” Motherfucking state of Pennsylvania!

The fact remains that certain people know how to get exactly what they want, and I of course, do not! I have no skills to be able to apply myself, just because of my disabilities! I am unable to further myself in life, just I sit here writing this bullshit on Facebook, when I should be doing it in WordPress!
Allen Kit Howell? Do you seriously mean what you say when you say that artists want to “escape” capitalism and become Marxist?

I have a job for you at the North Korean government making socialist realist garbage! Ever heard of socialist realism? Socialist realism was taking talented artists and having them do government-approved communist tripe, like in North Korea and the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany!

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Fuck you, Julia Gorin! Fuck you “pro-Serbs!”

Fuck you, Julia Gorin! Fuck you, Nebojša Malić! Fuck all of you “pro-Serb” propagandists known as “bloggers!” Fuck you, Bosniak bloggers for doing the same for the Muslims! Your rancorous hatred that you infuse in your blogs caused me to believe in your hatred of the Albanians, Croats, and Muslims and it caused my Balkan housemate named Lee to leave the house! I adopted the Chetnik strategy of collaboration to “expel” that dirty Turk Lee Waterhouse from my house with the staff and then resisting them to gain my freedom to go back to my parents’ house in Corry and to stand up for myself to resist these communist agents and their fascist pinko traitor informant/worker/agent named Cody who works at my house.

Tell OVR that I would like to get a job! I would love to have a job so that I can be a reputable translator and be someone better! I am sick of Jeremy telling me that OVR won’t help me be a “translator” because it’s not “realistic” and that stupid motherfucker knows what “realistic expectations” are! I just fight for what I believe and nothing else!

Moj je drug Bugarski je doslo! Fuck you Robert Spencer and your Jihad Watch blog! You also had a hand in inciting hatred against the Muslims of Bosnia! Okay, Julia! Go jerk off to your pictures of Ratko Mladic, Slobodan Milosevic, Arkan, Vojislav Seselj, and most of all, RADOVAN KARADZIC! Fuck you John Bosnitch!

You, too Pamela Geller! You suck! You ALL suck! You stupid bastards and your “pro-Serb” “patriotic” blogs can all GO TO STRAIGHT TO HELL!  Straight to hell that you and your so-called enemies created in Yugoslavia for so many millions of people! You created hell for so many millions of people, like Adolf Hitler and his Holocaust did! Except that you kill way less than he did, but it’s (still) wrong! In the words of that guy from Two Stupid Dogs! I cannot believe the kind of rancor that I see on those blogs! OH WAIT! Yes, I can! Yes, I can! It’s just so typical of you Balkan fucks to find excuses to kill each other and to suck up to some Western country/countries/NATO or whatever just to get rid of one ethnic group or the other!

It’s just another pathetic excuse for you Zionist fucks to slit the throats of your “Muslim” enemies!

You thought that you could take your hatreds to the Balkans from the Middle East! Hey! It’s on the same landmass, so why not?


Moj je Bugarski drug nije retardiran!

“Rat će stati”

“Rati će onda stati”

“Kad Podele Bosnu Srbi i Hrvati”

“A Balije pod noge pa u Tursku pravu, da ih više ne gledamo!”

“Odnio ih đavo”

Your stupid, hateful bullshit songs and videos caused a lot of this, too! And Carl Kosta Savich, you had a hand in it, too. So did Sabrina Petra Ramet, and Marko Attila Hoare and Nebojša Malić and your Bosnian Genocide “remembrance” blogs that do not for a second conceal your hatred for a whole ethnic group because those “Chetniks” murdered your families and friends! Bosniak Muslim blogs are no better at all! They help fuel a lot of this hatred! I am going down a self-destructive path and taking the staff with me, like what Cody (G) said!

I remember Changeling90au on YouTube talk about how Serb “patriot” sites were “poorly-disguised” neo-Nazi websites! No! No! No! THEY ARE NOT! They are neo-Nazis because they figure that ole Adolf knew what he wanted the “best” (worst) for Europe and the world! Sure, them and their commie Yugoslav totalitarian government/partisans/patriots have actually many things in common with each other. For one, they both believe in the domination of the state above the individual interests and the people. They both use terror tactics and secret police to maintain control over Yugoslavia, or Nazi Germany. Take your pick! He really had their interests in mind, didn’t they? Oh, but you can be a good Serbian “patriot” and be a good “neo-Nazi” too! Same with you Croats! It’s just “easier” to call Croats “Ustaše” and then slit their throats and cleanse them because of what they did a half century before to those Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies. Radovan Karadžić is the Serbian version of those bastards! He’s just transferring his hatred onto the Bosnian Muslims in the same way that Ante Pavelić did to the Serbs during World War II! This whole 1990’s clusterfuck called the “Yugoslav Wars” was a very BAD repeat of World War II, Yeah! By our favorite Balkan drama queens! Tito believed in the rather fascistic type belief for a “united” Yugoslav, at the expense of being a Serb or a Croat or a Bosniak. Hitler also believed in the “new man” concept, like Tito did, except that Tito was officially lauded and sanctioned by the Allied powers who won WWII, only to have to deal with the consequences of their victories in Europe and the Pacific in the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. Some “friends” Tito and his Partisan guerrillas “were!” Brotherhood and Unity was a fascistic concept expounded by Tito! Hitler probably would have been proud of Tito subjugating the Serbs and keeping them “down” to “keep” the “peace” in Yugoslavia!



Radovan Karadžić should be considered the Serbian Ante Pavelić! I don’t care about his “hybrid” nationalism and connections to the Nazi collaborator Milan Nedić.

Oh how I could point out just how much all these fuckers all have in common with each other!

Ratko Mladić did not conceal his hatred for the Jews, either. I feel that Karadžić would have then would have made efforts to ethnically-cleanse the Jews, next!

