This is the anti-imperialism/anti-communism/anti-fascism blog of Justin Royek who is dedicated to bringing justice for all of Corry’s oppressed citizens, even if they live in other cities or states or even in other countries.

The Boche (administrators) shall be exposed for the crimes that they have perpetrated against the students of Corry Area Middle-High School!  Julianne Steele was my love interest in high school and she goes off and marries Ricky Carder.  She responds by blocking me on Facebook, after I messaged her.  She once loved me, but those fascist wankers who ran Corry High School in the year 2004 made a scene that Julianne would not be allowed to talk to me anymore.

The fascists stole her from her to separate and destroy our friendship that was cultivated in the year 2002.  Julianne was the only person (a Slav) to ever kissed me at all! She kissed me on the bus in 2002.  The Muslim scoundrels whom she has decided to associate with have set up or helped to set up, her theft from me.  Denise Habib was her name, now Weigert and her two daughters, Rebeckah and Rumer.

I am a Russian nationalist and I shall win! Julianne is married now, but that shall change! URA!  Russian nationalism shall win! Russian nationalism ALWAYS wins, even if imperialist America does not wish it to be so. America wants Russia to be a weak satellite state, just like Japan and South Korea.

Our leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin put a stop to it and he had Russia become feared by America again. We don’t want to be part of the American-dominated G7! As of 2017, America currently rules the world.  I may live in America, but I still have idle daydreams about life in Russia. Thank God that I live in America because I am more expressive in America, than I would be in Russia.