Putin’s war against Ukraine

I am going insane because I have gotten back from my parents’ house. I am not going to get that Bulgarian Scrabble game that my mom promised me on Sunday the 3rd of June, 2018. I am done for.  I am not insane and I have to pull it together.
I wish that I could not feel unhappy. I wish that I could feel normal. I want to be normal and stop being upset every time I return from my parents’ house. I want to stop this, but it is consuming and overwhelming me. I am currently out with John in Saegertown. I would love to volunteer again. I am having people watch me like a hawk on the internet because of my posts that I have been writing about certain people.
I have complained about “Gestapo law enforcement” in the United States of America. The law enforcement can bag your ass without warning. Law enforcement can and will arrest me. I am threatened with arrest every time I use the internet at the house. I have to be told about how I face legal consequences with this whole “stalking” thing. Why can people stalk me online?
There’s nothing I can do about people who follow me online on Facebook and look at my posts. I’ve alienated far too many people on Facebook with my posts. I’d rather post my posts on my WordPress blog, where I don’t face such censure, that I do on Facebook.
I’m sure everyone knows that I have a blog on WordPress. I am a target of all those police lovers of the Corry Police Department in Corry, Pennsylvania.
I love my WordPress blog. I am a target and I realize that people can consider my posts to be “paranoid” and “unfounded”. Look, I’ve dealt with Gary Hunt and Gary Doolittle of the Corry Police Department.  We was an arrest-happy policeman. Everyone in my school who was a student, was under 18 or at least 18 years old, themselves. You HAD no rights! The administrators in that school constantly reminded me of my status.
It was like Law & Order Special Victims Unit & CSI. They could run roughshod all over your rights, like in those TV shows.  I think that CSI and Law & Order are Gary Hunt’s fantasy world.  You know what? Gary Hunt knows how to bullshit people to get them to do what he wants, such as getting a baseless warrant to search your house.
Gary Hunt is a master bullshitter and I am being taught how to bullshit people by that Becky Grove.  “What you think is how you feel!” she says. Damn straight!
At least she’s honest about some things. I’ve always felt that Tyrone Brown was a real problem. He was one of those black people that if you disagreed with him about a polarizing racial issue, you were a “racist” and he wasn’t afraid to say it, either. Of course, he’d think that my black friend Moses (Monweal) McCormick was “too white” for him. Moses speaks more than 10 languages.  I know that Tyrone would think that Moses was too white for him. I guess being a polite and well-respected citizen and not acting not a total wanker is racist now.
Why is skin color such an issue? I’m white and I’m like “so what!” I’m a white male and I’m “privileged” according to the blacks. I am just like everyone else and I don’t believe in this white privilege nonsense because I’m not poor, but I can get by with what I have and I don’t want a lot of money. I refuse to play the lottery because no one EVER wins that and if you luckily win that whole thing, you get money and you’re an instant millionaire.
I can be robbed at will and I was robbed of my propane tank at the house on Creveling Road. Who knows? Maybe some meth-head took it?
I have no propane tank now.  Charles Robinson was a polite guy. I think Tyrone had his heart in the right place, but his way of going about everything was just ass-backwards! I’m a “racist” Yeah, I’ll put the white sheets on! Really? That whole race and intelligence thing is discredited by Moses McCormick because he knows more than 10 languages and I doesn’t matter if he’s black.
I now have to worry about my propane tank being stolen! It’s been stolen! I’m sick right now! I’m sick because I feel this malaise which has come over me. Who would murder me? Seriously? Who would do such a thing? I’m afraid of communism and fascism and Islamic totalitarian ideologies because if such a system existed in the United States, I would be one of the first people to be a victim of such a system.  It’s horrifying that people can have you eliminated on a whim and send out people to find you and torture you. I think that the far-left and far-right are INSANE! Why should I let left-wing extremists run my country and right-wing ones, too?
The right-wing militia movement would turn this country into Bosnia and we’d have ethnic cleansing of non-whites! I’ve seen what paramilitary militia units have done over in Kosovo and Bosnia and in the Balkans in general. Rape, torture, and mass murder.  The sad thing was, was that many people had no idea where their relatives were in that whole clusterfuck of a war! Many found out later that their son was killed or their daughters were raped and killed.
