Banning symbols, a la Germany.

Now, I’m reading articles on Ethics Alarms about gift shops banning Confederate flags and related memorabilia, even if it’s reproduction memorabilia that reenactors often use because the original ones are almost impossible to find because they are over 150 years old!

Should we let our country be like Germany? Sure, let’s be like Germany and ban fascist/Nazi symbols! The problem with banning controversial symbols of totalitarian ideologies that the left does NOT like, is that reenactors REALLY take their craft seriously and use the flags with these symbols to stage their own versions of battles, of course, before cameras were invented. Well, in the 1860s, the “cameras” were big and bulky and not many actual Civil War photos exist.

See! Read this and I quote.

“While photographs of earlier conflicts do exist, (Well, where are the photos of the War of 1812, the Revolutionary War?) the American Civil War is considered the first major conflict to be extensively photographed. Not only did intrepid photographers venture onto the fields of battle, but those very images were then widely displayed and sold in ever larger quantities nationwide.

Photographers such as Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, and Timothy O’Sullivan found enthusiastic audiences for their images as America’s interests were piqued by the shockingly realistic medium. For the first time in history, citizens on the home front could view the actual carnage of far away battlefields. Civil War photographs stripped away much of the Victorian-era romance around warfare.

Photography during the Civil War, especially for those who ventured out to the battlefields with their cameras, was a difficult and time consuming process. Photographers had to carry all of their heavy equipment, including their darkroom, by wagon. They also had to be prepared to process cumbersome light-sensitive images in cramped wagons. ”

See! Those cameras were nothing like the Canon Powershot cameras that we have nowadays.  You just couldn’t point and shoot the camera. It took a lot to just position it correctly. How did they correct for lighting so that the picture wasn’t too overexposed?

Of course, pictures did not always turn out because of the technology used in their own darkrooms.

“For the first time in history, citizens on the home front could view the actual carnage of far away battlefields. Civil War photographs stripped away much of the Victorian-era romance around warfare.”

Sure, and we can just go on the internet and find an uncensored video of ISIS terrorists beheading a prisoner!   We still have a “romance” about the “tolerant and peaceful” Islam and we’re told to conveniently ignore the atrocities by these little clowns.  They think that turning our country into Saudi Arabia would fix everything, even though that flies in the face of their romanticized feminist beliefs! Oh joy!  Well, you won’t see the New York Times or the Washington Post publishing graphic photos from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Maybe we’ll “strip away” the romanticized and wrong view many people have of Islam.  There are women over there protesting to want better treatment by their fellow man to improve things and yep, they’re labeled “Zionists” “Jews” “CIA agents” and “Mossad agents” and every related anti-American and anti-Semitic slur that you can ever imagine. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller destroyed a lot of our misplaced left-wing romanticized views of Islam and Islamic terrorism.   Sure, Mohammed! Your morals from the 7th Century are better than my ideology from 1791, that actually makes me free! I’d rather follow the Bill of Rights from 1791, than the 7th Century ramblings of a psychotic and delusional warlord!