I’m gonna say it! Josip Broz Tito is NO BETTER than Ante Pavelić! Tito is just the commie left-wing version of Pavelić and Hitler!

“Kad Hrišćani svi na jednu stranu, mir će biti na celom Balkanu!”

It was a reenactment of those same Balkan ethnic hatreds that caused me to hate my housemate and to fight a war against him for control of the house! Much like Gary Royek and Lucky Royek once did, as cats! It’s the human version of that calamity!

Bugarin došio! Bugarin došio! Gorin je napisala mržnje! Gorin piši mrnžje na celom internetu!

Kad ovi rat nije se završio! Nikada! Nikada! Denise Cone Habib was a good woman who lived on my street in Corry on Raymond Avenue with her daughters, Rumer and Rebeckah (Habib). The anti-Muslim (anti-Islam) bloggers mobilized my hatred against that Denise Habib lady and I was fully cognisant of my actions when I harassed her with anti-Muslim fascist propaganda! Actually, it was “anti-fascist” but what’s the difference? It criticized the Muslim (Arab) jihadists for being like the Nazis. No! No! And then Denise Habib “explains” that Hitler was a “Christian” and other communist insanity!

This Denise Habib wanted to collaborate with the KKK to ethnically-cleanse people of Polish descent from Corry, Pennsylvania. Gee! I wonder who does that?! UH! LET’S SEE! A CERTAIN SERBIAN GENERAL NAMED MIHAILOVIĆ! Well, at least the aptly named “FucktheNWO1000” blog on the internet puts up the WWII propaganda film “Chetniks, the Fighting Guerrillas” on YouTube. A racist and overly simplistic view of the insurgency in Yugoslavia during World War II. So was Force 10 From Navarone! Force 10 depicted the Chetniks as “best friends” with the Germans, when it fact, it was a lot more complicated than that!



Vaša nationalistička propaganda je sranje!

Tito was just the commie version of those Serbs and Croats!

etničko Čišćenje u bosni


Šešelj i svoj “junački” Četnici! Look at that! How cute! Chetniks marching with their flag that they used in the name of “Greater Serbia” and ethnic purity of “Serbian” lands!

The Bosniak blogs here on WordPress are no better than those fake news Serbian blogs that Julia Gorin, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, and Robert Spencer use to spread their hatred! They’re the Muslim version of those Serbs spreading their hate!

Well, at least that one Muslim woman was honest when she said that she wanted to cleanse Israel of Jews to a Jew named Horowitz! I swear! These people have some real gall! What? Is someone gonna dress up in a SS uniform and go to a synagogue and tell Jews why they “need” to die? That’s just exactly like that!

I’m sorry, Nebojša Malić and RT, the Bosnian Genocide was not “fake news” but very real! But you’re so brainwashed that you can’t see the forest for the trees!

Mrzim rastanak od Lija Vaterhausa! Goodbye ASSHOLES!

Neđo Mitrovićeva pesma je tupa!

“Kad željeli nisu sa nama da žive”

“Za svoj poraz, neka džihad krive!”

“Kad država nije htio Lija da me ne živi”

Država od Pensilvanije!

Congratulations, MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU PRO-SERB ANTI-MUSLIM MOTHERFUCKERS! Your bullshit caused this situation with Lee! I did, too! Goddamnit!

But Lee is another “Turk” right? He’s a “Turk!” Sure he is! And I’m Irish!

Sve je dobro Irce! Nisam Poljak! Ali nisi Irac!


This is the same shit as high school! This is the same insanity! I am reliving the insanity and living in the past from high school back when I was treated badly in Corry Area Middle-High School by Daniel L. Daum and Denise L. Otteni, the fascist admins of that school. Daum was German and Otteni was Italian, or at least married to one at the time.

I learned from my History Channel documentaries (much better than Malagurski’s garbage) about the various Balkan insurgencies and how I wanted to be a Chetnik so that I could fight Denise Otteni and Daniel Daum! I floundered in high school! I did poorly and was persecuted like how Tito persecuted people because of his “PC” commie crap and everything else! I wanted to be a communist insurgent, a la Che Guevara and Tito, until MANY YEARS LATER, I learned just how communist the administrators of Corry High School were with their liberal PC ideology! Denise Cone-Habib and Denise Otteni are not the same! I thought that I was fighting “Fascists” for my freedom! I was not! I was not! I was fighting communists who were oppressing all the students of that school in Corry, Pennsylvania, systemically! I was Lech Walesa and not Draža!

I identified Alexis (Wojcicehowski) with the late Russian prince of the same forename, Alexis, the son of Nicholas II. I wanted to be a Bolshevik communist revolutionary fighting the Fascists/Tsarist Wojcicehowski family Years later, I learned just how wrong that actually was! I later became a monarchist in favor of returning the Romanovs to power in Russia, once I listened to Zhanna Bichevskaya and her beautiful voice, like how Charlotte Church had one.

I saw those documentaries on the History Channel about how the commies wantonly terrorized Russia and murdered the Tsar’s family in cold blood.

I intensely loved Alexis Wojcicehowski, the way that I intensely loved Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen), just a few years later. Like Alexis, that relationship with Daria turned into a disaster! Doris Gernovich and the admins at Corry High School made me to forever suffer because of my stupid threats against that Alexis Wojcicehowski girl and her then boyfriend, Matthew Tomikel. I later was in my German class with that same kid. I was made to suffer in the same way about Daria Perekidaylova by a certain cop named Gary Hunt, just 5 years later!  Doris Gernovich later saw all my problems with women in Corry High School, through the lens of Alexis Wojcicehowski! She applied it to other females, such as Jessica Beattie and Kyra McCune for example.


