Tito was NOT a hero!

I’ve written many diatribes on WordPress, too on my blog in the same style as Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones.
Michael Savage is known for being rather acerbic in his speech on the radio. He’s known for his thick New York accent that he speaks in on the radio, often castigating the “vermin in the media” among other things. Alex Jones is also noted for being acerbic, too. Mark Levin and Michael Savage BOTH shout down their callers who disagree with them with insults that only confirm their biases.  I’d rather support Trump than support Hillary or a milquetoast pansy like Gary Johnson!
I write in a lot of the tones that Michael Savage writes in. I agree(d) with their ideas, sadly. Now, I’m starting to question them and examine them deeply.
It’s conservative/right-wing/far-right type stuff is what I’m talking about.
Of course, there’s the toxic far-left stuff, too. Supporting Antifa and their acts of violence against right-wingers and others that they disagree with. They too are a rather acerbic bunch of people. Tito’s Partisans are just as bad as Antifa! Get that through your head!
I agree with Michael Savage’s outlook on the world. I agree that America needs to go back to its roots and be proud of the country that she was and what he hopes to be and what he perceives it to be.
His idealized view of America, like what Trump believes in.
Of course, Obama has a rather idealized view of America, too.
The problem is that people like Obama and Michael Savage have rather distorted views on politics, but I voted for Trump.  Unlike Gary Johnson, he did not run a rather milquetoast presidential campaign in 2016. Practically no one had heard of Gary Johnson and he was a nobody and it showed. Libertarian ideas are something that a lot of people don’t like. The alt-right/far-right libertarian crowd, that the SPLC writes diatribe after acerbic diatribe, bemoaning! I hate Southern Poverty Law Center! They’re wasting their time going after the far-right with their hate-filled diatribes! Why waste your time with Alex Jones? You’re just feeding him and making him stronger and stronger!  I’d rather be a conservative/center-right/center-left kinda guy, and not a whacko like ole Adolf!  Southern Poverty Law Center, please stop wasting your time bemoaning the extreme right and focus on Antifa and their radicalism!
Would any of you be okay with SPLC breathing down my neck? I’m sure that they are profiling me, much like how Gary Hunt and Gary Doolittle had done to me in Corry, Pennsylvania when I lived there. I’m sure that they are all too willing to give SPLC the ammunition that they need to smear and destroy me!
Sure, I’m a racist hater, in SPLC’s terminology. They are mostly ignoring me and people do pay attention to my blogs on WordPress and Facebook.
These are the kind of “hit pieces” that the far-right are known for, for “saying” that SPLC smeared them, or defamed them in some way. Which I agree with, but the rather paranoid tones in which they write it, turn me off! They’re always making out that the entire left-wing is after them.
Of course, people like Stefan Molyneux make video after video “fighting” the left, Antifa, and SPLC in general on YouTube.
But I’m a “cuck” right? Sure, the alt-right can call me whatever they want to, just don’t call me for dinner!
I find them to be just as odious and ignorant as the far-left Antifa clowns that they claim that are against! They are just as acerbic as the Democrat far-left Antifa crowd that writes scathing anti-Semitic Stormfront-style bullshit throughout the internet! You know, the kind of stuff that David Duke posts online. Except that the Antifa crowd are farther left than he is, but that’s pretty much the only difference.
I don’t like the far-left, they’ll turn America into Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea. The alt-right will turn us into Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile or whatever right-wing dictatorship tickles their fancy.
These are the kinds of people that write diatribe after diatribe supporting the likes of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and other Nazis/Nazi collaborators.
They write nice stuff about Hitler and openly deny the Holocaust, too that’s been proven to have happened.  I’m surprised that one historian lady from Australia debated those assholes on YouTube and just destroyed them! Why did she waste her time doing it? You’re never gonna convince them. They’re like the crowd that denies the moon landings ever took place. They’re just as cynical and delusional, too.
It’s “Jews this” or “Jews that!” (or “kikes” “Yids” or whatever slurs that they can fit in there.)
The moon landing deniers are hilarious and I’m disgusted that RationalWiki writes in a rather acerbic tone about these people. RationalWiki is known for being rather acerbic in its tone. It’s like 4Chan and Reddit meets Wikipedia.
Not just about Himmler, but of course, they’ll write BS about how Trump’s a “Jew” and a “Zionist” and all that conspiratorial bullshit that they are all too well known for!
I’d rather have Trump support Israel, than those nutty Palestinians who are all too keen to blow themselves up among large crowds of people.
I find the Arabic-speaking peoples like that Yassine El Hanafy guy to be rather acerbic. He kep harassing me about wanting to send him $50. I told him to “Get lost!”
