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Twister and Hollywood disaster films

Well, for those of you who have seen Twister with the late Bill Paxton in the leading role playing a non-affiliated storm chaser who goes full-bore into a EF-5 tornado should note that the movie Twister is pure Hollywood fantasy.  … Continue reading

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Operation Finale: an abomination of a film

I saw Operation Finale today in theaters on Sept. 13, (Thursday) 2018 and it had some good parts and bad parts. I can’t believe that the film presents a sick monster like Eichmann as a Good Catholic! Do they not … Continue reading

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Dishonesty in War Movies

Well, look at Platoon for example. Berenger’s character can just kill a Vietnamese civilian without mercy. Yes, I understand that they are not documentaries. Of course, even documentaries get things wrong from time to time. Well, I’m sick of those … Continue reading

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Gestapo Television

Here’s what I like to call “Gestapo Television” Law & Order Special Victims Unit because people who rape have no rights and the police can do whatever the fuck that they want to these people in this TV show and … Continue reading

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Exercise in Fultility

I just wish that I could help the pharmaceutical companies come up with a more tailor-made solution for my problems after I come home from my parents’ house to my group home on Creveling Road. There is no magic fix … Continue reading

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Frustrations with Google Chrome’s Serbian spellcheck tools.

This is unbelievable that Google Chrome’s spellcheck tools for the Serbian language do not recognize the word “антисемитизам” или југословенски.  What? Are the people at Google who are Serbs, rabid anti-Yugoslav, anti-Communist anti-Semites? This is beginning to make me wonder … Continue reading

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How can there be a “white nationalism?”

How can there be a white nationalism if whites are of many nationalities? There’s Serbian nationalism, Polish nationalism, Russian nationalism,  Greek nationalism, French nationalism, Irish nationalism,  Scottish nationalism, Welsh nationalism, Italian nationalism, Croatian nationalism and many other white ethnic groups … Continue reading

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