Fuck you, Julia Gorin! Fuck you “pro-Serbs!”

Fuck you, Julia Gorin! Fuck you, Nebojša Malić! Fuck all of you “pro-Serb” propagandists known as “bloggers!” Fuck you, Bosniak bloggers for doing the same for the Muslims! Your rancorous hatred that you infuse in your blogs caused me to believe in your hatred of the Albanians, Croats, and Muslims and it caused my Balkan housemate named Lee to leave the house! I adopted the Chetnik strategy of collaboration to “expel” that dirty Turk Lee Waterhouse from my house with the staff and then resisting them to gain my freedom to go back to my parents’ house in Corry and to stand up for myself to resist these communist agents and their fascist pinko traitor informant/worker/agent named Cody who works at my house.

Tell OVR that I would like to get a job! I would love to have a job so that I can be a reputable translator and be someone better! I am sick of Jeremy telling me that OVR won’t help me be a “translator” because it’s not “realistic” and that stupid motherfucker knows what “realistic expectations” are! I just fight for what I believe and nothing else!

Moj je drug Bugarski je doslo! Fuck you Robert Spencer and your Jihad Watch blog! You also had a hand in inciting hatred against the Muslims of Bosnia! Okay, Julia! Go jerk off to your pictures of Ratko Mladic, Slobodan Milosevic, Arkan, Vojislav Seselj, and most of all, RADOVAN KARADZIC! Fuck you John Bosnitch!

You, too Pamela Geller! You suck! You ALL suck! You stupid bastards and your “pro-Serb” “patriotic” blogs can all GO TO STRAIGHT TO HELL!  Straight to hell that you and your so-called enemies created in Yugoslavia for so many millions of people! You created hell for so many millions of people, like Adolf Hitler and his Holocaust did! Except that you kill way less than he did, but it’s (still) wrong! In the words of that guy from Two Stupid Dogs! I cannot believe the kind of rancor that I see on those blogs! OH WAIT! Yes, I can! Yes, I can! It’s just so typical of you Balkan fucks to find excuses to kill each other and to suck up to some Western country/countries/NATO or whatever just to get rid of one ethnic group or the other!

It’s just another pathetic excuse for you Zionist fucks to slit the throats of your “Muslim” enemies!

You thought that you could take your hatreds to the Balkans from the Middle East! Hey! It’s on the same landmass, so why not?


Moj je Bugarski drug nije retardiran!

“Rat će stati”

“Rati će onda stati”

“Kad Podele Bosnu Srbi i Hrvati”

“A Balije pod noge pa u Tursku pravu, da ih više ne gledamo!”

“Odnio ih đavo”

Your stupid, hateful bullshit songs and videos caused a lot of this, too! And Carl Kosta Savich, you had a hand in it, too. So did Sabrina Petra Ramet, and Marko Attila Hoare and Nebojša Malić and your Bosnian Genocide “remembrance” blogs that do not for a second conceal your hatred for a whole ethnic group because those “Chetniks” murdered your families and friends! Bosniak Muslim blogs are no better at all! They help fuel a lot of this hatred! I am going down a self-destructive path and taking the staff with me, like what Cody (G) said!

I remember Changeling90au on YouTube talk about how Serb “patriot” sites were “poorly-disguised” neo-Nazi websites! No! No! No! THEY ARE NOT! They are neo-Nazis because they figure that ole Adolf knew what he wanted the “best” (worst) for Europe and the world! Sure, them and their commie Yugoslav totalitarian government/partisans/patriots have actually many things in common with each other. For one, they both believe in the domination of the state above the individual interests and the people. They both use terror tactics and secret police to maintain control over Yugoslavia, or Nazi Germany. Take your pick! He really had their interests in mind, didn’t they? Oh, but you can be a good Serbian “patriot” and be a good “neo-Nazi” too! Same with you Croats! It’s just “easier” to call Croats “Ustaše” and then slit their throats and cleanse them because of what they did a half century before to those Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies. Radovan Karadžić is the Serbian version of those bastards! He’s just transferring his hatred onto the Bosnian Muslims in the same way that Ante Pavelić did to the Serbs during World War II! This whole 1990’s clusterfuck called the “Yugoslav Wars” was a very BAD repeat of World War II, Yeah! By our favorite Balkan drama queens! Tito believed in the rather fascistic type belief for a “united” Yugoslav, at the expense of being a Serb or a Croat or a Bosniak. Hitler also believed in the “new man” concept, like Tito did, except that Tito was officially lauded and sanctioned by the Allied powers who won WWII, only to have to deal with the consequences of their victories in Europe and the Pacific in the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. Some “friends” Tito and his Partisan guerrillas “were!” Brotherhood and Unity was a fascistic concept expounded by Tito! Hitler probably would have been proud of Tito subjugating the Serbs and keeping them “down” to “keep” the “peace” in Yugoslavia!



Radovan Karadžić should be considered the Serbian Ante Pavelić! I don’t care about his “hybrid” nationalism and connections to the Nazi collaborator Milan Nedić.

Oh how I could point out just how much all these fuckers all have in common with each other!

Ratko Mladić did not conceal his hatred for the Jews, either. I feel that Karadžić would have then would have made efforts to ethnically-cleanse the Jews, next!

I’m gonna say it! Josip Broz Tito is NO BETTER than Ante Pavelić! Tito is just the commie left-wing version of Pavelić and Hitler!

“Kad Hrišćani svi na jednu stranu, mir će biti na celom Balkanu!”

It was a reenactment of those same Balkan ethnic hatreds that caused me to hate my housemate and to fight a war against him for control of the house! Much like Gary Royek and Lucky Royek once did, as cats! It’s the human version of that calamity!

Bugarin došio! Bugarin došio! Gorin je napisala mržnje! Gorin piši mrnžje na celom internetu!