It’s the same thing all over again, with the folks at Touch-Stone Solutions and their internet “reminders” that subjugate me and their whole forms about “proper” internet usage and being monitored every five minutes, like in school in Corry. They’re using the same zero-tolerance tactics the admins at Corry High School used to terrifying effect, except that the T-SSI staff are “nicer” about it and so is the State of Pennsylvania and their “Autism Waiver!” These communist motherfuckers will never see it! They all learn the same bullshit taught to them by the Feds and the state govt. of Pennsylvania!

The same kind of family-hating totalitarianism that those conservatives go on and on about on their internet blogs, and libertarians, TOO!








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Twister and Hollywood disaster films

Well, for those of you who have seen Twister with the late Bill Paxton in the leading role playing a non-affiliated storm chaser who goes full-bore into a EF-5 tornado should note that the movie Twister is pure Hollywood fantasy.  At the time of the movie Twister in 1996, it was called “F-5” but it’s still the same thing.  It’s too bad that Twister did not mention a single word about Skywarn spotters spotting for tornadoes.  Twister is wrong for many reasons.  1 reason is that every tornado that spawns is an EF-5 monster twister.  The reality is that only a very small number of tornadoes are EF-5 twisters, roughly around 1-2%.  In the public consciousness, whenever someone thinks about a tornado, it’s the mega EF-5 twister that just wipes out everything in its path.  Of course, Hollywood movies would be boring if they showed an EF-3 or an EF-2 twister not doing a whole lot of destruction.  The movie Twister came out before the big 2011 outbreak that took place 15 years later.  The Wrath of God History Channel documentaries mention that Doppler radar was lacking because it could not see certain parts of the supercell storm, largely because of obstructions and the curvature of the Earth. Yes, that is indeed true and this is one of the reasons that an organization like Skywarn was founded in the first place.

Skywarn was founded to give the National Weather Service the eyes that they needed to spot tornadoes as they are forming or after they’ve formed.  Skywarn also reports the damage that a tornado causes. Of course, in Crawford County in the borough of Conneautville, we had a small tornado outbreak that did some damage to a Wesbury owned retirement home in the area. I believe that it was rated an EF-2, which is minuscule by comparison with the Greensburg twister.  Of course, the Weather Channel tends to focus way too much on EF-5 super tornadoes that just destroy everything in their paths.   Well, the Weather Channel is all about extreme weather and a guy like Jim Cantore lives for that. Of course, to Jim, it’s just an “adventure” when goes out into a hurricane and risks his own life just to let people know what’s going on when that hurricane hits in the Southern United States.  People like Jim Cantore tend to be glory seekers and they often over-dramatize natural disasters just to get people hooked on their exciting media stories, like Fox News and CNN and to an extent, RT. Jim Cantore doesn’t need to go full-bore into a hurricane and post it on TV just to let people know what it’s like on the receiving end of said disaster.  Do we need people to shoot themselves in the stomach with bulletproof vests on just to demonstrate that bulletproof vests work?  Well, I suppose that Jim Cantore has to make money somehow.   The media in general, IMHO, frequently talks way too much about EF-5 twisters.  Sure, EF-5’s are super destructive and wipe out everything in their path, but they are extremely rare,  but they are the most costly.  Twister tends to focus on Tornado Alley in the Midwest, namely Oklahoma.  Of course, there are tornadoes in states like Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, also.  They are just as violent as the ones seen in Twister, if not worse.  Of course, the 1925 tri-state tornado was the worst in American history.  There are some theories about the event, such as that it was a mega twister, like the El Reno twister and that satellite twisters formed around the parent funnel and also did some damage.  There was a reason that over 700 people lost their lives in the 1925 tornado. That reason is that Doppler radar had not been invented yet and that there wasn’t anything like what we have today, like Skywarn.  Weather forecasting in 1925 was not always accurate.  They also didn’t have the kind of mass communication devices that we are familiar with now in 1925. In 1925, people read the newspapers. The newspaper was the primary conveyor of news, before the invention of the TV. So, news did not spread as fast and that is why so many were affected by the 1925 twister.

In 1925, movies were silent and had no sound because Hollywood hadn’t quite figured out how to add sound to pictures, yet.   Of course, people still lost their lives in the 1965 and 1974 outbreaks, even though the TV had long been invented by then. Again, people didn’t have Facebook or Twitter or even the internet to communicate rapidly with people back then.  They never talk about how amateur radio operators through the ARES program relay messages to people who want to know how their loved ones are doing and ARES also plays a role in disasters. Of course, in today’s world, in the year 2018,  people still get killed by tornadoes because they are skeptical of the warnings on the TV, as many people are often skeptical of the meteorologists on the TV channels because they sometimes predict something and it does not materialize the way that they said it would. Predicting the weather is not an exact science and the Weather Channel usually talks about weather as it is happening because it’s easier that way.  Of course, amateur radio existed in 1925, 1965, and 1974.  1965 was exactly 40 years after the Tri-State Twister and 1974 was 49 years later, almost 50 years later.  Sometimes people are killed by twisters because they are lackadaisical and don’t pay attention to the signs around them and if your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong, you’d better listen. I remember how I sort of predicted that a tornado would strike Crawford County in 2014, when I moved down there the year previously. I was at the Touch-Stone Solutions office, which was then on Park Avenue, before its move to Murray Road and I told my program specialist that I thought that a tornado was going to happen. It was super humid that day and I could feel that something was coming.
I was on the W3MIE repeater when WW3S and WA3MCH and others were on the 145.130 running a Skywarn net talking about where the tornado was going and if there were going to be more of them.  Of course, the W3MIE club also had a Skywarn net on the 145.130 about 4 years later in 2018, about tornadoes in Crawford County.  I almost saw a twister form around Franklin Pike in Cochranton, PA, south of Meadville, in East Fairfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. I was with my staff at the time and there was a guy who lived out in the Midwestern states who was talking with us about  his past experiences with tornadoes in Illinois that there was a tornado forming. That one did not touch down.  WB3CNJ was in Crawford County at the time and she told everyone in the W3MIE meeting room at St. Brigid’s Church in Meadville that a tornado had touched down.  My staff member at the group home who was into receiving like reports on his cellphone/smartphone about severe weather was concerned. You could hear it in his voice. He said that the tornado was heading right for Meadville.  Many people in Meadville were looking up at the sky wondering if any more were going to hit. You could hear the tornado siren going off that evening. The tornado event happened on the 3rd Tuesday of that month and I remember that because I was at the W3MIE monthly meeting when I heard about it.  The meeting was adjourned and everyone who was in that room just got the hell out of there. W3MIE holds its meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

