I’m a joke! Yes, I know, it’s obvious!

I’m just gonna say it! I’m a goddamned joke! Would it really matter what religion I believed in, be it atheism or Christianity, or hell, even Islam?

Those 4chan evolutionist types would make it so that I did not matter anymore and that I’d be just another dead person in a world of 6 billion people! Those 4chan-loving fucks and their “facts” and a quick glance at Wikipedia and Google and Snopes gives these fuckers the instant answers that they want!

You know what? Those bastards have friends in the government and they know just the right words to bullshit the law enforcement agencies into doing their own (personal) bidding because they’re buddy-buddy with them! I shit on these fuckers and their influence! Who gives a flying fuck about Alex Jones? He’s not even a part of this discussion, but these assholes love to bring him up! He’s their favorite whipping boy! Globalist know-it-all fucks! I am sick of them! This goes back 16 years, back to 2003, when I was in high school! These people were unafraid to look at authority figures in the eye and an authority figure like Gary Doolittle, who was “supposed” to be protecting me, was just protecting his friends, ’cause it was his “job!”

I was beaten into submission by these fucks and the feminist PC politically-correct mafia that was the order of the day, back in 2003 in my high school! Yep, the motherfuckers who get bent out of shape about every shooting in the country and in the world, and who can just beats the drums to get people to follow the herd to ban guns! Yep, everyone, we’re talking about the PC liberal (Are they really now??) far-left commie lynch mobs! Zero tolerance meant just that, no tolerance for those that disagreed with them a hair and when I vocally voiced my disgust with these assholes, they would casually threaten to arrest me! If I even looked at a woman like Alexis Wojcicehowski in the eye or even just glanced in her direction, I knew that I could be arrested! It was Comrade Gernovich’s own private gulag in that school! They should rename it to “Corry Area Middle-High School (Gulag)!”

Yep, they know the answers to all the problems! Yep! Yep! They knew what they were doing! They often did cow me into following an odious fascistic intolerant system in Corry High School and boy howdy did they!

I knew that when I was read the riot act, i.e. told straight out that if I talked to Alexis Wojcicehowski and her then boyfriend, that I could be arrested, even though the guy was in my German class less than 2 years later! I knew I had no rights! I could just hear Doris Gernovich just scoff at the very notion of me having any semblance of rights! Do you like jerking off to Vladimir Putin? HUH? DO YA?

I knew their haughty, sneering tones in their voices as these “educated” bastards just used their buddies in law enforcement to get them to do their bidding and carefully camouflage it with the usual niceties! The administrators of Corry Area Middle-High School, Denise Otteni, Daniel Daum, Doris Gernovich, Sue Barra, Albert Gernovich (yes he and Doris are related as mother and son), Gary Doolittle, and the whole Corry Police Department.

I learned to be intolerant of and to silence opinion from these high-minded fucks and they called it an “education!” Oh it was an “education” all right! Oh yeah! Their little fuckbuddies in the media managed to cow the American people into giving into to their insane fascistic totalitarian bullshit called “Zero Tolerance!” And it literally was “zero tolerance” Thank you Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold for your insane and reckless actions! You managed to whip up the PC Clintonite knee-jerk feel good media and populace to get them to do your own bidding! That’s right! Your sick totalitarian PC fascistic system in that high school! Autism might as well have been an excuse to duck out of “receiving” the “justice” dealt out to me because like Amber Sterling was even afraid to look me in the eye and her feelings mattered more than mine because she was a female and nothing more! I was just an evil and odious stalker to them, the archetype of the serial killing Ted Bundy type stalker!

Sure, they had been feed all that just from watching Investigation Discovery (more like Witch-Hunt Discovery) and other channels that peddled Law & Order (Lawlessness & Disorder is more like it) and CSI type sensationalized garbage called “entertainment!” Really, do you really expect me to be entertained by hearing about some sick fuck who raped and mutilated his victims? This is what’s on 24/7! Damn! What a world we live in!