Kad ovi rat nije se završio! Nikada! Nikada! Denise Cone Habib was a good woman who lived on my street in Corry on Raymond Avenue with her daughters, Rumer and Rebeckah (Habib). The anti-Muslim (anti-Islam) bloggers mobilized my hatred against that Denise Habib lady and I was fully cognisant of my actions when I harassed her with anti-Muslim fascist propaganda! Actually, it was “anti-fascist” but what’s the difference? It criticized the Muslim (Arab) jihadists for being like the Nazis. No! No! And then Denise Habib “explains” that Hitler was a “Christian” and other communist insanity!

This Denise Habib wanted to collaborate with the KKK to ethnically-cleanse people of Polish descent from Corry, Pennsylvania. Gee! I wonder who does that?! UH! LET’S SEE! A CERTAIN SERBIAN GENERAL NAMED MIHAILOVIĆ! Well, at least the aptly named “FucktheNWO1000” blog on the internet puts up the WWII propaganda film “Chetniks, the Fighting Guerrillas” on YouTube. A racist and overly simplistic view of the insurgency in Yugoslavia during World War II. So was Force 10 From Navarone! Force 10 depicted the Chetniks as “best friends” with the Germans, when it fact, it was a lot more complicated than that!



Vaša nationalistička propaganda je sranje!

Tito was just the commie version of those Serbs and Croats!

etničko Čišćenje u bosni


Šešelj i svoj “junački” Četnici! Look at that! How cute! Chetniks marching with their flag that they used in the name of “Greater Serbia” and ethnic purity of “Serbian” lands!

The Bosniak blogs here on WordPress are no better than those fake news Serbian blogs that Julia Gorin, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, and Robert Spencer use to spread their hatred! They’re the Muslim version of those Serbs spreading their hate!

Well, at least that one Muslim woman was honest when she said that she wanted to cleanse Israel of Jews to a Jew named Horowitz! I swear! These people have some real gall! What? Is someone gonna dress up in a SS uniform and go to a synagogue and tell Jews why they “need” to die? That’s just exactly like that!

I’m sorry, Nebojša Malić and RT, the Bosnian Genocide was not “fake news” but very real! But you’re so brainwashed that you can’t see the forest for the trees!

Mrzim rastanak od Lija Vaterhausa! Goodbye ASSHOLES!

Neđo Mitrovićeva pesma je tupa!

“Kad željeli nisu sa nama da žive”

“Za svoj poraz, neka džihad krive!”

“Kad država nije htio Lija da me ne živi”

Država od Pensilvanije!

Congratulations, MOTHERFUCKERS! YOU PRO-SERB ANTI-MUSLIM MOTHERFUCKERS! Your bullshit caused this situation with Lee! I did, too! Goddamnit!

But Lee is another “Turk” right? He’s a “Turk!” Sure he is! And I’m Irish!

Sve je dobro Irce! Nisam Poljak! Ali nisi Irac!


This is the same shit as high school! This is the same insanity! I am reliving the insanity and living in the past from high school back when I was treated badly in Corry Area Middle-High School by Daniel L. Daum and Denise L. Otteni, the fascist admins of that school. Daum was German and Otteni was Italian, or at least married to one at the time.

I learned from my History Channel documentaries (much better than Malagurski’s garbage) about the various Balkan insurgencies and how I wanted to be a Chetnik so that I could fight Denise Otteni and Daniel Daum! I floundered in high school! I did poorly and was persecuted like how Tito persecuted people because of his “PC” commie crap and everything else! I wanted to be a communist insurgent, a la Che Guevara and Tito, until MANY YEARS LATER, I learned just how communist the administrators of Corry High School were with their liberal PC ideology! Denise Cone-Habib and Denise Otteni are not the same! I thought that I was fighting “Fascists” for my freedom! I was not! I was not! I was fighting communists who were oppressing all the students of that school in Corry, Pennsylvania, systemically! I was Lech Walesa and not Draža!

I identified Alexis (Wojcicehowski) with the late Russian prince of the same forename, Alexis, the son of Nicholas II. I wanted to be a Bolshevik communist revolutionary fighting the Fascists/Tsarist Wojcicehowski family Years later, I learned just how wrong that actually was! I later became a monarchist in favor of returning the Romanovs to power in Russia, once I listened to Zhanna Bichevskaya and her beautiful voice, like how Charlotte Church had one.

I saw those documentaries on the History Channel about how the commies wantonly terrorized Russia and murdered the Tsar’s family in cold blood.

I intensely loved Alexis Wojcicehowski, the way that I intensely loved Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen), just a few years later. Like Alexis, that relationship with Daria turned into a disaster! Doris Gernovich and the admins at Corry High School made me to forever suffer because of my stupid threats against that Alexis Wojcicehowski girl and her then boyfriend, Matthew Tomikel. I later was in my German class with that same kid. I was made to suffer in the same way about Daria Perekidaylova by a certain cop named Gary Hunt, just 5 years later!  Doris Gernovich later saw all my problems with women in Corry High School, through the lens of Alexis Wojcicehowski! She applied it to other females, such as Jessica Beattie and Kyra McCune for example.


It’s the same thing all over again, with the folks at Touch-Stone Solutions and their internet “reminders” that subjugate me and their whole forms about “proper” internet usage and being monitored every five minutes, like in school in Corry. They’re using the same zero-tolerance tactics the admins at Corry High School used to terrifying effect, except that the T-SSI staff are “nicer” about it and so is the State of Pennsylvania and their “Autism Waiver!” These communist motherfuckers will never see it! They all learn the same bullshit taught to them by the Feds and the state govt. of Pennsylvania!

The same kind of family-hating totalitarianism that those conservatives go on and on about on their internet blogs, and libertarians, TOO!









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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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