I went to my home on Creveling Road in Cochranton and I was just looking at the sky and I could see that people who were my neighbors were leaving to go to the courthouse in Meadville to seek shelter.  There was hardly any lightning. The one thing that I am afraid of is becoming a silent key because of a lightning strike.  Many hams became silent keys because of lightning strikes, tornadoes, or flooding, or sheer carelessness.

Of course, in amateur radio parlance, a silent key is any dead ham operator.  Once you become a silent key, you’re dead and that’s it.  You can never go back. Of course, you might get a mention in QST where it runs its monthly silent keys columns.  You have to be literally dead to be a silent key.  I take my call-sign W3AGF, from my late grandfather, who is a silent key.  He passed away in 2003.

A silent key is a tragedy for many in the ham radio community.  That person that passed away had knowledge to contribute to humanity and when that person passed their amateur radio exams, they were tested on that knowledge and when they passed and got their tickets, they could go up to General, if they were technicians, or bump it up to Amateur Extra if they were general class hams.



The southern states are also badly affected by tornadoes, too.  Again, the Wonders of Weather documentary focuses on the Midwest in Tornado Alley.  Of course, Ohio gets some pretty bad twisters, too. Namely southwest Ohio, like Cincinnati and Dayton, but also Northeast Ohio gets hit by twisters, too.  If you go west to Illinois and Indiana, you’re getting into Tornado Alley.
Looking back on Twister, I can say that Bill Paxton’s character would have been the one who got killed and not the Cary Elwes character.   They never show that professional storm chasers are not the only ones who don’t get killed.  Twister was a rather hokey movie. I felt that it dishonored real storm chasers because most storm chasers don’t get into ridiculous pissing contests over who is better, a la Twister.  The one scene were Bill Paxton’s team was watching a movie at a drive-in theater was kinda of weird.  Why didn’t someone report that there was a tornado that was touching down?  At night, if you have good eyes, you can see a tornado forming and about to touch down. Why didn’t they see that? It’s kinda of hard to not mistake a tornado forming at night.  I had some serious questions about the drive-in theater tornado. I also remember the scene where the guy who plays Jo’s dad was killed by a tornado when he tried to secure the storm shelter than his daughter Jo and his wife were in. The tornado sucked him up and took his life. That scene was heartbreaking.  Why didn’t Jo’s family look hear the tornado coming? I hear that you can often hear tornadoes coming, miles before they actually hit. Of course, there was frequent lightning in that scene, so of course, they weren’t going outside to see what was going on, largely out of fear that they would be killed by a lightning strike.

Why was there the cheesy romance between Bill Paxton’s character and Helen Hunt’s character? Again, someone has to make money selling a big story. Yes, Jan de  Bont, (Twister’s director) said in the DVD commentary that he heavily researched tornadoes while making the movie.  Of course, in Oklahoma, you can see for more than 10 miles down the road.  Jo’s family should have seen that twister coming. They were in their standard tornado shelter, which is all too common for people living in the Midwest.  People in Tornado Alley often go to their storm shelters to protect themselves from being killed by tornadoes. Of course, tornadoes are all too common out there, which is why it gets the moniker “Tornado Alley.”  Out in Kansas and Oklahoma, you can see tornadoes for miles before they hit you.  In Western PA, we have steep and high hills to “camouflage” tornadoes before they hit.  A tornado is said to sound like a freight train.  I remember that the air was freakishly quiet a few times. My one staff who was working at the time lived through a couple tornadoes in her lifetime.  In 2004, when I was in high school at 15 years of age, I remember that there was constant lightning flashing everywhere. We knew something was up. We later learned of a tornado that struck near Elgin, PA in Erie County.  It was like out of the movie Twister with all that lightning, namely the scene were Helen’s Hunt character (Jo) and her family are watching the TV warning people about the tornado.  It was really spooky. I was living in Erie County at the time in the small town of Corry and going to high school in Corry when that tornado hit. Back then, I had no knowledge of amateur radio or what the numbers of what the local amateur radio frequencies were in Erie County, PA or even about Skywarn and that was in 2004.  10 years had passed between 2004 and 2014 when I witnessed these tornado events. In 2004, I was 15 years old. I was afraid to take the amateur radio exams because I did not have a quite a good grasp of Morse Code (aka CW) to pass the exam. At the time, the FCC mandated that any new hams who were testing had to have a knowledge of Morse Code. Many who took these exams were daunted by the Morse Code soundbites that were playing and trying to tell apart individual letters in sequence.  Morse Code was daunting for new hams and many often failed because they couldn’t comprehend Morse code.  Of course, I hear hams complaining about how “dumbed-down” the tests supposedly are.  The probabilities for passing increased after the FCC dropped the Morse Code requirements.  More and more were passing their technician class exams. Of course, if you want any sort of chances to pass at all, you study the question pools that are available on various websites and you go to an amateur radio exam session and you fill in the question on the exams that you think is the right answer and if you get 26 out of 35 correct, (74%) you pass the exam and earn your license. Of course, not everyone who takes the exams passes.  I felt bad when I did not pass the first time, but I learned from that experience and took the exam a 2nd time and did not pass, but the 3rd time, I did pass my technician exam and was first licensed as KC3BDJ.