Thank you 44 Blue Productions! Thank you for turning out your mindless garbage you call “entertainment!” Not the military shows, but the police shows! Yep, everyone! Lawlessness & Disorder KGB PC lynch mobs everyone! Their instant reactionary knee-jerk PC bullshit folks! The God-denial crowd, ie, the politically-correct commie PC lynch mob that “denies” the very existence of our Christian God just for “fun!” The fuckers who just love to bust your balls on YouTube just for fun! How Doris Gernovich could just freely scoff and sneer the very concept of me having any rights at all! What I had. I was told that I had to wait until I was 18 and I would have these rights. Well, now, here, I am 30 years old and I can now be arrested at will by these Soviet-style and forced to go to a hospital run by sneering “rational” assholes who “know” “delusions” like the back of their hand! I just pray that God’s justice will be enacted on these sick fucks! Everything’s a “threat” because you disagree with them! Might as well be Kim Jong-Un for all I know!

Where are the esteemed folks at the Thomas More Law Center or the American Center for Law & Justice fighting these insane PC lynch-mobbers? Where are they? Can they help me? I must make a stand with faith in the Almighty, since I don’t have any man-made weapons to fight back! I have no way to fight back with guns because the PC lynch-mobbers have passed knee-jerk “laws” to check my background and pronounce me “crazy” as an excuse just to not have any guns! Don’t really need them, anyway!

I just pray that Donald Trump will take back our country from these sick fucks! The politically-correct fake-smiling PC (liberal) lynch mob!

I just pray that the Almighty will exact His justice on these heathens! I’m a “religious fanatic” just let them insert that there, in the “record” too! George W. Bush was one of these PC lynch-mobbers and he was the one that because of these shit-skinners crashing fully-laden airliners into buildings that, that was the “excuse” that he needed and he was “Republican” for God’s sake! People tried to warn about it back when Clinton was president, but no one cared! The media that was monopolized by these bastards 20 years ago! 20 years ago, there was no alternative media! And the alternative media that then existed was sneered by the “official” media as being conspiratorial conspiracy-laden and no one could believe it. Our teachers loved to beat the drums about these folks in school! Sure, Alex Jones says it all the time! Hell, I even hear Michael Savage grumble about it every so often! Oh sorry Mohammed! Am I supposed to give a fuck about your stupid “brothers” who were blown up by American bombs because they were shooting at our troops?

If you even breathe the air in a Muslim country and you’re a so-called “infidel” you might as well, be dead! It’s sad that the religion of peace (so-called) exalts people who go into crowded Israeli shopping centers (their word for malls)and kill hundreds, if not thousands of “Jews” and other “infidels” Yep, folks! It’s “Islamophobic” to even say one word about it, by the Islamophiles in the PC lynch-mob Law & Disorder crowd that Glenn Beck loves to go on and on about! Sure, Pat Condell had a point on one of his YouTube anti-Islamic tirades that he was not “allowed” to say something critical of Islamic terrorism/fundamentalism that he would be threatened with violence. You know, it’s a damn good thing that we in America still have the First Amendment (or what’s left of it) to responsibly voice our dissent! I’ve seen videos on YouTube of how some British police officers just ran roughshod all over that one concerned citizen because of Muslims praying in Hyde Park because she saw a “violation” of the rules of Hyde Park. That was in the United Kingdom. just because they wanted to “talk” to her! I mean, we’re talking Full Metal Jacket type shit here! You know, it’s a damn good thing that we have Miranda Rights in this country that those Eurotrash “rational” fuckers shit all over because they’re used to totalitarian lynch-mob justice of the kind that Putin would recognize! But nope, we’re “ignorant” and they’re “enlightened” Tell me what’s so enlightened about having someone arrested for voicing an opinion critical of Islam? Look, it doesn’t matter what religion or religions you are critical of! Someone who deeply believes in that faith or at least has a philia with said faith is gonna disagree with you! That’s the beauty of the First Amendment! And we’re anti-Muslim Islamophobes! Oh boy! Where do I start with this?

