Battlefield/Red Orchestra series

Ah! Yes! The Battlefield, Red Orchestra, Day of Defeat and Source, series.  Where you die as often as you want and then be reborn at a different spawn point.  I’ve seen cases of what players call “spawn-camping” where people are gunned down right as they are spawning. That’s not funny, of course.  You can die again and again, unlike in a real war, where if you die, you die and don’t come back.  In the ARMA series, you also go up against real players online and bots in single player mode.

You never really lose anyone in a multiplayer game because so and so dies on one part of the map and spawns again on another. They almost always come back. You never really get attached to anyone. In Project Reality, you can build up fighting positions to impede, if not slow down your enemies.  In Project Reality, they’ve got a new World War II mod.  There’s a guy running around with a Sturmgewehr 44 in June of 1944.  Wasn’t the StG used, you know, like 6 months later? Did they have any in use on June 6, 1944? I’m kind of skeptical, here. Of course, I don’t recall if there were any of the halftracks with the Quad .50 mounts on Crete in Men of War, either.

I remember the original vanilla Battlefield 1942 where you had Tiger Tanks and Shermans dueling on the beaches, instead of say, over 50 miles inland where they ACTUALLY were. Of course, no game is completely perfect. I’m tired of people online lumping me in with serial killers because I have an eye for details, just like them. Yeah! And unlike them, I don’t go out and kill anyone. This isn’t ARMA 2 where you can just walk into a building a machine gun all the people in a room. Same with GTA V.   You can set up PaK-36 guns in Project Reality World War II and now they’ve got Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, where you can fly helicopters, namely the UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra series.

What about having captured French artillery pieces for the Normandy maps?  I remember something else about BF1942, where the Americans were at an Arnhem, instead of the British. This was the original vanilla game that had so many flaws in it. Did the Japanese ever receive any Sturmgewehrs? Not that I can see.  In the vanilla game, you can see them in the Battle of Midway in 1942.  I could go on about anachronisms in various video games.  The H&D2 Spaghetti Airport mission has the Italian flag that was adopted in 1946, and not the correct one for the Kingdom of Italy that was used from 1861-1946.  The Italian flag does not have the house of Savoy symbol on it. It’s the Italian flag with no symbols on it.
The planes in the level have Italian markings on them.  There’s a little Panzer III that comes out to fight you in the Spaghetti Airport level. I thought that the Italians used the Carro Aromato tanks M13/40 tanks.  The heavy machine gun posts have MG42s, instead of the Breda Model 37 heavy machine gun.

I have no real modeling experience or have any experience with coding to be able to make a mod for any game.  Coding is not hard, but I would like to be able to have actual time to sit down and make models for various video games.  I don’t know why the British SAS guy says that the drum is no good for stealth missions because you can hear the bullets rattle through it. That’s also in H&D2.  Well, the British pretty much used the M1928 Thompson sub-machine gun with the 50 round drum magazine throughout the entire war. One of the symbols for the Commandos was a M1928 Thompson sub-machine gun imposed as their symbol.  It supplemented the Sten sub-machine gun in British and Commonwealth service.  The Australians had the Owen sub-machine gun with the same 9 mm ammo that the MP40 and Sten carried.





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