W3GHO informed my dad that he passed and that I did not.  Of course, my mom, KC3DEN, passed her exam without getting any answers on the test wrong. She aced it! That was a truly defining moment, when her dad Cecil was looking down from Heaven providing his guidance to her to help her pass.  It’s figurative, of course. My brother, KC3BGA, passed his general test and tried to go to extra, but he failed to pass the extra class exam.

What does ham radio have to do with it? Simple.  Hams provide the eyes that the National Weather Service uses to locate and track tornadoes via Skywarn.  Hams also help in the event of any disaster.  Of course, Twister never even mentioned hams.  I disliked Bill Paxton’s reckless and arrogant attitude when chasing that tornado in the movie. His blatant disregard of the lives of him and his passengers in the vehicle, WOULD have killed him and his passengers in the vehicle. He would have been the one who got killed. Cary Elwes’ character was chasing the tornado with a convoy of SUV’s all decked out in black and looking like a convoy from the C.W. McCall song.  These were “professionals” compared to Bill Paxton’s character.  The big meteorologists are dependent upon ham radio Skywarn spotters to report any sightings of tornadoes and to track them.  Bill Paxton’s character never gets killed by any of the tornadoes in the movie.  It’s not a giant egotistical pissing contest between the “big” tornado chasers and the “small” storm chasers, like in Twister.  Top Gun was all about Maverick’s giant ego and nothing else! That same kind of egotism that you see in Top Gun, you can also see in Twister. Except one’s a fighter pilot and the other’s a storm chaser.  I hate Twister! It makes the meteorological community look very bad!  Yes, the Top Gun-esque egotism was rather boring and cheesy.  I suppose that it could be said that Twister is our Top Gun.  There was a British movie called “Making Waves” about hams falling in love in a cheesy romantic comedy type film.

Of course, the cops in Law & Order behave like they’re members of the Gestapo. This is why I refer to it as “Gestapo Television” in one of my previous posts.  They are straightforward about talking about crimes in Law & Order.  You know what? I think that people should just refer to Investigation Discovery as the “Serial Killer Channel!”  Most of their shows are about psychotic serial killers and they are over-dramatized TV shows.  They are propaganda and nothing more! Of course, you could refer to Nancy Grace as the “Pedophile Show!” People just like watching morbid shows about pedophiles and serial killers.  People are interested by psychotic killers that stalk women and kill them. They are entertainment.  Law Enforcement are always “good” and “noble” and that the Law & Order show is “realistic” Not even close!  Of course, the police officers in Corry, Pennsylvania are pinheads, namely Hunt & Doolittle. They are glory-seekers.  These people who watch TV seem to think about only the Holocaust when thinking about genocides.  Of course, speaking of genocide,  Malagurski talks about “biased reporting” in his tirade of a film called “The Weight of Chains”  Everyone in the 90’s was obsessed with the Serbs and the war crimes that they were committing in Bosnia and throughout the former Yugoslavia. Yes, people only saw the Serbian atrocities on TV.  Everyone can agree on that. The Serbian atrocities were pretty odious and gruesome.  People have to remember that not all Serbs did these horrific war crimes, but they were done in the name of the Serbian people. The Serbs let these pinheads define their identity and Karadzic was a “moral crusader” against the “Turks!”  Sure, Karadzic could do “no” wrong! He did a lot wrong and now he’s serving 40 years in prison.  The Serbs that were fighting in Mladic’s forces were your typical redneck yahoos that made the KKK look like a social group.  Not all of them were rednecks, but the “undisciplined” The Serb soldiers commanded by Mladic just killed at will and took sadistic pleasure out of raping women.

Of course, the Serbs feared living under an Islamic state, like Iran or Saudi Arabia.  They had negative past experiences with the Bosniak Muslims and the Turks. The Bosniaks were derogatorily referred to as “Turks” by the Serbs who were fighting them.

Of course, not all Serbs were Chetniks. Again, we see Hollywood do this type of aforementioned cheesiness in Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson.  That movie was wrong. He sees his pilot shot in the back of the head by Serbian soldiers.  He should have tried to save him, but they were too numerous for him to do anything to save him. He just runs away in a forest and the Serbs shooting at him are piss-poor shots, like the Imperial Stormtroopers out of Star Wars. Gabriel Macht’s character dies during the film.   Owen Wilson’s character does not die during the film. He sees a mass grave full of people killed by Serbian soldiers, led by Miroslav Lokar.  The Bosnian War was the biggest clusterfuck in modern history, next to the war in Donbass in Eastern Ukraine between Russia & Ukraine.  The Serbs always miss Owen Wilson’s character. Again,  Behind Enemy Lines was a rather hokey film, just like Twister and Into the Storm! It’s the same kind of hokey storytelling in all these movies.  Owen Wilson’s character disregards NATO procedure and sees a mass grave protected by a SAM site and that SAM shoots down his F/A-18 and Owen Wilson and Gabriel Macht survive the shootdown.

Of course, the Behind Enemy Lines has the stodgy Frenchman named Piquet, played by a Spaniard.  Another stereotype.




In 2007, the FCC removed the Morse Code requirement altogether. I didn’t really think about amateur radio, until 2013, 9 years later. My grandmother Gerda had recently passed away in May of 2013, just after I returned from my stay in Western Psych in Pittsburgh. She was W3AGF’s wife of many years.  His name was Cecil, W3AGF, (SK).

He was my maternal grandfather.  Gerda never remarried after Cecil had passed away in 2003.



The tornado was right on top of them.  I wonder why the characters weren’t listening to the Skywarn ham radio frequencies talking about tornadoes forming or ones that have touched down. Unlike Twister, the big professional meteorologists don’t get into ridiculous pissing contests with some supposedly “amateur” storm chaser.   Why weren’t they tuned into amateur radio frequencies? What about CB frequencies? Those too.