I am of Danish descent and those were my people that they were threatening to ethnically-cleanse in the streets of London because a Danish newspaper made cartoons lampooning Mohammed with his face and all! And the religion of peaceniks went apeshit! And them going “apeshit” is their “constructive” way of protesting? That was as sane and rational as the Serbian state-sponsored terrorist who went into Sarajevo and shot the heir apparent to the Hapsburg throne! But nope, I’m of Danish ancestry, through my dad and his mother, who was my maternal grandmother who sadly died in 2014, almost 5 years ago.

Yep folks! We’re talking about a 3rd of a quarter century of Serbian state-sponsored terrorism upon the Balkans called “Yugoslavia!” The Chetniks were the people carrying out “terrorism” on behalf of the Yugoslav state and then another group of esteemed Balkan (commie) terrorists beat them and guess what, established their own totalitarian and far worse form of government upon Yugoslavia! Guess what folks? There was undoubtedly a “deep state” in the Balkans with the Yugoslav government with the Serbs! The Serb nationalists decided to “lay low” because of Tito’s Fratricide and Disunity policy (better known as Brotherhood and Unity. (Bratstvo i Jedinstvo in Serbian) Tito was just the mask that these Serbian Chetnik deep-staters were wearing in disguise! 3/4 of a century of Serbian state-sponsored terrorism beginning in 1914 and ending in 2000!

Yes, Yes! I know the Albanians are bad too! In fact, these lawless Balkan states have their own proxy actors that “act” on their behalf, but are in fact, Albanian, Croat, or Serb agents and they go around pointing fingers at so and so for some perceived misdeed that someone of those aforementioned (including Bosniaks) ethnic groups perpetrated upon said ethnic group! Yep, Balkan insanity that people that people like Julia Gorin and Pamela Geller support because these Serbs were “anti-Clinton!” Yep! Yep!Nothing to see here, folks! Just your usual Holocaust-denying genocide denial! Yes, Yes! No one’s gonna dispute that the Bosniaks and Croats did some horrible shit, too. Yes, it’s proven to have happened and did in fact, happen. Yep, another grand Eastern European ethnic pissing contest, folks! You know? Like the kind currently going on in Ukraine? In fact, Julia Gorin was “criticizing” that article about the “similarities” between Putin and Milosevic. Guess what? To Putin, he might as well idolize ole Slobo (Slow boat) like how we idolize Ozzy Osbourne! To Vladimir Putin, Slobodan Milosevic is someone that is “respectable” and a “hero” to him! Yes, and Julia Gorin blasted it as “Holocaust Denial” Yep, Yep! I have criticisms of that article, too. Putin is not really Milosevic and the only reason that our government does not take (refuses) military action against Putin is because Russia is armed with nuclear weapons and not afraid to fry New York under a mushroom cloud! Thus turning the Big Apple into a radiated mess, that makes Chernobyl, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki look like Disney movies! Hell, it would make even Independence Day look like a Disney movie! Yes, a horrible and hokey movie like Independence Day with all the politically-correct 1990s’ sensationalism in it and same with the Austin Powers series in the same era.

Yep, the feel-good 1990s folks because they wanted to be “different” than past generations, like the 1940s and 1950s. Of course, to these uninformed folks, the 1940s and 1950s might as well be like the 19th Century with women and minorities having little to no rights at all, to these folks! These “informed” folks that “study” history or rather their perverse interpretations of said history. And that coon with a kike’s surname was bleating on TV about how she would be a “slave” because John McCain wanted America to be more “Constitutional” and follow the Constitution, you know, the document that all those esteemed Eurotrash assholes who speak the “best” English in the world shit all over! You know, because their feel-good European “justice” is the “answer!” We have the Constitution to keep folks like these in check for a reason because our Founding Fathers understood just how vile and vindictive the Europeans who claimed to “respect” human rights, truly were!