Everyone has an opinion about religion.  At least in the USA, you can freely choose to be an atheist, but if you said that Allah does not exist in Iran or Saudi Arabia and you were a woman, then you would be arrested, beaten, tortured, and maybe even killed. No, those claims are “Islamophobic” and “made up” by conservatives. Look, if the left can ban Confederate symbols, then let’s ban the sale of Al Qaeda and Islamist memorabilia and symbols! Of course, they won’t allow that! I don’t want America to be like Germany where we ban parties and ideologies because they do not agree with the ruling elites. The people in Germany are sick of Merkel! Sure, there’s no “cultural conflict” let’s just sweep that under the rug. Nope, nothing to see here folks! Let’s just hold hands with these pigs and sing with them in Arabic, as they sing nasheeds about killing your enemies. Of course, the Muslims cite the Koran as evidence for not allowing music with instruments, the hardcore ones, anyway. Sure, and those Bosnian Muslim propaganda recordings on YouTube fly in the face of that.  I think that there was one commentator that commented on that. The Bosnians were genuinely being killed and persecuted and why hasn’t anyone made a pro-Serb fake (Servpro) ad saying “Serbpro, like it never happened?” And there in the background are a slew of dead bodies from their odious concentration camps! I suppose ISIS aren’t the only ones to have committed genocide, but their genocide of non-Muslims and persecution and terror of those that they do not agree with are rather odious in my opinion. I think that Wikipedia should call out the genocide deniers who deny left-wing commie genocides and they do at that.  Sure, I don’t know what the hell “Marxism” is! Okay, smart-ass! What the fuck is Marxism? Sure, ole Karly sure knew what he was doing! I laugh at Karl Marx and his bullshit ideology and the left-wing boot-lickers who make mental gymnastics, trying to tell me what Marxism REALLY is! And Stalin did not murder, 30 million, right?  Sure, far-left, Stalin was a nice man! Damn! I wish you could add emoticons to these articles! Je parle français!  The Soviet Union was a “worker’s paradise” and Aleksandr Grigorevich has people arrested for not working.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? Of course, Aleksandr Grigorevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich were connected to the party. They could do no wrong. Sergey Kotov tells me that he hasn’t seen his friends being rounded up and arrested! Sure, and those people who are taken out forcibly in the middle of the night and tortured by Putin’s secret police don’t exist, right? WRONG! Sure, Eastern Europe is “violent and backward” and Western Europe is “forward-thinking and progressive!”  Of course, the folks in Eastern Europe are fighting repackaged communism in the form of the EU and telling the EU to go to Hell! They know what they’re dealing with. Those nations spent 45 years being ruled by two hideous totalitarian ideologies and you’re gonna tell them, they have to accept refugees or else? Poland does accept refugees and they come from Ukraine.  But, it’s “America’s fault” right? America “started” that war in Ukraine, right? Sure, the Ukrainian “fascists” decided that they did not want their country to reduced to a Russian satellite vassal state and they said so openly! What’s so “fascist” about wanting to be free?  It’s mental gymnastics about how “oppressed” the Palestinians are. The damned Palestinians think that blowing yourself up in a crowded city and killing thousands fixes everything!  Sure! Sure! They were hijacking airliners in the 1970s and 80s and threatening to kill the pilot if he did not land the plane in some God-forsaken Islamic-run shithole country or “Christian” Uganda!  Idi Amin was a brutal tyrant, like Slobodan Milosevic or Saddam Hussein.  He was a product of white colonialism! Those “folks” don’t know how to run a country and why waste billions in humanitarian aid? They’re still poor, but at least Akon and his Lighting Africa Project is making headway, but it isn’t much.  If only Africa had access to potable water for over 50% of the people and the water wasn’t filled with parasites! Africa has Ebola and other horrible diseases that we in the West cannot imagine.  There was the Ebola hype of a few years ago.  Of course, we have ways to treat Ebola over here in America. Why they have more of it in Africa? I would do anything to learn Afrikaans or Swahili or how to speak French fluently! I don’t know the exact numbers of Africans that immigrated to the USA from these “shithole” countries. I was calling them “shitholes” before Trump said that they were. I don’t need Donald John Trump to tell ME that Nicaragua is a shithole! So is Ecuador, and most of Africa! I do not hate the blacks! I don’t care what country he was referring to! Those “countries” are shit for a reason. Of course, the far-left and far-right would LOVE to turn this country into a stratified classist dictatorship,  of haves and have nots, like in North Korea, China, or Russia.  Yes, everyone. There are “class differences” in North Korea, China, and Vietnam!  You are middle of the road and you get by, or you have nothing and have to live in cramped and appalling conditions.  People in Russia still live with their parents! I wish that I could do that, but no, these bastards took me away from mine! I wanted to be “independent” and they won’t let me move back to my parents!  Let Jordan B. Peterson be an insight into totalitarian ideologies! I hate the state of Pennsylvania! I hate being away from my parents for 5 years and being told that my parents can’t take care of me anymore! Goddamnit! I want to kill myself because I cannot take care of myself!