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Tito was NOT a hero!

I’ve written many diatribes on WordPress, too on my blog in the same style as Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones.
Michael Savage is known for being rather acerbic in his speech on the radio. He’s known for his thick New York accent that he speaks in on the radio, often castigating the “vermin in the media” among other things. Alex Jones is also noted for being acerbic, too. Mark Levin and Michael Savage BOTH shout down their callers who disagree with them with insults that only confirm their biases.  I’d rather support Trump than support Hillary or a milquetoast pansy like Gary Johnson!
I write in a lot of the tones that Michael Savage writes in. I agree(d) with their ideas, sadly. Now, I’m starting to question them and examine them deeply.
It’s conservative/right-wing/far-right type stuff is what I’m talking about.
Of course, there’s the toxic far-left stuff, too. Supporting Antifa and their acts of violence against right-wingers and others that they disagree with. They too are a rather acerbic bunch of people. Tito’s Partisans are just as bad as Antifa! Get that through your head!
I agree with Michael Savage’s outlook on the world. I agree that America needs to go back to its roots and be proud of the country that she was and what he hopes to be and what he perceives it to be.
His idealized view of America, like what Trump believes in.
Of course, Obama has a rather idealized view of America, too.
The problem is that people like Obama and Michael Savage have rather distorted views on politics, but I voted for Trump.  Unlike Gary Johnson, he did not run a rather milquetoast presidential campaign in 2016. Practically no one had heard of Gary Johnson and he was a nobody and it showed. Libertarian ideas are something that a lot of people don’t like. The alt-right/far-right libertarian crowd, that the SPLC writes diatribe after acerbic diatribe, bemoaning! I hate Southern Poverty Law Center! They’re wasting their time going after the far-right with their hate-filled diatribes! Why waste your time with Alex Jones? You’re just feeding him and making him stronger and stronger!  I’d rather be a conservative/center-right/center-left kinda guy, and not a whacko like ole Adolf!  Southern Poverty Law Center, please stop wasting your time bemoaning the extreme right and focus on Antifa and their radicalism!
Would any of you be okay with SPLC breathing down my neck? I’m sure that they are profiling me, much like how Gary Hunt and Gary Doolittle had done to me in Corry, Pennsylvania when I lived there. I’m sure that they are all too willing to give SPLC the ammunition that they need to smear and destroy me!
Sure, I’m a racist hater, in SPLC’s terminology. They are mostly ignoring me and people do pay attention to my blogs on WordPress and Facebook.
These are the kind of “hit pieces” that the far-right are known for, for “saying” that SPLC smeared them, or defamed them in some way. Which I agree with, but the rather paranoid tones in which they write it, turn me off! They’re always making out that the entire left-wing is after them.
Of course, people like Stefan Molyneux make video after video “fighting” the left, Antifa, and SPLC in general on YouTube.
But I’m a “cuck” right? Sure, the alt-right can call me whatever they want to, just don’t call me for dinner!
I find them to be just as odious and ignorant as the far-left Antifa clowns that they claim that are against! They are just as acerbic as the Democrat far-left Antifa crowd that writes scathing anti-Semitic Stormfront-style bullshit throughout the internet! You know, the kind of stuff that David Duke posts online. Except that the Antifa crowd are farther left than he is, but that’s pretty much the only difference.
I don’t like the far-left, they’ll turn America into Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea. The alt-right will turn us into Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile or whatever right-wing dictatorship tickles their fancy.
These are the kinds of people that write diatribe after diatribe supporting the likes of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and other Nazis/Nazi collaborators.
They write nice stuff about Hitler and openly deny the Holocaust, too that’s been proven to have happened.  I’m surprised that one historian lady from Australia debated those assholes on YouTube and just destroyed them! Why did she waste her time doing it? You’re never gonna convince them. They’re like the crowd that denies the moon landings ever took place. They’re just as cynical and delusional, too.
It’s “Jews this” or “Jews that!” (or “kikes” “Yids” or whatever slurs that they can fit in there.)
The moon landing deniers are hilarious and I’m disgusted that RationalWiki writes in a rather acerbic tone about these people. RationalWiki is known for being rather acerbic in its tone. It’s like 4Chan and Reddit meets Wikipedia.
Not just about Himmler, but of course, they’ll write BS about how Trump’s a “Jew” and a “Zionist” and all that conspiratorial bullshit that they are all too well known for!
I’d rather have Trump support Israel, than those nutty Palestinians who are all too keen to blow themselves up among large crowds of people.
I find the Arabic-speaking peoples like that Yassine El Hanafy guy to be rather acerbic. He kep harassing me about wanting to send him $50. I told him to “Get lost!”
Let him sue me! My honest lawyers would destroy him in 30 seconds! The Middle Eastern peoples write rather stilted and acerbic propaganda bashing the Jews/Israel/and the USA and many write comments supporting it, too.
This is the typical stilted cynicism that a lot of Arabic-speaking peoples look at the United States and Israel and other Western nations.
People in Iran, too. And Afghanistan and Pakistan.
I think that people who want to turn America into Saudi Arabia should not be given the time of day, like the Antifa commie far-left crowd and the alt-right/far-right Alex Jones crowd. They’re both just as conspiratorial! They believe a lot of the same things about 9/11 being an “inside job” or whatever to openly deny the 9/11 terrorist attacks and blame America for perpetrating them.
You’ll find videos on YouTube celebrating 9/11! By someone who is a fanboy of Commie Yugoslavia, too!
 Yes, the sickening “anti-Imperialist” “anti-Western” tones of the far-left and the anti-Semitic horseshit of the far-right have a lot in common. It’s all about fighting the New World Order and fighting “Imperialist” America and all their distorted views of the world, while, of course, denying communist and Nazi/Fascist atrocities, committed by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler and Pol Pot.
They feed on each other, like parasites on a host creature. They attack each other over differing views and try to kill each other, a la Charlottesville, but these acerbic people just don’t quit, do they? It’s funny watching them kill each other.
One day, they want to kill each other in the streets and the next, they’re “friends” against “Zionist” Israel/Jews.
Ah, it’s just so stupid! That JTF Chaim ben Pesach guy and Julia Gorin write acerbic diatribes denying Serbian war atrocities in the 1990’s and supporting folks like Karadzic, Milosevic, and Mladic.  They hate Jews, like them, but they pretend that doesn’t affect them any and just smile and go on about their day. Sure, it’s the Muslims one day, and the Jews and Gypsies and Commies the next. The pro-Chetnik and pro-Tito crowds just grow more and more acerbic by the day!  And the Croat Ustase crowd, too. Of course, the Croats got their own independent state in the 1990s, although many are quick to distance themselves from the likes of Ante Pavelic and his Ustase. Many of them support him, but otherwise disavow him, much like how American disavow the KKK and neo-Nazi/far-right/alt-right groups. The Ustase, Chetniks, and Partisans are ALL assholes! Don’t let them tell you any different! They’re all just as violent and brutal. Violence and brutality was Tito’s way, too. Of course, Tito is a “big hero” to these folks, who are oriented towards the West and America! Tito was just another odious and brutal communist dictator, like his buddies Castro and Mao and Kim Il-Sung!
These Serbian atrocities have been proven to have been committed by Serbs and have happened, too. They, like many in the Balkans, take sick and sadistic pleasures in killing and raping their “subhuman” enemies, be they Muslims or Serbs. Destroying their properties, such as churches or mosques. Even synagogues. They’re desecrations of religious sites make the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting look like a children’s kindergarten party. They deny them, like those that deny the moon landings. Of course, the Muslim supporters deny any Muslim crimes against Serbs and try to minimize/downplay/support them in any way possible.
You should see some of those videos of people committing atrocities and posting them on YouTube, too. Often supporting these heinous acts.
Of course, the “Partisans” were the “good” guys and so were the Muslim Bosniaks in the 90’s.
Again, it just shows the same kind of backward and regressive sicknesses that are prevalent among the far-left and far-right extremists in the Balkans.
Again, Good night everyone! Tito nije bio heroj! Tito bio je kukavica! Mladic i Karadzic su kukavice!
Izetbegovic bio je kukavica, takođe. Again, have fun with the innate sicknesses that predominate in the Balkans. “Get Down with the Sickness” as one song goes.
The ignorance of the Pro-Milošević, pro-Tito, pro-Tuđman, pro-Izetbegović crowds is just all too real and disgusting! It’s abominable!. I agree with Sabrina Petra Ramet there, but I do NOT agree with her fawning support of Tito and his odious Partisans who are fake heroes, just like the Chetniks.  No one’s an angel over in the Balkans, no matter who NATO happens to support.
The pro-Serb crowd have made video after video on YouTube supporting the Chetniks, Mladic, and Karadzic and minimizing and outright celebrating/denying their atrocities, in the kind of language that the 9/11 inside job crowds use.
They even agree with them! Sabrina Petra Ramet and her disgusting diatribes should turn off most sane people. Same with Marko Attila Hoare, too and Nebojsa Malic.
Watching a Jew like Pam Geller support these clowns and call their forefathers Nazis, is rather disgusting! The 1990’s Serbs, not the 40’s ones.
They’re all against Clinton, right? I’m glad Hillary wasn’t elected president of the USA! We could have had a war with Russia on our hands and tens of millions of Americans being fried underneath a mushroom cloud, a la Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Russian nukes make them look like a Christmas party!
Of course. they’ll have conspiracy theories blaming Hillary, too, if only she had won.
Anti-Trump conspiracy theories, too.
It’s just so fun to watch this and LAUGH!
Good night everyone!