The white immigrants in the USA at the time were sick of abuses by these European powers from said countries that they immigrated from. Our Founding Fathers could see this literally a mile away and wisely foresaw the grandiose abuses of power that Europe is all to known for, then, as well as now. Never mind that the US government was terrorizing the Indians to death! Yep, when they say that the Civil War (American) “ended” in 1865, they are only talking about the white man’s war between the whites! The Civil War went on, in regards to the Indians, though. But this is “historical revisionism” to the folks who “write” our history! Why is that not lumped in with the Civil War? The Indian Wars were part of the Civil War and were a Civil War onto themselves! When they talk about the “Civil War” they’re really talking about (basically) a mafia turf war between two groups of white supremacist racist bigots from 1861-1865. Howard Zinn made sense in that regard, even though he was wrong in some areas. Except that the Confederates were the “worst” of those bigots, or so your history book teaches. (Yep) (Yep!) From the “official” History folks told by and promoted by the History Channel! That one documentary about post-Civil War racism and the chaos associated with the end of the white man’s Civil War was interesting, except the point that the one pundit made about how the KKK was like “Al Qaeda rising from the Earth”, which is of course, flat out WRONG because Al Qaeda makes the KKK look like a circus! There’s just no real comparison. Yep, more silly historical revisionism on the History Channel, folks! Of course, I know full well about the litany of crimes and other horrors associated with the KKK that as Americans, we can all relate to. The KKK and white supremacists are the people who the media tells everyone to revile and hate! Yep, SPLC makes dime after dime jerking off about these assholes on the internet! And their opinions don’t “matter” because they’re “white heterosexual men” I think pretty much everyone understands the ridiculous and frankly absurd levels of self-sabotage that these folks engage in. We know what they’re all about and I don’t need SPLC to browbeat us with lurid headlines about white supremacists and how they don’t deserve to be protected under the First Amendment because they are “terrorists” and their opinions are oh so odious and hateful! Ah! Political correctness! Yep! I don’t like these folks, either, but like it or not whether you agree with them or not, they have a right to them. Yep! Yep! Those Eurotrash fucks who speak English “better” than anyone in the whole wide world go on YouTube and write hateful and lurid bullshit about how the KKK are “autistic” implying that they are retarded! Yep, the Eurotrash fucks who “never” make a single mistake in any language that they speak! If this is how people in Europe think of people like me, then I sure as hell don’t want to be over there! The world where Europe “hates” us because we don’t engage in the same kind of petty tribalism that folks like Breivik are all to familiar with. I think Breivik was just the wake-up call for Europe. Sure his actions were horrific, but it exposed just how naked the Emperor truly was! It exposed the lurid and rather morbid horrors and how the edifice of a “happy” Europe (happier than anyone in the world. I don’t think so!) cracked and broke like a dam breaking. Breivik was just a microcosm of the horrors engulfing Europe! IT doesn’t matter if it’s the (German) RAF or the Red Brigades. What I mean by RAF, is Red Army Faction, the esteemed European terrorist organization of the 1970s and 80s. Those oh so “peaceful” European far-left radical Eurotrash nutcases and their “just” and “moral” “fight” against Israel. You know, the kind of Nazi propaganda recycled as now left-wing propaganda! The Nazis were indeed gone in 1945, but the legacy of European anti-Semitic hate is still there after many centuries. See! See! How the European media goes and on about breathless stories about white supremacist (neo) Nazi nationalist fascist terrorists, (Far-right. Let’s add that, too) while doing the same to the Jews and Israel and calling themselves “left-wing!” (HAH!) The odious kind that people like Joseph Goebbels knew all too well. You see, anti-Semitism did not die with the end of World War II, it just went on and on, this time, under communist guise. I’m talking about anti-Semitic ideals and beliefs that are supposedly “reserved” for neo-Nazis, but what Antifa folks in Europe believe in about Israel. There is indeed a comparison between Daily Stormer, Stormfront, and Deutsche Welle and France24 and all the European “media!” But now, they’re “just” in their “fight” against Israeli “injustices” towards the Palestinians and Muslims as a whole! GASP!

