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Microsoft Office 2007 Croatian Spellchecker

I just noticed something with MS Office 2007 and its Croatian proofreading tools. It only recognizes the word Muhamedanac for a Muslim male, instead of “Musliman”, which is more common. The words Musliman and Muslimanski and all their forms come … Continue reading

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I am a crazy American!

My life motherfucking sucks! What the fuck am I supposed to do? Just fucking sit there and take it, like a man? Am I just supposed to not cry and show any remorse for what I’ve done? No, it does … Continue reading

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What’s our world coming to?

If only there was a Trump-like figure, like Admiral Kolchak that would have made Russia great again, unlike savage mass murderers like Lenin and Stalin! Kolchak just didn’t stand a chance against Lenin and he knew it! I don’t know … Continue reading

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