Tito was just as much of a murderer as Che Guevara and he supported “El Che”, too!

Tito murdered tens of thousands of Yugoslav citizens of all nationalities.
Of course, Lepa Brena is all too keen to call herself a “Yugoslav woman!”
Lepa Brena was one of Tito’s many friends and benefactors. People like Karadzic used Tito’s dictatorship to further their own extremist agendas, like Tito had done.
The pro-Serb crowds have made videos supporting Tito and his Partisans, too.
Did Trump actually apologize for the intervention in the 90’s against the Serbs?
I don’t need assholes like Tito, Mihailović, and Izetbegović to define me and my people! We need liberal people, like those people out in the streets against the Milosevic regime and against Tuđman, too.
Same with Ante Pavelić! Sane and democratically-minded folks who care about other people should be reviled and disgusted that the people who claim to be supporting them and their ethnic groups have any real influence at all on Balkan politics. Some of them even agree with it! Sane folks of the Balkans should be disgusted with people like Tito and Karadzic!
We need people to fight the system and make it right, like what that Malagurski writes. However, we don’t need his fawning support of Tito and the Partisans/Communists/Yugoslav Communist Dictatorship and his extensive personality cult.

I have a page on Facebook supporting Draza Mihailovic. Back then, I was young and naive and foolish, until I learned about the many sickening atrocities committed by him, Pavelic, and Tito and others.

