What’s our world coming to?

If only there was a Trump-like figure, like Admiral Kolchak that would have made Russia great again, unlike savage mass murderers like Lenin and Stalin!

Kolchak just didn’t stand a chance against Lenin and he knew it! I don’t know where these left-wing types who (ironically) are now calling for arming people against Trump and the US government who decades ago were bemoaning the American public that they thought so little of for doing the same thing!

The problem is that the anti-gun types tend to predominate in the left-wing media, unlike those leftists that believe in arming themselves, which sadly are few and far between, unlike those that live in their anti-gun echo chambers and who know nothing about the 2nd Amendment or even its real purpose!

Why do we have such people saying that sanity keeps people in their cages? What in the hell is going in this country? If they think that they can take on a man or a woman that can hit a human head from 600 yards away while not knowing which end the bullets come out, they’re sadly mistaken!

You see! Trump is like Kolchak and Maria Butina was just a darling for the media how she was ridiculed like Borat for knowing “nothing” about American society and how to be like America!

Yep, Maria Butina and Kristina Svechinskaya folks! Those two Russian women with their lurid photos of them in see-through shirts where you can see their bras through those very shirts. That just shows you how sexualized Russia has truly become! Yep and those American geeky nerds are just jacking off to them that can do so! Sure, American men tend to jack off to Russian women in skimpy clothing! Hell, to even Middle Eastern Arabian,Iranian, Kurdish, Israeli and Turkish women! I guess those “feminist” Russian women know how to work a bikini, right? Sure, I could spend all my time jacking off to Anna Chapman or Kristina Svechinskaya or Maria Butina, but I don’t! I guess Russian women are the “powerful” women that American women envy? Why can’t WordPress let you use emojis? That would vastly improve my writing, so as to add some real emotions to it, to not look like so much of an asshole! I’d love to just be able to speak perfect and fluent Russian so that I can have a nice conversation with one of their women, who are around my age. What about having a non-sexual mundane conversation with a woman who’s old enough to be your grandmother or even your mother? Sure, an American man carry just go and marry a Russian woman without even getting to know her first! There’s a lot that the media won’t tell you, or rather refuses to tell you. Sure, Maria Sharapova looks good in a bikini! We all know that! And so does Anna Kournikova. I guess we American men are all made fun of for being “neckbeards” rednecks, incels, and the like, but we all are not. Oh how I would love to meet those folks in real life, who ridicule us as such, instead of sparring with them 4chan-style on Facebook and YouTube! Good luck with that! They probably can’t even wake up out of bed in the morning! Of course, they’d probably resort to violence if they even looked at me, even though they’re (supposedly) non-violent MLK and Gandhi types? But, they’re “badass” Antifa types at the same time! Oh boy! It just never ends!

Russian women are often stereotyped as being rather “abrasive” and “bellicose” women. I hear things about Russian women can sexually satisfy Western men better than Western women! Again, it’s all relative. Sure, you could just go to Russia and receive head from Masha who blew Mehmet a few days before! It’s often believed that Russian women aren’t afraid to have sex and are slutty promiscuous types. Again, when you talk to them fluently in Russian, a whole new picture emerges. Without aking a single mistake, flawlessly doing so. It’s a whole 180 change personality wise from one language to another.

Sure, I could just travel to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and just receive a blowjob from Svetlana, but I don’t want to and I cannot afford to! I’ll just be made fun of for being “fat” I don’t care if my wang can only be seen through a microscope! I’m an autistic Polish kid of 30 years that stands no chance whatsoever! Thank you Autism Waiver and the state of Pennsylvania for telling me one thing and having me do another!

It’s often said that Western men stay over there just to receive more and more sex from the same women who love them or at least “say” that they do in English, while saying something way different in Russian to their Russian-speaking “friends” whom they know more intimately than some guy who they met online. People who have known each other since childhood for Heaven’s sake! or just because they love it there in Russia and just want to help out their fellow men and women enjoy the kind of prosperous lives that we in the West take for granted! Improve their lot in life! Just to enjoy the very things in the West that we take for granted.

Sure. What’s the point? My sexual fantasies are just too lurid for a lot of women to hear! You never say them to women at the other end, unless you want to be blocked! You say them when you’re with her in the bedroom and you two are intimate with each other. Again, what is reality and what is fantasy?
I’m the virgin autistic male that they have scorned and thought little of. Sure! Sure! Sure! When the world’s sexiest hacker is afraid of you, personally, that should tell you something! Sure, and Russian women are all like Zemfira, Zhanna (Bichevskaya or Friske, take your pick), and Alsou!

The world’s sexiest hacker, Kristina Svechinskaya, is deathly afraid of me! She just blocks me on every social media platform that I share with her!

I miss the late Zhanna Friske! I’m sure that her real-life image was way different than the one that she cultivated in the Russian-language media. Or you could have a rocking chick like Valeria Kozlova or Zemfira. Or even a heavy metal one like Maria Arkhipova of Arkona.

I guess that American nerds want lurid stories, like the kind about Kristina Svechinskaya stealing millions through hacking computers and having lurid social media photos in skimpy clothing.

Sure, Anna Chapman is probably a sex goddess! Again, media image here! I guess you just change when you’ve actually had sex, instead of fantasizing about it, like Akon and Lonely Island! Again, just another silly ditty!

If only I could look at women without them bolting into a corner on their cellphones, calling the police!

It’s just so surreal that an Eastern European woman or an American woman would bolt rather than talk to me! I’m just made fun of for being a sexually-awkward virgin by many of them! Again, whatever that they use as ammunition to make fun of and deride you! Nothing I ever do counts IRL!

I don’t care about those men’s rights types! They’re just as hateful and divisive as the feminists that they so staunchly oppose!

The world isn’t as bad as I make it out to be! Good night! I’m tired of whining like a 5 year old child! I’m gonna do something!

I refuse to become a magnet for all the alt-right Nazi types and alt-left Antifa types! Fuck them! Everyone who is sane knows that these folks are assholes and you’ll never reason with them, EVER! Trump is just finding this out the hard way, the way that Obama did. Sure and you could have a birth certificate saying that Obama was born on Mars, instead of here on Earth!

Oh boy! It’s just so funny! I can’t believe it! Oh my God!

Wow! The world that we all live in! Just wow!


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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