Silly “alt-right” propaganda on YT.

Here today, ladies and gents, we have silly alt-right pro-Nazi BS on YouTube right here. This user named VertigoPolitix posted this video on YT, according to YT, 2 months ago. Why should we even consider uniting under the flag of Nazi Germany? How about uniting under the flag of the United States of America against both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany? The United States America represents a nation that overcame the two greatest evils of our time, Communism and Fascism. Don’t let those Antifa assholes bother you! Don’t let some neo-Nazi alt-right putz like VertigoPolitix bother you, either.

What do we call the ideology that we are currently up against? Communislam? Fascislam? We are now facing a new enemy with a totalitarian interpretation of Islam/Islamic Fundamentalism. Well and people compare them with our Christian fundamentalists, but believe me, these Islamic types make them seem sane by comparison, at least in the modern era. Has Christianity become “weak” like these fundamentalists assert? No, not really. There are more Christians of non-white races than any pale-skinned Christians on the entire planet. The “weakening” of morals will only make these people stronger. We cannot forget who we were and where we came from. I get that.

Oh yes! There are the rather odious and disgusting NAMBLA types out there. I tell you what. NAMBLA and The Flat Earth Society have one thing in common in that their core beliefs have proven to be dead wrong time and time again. Same with the Ku Klux Klan and other white hate groups. Notice how this user named VertigoPolitix equates Judaism with Marxism by replacing the words “International Jewry” with “International Marxism” as if they are the same. Marxists killed WAY WAY more Jews than Adolf Hitler could have dreamed of!

Anyone here notice that many of the Soviet apologist YT channels that spew their horseshit have beliefs that are exactly like Hitler’s or are fascistic/anti-Semitic? Communists are only fooling people when they falsely claim that they are “different” from Nazism and not “racist” when we can clearly see, that’s a lie. They just using the same anti-Semitic beliefs that their “enemies” the Nazis use, only they are “claiming” to be on the high ground “against” Nazism. Sure! Sure! This is yet another lie. Who says that you have to be a Nazi to be anti-Communist? Who says that you have to be a Commie to be anti-Fascist? This is yet more silly propaganda that they use to “justify” their positions in the 50 year mafia turf war known as the Cold War and World War II. This is why Communism and Fascism are both very dangerous and very odious. You know? The kind that defined a man like Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot or Josef Stalin. The United States was way better than Nazi Germany. Why do we need to listen to people who have some good ideas and other bad ideas? You know, people who advocate genocide against non-whites and trying to racially purify America in a Nazi-like fashion. These people ARE Nazis! Fascism and Communism are just as wrong as they were 75 years ago and that’s never gonna change. That’s never gonna change, no matter how many of the ideological spin doctors “say otherwise.”


It feels like the alt-right has been watching Patterns of Force on repeat, day after day, year after year, and month after month and so on an so forth. The Star Trek episode “Patterns of Force” pretty much discredits a lot of the alt-right ideology that we are now seeing on the internet. And Hillary “claims” to be “better” than Trump. They are about the same, only that Trump is more able to appeal to people’s sensibilities than Hillary was/is. Trump is a businessman, first and foremost. He knows how to motivate people to get the job done and he has used this first-hand knowledge, gained over many decades, to do it.
“Patterns of Force” pretty much discredits the whole alt-right movement and their fallacious arguments, if you know what I mean. The one user on YouTube’s right when he says that the alt-right will fizzle out and die, but the beliefs of standing up for the white male will not. I can understand the idea of standing up for white males, but marrying it with fascistic ideologies, a la KKK and neo-Nazi white supremacists, is just, well more than wrong. It’s a recipe for disaster! White men have done a lot of things throughout history and helped to create the world that we now live in. Is everything the white man’s fault? I think that in my opinion, if white men did not come over here from Europe to settle the Western hemisphere that I would probably not even be born or even live for any significant amount of time and I’d still be in Poland. I’d be speaking Polish as my first language, instead of English. My grandma was right when she said that I should be learning Polish. Tak, to prawda! This “On Hitler’s Worldview” video pretty much sums up why the Nazis were so hated and still are so hated, to this day. Well, I am an American of Polish descent, and I can tell you all from experience, that this is one reason why Fascism and Communism are so absolutely hated because we (Poles/Slavs) are targeted for destruction by madmen like Hitler and Stalin. Genocide is wrong!