Let him sue me! My honest lawyers would destroy him in 30 seconds! The Middle Eastern peoples write rather stilted and acerbic propaganda bashing the Jews/Israel/and the USA and many write comments supporting it, too.
This is the typical stilted cynicism that a lot of Arabic-speaking peoples look at the United States and Israel and other Western nations.
People in Iran, too. And Afghanistan and Pakistan.
I think that people who want to turn America into Saudi Arabia should not be given the time of day, like the Antifa commie far-left crowd and the alt-right/far-right Alex Jones crowd. They’re both just as conspiratorial! They believe a lot of the same things about 9/11 being an “inside job” or whatever to openly deny the 9/11 terrorist attacks and blame America for perpetrating them.
You’ll find videos on YouTube celebrating 9/11! By someone who is a fanboy of Commie Yugoslavia, too!
 Yes, the sickening “anti-Imperialist” “anti-Western” tones of the far-left and the anti-Semitic horseshit of the far-right have a lot in common. It’s all about fighting the New World Order and fighting “Imperialist” America and all their distorted views of the world, while, of course, denying communist and Nazi/Fascist atrocities, committed by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler and Pol Pot.
They feed on each other, like parasites on a host creature. They attack each other over differing views and try to kill each other, a la Charlottesville, but these acerbic people just don’t quit, do they? It’s funny watching them kill each other.
One day, they want to kill each other in the streets and the next, they’re “friends” against “Zionist” Israel/Jews.
Ah, it’s just so stupid! That JTF Chaim ben Pesach guy and Julia Gorin write acerbic diatribes denying Serbian war atrocities in the 1990’s and supporting folks like Karadzic, Milosevic, and Mladic.  They hate Jews, like them, but they pretend that doesn’t affect them any and just smile and go on about their day. Sure, it’s the Muslims one day, and the Jews and Gypsies and Commies the next. The pro-Chetnik and pro-Tito crowds just grow more and more acerbic by the day!  And the Croat Ustase crowd, too. Of course, the Croats got their own independent state in the 1990s, although many are quick to distance themselves from the likes of Ante Pavelic and his Ustase. Many of them support him, but otherwise disavow him, much like how American disavow the KKK and neo-Nazi/far-right/alt-right groups. The Ustase, Chetniks, and Partisans are ALL assholes! Don’t let them tell you any different! They’re all just as violent and brutal. Violence and brutality was Tito’s way, too. Of course, Tito is a “big hero” to these folks, who are oriented towards the West and America! Tito was just another odious and brutal communist dictator, like his buddies Castro and Mao and Kim Il-Sung!
These Serbian atrocities have been proven to have been committed by Serbs and have happened, too. They, like many in the Balkans, take sick and sadistic pleasures in killing and raping their “subhuman” enemies, be they Muslims or Serbs. Destroying their properties, such as churches or mosques. Even synagogues. They’re desecrations of religious sites make the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting look like a children’s kindergarten party. They deny them, like those that deny the moon landings. Of course, the Muslim supporters deny any Muslim crimes against Serbs and try to minimize/downplay/support them in any way possible.
You should see some of those videos of people committing atrocities and posting them on YouTube, too. Often supporting these heinous acts.
Of course, the “Partisans” were the “good” guys and so were the Muslim Bosniaks in the 90’s.
Again, it just shows the same kind of backward and regressive sicknesses that are prevalent among the far-left and far-right extremists in the Balkans.
Again, Good night everyone! Tito nije bio heroj! Tito bio je kukavica! Mladic i Karadzic su kukavice!
Izetbegovic bio je kukavica, takođe. Again, have fun with the innate sicknesses that predominate in the Balkans. “Get Down with the Sickness” as one song goes.
The ignorance of the Pro-Milošević, pro-Tito, pro-Tuđman, pro-Izetbegović crowds is just all too real and disgusting! It’s abominable!. I agree with Sabrina Petra Ramet there, but I do NOT agree with her fawning support of Tito and his odious Partisans who are fake heroes, just like the Chetniks.  No one’s an angel over in the Balkans, no matter who NATO happens to support.
The pro-Serb crowd have made video after video on YouTube supporting the Chetniks, Mladic, and Karadzic and minimizing and outright celebrating/denying their atrocities, in the kind of language that the 9/11 inside job crowds use.
They even agree with them! Sabrina Petra Ramet and her disgusting diatribes should turn off most sane people. Same with Marko Attila Hoare, too and Nebojsa Malic.
Watching a Jew like Pam Geller support these clowns and call their forefathers Nazis, is rather disgusting! The 1990’s Serbs, not the 40’s ones.
They’re all against Clinton, right? I’m glad Hillary wasn’t elected president of the USA! We could have had a war with Russia on our hands and tens of millions of Americans being fried underneath a mushroom cloud, a la Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Russian nukes make them look like a Christmas party!
Of course. they’ll have conspiracy theories blaming Hillary, too, if only she had won.
Anti-Trump conspiracy theories, too.
It’s just so fun to watch this and LAUGH!
Good night everyone!