The Serbs could do whatever they wanted to you! The Serbs did not care about human rights. The term “human rights” is NOT in the Serbian vocabulary.  Those paramilitary groups ran throughout Bosnia at will terrorizing the entire country. Their terror was mostly limited to Republika Srpska in the north of the Country. The Serb Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is a recognized entity of that country.
The Serbs wanted the Serb Republic to be a recognized entity because they wanted their rights to stay with Yugoslavia and they wanted the Muslim government in Sarajevo to leave them alone. The sad thing was, the Serbs claimed to be “compassionate” and “caring” about human rights? What’s normal about tying someone’s hands behind their back and digging a shallow mass grave for them (with thousands of others) and shooting them in the back of the head?
Of course, the favorite Muslim execution method in the Bosnian War was the beheading.  They did many of those.
I can’t believe that these Balkan peoples on YouTube can casually post a video of their fellow people being “beheaded” or tortured in a YouTube video.
The Turks are “bad” right?  People were frightened of that Zeljko Raznatovic guy and his Tigers. Arkan terrorized the former Yugoslavia. The Serbian soldiers who casually murdered their Muslim enemies were tried and convicted in the Hague for their crimes.  There were Muslim war crimes. No one was an angel in that conflict, especially in that clusterfuck of a war.
The Serbs KNEW what they were doing. The Serbs were making songs about blowing up mosques and ridding Bosnia of the Turks. MTV-style music videos of this, like what that Kocayine guy posts on YouTube.
The Serbs just “casually” murdered people and many Serbs have excused these atrocities. Not all Serbs did these and rightfully so. I think that the Serbs have good people among them that are sick of these crimes.
Denial is not just a river in Egypt! They’ll deny these crimes and the whole world knows about them. Of course, Russian nationalists treat the Serbs like gods.  This is what they themselves want to do to the Tatars and Chechens in Russia.  The Soviet Union did commit ethnic cleansing against the Chechens and the Crimean Tatars.  The sad thing is that a man like Putin excuses Stalin’s crimes and tries to minimize them.  The sad thing was, Stalin was NOT put on trial at Nuremberg for his crimes, only the Nazis were.
The Soviets should NOT have been at the Nuremberg Tribunals because they were just as wrong as the Nazis and their people had been killed in the millions by the Nazis and they were rightfully upset about it.  The Soviets exacted their false justice at Nuremberg because they committed war crimes, too. The Soviets had a well-documented history of war crimes and you’ve got jackasses on YouTube who ask “what’s the proof?” and they wrongly comment about how “false” they are. You know what, Vladimir? You assholes kept records of these atrocities and even filmed some of them.
In the Soviet Union, if you were a dissident, you were nothing.  The government could treat you in the worst possible ways and they did and the same things happened in Yugoslavia, China, and Nicaragua.
The sad thing about communist and fascist societies is that the government can casually eliminate you without any consequences. They are NEVER honest about their crimes because if they were, they’d in front of the Hague. When will there be a Hague war crimes tribunal for Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine?
Putin’s war crimes are well-documented, contrary to what those Kremlin deniers would have you believe. The separatist government in Ukraine has tortured and shot people in the thousands and they blame the “fascist” Kiev government for it!
Of course, there are human rights violations by the Ukrainians, but most have been done by the Russian Army in Ukraine and their fake separatist “states” in Ukraine that they use as leverage to force the Ukrainians to recognize the Russian language as the supreme language of Ukraine.  Putin would not hesitate to force the Russian language down their throats again and many in Ukraine speak both Ukrainian and Russian fluently and some speak English fluently, as well as other European languages and some of them speak Turkish and other Asian languages.
Yes, they are better than me in that regard! I’m not gonna let it upset me.  I am a talentless hack! The Russian government has euphemisms for their “war” against Ukraine, such as calling it a “crisis” The Russian government terrorizes Ukraine at will, just like they did in 1945. And I’m a “fake?” Who seriously says this? I could show these people videos of these atrocities. If you search in Ukrainian or Russian on various internet sites, you can find actual videos of atrocities from the war in Ukraine, in 1080p no less or whatever quality they have available now.
Many of these soldiers took cellphone videos of these war crimes and posted them on various social media sites. Of course, the Russian soldiers in Ukraine do not wear any patches on their uniforms because they don’t want them to be traced back to Russia and it “falsely” “clears” Putin of wrongdoing in Ukraine. We Americans KNOW damn well what Putin is doing in Ukraine! Listen Radio Sputnik and RT, those mass graves are real! I am tired of people in the West making excuses for the Russian army and its actions in Ukraine. You could say the same about the Ukrainian army. No one is an angel in this war.