How come Muslim protesters can go around chanting “WE WANT DANISH BLOOD?” in the streets of London about the Mohammed Cartoons printed by a Danish newspaper that so upset the Muslim world to the point where many of these simpletons were using acts of terrorism to “justify” being “angry” at them. This, again, is DEAD wrong! Islamophobia? I think it really does exist because we have such a fear of Islamic terrorism/fundamentalism that these idiots have caused Western airports to be like Fort Knox because of 9/11! I think that being phobic of Islam is natural and healthy, but the problem is that people often take it to ridiculous lengths to “justify” white supremacist/white nationalist propaganda, i.e. confirmation bias. Or justify violence against Muslims, be they Bosnian, Albanian, or Arab, or even Turkish. The Balkans is a rather complex issue that I think Marko Attila Hoare needs to reassess. Sure! Sure! He and his supporters will call me a “genocide denier” and all sorts of names, but that proves why they are wrong. The sickening lies that people of the Balkan ethnic groups use to justify their mutual hatreds and mistrusts of each other, and the Turks. The sickening, dysfunctional cycle of hatred and violence that has defined the Balkans for many centuries are why a Gypsy, like my housemate, would move to and live in the United States! This dysfunctional circle-jerk that has defined Europe for centuries became the very bases of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. America and NATO got involved in ONE chapter of the dysfunctional cycle of Europe’s millennia-long history, a full half century after the last one! They “claimed” to be saviors of the Muslims in the Balkans against the “Serbs” when in reality, only a few out of that Serbian nationalist oligarchy CLAIMED to represent the whole interests of the Serbian people, when they only represented their own selfish interests and those of their “enemies” like Izetbegovic and Tudman. In reality, they were “friends”, but that went out the window the second the shooting started! Is this really “genocide denial? The Germans were, and still are, no more collectively guilty of the Holocaust and more than the Serbs are for their own odious and sickening atrocities! The Serbs in the 90’s sought to emulate their enemies that had done the same shit to them over many centuries and that’s something that people need to consider. I don’t care about what mister Attila Hoare calls “apologetics!” Yes, the Serbs did use this to justify their atrocities against non-Serbs. This however does not mean that they did not perform such barbarous acts in the names of their peoples and religions. The Muslims ARE the extreme right, MARKO! Bigotry is bigotry! They are just as wrong as many on the right that want them “gone.” Why doesn’t Marko see this? All just because of the color of their skin! Their “confirmation bias” has a thing or two in common with the SJW kind that Sargon of Akkad makes video after video talking about!

Well, for one, the (REAL) genocide deniers like Julia Gorin and Pamela Geller pretty much prove the rather sickening and odious lengths that they are “willing” to go, just to play a glorified form of devil’s advocate with the Serbs of the 1990’s! Surely, Gorin and Geller would not do this about the German Nazis! It’s David Irving type stuff with these folks and the Serbs! That’s the rather sad irony here! People compare the Serbs with the Nazis and you’ve got Jews who “say” that’s “wrong” but I think that those people of Jewish descent who swore to defend the Serbs in the 90’s (I’m talking about YOU Jared Israel) should probably consider that they probably would have been next, after there weren’t any Muslims left to wantonly slaughter! The absolute madness of Balkan politics is manifested there and on Srpska Mreza. The rather tortured thinking that has defined how history has been written in blood in the Balkans manifests itself on these “pro-Serb” blogs. Why does no one call them out on their hypocrisy? If Clinton didn’t stop the 90’s Balkan Wars, then how much worse would you think that it would have gotten? Sure, I don’t like the guy, (or his politics,) but he has a point here. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with the propaganda video known as “Yugoslavia the “Avoidable” War” on YouTube. Did the West really help create another war in the Balkans? I think that the documentary should take into account the role that the Soviet Union took in creating the whole mess in the Balkans. These are yet more deflections of reality from the “pro-Serb” or whatever Balkan ethnicity that they happen to be shilling for, crowd! The Soviet Union brought a madman like Tito to power! The Soviet Union was his “biggest” supporter, even though in their rather myopic propaganda that they are so “famous” for, he was their “friend!” or whatever bullshit commie Pravda RT type circle-jerk propaganda would have you believe. No mention at all on how the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China created the mess in the Balkans. I believe that the Chetniks’ collaboration with the Axis powers again shows the tortured mentality that many in the Balkans believed then, as well as now. Yes, I’m gonna say it! Josip Broz Tito COLLABORATED with the Soviet Union! I think that it needs to be said! He was supported by a far worse totalitarian power than the one that he helped to defeat, 4 decades earlier! Tito was a Soviet collaborator! Something that his dumb apologists “deny,” but know to be true, no matter how much BS you use to deflect it. The Chetnik collaboration with the Axis powers was simply WRONG! They just got behind one band of killers against another even worse one, simply because they did not like the Commie Partisans and what they stood for. The Axis powers played the Chetniks like a violin against the Partisans! It was perfect manipulation to achieve one’s deadly ends! The Axis powers actually mistrusted the Chetniks and official documents prove this. The Axis powers knew that it was a glorified mafia turf war between the Chetniks and the Partisans. I’m sure than in America, you have folks from MS-13 who rat out their rivals to the police to “alleviate” their wrongdoings. The Chetniks were no more right than the Partisans and if you were to strip away Tito and his Yugoslav “mythology” surrounding the Partisans (and to an extent, the Chetniks) you would soon realize this! Sure, the Chetniks “claimed” to be “religious” Orthodox Christians, but it’s a lot darker than that. It just wasn’t as simple as that. Like the KKK in America, they were willing to go to great lengths to kill their own enemies and why you see on YouTube in the comments section of certain videos, a Serbian nationalist avatar on YouTube with the Serbian flag, imposed over a KKK hood. These folks make the KKK look like circus clowns! Their hatreds would make a Klansman blush! That’s how bad they really are! Except that the KKK practiced lynching and the Chetniks mostly killed their victims with firearms, instead of a noose, and the Ustashe did it with knives, but that’s really about it. Ted Bundy and Ted Kaczynski are still serial killers, even though they both used different methods to slay their victims. Sometimes, the Chetniks hanged people, but their preferred methods were with firearms to the back of the head or a rifle shot to the torso. It’s a good thing that we have people in Hermitage/Sharon area (Mercer County PA) that escaped all this stuff and are living happy and productive lives in Mercer County. They carried their hatred of Tito with them to there! And form diasporas of anti-Tito groups, that were mostly Serbian and Croatian .Sure, and they probably “joke” around they are going to ethnically-cleanse Erie (Pennsylvania, in Erie County of the same state) of Bosniaks! If they had any authority, they would, too. (LOL) Not a laughing matter, I can assure you of that. I think that some Bosniaks should go down to Hermitage and protest them, like how Antifa protests the “alt-right” at their events. Except, like a lot of those “counter-protests,” it would undoubtedly turn violent! Sure, and Alex Jones and his zombies protest Bilderberg meetings, all the time. Of course, you have Alex Jones videos with Serbian subtitles all over YouTube! Alex Jones is doing his usual audio spiel in English and these fluent Serbian English speakers translate them with their subtitles. I am very afraid that this would probably turn violent and if that does happen, the PA State Police will probably use this blog post as “evidence” for inciting acts of violence! I don’t want that! Have there been altercations in Hermitage, Sharon, and Farrell about it between Serbs and Croats? Probably at one point or another.