Tito was just as much of a murderer as Che Guevara and he supported “El Che”, too!

Tito murdered tens of thousands of Yugoslav citizens of all nationalities.
Of course, Lepa Brena is all too keen to call herself a “Yugoslav woman!”
Lepa Brena was one of Tito’s many friends and benefactors. People like Karadzic used Tito’s dictatorship to further their own extremist agendas, like Tito had done.
The pro-Serb crowds have made videos supporting Tito and his Partisans, too.
Did Trump actually apologize for the intervention in the 90’s against the Serbs?
I don’t need assholes like Tito, Mihailović, and Izetbegović to define me and my people! We need liberal people, like those people out in the streets against the Milosevic regime and against Tuđman, too.
Same with Ante Pavelić! Sane and democratically-minded folks who care about other people should be reviled and disgusted that the people who claim to be supporting them and their ethnic groups have any real influence at all on Balkan politics. Some of them even agree with it! Sane folks of the Balkans should be disgusted with people like Tito and Karadzic!
We need people to fight the system and make it right, like what that Malagurski writes. However, we don’t need his fawning support of Tito and the Partisans/Communists/Yugoslav Communist Dictatorship and his extensive personality cult.

I have a page on Facebook supporting Draza Mihailovic. Back then, I was young and naive and foolish, until I learned about the many sickening atrocities committed by him, Pavelic, and Tito and others.

Baja Mali Knindza should be ashamed at writing song after song supporting Milosevic and Karadzic, but he’s not, just like how Thompson supports Pavelic and his Ustase.
Thompson’s “Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara” (About Jasenovac Concentration Camp) song lyrics were disgusting, but the melody was nice and decent pop-rock melody, like what Britney makes. Except that Britney doesn’t make videos supporting Hitler and Pavelic, the way Thompson does.
The lyrics were disgusting and hate-filled. Of course, he and BMK are all too keen to feed their ultranationalist audiences the kinds of musical propaganda that they crave so much of!
Liberal-minded folks in the Balkans should NOT support Tito! They should be against him, Mihailovic, and Pavelic!  But if I was forced to support a faction over there, it would probably be Tito because he at least was honest about his (rather undeserved) support from the Allies and Tito was fighting the Germans and not fooling around with them, the way Pavelic and Nedic were!
I would NEVER support Tito and his Vietcong-style partisan guerrillas!  They are the same ilk as the Vietcong and use much of the same brutal methods, too.
Zhanna Bichevskaya writes song after song supporting the Tsars, which is no surprise. She turned from making rosy folk songs in the 70’s to pro-Tsarist tripe in the 90’s and beyond! Of course, what the Soviet state would “allow” her to publish! I’m sure that she’s all too familiar with Soviet official censorship and a lot of their milquetoast propaganda that no real person in the West believes!
Of course, I’ll be called an “asshole” and a “traitor” by these folks, but that doesn’t bother me at all! I’ll be called a “Zionist” and a “Jew” (kike is not out of the question for them, either), too.
Good night!
Sure, Thompson is a Croatian patriot and he supports real Croatian patriots, while giving his ad-libbed dialogues against Pavelic and the Ustase. I’d rather be a democratic forward-thinking progressive kind of guy, rather than a nutty wanker like Pavelic or Mihailovic.
I’m sure BMK would support Milan Nedic, too.