The Russian army has committed most of the atrocities over there and so have their paramilitary forces under their command. But “Azov Division” are neo-Nazis right? They are, but they are small and insignificant. Most Ukrainians despise Nazism and Fascism and also communism because they knew damn well what these people did to their country!
Ukrainians neo-Nazis do actually exist, but they are a fringe minority of Ukrainians and people hate them because of their particularly odious behavior in the streets. But Russians are “perfect angels” right, RT? Right, Radio Sputnik? Russian nationalists do no wrong! Yep, all those videos posted on the internet of beating up non-whites and non-Russians are “fakes” according to RT, anyway. Many Ukrainians see the neo-Nazis as being a rather odious bunch of people and they thing that their Nazi ideology is repugnant.  They know what these clowns are all about. And Putin claims he’s “trying” to “save” (yeah right!) Ukraine from being ethnically-cleansed of Russians.
Aleksandr Dugin has planned genocide against the Ukrainian people and advocated for it on the internet. I cannot believe that the Russian academics like Dugin can casually talk about genocide like it’s getting a cup of coffee. What’s 20 million dead people among friends?

This guy is one of Putin’s advisers. The Soviet Union did commit genocide against Ukraine in the 1930s and starved millions of them to death in an orchestrated “famine” to destroy those “fascist” Ukrainians who wanted freedom from the Soviet Union.
You’ll never see Putin talking about Russians who collaborated with the Nazis to fight Stalin.  They just change roles like in a movie.  They do the same things for both Hitler and Stalin. The sad thing is that the American and British armies did not get past Western Germany and they could have ran the Soviet Army back to Moscow. Well, not really. The Korean War proved that our bazookas were ineffective against their T-34 tanks with the 85mm gun, but the USA had the best air force in the world and they could compensate for Soviet tank and infantry superiority with that.
Of course, that they called it “Operation Unthinkable” because it was exactly that. They probably knew that the Red Army’s tanks would roll down the streets of Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Paris if they had fought an actual shooting war with the Soviets.  We had beaten one totalitarian giant and we were gonna beat the Soviets, too.
We beat the Soviet Union in 1991 after they collapsed and Putin has been upset ever since then.  For these people, the loss of the Soviet Union was the end of the world! It was a BIG event! The breakup of the Soviet Union was the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” No, WORSE things have happened. Many Russians saw the end of the Soviet Union as a new beginning and a chance to start anew and now Putin wants to change all that?
The Cold War was won by America and the West.  Many in the Soviet Union knew that the West had better ideals that the Soviet state they were living under. You were afraid to say anything in Russian that would give you away as a “traitor” because you had a positive opinion of the United States, just like nowadays in Russia.
That Taylor woman believes that they all hate us. No, they do not. I’ve talked to these clowns in English and they tell you one thing in English and when you actually talk to them in Russian, it’s a far different picture. In English and Russians, it’s the same standard excuses for these crimes. I pray that Putin will be tried at the Hague for his war crimes trials. The Soviet Union SHOULD NOT have participated in the Nuremberg trials. If the Nuremberg tribunals had any partiality, they should have tried Soviet war crimes which were well-documented.  Many of them were frustrated that they could not try the Soviets for their war crimes because they were on the Allied side.
Two totalitarian giants destroyed Europe at will!  I think that there should be a Nuremberg-style war crimes trial for Putin.  Of course, knowing the UN, I doubt that’s going to happen because Russia is on the UN Security Council. Russia should be stripped of his UN Security Council status and the UN is proving to be a joke like it’s predecessor (The League of Nations) once was. The UN is angry with Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the whole world is aghast at what he’s doing over there.
I am tired of right-wingers and left-wingers in the West excusing Putin and his actions. I think that these shallow and depraved people should ACTUALLY travel over there and see these mass graves and other evidence of atrocities by the Russian army and its paramilitary thugs.
Many of them have exactly done that. Those in the US military who are skilled in Ukrainian and Russian have tried to reorganize the Ukrainian army to stand and fight against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of these people are private citizens of the United States and other countries, like Poland.  They have lent their military expertise to the Ukrainian forces. The US is not going to send whole divisions to Ukraine to stop Putin because he would retaliate with something really ghastly.
With Putin, nukes ARE NOT out of the question. He’s not afraid to use them and he would use them against America or some Western country against him.