Michael Stormer just seems to come across as an ass on the History Channel. They didn’t even give him a chance! I just love how the editors sabotaged his “skepticism” towards Nostradamus with their slanderous editing. Well, whatever, your opinions may be about your interpretations of Nostradamus “predicting” certain “events” in European history, when in fact his musings were talking about his opinions about event in his time. Nostradamus would have be like, “Who the hell is this Adolf Hitler guy?” “I’m dead and buried” and there’s nothing that I could have said or done to have stopped him. Hitler just took all of the worst of medieval European sadistic brutality and used it to achieve his own odds and ends. Communism and Fascism are just medieval ideologies. They play on that sense of medieval brutality and make you “enjoy” it! The rather sadistic brutality that Russian people seem to casually enjoy. Yep! Yep! Russia, where sadistic brutality in not only allowed, but sanctioned by the state! No amount of fake media Russian con-jobs are gonna hide the fact that people over there are sick of Putin! People like NFKRZ go and on and on about it on YouTube, day after day. NFKRZ in those “typical” generalizations that Russians are oh so known for, like to say that the anti-Putin youth are not homophobic and are homophilic towards homesexuals, which is a load of horseshit because they are just more passionate and deadlier about their hatreds than the older “homophobic” Soviet generation! THe younger anti-Putin kids just beat up those “queers” “harder” than old Boris! They actually kill them, too. OH GASP! Those casual and nebulous “casual” generalizations (lies) that Russians are known for and derive from their yellow journalist media! Russia’s yellow journalism makes ours look like a children’s book! There are plenty in the anti-Putin camp who are anti-LGBT and aren’t afraid to show it, either, especially in Russian, or in any language! They are (staunch) Christians, too, and opposed to Putin. Especially Putin’s “official” Soviet-style ignorant sadistic and horrifying brutality towards non-Orthodox Christians, mostly Protestants, in Russia. The Christian Fundamentalist Protestant movement in the USA in the 70s and 80s, well, it grew wings and traveled to Russia and became their “version” of Protestantism and anti-Putin politics. Yep, folks, Mr. Putin wants to go back to the days when the Orthodox Church was the “only” and “official” (except that he does not want the Romanovs to rule again (Tsars).) church in Russia. You know? The same kind of odiousness that our Founding Fathers rightly did away with through the separation of church and state does not even exist in Russia. Not an iota!

People are disgusted with Putin and conformity in Russia! I’m sure that there are Russian-language criticism videos of “official” media on YouTube. I know for fact, because I’ve even seen them on VK and YouTube, only to be taken down by Putin’s cronies for “slanderous” content. Hell, even RuTube.

If the Tatars were allowed to run Russia, we’d see ISIS-type religious Islamic fanaticism in that country, i.e. like Saudi Arabia and Iran, except that it would be “Tatar” and “Russian” in flavor. It’s more brutal than even the most brutal and sadistic medieval brutalities people could think of, back then. Centuries and Centuries ago! That’s just what the Russian media would “WANT” you to believe! The Chechens are sure as hell doing it. A sicko like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is just part of the sickness affecting Russia that made it to America.
I just love how groups like Arkona love to “romanticize” medieval Paganism, through heavy metal, as a means of “rebelling” against Christianity. Yep, angst-ridden youth! What could go wrong? Of course, it’s no surprise that many in Arkona’s fan-base are neo-Nazis, even though they themselves (Arkona) are not. Because Russians understand what many have known for a long time in Eastern Europe that Nazism and Communism are just masks to hide deep state Kremlin brutality. Or that Uzbek guy who ran over people with a truck in New York City. This is just an excuse to take off attention from brown Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorism and focus it on “white” Muslims. Darko Trifunovic warned about this stuff and how Al Qaeda would employ white faces to be the respectable and plain faces of terrorism in the West. Yep! Dzhokhar Tsarnaev happened, Fort Dix happened, and that Uzbek nutcase who ran people over in NYC. Just to take the face of “racial-profiling” off of Islamic brown terrorists. I’d rather listen to sugary pop, like Ranetki than crap, like Korrozia Metalla! Russian pop is so much better than Britney Spears, but not by much.