How come it’s “okay” for Muslims to hate me? How come we can’t document the torture, violence, mass-murder and other violence from the Islamic terrorists? How come the world did something about Serbs who did the same things to Muslims? The Serbs were a perfect example of how NOT to fight Muslims and Islamic terrorism. The Muslims used the same tactics and we’re told that’s “Serbian propaganda” by those little clowns and their apologist boot-lickers. Sure! What if we had wars where NO ONE committed atrocities and everyone was an angel? Ain’t gonna happen!  Sure, call me a “racist” but those damned ragheads and their left-wing bootlicking apologists, sure like to blame poverty for all their problems.  Sure, being poor is an excuse to blow up thousands!

Sure, Pamela Geller and Julia Gorin support the Serbs, unquestioningly and so does Michael Parenti.  Many Serbs hate people like Pamela Geller and Julia Gorin. My theory is that when ole Rasha K had finished off the Muslims, the Jews would have been next.  Karadzic came from a culture where mass murder was acceptable and where murdering tens of thousands was a drop in the bucket. Yep, just like Tito! The very Tito that Marko Attila Hoare and Sabrina Rahmet worship for “liberating” Yugoslavia.  Mihailovic was no saint and neither was Tito. I think that Tito knew how to run a country and Mihailovic did not, or so the “official” story goes. Sure, Tito massacred thousands of people! Hey Gorin! Hey Geller! Does 250,000 dead on all sides mean anything to you? A quarter of a million dead! That’s just about the population of Erie. 8,300 massacred in cold blood at Srebrenica. That’s the entire population of Corry, Pennsylvania, right there and just about half of Meadville’s.

I’m a “pseudo-historian” Sure and I’m a “fraud!” Sure, Gorin and Geller can both lie about those Serbs that Clinton bombed.  You’re never gonna change their minds! You’re gonna change the minds of those Serbs who bullshit the entire internet and try to make it seem like all Serbs support them. They do not and never have.  I don’t care about being “alienated” Why doesn’t Wikipedia cover the usual left-wing conspiracy theories about Bosnia, that Clinton bombed the Serbs to destroy a socialist state in Europe?  What about any of the other wacky far-left apologist bullshit?  Marko Attila Hoare destroys these clowns, too.  I don’t think that the Yugoslav Wars were as “avoidable” as that bullshit documentary would have you believe.  They were unavoidable. The Croats did not want to be ruled by Belgrade anymore, they wanted their own country! Those Serbs that lived there mostly wanted to stay with Yugoslavia.  Milosevic was catching flak to deploying the Yugoslav Army to these countries to “restore” order and kill those “big, bad Ustashas!” Rightly so! They wanted to be free from Belgrade! Of course, no amount of mental gymnastics by Jared Israel, Julia Gorin, and Pamela Geller is gonna change that! It’s sad that these Jews support a virulently anti-Semitic culture like them.  Hate is hate! But those wars could have been “avoided” if they kept on kissing Belgrade’s ass, right?

Boy, the stupidity of the pro-Serb side speaks volumes! Yes, Marko. I don’t agree with your assessment of Tito’s partisans being the “liberators” of Yugoslavia. They were the enslavers of Yugoslavia. They enslaved whole peoples for 45 years!  Not just them! The whole of Eastern Europe, except Greece! Greece was only Western because they needed them and because they were the cradle of civilization and they had a strategic position in the Balkans. Well, what if Draza Mihailovic and his lieutenants had not collaborated with the Germans?  Their supporters to this day apologize for their collaboration. It was a “tactical” collaboration.  The Chetniks were military men, the Partisans had a rag-tag army. The Chetniks were Yugoslav Army special forces units, comparable to our Green Berets and Navy SEALS.  They knew and respected military discipline, but their whole approach to warfare was wrong.  They “selectively” collaborated with the Germans and Italians! That was REAL smooth! The Italians were part of the Axis at the time and the Chetniks got weapons from them because the numerically-superior Partisans would have annihilated them.  I’m sure that if ole Dragoljub did not collaborate with the Germans, he would have tried to fulfill his “dream” of an ethnically-pure Serbia! Sure, and the Ustasha was going about with their own designs of ethnic purity and slitting the throats of thousands of Serbs to do it!

