Dishonesty in War Movies

Well, look at Platoon for example. Berenger’s character can just kill a Vietnamese civilian without mercy. Yes, I understand that they are not documentaries. Of course, even documentaries get things wrong from time to time. Well, I’m sick of those Japanese apologists who bash honest documentaries like the Murder Under the Sun documentary. I guess History Channel was too pro-American. These people are sick! Anything that shows the Allies uncovering Nazi crimes, these people call “propaganda!” Of course, they’d call me a “Nazi” for pointing out flaws in their films. Lepa Sela Lepo Gore, was not exactly honest either. I felt that the movie sanitized a lot of the Serbian war atrocities in Bosnia and I feel that Behind Enemy Lines only showed the massacres and not the soldiers taking sadistic pleasure in raping Bosnian women repeatedly! I feel that Lepa Sela Lepo Gore sanitizes the level of hatred in Yugoslavia. The foul-mouthed drunken tirades of Milan and Halil. Of course, it was Milosevic’s Serbia and they had to sanitize a lot of stuff in that movie. I think that the movie’s film-making is flawless, but the whole plot is corny, like so many Eastern European movies. The Chetniks the Fighting Guerrillas movie does not show the factionalized warfare between the Partisans and the Chetniks. It doesn’t show the Ustase atrocities, either. It’s too bad that Pavelic was never tried at Nuremberg, like he should have been! I felt that Behind Enemy Lines did not show enough of the Serbian brutality and it just ripped off a scene from the movie Savior clearly showing Croats gunning down civilians out of a bus! The movie shows the utter sadistic hatred that the Serbs had for their Muslim enemies, but it doesn’t show the same thing for the Muslims! The Bosniak soldiers in that movie aren’t wearing Army BIH issue uniforms. They’re just civilian guerrilla fighters. The Army BiH was the one mostly fighting the Serbs and the Croats, too. They weren’t saints, either. Yes, the Bosniak people did admire Western popular music at the time and even copied the style of it to make their own lurid war songs. All sides did that. Propaganda songs trying to raise the morale of the soldiers fighting in that war. These were film studios doing it with actors and some real soldiers. It was propaganda. It showed the rather warped mentality that the Slavic armies believed during these wars. The Serbian and Russian armies had little to no compassion for civilians and killed thousands of them! They tortured and raped and killed thousands! This is just another day at work for these people!

I feel that Behind Enemy Lines did not show enough of the Serbian brutality in that war and the movie Savoir sanitized a lot of it.  Of course, Oliver Stone and his fake movies. They’ve got a nice plot to them, like JFK.   Of course, the milquetoast Law & Order style plot of JFK is rather hokey.  It’s conspiratorial garbage, like Independence Day.  This Binkov’s Battles guy on YouTube with Millennium Falcon video says that our weapons would have penetrated the shields of that craft. Does that mean that Independence Day is all wrong?  In Independence Day,  the American F/A-18 Hornet Marine Corps fighter jets go up against these alien spacecraft and their missiles fail to penetrate the shields of the alien saucer craft. All of the American fighters are show down and Will Smith is the only survivor of the entire attack, minus the alien in the spacecraft. He punches the alien and knocks it unconscious and he drags its body across the burning hot desert and he takes out his frustration and his anger out on the alien and kicks it. I have a question. Why didn’t the alien come back to life? Why did the alien only come back to life in the fictitious Area 51 facility and kill Dr. Okun and his team? Why didn’t the alien regain consciousness while being transported in the truck to Area 51?

Why didn’t the Sea King helicopter pilots scream “OH SHIT?” and try to get the hell out of there when they were shot down by the UFO? They were the first casualties in that whole movie.  Any normal helicopter pilot would have sped up and got the hell out of there, instead of just hovering there and being zapped. Independence Day shows huge monolithic alien spacecraft destroying whole cities with their lasers and killing hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

The Russians panicked when they say the UFO heading to Moscow. Why didn’t the Russian VVS scramble jets to shoot it down?  Of course, the LAPD tells people to not shoot their guns at the alien spacecraft. Come on! Of course they’re gonna! A thing like that eclipsing the sun! I’d be afraid if I saw something like that over my city.  Well, the craft in Russia was going at such speeds through the earth’s atmosphere and creating a such a fireball that the E-3 AWACS plane was incinerated by it. Wait, I meant to say that the helicopter pilots were the first “COMBAT” casualties in the movie. Why didn’t the pilots see the craft beforehand? The AWACS is a very slow plane, but they probably would have found a way to dodge the fireball.  Independence Day has a great plot to it, but its depiction of the US military is utterly farcical and laughable!

The movie just emphasizes too much the conspiracy theories about Area 51 that were common at the time. They’re still ongoing, of course.  The Russian Air Force probably would have scrambled MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter planes or whatever they had available to shoot at it.  Why didn’t people take RPG’s and shoot them at the alien spacecraft? Those Russian soldiers would have taken their Kalishnikovs and sprayed bullets at them. It would have done nothing, of course.

The Americans, too would have done that.  Why did the Americans wait to attack the UFO after LA was vaporized, the next day?  Spoiler alert! Harry Connick Jr dies in the movie!

The F/A-18 Hornet USMC fighters had no chance against against the alien spacecraft and its associated fighter planes. Why did they wait until later to hack the aliens computer system? Why didn’t they do it then? Why didn’t some Russian guy come up with it? Those people are famous for that stuff! It takes David to come up with the solution, after all else had failed! The whole scene with the B-2 Stealth Bomber launching nukes at the spacecraft was rather questionable. They callously killed their own people in Houston!

What military does that? Of course, you never saw people going up to the craft and flipping off the aliens inside it! I would have! There was a scene where the people are zapped by the UFO as are tens of millions more,  on the rooftops. I would have taken my AR-15 and shot at that thing.  They didn’t have the people with machine guns shooting at the UFO! I think that someone would have set up a machine gun and tried to shoot at it.

No one has called Saint Petersburg Petrograd since 1917! The poor, garbled Russian is again laughable. Of course, the writers knew NOTHING about the Russian media! The Russian media would have blamed NATO and the Americans for the whole UFO craft in their typical slanted yellow journalism. It was Yeltsin’s Russia at that time.  There would have been conspiracy theories flying all over Russian media. They had access to Russian state TV in the movie, which is not a surprise.  The Russians running scared in horror at that thing!  Of course, there were few Russian spellcheck programs available in 1996 to help them out. Microsoft was just developing Cyrillic texts for Windows 95 back then.  Of course, it’s abysmal!  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian media blamed Israel for the UFO!

Why didn’t Orthodox priests go up to the craft and perform prayers in Russian? The one Jew performs prayers in Hebrew and the guy in the shelter says that he’s not Jewish. And David’s dad replies “No one is perfect!” And continues in Hebrew.  Independence Day is a laughable fanciful movie that encapsulated the 1990’s atmosphere of the day.










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