Of course, Korrozia Metalla is “heavier” than Ranetki, but they revel in Nazi brutality, Korrozia Metalla does anyway, while Ranetki’s guitarist has a sticker of Che Guevara on one of her guitars. Oh the absurdities are just boundless! Only in Russia could a woman like Kristina Svechinskaya stand in front of a commie propaganda poster, promoting well, the “glorious” Soviet Union, while wearing a Michael Kors tote bag over her shoulder. Only a Russian would do that!

Just how vapid Russia’s “educated” youth really are, while claiming to never make a mistake when speaking English, while sitting there on their computers, thumbing their noses at you, about how “badly” you speak Russian, in English. It’s oh so comical! Oh, but they don’t make a single mistake in Russian and they’re all too “proud” to tell you that, too. In English, no less. It don’t matter (LOL) how “broken” it is! See! It’s how I was made fun of for “using” Google Translate, when Daria’s English doesn’t sound any better. See, children! It’s assholes like that that ruin language-learning for the rest of us, prospective learners! Native-speaking assholes that love to thumb their noses at you and use those oh so nebulous generalizations that Russians are so known for and shit all over you, on YouTube and various Social Media platforms. The “educated” European elitists that sneer at us “Amercan” redneck Pimsleur non-Berlitz learners! The kind that people like Clugston (Christopher) are all too keen to defend and pretend that he’s one of, when he’s really not. See, he encountered snobbish native-speaking elitism on YouTube and embraced in a different guise and make it “right” when he did it. Hypocrisy knows no bounds, folks. Benny, I don’t need 3 months to learn a language, rushing through the process is just silly. Why not just do it right? You wouldn’t want to be served a patty of raw meat (uncooked no less) on a bun at Wendy’s would you? See what I mean?! There’s a reason why things, when done right, take time!

There are many ways to learn a language and people like Benny Lewis want to make that fun, without all the snobbish bullshit native speakers on YouTube are known for! European language learners use Pimsleur, too. And learn from the self-teaching language tools that they can pick up at any library in Europe or on this side of the Atlantic. It’s too bad that I have to make an ILL request for a book that I want to use to learn another language from a different of part of Pennsylvania, though, through Access Pennsylvania. Look, having Benny Lewis write a book about language-learning is like having an inept fool cook you a raw meat patty and slap it on a bun at Wendy’s or even Burger King. McDonald’s is terrible, but I don’t know why the world enjoys it so much! Of course, there is now Hardee’s in Kazakhstan, “greatest country in the world.” of Borat fame.

It was unfortunate that it took Borat to put Kazakhstan on the map and then be forgotten again. But Sacha Baron Cohen does a lot to expose the rather fractured English that those “professional” Russian-language speakers are all to known for in that whole movie and makes fun of how Russians perceive our American and Western cultures.

Ah Borat! Borat, just wouldn’t be Borat without the anti-Semitism! It just exposes a lot of the ridiculous beliefs that many in Eastern Europe believe in! Borat should be an Onion satire article and not a two-hour movie. It’s too bad that YouTube was in its infancy then, in 2006. Oh, how the world’s changed a lot in the last decade and a half! It’s Austin Powers type stuff. Mike Myers and Sacha Baron Cohen just make millions with these corny movies. That’s how they get their audiences! The Hebrew Hammer made fun of anti-Semitism, the Nazi kind, anyway, and basically recycled the whole person walking into a bar joke and put it on the silver screen. Only Comedy Central could do that!