Well, the movie Force 10 from Navarone says that the Chetniks “hunted Allied commandos like wild pigs!” Well, the Chetniks sure as hell pulled off Operation Halyard, with the help of those same “Allied commandos!” The Chetniks had infiltrators in their ranks in the movie. Why didn’t the two spies dressed in Chetnik uniforms shout out and say in Serbian or English, “Hey!” “We’re partisans!” Too bad that movie did not show the odious nature of the Yugoslav turf war known as World War II.  It was a mafia turf war between two rival gangs! That’s what the Chetnik and Partisan relationship was like! There were instances of the Taliban and some Afghans collaborating with the Americans to eliminate their rivals, whom they falsely labeled as “Zionists” or whatever parlance that they used in Afghanistan to eliminate their “hated” neighbors. The Chetniks were beloved by the Serbs like the Rasha Drachkovitch agenda-driven documentary points out.  Tito was more popular than Mihailovic, in many ways. I suppose that history will judge how brutal Tito TRULY was.  I think that Yugoslavia brought out the very worst in human nature from 1945-1995. 50 years of sheer brutality, followed in 1998 by Milosevic, trying to repeat the same stuff in Kosovo to the Albanians.  They let them rule them! The movie Force 10 from Navarone did not show how the Partisans would play victim with the Germans and use them to wipe out those that they perceived to be “Chetniks” or “Ustasha”

I suppose that Operation Halyard was just a PR move by Mihailovic and his Chetniks.  He had some support left from the Americans, but not much.  I think that both the Chetniks and Partisans were in the wrong.  The Partisans were following a totalitarian ideology, like the Germans were following. Of course, these partisan Titoists play “mental gymnastics” with how they’re “different” from Hitler and the Axis! The Allies accepted Tito because he knew how to get stuff done. Tito could reign in his loose cannon underlings and Mihailovic could not.  I think that Tito was a brutal, thuggish dictator and the commies ruled Yugoslavia for 50 years. Milosevic was just continuing in Tito’s footsteps. Tito ethnically-cleansed the Italians in Dalmatia and the Germans throughout Yugoslavia and it was “okay” for him to hate the Germans and brand them all as “Nazis” even though most of them followed Hitler because they would have been killed if they did not.  How many of the Chetniks or Partisans were forced to fight for one or the other? I’ll bet you money that many in their ranks did not “voluntarily” serve either one. Some were forced to fight for the Chetniks or Partisans.  This was Yugoslavia’s First Civil War, followed by the more brutal and more well-known one, 50 years later!

Tito and Hitler were totalitarian scum of the earth! Praising Tito is like praising a rattlesnake for killing mice and keeping the population down!  Tito was a snake! Tito was a deceiver and Mihailovic was the same way.  Mihailovic and Tito could get people to follow them, and so could Ante Pavelic.  Lou Diamond Phillips in the Officer and a Movie show on the Military Channel pointed out the “ethnic hatreds” of Yugoslavia. You did not see any of that in Force 10, but you did see how the commies duped cons like Sabrina Rahmet and Marko Attila Hoare and how they still continue to dupe them.

Tito was a brutal dictator, like Adolf Hitler! They’re similar in their approach. Tito called his ideology “National communism” and Hitler called his “National Socialism!” What does THAT tell you?  Tito and Hitler ruled their citizens at gunpoint.  I don’t care about the “mental gymnastics” from the delusional Titoist fan-boys and girls!

They praise Tito for “liberating” women. Yeah! Sure! Those same women worked for pennies in their state-owned rat-trap factories for pennies! Those “liberated” women! They were paid far less than what workers in America were paid. If you compare the Yugoslavian Dinar to the US Dollar, you will see a vast difference. Same with the ruble.  But Jasmina, the “education” was “better” right? Oh Malagurski and his BS documentary called “The Weight of Chains 2!” Having your head filled with commie bullshit is an “education!” The commies gave you their “education” for “free!” How many people did not go to school in Yugoslavia? How many were illiterate? Many! They figured out how to dodge the system, but not for long.  Sure, being skilled in commie bullshit is an “education!” The bullshit interpretation of history favored by scum like Marko Attila Hoare and Sabrina Petra Ramet is parroted throughout the whole internet on Wikipedia! Of course, people still deny the Bosnian Genocide! You’re gonna waste a whole article to it? Seriously? Alice Cooper on his Radio Show rhetorically wanted people to come with Polish solidarity jokes. Here’s one. “The eagle is not greater than the crow!” I have no idea what the original Polish phrase was. Why not just debunk the leftist bullshit conspiracy theories that Clinton helped the Muslims to fight the Serbs, just to be “nice” to his Middle-Eastern clients? The Bosnians received help from the Arab world, but it wasn’t much. Alija knew that he could not win with them alone! What about any of the other ridiculous conspiracy theories that the pro-Serb side employs? Address them, Wikipedia!