This toxic nature of Balkan politics must not be allowed to manifest itself, in Western PA. Knowing how wild Balkan politics become or rather HAVE become, that could very well happen. Fortunately, we’re much more civilized in the United States, but if the Alt-right and the far-left have their way, we just might see that kinda of stuff manifest over here. If you replace the words “Bosniaks” and “Albanians” with “Blacks” and “Hispanics”, you will notice just how these folks all sound the same! Notice how certain Serbs use the Native American Genocide in the Western Hemisphere to justify their own hateful and genocidal acts? There won’t be another genocide in the USA, like there were many over in Europe. We in America were no different than our European ancestors and while the “alt-right” “manly men” say that this is “racist” it’s the truth over a 100 years ago. I think that Europe could very well see violence in the streets between the far-left and far-right, and these people probably have stockpiles of automatic weapons to use against each other. Again, Europe’s mafia turf war politics are going to explode into another war that will make World War II look like a circus! Just like that Breivik asshole predicted! If you ever see Weimar Germany type shit with machine guns and the like, be sure and let me know! And they will, too! Breivik is to the extreme right what Antifa is to the extreme left! They share many of the same methods in common, except that their ideologies are different. Sure, Europeans will attack me in rather fractured English, but that doesn’t stop me! Europe is letting the far-right and far-left influence their daily lives! Thank God that there is a European Union because if Europe didn’t have a unified currency in the form of the Euro, then I think that Europe would be in an even bigger mess! It seems like the pro-EU crowd like to call those against them as “anti-European” when they are just as European as my Polish ancestors! I think that Europe needs to stop trying to be like the United States! They know that Americans have no time for their political circle-jerk tirades, (Millennia of European bullshit) any more than we did in 1776! They can “say’ that they are more “peaceful” and “tolerant” than we are, but that is not true. That’s like saying that Adolf Hitler is “nicer” than the Soviets!

Ignorance?” I’m “ignorant!” Oh sure and the alt-right/alt-left are “enlightened” and I’ve been “elightened” enough by their bullshit to know that they are BOTH wrong! Goodbye everyone! I just pray that our world doesn’t become a circle-jerk like on 2 Broke Girls or whatever!

Sure! Sure! And they’re gonna imply that because I’m autistic that I am “retarded” or “brain-dead” or whatever adjective happens to fit them, but I don’t give a shit! Those “manly” “alpha” alt-right white men have their own problems, but they won’t admit them online because they know that they will be dismantled and destroyed online. Ridiculing the alt-right and far-left Antifa commies is just gonna make them madder and madder! If you’re gonna ridicule them, do it with REAL facts and NOT this garbage. The alt-right are assholes along with Antifa and the commies! They prove time and time again why they are two sides of the same coin, no matter how much “spin” you put on it. This is like CNN and Fox News, type of spin, but we’re talking Der Stürmer type shit here! And no I am not talking about the Austrian singer-songwriter named Christina Stürmer. She has as about as much to do with them as Groucho Marx has to do with Marxism/Communism/Socialism. Yes! Yes! Marxism has been discredited and so has the ideology that VertigoPolitix is using, time and time again! Vertigo? I feel it sometimes and you just feel so dizzy that you want to throw up and often do, throw up! I feel that way here, too. This is just how appropriately named this guy’s YT channel is!

Anyone here notice that the rhetoric of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany share many commonalities? This is why BOTH systems were universally despised by pretty much any sane and rational human beings that are living in the West today and who have lived in the West, but have now passed on, but we will still remember them.


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