But I’m one of those “far-left wankers” that Lepa Sela and Lepo Gore makes fun of! Yeah right! I love how they made fun of the anti-war crowd, while writing a movie supportive of Karadzic’s ethnic cleansing policies and glossing over Serbian war crimes and bemoaning Muslim ones! Sure, let’s all sing (in English) “Give Peace a Chance” and hold candlelight vigils outside a hospital!  I think that Natasa Kandic has a right to be disgusted with a lot of folks in Serbia.  Of course, with Malagurski, one should take him with a grain of salt, too. He bemoans “NATO” and “America’ while supporting Tito.

Ah! Balkan politics! Their ignorance is all too sad and all too funny! Oh boy! I’m sure that Thompson would be one of the folks being killed by Pavelic and Tito, too.
Just don’t tell him, it will break his heart!
All those “Croatian terrorists” wanted was a free and independent Croatia, free of the Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia that had existed since 1918! I disagree with their bombings of Yugoslav government buildings and murders, but I agree with wanting an independent and free Croatia.  Many Croats also supported Yugoslavia, some voluntarily and many involuntarily, too. Croats should want a free and democratic system, too. I love how Yugoslavia: The “Avoidable” (Yeah right) War paints the Croatian opposition forces as Ustase killers and murderers, when many of them wanted freedom and democracy. Yes, many of them DID support Pavelic, but only his desire to want a free and independent Croatia.  Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War is a pro-Yugoslav diatribe condemning Tito and supporting Mihailovic. If only there was a third option in Balkan politics, someone that wasn’t Tito or Mihailovic, someone who was pro-democratic and pro-Western, even though that was lacking in Tito’s Partisans. They just needed American and British support to create their murdering communist dictatorship that violated human rights and killed and tortured thousands! They didn’t really care about America or Britain! In fact, Tito’s Air Force attacked US transport planes, too! What a “friend” he was! (NOT!) Of course, that was after the war.
I dislike Malagurski and his tripe! His movie about Kosovo was eye-opening in its details of exposing anti-Serbian Albanian atrocities, but its support of Milosevic was disgusting. It’s like claiming to be against communism, while supporting a fake “hero” like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro!
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a mess! In 1941, it showed! Many Croats quit their day jobs in the Yugoslav Royal Army and decided to support the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia, only (for many) to be disappointed and deceived later by the Nazis, Pavelic, Nedic, Mihailovic, and Hitler. Sure, the Kingdom had pretended that many Croats “officially” supported it.  King Peter II was not like his assassinated father and that showed, too. I’d rather have the Kingdom than have Tito, but I despise Mihailovic’s collaboration (and his underlings/henchmen) with the Axis powers.
That “Chetniks: The Fighting Guerrillas” movie should also be taken with a grain of salt, too.  If only the writers of that movie knew about Mihailovic’s collaboration with the Germans and Tito’s open and naked brutality!  They didn’t care. It was awful, just like Force 10 From Navarone and all the sick propaganda films supporting Tito and his Partisan murderers! That movie was awful! It was full of German and Italian stereotypes that were commonly believed by the Allied supporters during WWII. Anti-Axis propaganda was what the film was about. I’d rather be “anti-Axis” than pro-Allied. The Axis powers were a bunch of murdering assholes and the Allies had done some horrible stuff, too, but most of that was committed by the Soviet Union.  The Americans and British had bombed cities, but which would you rather have? A dick like Nedic or being killed by Allied bombs, praying that your suffering at the hands of those dickheads ends!  Many people openly prayed to be killed by Allied bombs and bemoaned the Allies for bombing them, but they’d rather have that, than be lined up and shot by the Nazis! Or being gassed in Auschwitz! Having an Allied bomb end their suffering was better than what Hitler had in store for them!  Who cares about those documentaries that they show on the Military Channel (American Heroes Channel same difference)? If only they knew about some of the grotesque and brutal acts that Tito’s Partisans had performed on their enemies that they captured and then killed! Of course,  ISIS is nothing compared to them! Tito’s Partisans were not always known for their niceness and some even turned Allied airmen over to the Germans, too, just for money and other items!
Force 10 From Navarone was just as bad as the Battle of the Neretva!
Of course, Mihailovic and Tito would pay lip-service to the Allied cause, by rescuing their airmen and sending them back to the Allies, while murdering each other in cold blood in their insane mafia turf war for control of Yugoslavia!
There were times where the Partisans would support the Germans, just to kill those “hated” Chetniks!
But that was rare! Good night, everyone!

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