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This blog is a critique of the censorship of history by academics, media, far-left, and other forces who are destroying our cherished history by labeling it as pseudohistory.

If we don’t preserve our history, we’ll lose it forever. Dedicated to the preservation of history and freedom of thought for all people out there in the entire world, to stop this intolerance of other opinions and cobbled together hateful Far-left view and censorship with the Marxist pseudohistory of their own.

My school life.

Was Jessica Victoria Nutt (nee Beattie) of Irish descent? You’ve got a Wikipedia article that says that the surname Beattie is of Irish origin.¬† Of course, Benny Lewis is of Irish origin and he is one of the world’s most … Continue reading

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I am NOT an “anti-Semite Nazi”

I REALLY DO believe that I am an autistic Nazi anti-Semite. (No, not really) I am an anti-Semite. I give up! I am not really sure if you can put autistic, Nazi, and anti-Semite in the same sentence. I just … Continue reading

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Turkish fascism

I have a question for Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. How come you claim to be anti-racist and have an organization called the “Young Turks?” The Young Turks were a Turkish fascist organization that killed 1.5 million Armenians in … Continue reading

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Criticism of Islam

I am against Islamic terrorism and against ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Middle East. They are motivated by the Koran to try and kill us because we are the “infidels” that do not believe in Allah, yet these SAME … Continue reading

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Putin is the new fascist invader!

Instead of Hitler being the fascist invader, Putin is the new fascist invader of Ukraine. One of his advisors Aleksandr Dugin is a noted fascist. Dugin is known for his ties to Russian fascist groups. ¬†Putin is no monarchist, but … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and anti-Polish sentiment

Wikipedia was saying that far-right groups were spewing anti-Polish rhetoric. The far-left in Russia has a long history of spewing hate against Poles, especially the Communist Party. They attacked Poles for enslaving Belorussians and Ukrainians in western Belarus and western … Continue reading

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Review of the Croatian Collaborators from the series “Nazi collaborators”

I was watching the TV show about the Croatian collaborators that collaborated with the Nazis during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. I think that the documentary is great so far, but fails to point out that many people supported the … Continue reading

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