The Bosnian people were suffering, except that the Muslims were getting the very worst of Karadzic and his odiousness.  I think that Alija was an Islamist and he tried to play the “moderate” scheme, like Tito and Karadzic and Plavsic did.  He was just continuing Tito’s way of doing things, except that he was an alienated fanboy, like those pinheads who stalk Britney or whatever. It was worse than that. The Bosnians were no fans of Yugoslavia and the Serbs throughout Yugoslavia were not fans, either.  I don’t think that Karadzic and Izetbegovic could have shared the same room, for very long, like they did in 1990.  The giant clusterfuck known as the Yugoslav Wars could not have been prevented. Sure, and Belgrade’s ass-kissers who made the documentary “Yugoslavia: The “Avoidable” War” need to realize that!  They pay lip service by criticizing Milosevic and his propaganda, while parroting it in other parts of the documentary.  It was inevitable that they were going to kill each other and did! A quarter of a million dead later? What did that solve? NOTHING! They still hate each other, except now they’re spitting venom at one another on various social media websites on the internet in garbled English and very fluent Serbian and Bosnian and Croatian.

It’s clear that many of these people have a poor command of the English language and they are made fun of it, too. By the people on reddit and 4chan. The whole “remove kebab” shitposting stuff is meant to  be funny, like moon man.  Moon man was making fun of the remove kebab mentality that many in Europe believe in, not only many Serbs, but many in Western Europe, too. And some of them are Serbs. Sure, ethnic cleansing “fixes” everything, right, Voja? Sure Baja Mali Knindza! Seselj was a “Serbian savior!” Sure! The movie showed how brutal they were.  The Yugoslav Wars were an example of a European clusterfuck war, like the kind found in Northern Ireland with the IRA and the British. Those wars were fought over nationalism and religion, like Northern Ireland. People in the 90s were concerned about these conflicts. How many Irish do you know of were forced to fight for the IRA and did not want to? Many Irish Catholics and Protestants were forced to fight for the IRA and forced against their will, otherwise they would have killed them if they didn’t. Same thing happened in Yugoslavia.

BMK and his fawning praise of Seselj and the Serbian Radical Party. The Radical Party is the Chetnik party.  Might as well just say it! The sad thing is that all of those people have designs on each other. What territories one country should look like, compared to another.  Minorities not in the same countries as their compatriots. The people of Northern Ireland wanted to be a part of the United Kingdom, but how many of them were forced to believe that?  The British forced them to stay with the UK and the Irish would have forced them out. The Protestants in Northern Ireland feared that they would be “ethnically-cleansed” like in Bosnia! This is why European politics is a giant clusterfuck. Of course, you have people in America who want the southwest to be a part of Mexico again.  Sure! And Mexico’s leaders will “make Mexico great again!” Not all Mexicans believe that the Southwest should be theirs again. Would you want the United Kingdom to get the 13 colonies back? Of course, that hilariously bad movie “Wild Wild West” showed a madman who wanted to redraw the map of America and they actually tried to do in that in the 19th Century.  Many British were still bitter over the loss of the 13 colonies, but they went on with it, anyway. They traded with the United States because it had stuff that they needed and stuff that we wanted, from India and various other colonies and from Canada, to the north.

People forget that the British Empire was just across Lake Erie. The British Commonwealth is still across Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes. I live close to Lake Erie and I see Canadians driving all over the area to shop in Grove City and Erie and in Pittsburgh.





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