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Tito was NOT a hero!

I’ve written many diatribes on WordPress, too on my blog in the same style as Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones. Michael Savage is known for being rather acerbic in his speech on the radio. He’s known for his thick … Continue reading

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My apologies to everyone!

I would like to apologize for my recent displays of sexissm and anti-Semitism.  I am just believing all the things that have been spoon-feed to me by these pro-Kremlin. pro-Putin ass-kissers on the internet, on Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and … Continue reading

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The fake video by Britain First

Seriously? Who cares people? What about all the REAL videos out there from Bosnia and Kosovo showing Muslims destroying and desecrating Christian (usually Serbian) graves, churches, and other religious icons?   There are REAL and documented instances of Muslims destroying … Continue reading

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Frustrations with Google Chrome’s Serbian spellcheck tools.

This is unbelievable that Google Chrome’s spellcheck tools for the Serbian language do not recognize the word “антисемитизам” или југословенски.  What? Are the people at Google who are Serbs, rabid anti-Yugoslav, anti-Communist anti-Semites? This is beginning to make me wonder … Continue reading

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