Baja Mali Knindza should be ashamed at writing song after song supporting Milosevic and Karadzic, but he’s not, just like how Thompson supports Pavelic and his Ustase.
Thompson’s “Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara” (About Jasenovac Concentration Camp) song lyrics were disgusting, but the melody was nice and decent pop-rock melody, like what Britney makes. Except that Britney doesn’t make videos supporting Hitler and Pavelic, the way Thompson does.
The lyrics were disgusting and hate-filled. Of course, he and BMK are all too keen to feed their ultranationalist audiences the kinds of musical propaganda that they crave so much of!
Liberal-minded folks in the Balkans should NOT support Tito! They should be against him, Mihailovic, and Pavelic!  But if I was forced to support a faction over there, it would probably be Tito because he at least was honest about his (rather undeserved) support from the Allies and Tito was fighting the Germans and not fooling around with them, the way Pavelic and Nedic were!
I would NEVER support Tito and his Vietcong-style partisan guerrillas!  They are the same ilk as the Vietcong and use much of the same brutal methods, too.
Zhanna Bichevskaya writes song after song supporting the Tsars, which is no surprise. She turned from making rosy folk songs in the 70’s to pro-Tsarist tripe in the 90’s and beyond! Of course, what the Soviet state would “allow” her to publish! I’m sure that she’s all too familiar with Soviet official censorship and a lot of their milquetoast propaganda that no real person in the West believes!
Of course, I’ll be called an “asshole” and a “traitor” by these folks, but that doesn’t bother me at all! I’ll be called a “Zionist” and a “Jew” (kike is not out of the question for them, either), too.
Good night!
Sure, Thompson is a Croatian patriot and he supports real Croatian patriots, while giving his ad-libbed dialogues against Pavelic and the Ustase. I’d rather be a democratic forward-thinking progressive kind of guy, rather than a nutty wanker like Pavelic or Mihailovic.
I’m sure BMK would support Milan Nedic, too.

But I’m one of those “far-left wankers” that Lepa Sela and Lepo Gore makes fun of! Yeah right! I love how they made fun of the anti-war crowd, while writing a movie supportive of Karadzic’s ethnic cleansing policies and glossing over Serbian war crimes and bemoaning Muslim ones! Sure, let’s all sing (in English) “Give Peace a Chance” and hold candlelight vigils outside a hospital!  I think that Natasa Kandic has a right to be disgusted with a lot of folks in Serbia.  Of course, with Malagurski, one should take him with a grain of salt, too. He bemoans “NATO” and “America’ while supporting Tito.

Ah! Balkan politics! Their ignorance is all too sad and all too funny! Oh boy! I’m sure that Thompson would be one of the folks being killed by Pavelic and Tito, too.
Just don’t tell him, it will break his heart!
All those “Croatian terrorists” wanted was a free and independent Croatia, free of the Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia that had existed since 1918! I disagree with their bombings of Yugoslav government buildings and murders, but I agree with wanting an independent and free Croatia.  Many Croats also supported Yugoslavia, some voluntarily and many involuntarily, too. Croats should want a free and democratic system, too. I love how Yugoslavia: The “Avoidable” (Yeah right) War paints the Croatian opposition forces as Ustase killers and murderers, when many of them wanted freedom and democracy. Yes, many of them DID support Pavelic, but only his desire to want a free and independent Croatia.  Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War is a pro-Yugoslav diatribe condemning Tito and supporting Mihailovic. If only there was a third option in Balkan politics, someone that wasn’t Tito or Mihailovic, someone who was pro-democratic and pro-Western, even though that was lacking in Tito’s Partisans. They just needed American and British support to create their murdering communist dictatorship that violated human rights and killed and tortured thousands! They didn’t really care about America or Britain! In fact, Tito’s Air Force attacked US transport planes, too! What a “friend” he was! (NOT!) Of course, that was after the war.
I dislike Malagurski and his tripe! His movie about Kosovo was eye-opening in its details of exposing anti-Serbian Albanian atrocities, but its support of Milosevic was disgusting. It’s like claiming to be against communism, while supporting a fake “hero” like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro!
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a mess! In 1941, it showed! Many Croats quit their day jobs in the Yugoslav Royal Army and decided to support the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia, only (for many) to be disappointed and deceived later by the Nazis, Pavelic, Nedic, Mihailovic, and Hitler. Sure, the Kingdom had pretended that many Croats “officially” supported it.  King Peter II was not like his assassinated father and that showed, too. I’d rather have the Kingdom than have Tito, but I despise Mihailovic’s collaboration (and his underlings/henchmen) with the Axis powers.
That “Chetniks: The Fighting Guerrillas” movie should also be taken with a grain of salt, too.  If only the writers of that movie knew about Mihailovic’s collaboration with the Germans and Tito’s open and naked brutality!  They didn’t care. It was awful, just like Force 10 From Navarone and all the sick propaganda films supporting Tito and his Partisan murderers! That movie was awful! It was full of German and Italian stereotypes that were commonly believed by the Allied supporters during WWII. Anti-Axis propaganda was what the film was about. I’d rather be “anti-Axis” than pro-Allied. The Axis powers were a bunch of murdering assholes and the Allies had done some horrible stuff, too, but most of that was committed by the Soviet Union.  The Americans and British had bombed cities, but which would you rather have? A dick like Nedic or being killed by Allied bombs, praying that your suffering at the hands of those dickheads ends!  Many people openly prayed to be killed by Allied bombs and bemoaned the Allies for bombing them, but they’d rather have that, than be lined up and shot by the Nazis! Or being gassed in Auschwitz! Having an Allied bomb end their suffering was better than what Hitler had in store for them!  Who cares about those documentaries that they show on the Military Channel (American Heroes Channel same difference)? If only they knew about some of the grotesque and brutal acts that Tito’s Partisans had performed on their enemies that they captured and then killed! Of course,  ISIS is nothing compared to them! Tito’s Partisans were not always known for their niceness and some even turned Allied airmen over to the Germans, too, just for money and other items!
Force 10 From Navarone was just as bad as the Battle of the Neretva!
Of course, Mihailovic and Tito would pay lip-service to the Allied cause, by rescuing their airmen and sending them back to the Allies, while murdering each other in cold blood in their insane mafia turf war for control of Yugoslavia!
There were times where the Partisans would support the Germans, just to kill those “hated” Chetniks!
But that was rare! Good night, everyone!
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