I believe that these Russian nationalists have “casually” threatened to destroy Israel and the United States.  Israel is the “source” of everything bad in the world and the USA is too. Yep, just like ISIS!
The Russians are Christians and ISIS are Muslims, but that doesn’t mean anything. They both believe in a lot of the same anti-American bullshit and anti-Semitic stuff, too.  They believe that Jews cannot be decent human beings, despite proving otherwise.
What’s so “Jewish” about human rights and treating your fellow man with decency, anyway?
The Russian government callously links these dissidents with Israel and the United States to excuse their wrongdoings.
They’re “Jewish Nazis” right? These idiots make no real sense in my opinion.  “Jewish fascism” is Russian speak for anti-Semitism and it equates them with the Nazis, who killed them in the millions. I have no idea how many millions of Jews were killed by the Soviets and I can tell you, it is NOT a light figure.
So when the Jews want to be treated like decent human beings, that’s “Jewish fascism” These commies sicken me.  Like the Nazis, they pin any criticisms of their ideologies on the Jews and the Americans and blame the USA for their crimes and these commies and Nazis deflect from all talk about their war crimes and other ghastly misdeeds (neo-Nazis, too) committed by the Nazis and Soviets. People just switched from one job to the next like it was nothing. Many of them registered under false names so that the Soviets would not find out about their misdeeds of Nazi collaboration. They did anyway!
Radio Sputnik calls it a “false equivalence” right? They do! These two ideologies have a lot in common over in Eastern Europe and I do NOT give a shit about who did what to whom.  “Mass killing is mass killing” Norman Davies, speaking during the Soviet Story documentary. The Soviet story dutifully exposes the same kind of anti-Semitic ideologies the commies and Nazis both believed in and how they could casually murder tens of millions of people, both the Soviets and the Nazis.
They both believed that digging mass graves and shooting people in the back of the head were the best ways of disposing of those who did not agree with the Soviet or Nazi systems of government or who sympathized with the Western Allies, such as France, United States, and the United Kingdom. The Polish Government-in-exile in London was against them, too. The Allies refused to let Germany surrender conditionally because the next guy would use that as an excuse to blame the Jews and others for Germany’s misfortunes and start World War III.
The German Bundeswehr was reconstituted from ex-Wermacht people.  They wanted to reform their army to stand up against the Soviets, but they and the other NATO powers knew that Brussels, Paris, Bonn, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp, Madrid, Essen, and other cities would have Russian tanks rolling down their streets.
There are serious people in Western Europe who are genuinely afraid of having Putin’s tanks roll down the streets of Paris. The sad thing is that these right-wingers and left-wingers would willingly collaborate with Putin in the event of an actual war. Let’s pray that there is NOT a war!
The Bundeswehr and the Luftwaffe people were people who mostly did not commit war crimes against Eastern Europe or Europe as whole, (even though some of them were war criminals) and they needed some of them to reconstitute their army to stand up against the Soviets. There were SS members who did not commit war crimes and the sad thing is that the neo-Nazis use THIS as an excuse to deflect Nazi war crimes.
NATO needed a reconstituted German army and the NATO countries knew that their small and provincial-size forces would not fare very well in the event of an actual war with the Soviet Union. Sure, these little commie leftists think that their statuses as Nazis are the end of the earth, while excusing the Soviet atrocities and deflecting from them, as well.
I think many in Germany know that they do not stand a chance against Putin’s forces. They can hold them back for a few weeks, but that’s about it! They can stall Russian tanks, but people in Western Europe are afraid that Putin’s tanks will roll down the streets of Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, and Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.
I see people in Western Europe commenting on YouTube that they would like to see Nazi troops rolling down the streets of European cities! Of course, they wouldn’t think about the same thing for Putin’s forces! Such shameless hypocrisy!
Of course, East German propaganda was quick to paint the Bundeswehr and Luftwaffe West German forces as Nazis and fascists. Soviet propaganda did it, too.
They painted the reconstituted West German forces as being the Nazis all over again. If you spoke German in Eastern Europe fluently, or were willing to serve Stalin faithfully and speaking German fluently, you had a chance of not being eliminated.
The West German forces were anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi, too. Those who were worth their salt. People in Eastern Germany lived through Soviet and Nazi tyranny both.  Merkel is not a Nazi, but it’s just so easy for people to smear each other with this association to stop any meaningful criticisms of Germany and of German society, as a whole.

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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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