And it’s the same guy from Saving Private Ryan, too. You know? The guy who just breaks down when he sees a Hitler Youth knife. Hey, you would break down, too, after the shit that they did to you! How much did people really know about the Holocaust before they discovered the concentration camps? More than what “official” history tells us! It’s too bad that we don’t see movies about Soviet anti-Semitic brutality that virtually eclipses anything Hitler did! Of course, gentile Poles like me, suffered too. Yep! I’m just not “Aryan” enough for these “manly” alt-right white men, who claim to be muscular like Schwarzenegger! Oh boy!

And the rather brusque mannerisms (rudeness) that they are known for in Eastern Europe.

But nope, I’m just “going off” on a “wild” tangent” Goodbye everyone!

No one seriously believes my profanity-laden garbage, any more than we believe Ozzy’s!

Okay Michael, Holocaust deniers and the assholes who deny the moon-landings are indeed idiot of the same cloth! How can you deny the Holocaust? There is so much documentation on the Holocaust, that whole museums have been made about it.

There’s just no comparison there. Al Qaeda is just going on ideas that have existed for well over a thousand years before the KKK were even thought of! They make the KKK look like clowns playing dress-up in Halloween costumes, just to scare blacks! The hate is very real folks and it shares a thing or two in common with people who were traumatized by these horrors, then and now! People lived through this stuff and many died, as their hands. I’m sorry, but ISIS and Al Qaeda make the KKK and other white supremacist groups look like gangs of street clowns, dressed in funny costumes! Sure, the media just loves to jump all over Fox News because of some “white supremacist” (odious) terrorist act! Yep! What “alt-right?” What the hell is the “alt-right” that everyone goes on and on about? And guess what I see? KKK type Hamas uniforms on Hamas fighters and Bosniak soldiers, in the Bosnian War, all clad in white. The kind of ideas that circulated with the Prophet Mohammed into our present-day 21st Century world that we have to all worry about. What about the inter-white bigotry in the same period? You know against other whites with those “flowery” Arabic words on them. Because the Civil War (the “official” war) was between between white heterosexual men. No, Transgender and all that bullshit didn’t exist then and thank God! All the wars that our ancestors have been fighting since 1492. (God,I wish WordPress would allow emojis!) You know? The same Europe that claims to be “enlightened” and “intelligent” and knows all the “answers” to people’s problems! And of course, “fighting” “hate and ignorance” While shitting all over your rights! Yep, it’s worse over there than it is over here! Antifa is just the political arm of these Eurotrash English speaking assholes, like our buddy Hans over in Germany! Like Sinn Fein and its relationship with the IRA. But don’t tell “them” that!

Believe it or not, those White Trash in the USA and their Eurotrash cousins have a thing or two in common! But nope, that’s “false bullshit!”

Just because the Russian media that NFKRZ on YouTube takes to task whips under the gullible Russian public against their “enemy” called America/NATO/Ukraine! Insert here.

Yep, the feelings of Muslims matter folks! They matter so much that they can threaten to ethnically-cleanse you, if you’re of Danish or Serb blood (insert ethnic group here) and call it “constructive interfaith dialogue!” If you happen to belong to one of these ethnic groups that the Muslims are all whipped into a frenzy of hate about that they “need” to “justify” their odious designs of ethnic cleansing. Yep, they treat ethnic cleansing like it’s a procedure, like brain surgery! God help you if you belong to that ethnic group because the Muslims wanted to “make” a point about your criticisms of their religion and the various bullshit associated with Islamic terrorists! Yes, I did and I should not have done so! I was ridiculed and rightly so for it, by Bare Naked Islam. So BNI? You’re just going to lay out the “truth” about Islam, bared and naked in front of your audience! I don’t need to see gory pictures or videos on these sites as “proof” that these odious and vile atrocities happened!

I don’t need Glenn Beck to tell me about these idiots or his stupid beef with that George Soros guy! No, I do not like Soros either!

Fine! You win! I’m a “racist!” I’m the biggest racist in the entire world! Hell, even bigger than David Duke!


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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