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TrollTube (aka YOUTube)

  You might as well rename YouTube, TrollTube and Harris Game Design, Harassment Game Design and BoardGameGeek to BoardGameFag. What is there? Does anyone see what they did to that Svechinskaya girl and her video introducing the SmartFlash item she … Continue reading

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Operation Finale: an abomination of a film

I saw Operation Finale today in theaters on Sept. 13, (Thursday) 2018 and it had some good parts and bad parts. I can’t believe that the film presents a sick monster like Eichmann as a Good Catholic! Do they not … Continue reading

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Gestapo Television

Here’s what I like to call “Gestapo Television” Law & Order Special Victims Unit because people who rape have no rights and the police can do whatever the fuck that they want to these people in this TV show and … Continue reading

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100 years of commie and fascist terror!

I am no better than I was at being special 20 years ago, than I am now.  People like that Susan Ottaway and Pat Melpolder lady were saying how gifted, how brilliant, how intelligent I was and all that and … Continue reading

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