Exercise in Fultility

I just wish that I could help the pharmaceutical companies come up with a more tailor-made solution for my problems after I come home from my parents’ house to my group home on Creveling Road. There is no magic fix for these problems and I feel that my therapist at Stairways is not helping the problem any.  I feel like there never will be a magical solution to autism, like how communism was supposed to be the magic solution to the problems of poverty and racism. We all know how THAT turned out. Of course, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini promised their respective peoples everything that they could ever want. Fascism, too, was supposed to be the magic solution to the Jews.

Of course, killing Jews does not make them magically go away! It just makes things worse! Why don’t people realize that the far-left and far-right Anti-Semites are JUST as dangerous? I think that people in Russia and the former USSR need to realize and I think that many already know that communism was NOT the magical solution to poverty and racism that it promised to be. In fact, it was a far worse perpetrator of those problems that solver of them.

Of course, these same crummy commies turn to fascism as another solution to solve Russia’s extreme poverty because we all know that those “evil Zionist Jews” are responsible for all of Russia’s problems.  Many of these fascists were ex-communists.  Communism is the biggest scam in all of human history! Communism, like those pinheads in Nigeria promise that you will be rich, but you are even poorer than before because those bastards in Nigeria have all your important information to steal from you and you are instantly poor.

Of course, you don’t need some pinhead in Nigeria or Russia to make you rich. Of course, no one is magically rich and I think that Bernie Sanders’ supporters need to realize that.  I refuse to become rich because I like my circumstances in which I live in. I have a home to live in, in Crawford County.  The staff help me with my problems when I have them.   Sure, I would love to have sex with every Russian girl I meet on the internet, but that ain’t ever gonna happen, either.   How do you know if she’s worth it? You just don’t with people that you chat with online from Russia or even Canada or Taiwan or wherever they come from.  Socialism/communism will NOT make you magically rich, but I suppose that if you’re a commie pinhead robbing from those who rightfully earned their money, you will just kill them and steal it from them.  Oh how “noble” communism fails at every turn! These fascists in Russia just think that fascism will solve all their problems, the way communism did. (Or rather DIDN’T)  Communism in the Soviet Union magnified the problems of poverty.  After Lenin took power, people were still poor and illiterate, all the way up to 1991, when the show was over!

The Russians were brought up to (falsely) believe that they would be rich and powerful, like the West is. Of course, many of those Russians come over here to places like Erie and Pittsburgh to immigrate there for its opportunities, even though we in Western PA are still poorer than before. I live in Cochranton, PA. I live in rural Crawford County and I am never going to be a rich man, like that guy who owns those big million dollar homes in Conneaut Lake.  No, that’s NOT what I want. I don’t want communism, fascism, or socialism.  Or Nazism. All of these ideologies are detrimental to any free society.  Of course, Putin promised the Russian people freedom and prosperity. Look where they are now! Look at Putin’s failed policies.  There are still people in the streets of many Russian cities begging for food and vodka and whatever else they want.

What about autistic people in Russia? I hear that they suffer much worse than they do over here in America. In Russia, I would probably be rounded up in the middle of the night and placed in a labor camp against my will and then the state will tell people that I “voluntarily” chose that. Of course, Lenin magically promised to erase poverty and racism.  What a deceitful trickster Vladimir Ilyich TRULY was! And not just Vladimir Ilyich, but also Josef Vissarionovich and now Vladimir Vladimirovich. Of course, you could say the same thing about Mao’s China or Castro’s Cuba. China is only rich in the big cities because they have lax regulations for the cities to grow.  China is still just as repressive as it was in 1911 and in 1949.  Mao just replaced Chiang Kai-Shek as an even more brutal and repressive dictator.  Mao just made people even poorer with his policies and so did the cadre of Soviet leaders, all the way up to Mikhail Sergeevich.

Communism did not solve poverty and you weren’t allowed to go up and say that to the bosses to fix the problem. No, you were branded a fascist, a racist, and whatever names that they had for you. Of course, those “Ukrainian fascists” did not want Ukraine to become a puppet state of Russia, like Lukashenko’s Belarus currently is.  Putin would have reduced Ukraine to a satellite state of Russia and he wasn’t afraid to say so, either.

China is much worse than it was in 1949.  The game Axis & Allies Global 1940 poignantly illustrates China’s crushing poverty in 1940. In 1940, China was one of the world’s poorest countries and the racists in the West kept saying that China would still remain poor and parts of it are still poor.  Of course, it’s America’s fault that there are poor people in rural China.  Was it Chiang Kai-Shek’s fault, also?

Again, Vladimir Vladimirovich wants Petro Oleksiyovych to be another satellite state in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is still poor and corrupt and so is Russia and Cuba. I think that communism greatly magnified the corruption and poverty found in Tsarist Russia and also found in Communist Russia. Again, the delusions of communism promised by Russia’s leaders have always been proven false by people in the West.

Of course, it’s America’s fault that Russia’s economy is tanking, due to those “sanctions” introduced by the USA. You know what? Of course, the United States CANNOT resort to military force, (at least openly anyway) to stop Putin’s Russia because Putin will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against us. It’s a pity that Russia is a nuclear power, like us! If we had stopped Russia from becoming nuclear, then we could have possibly ran them all the way back to Moscow in 1945!

Would the West have reinstalled the Romanovs in Russia? Possibly. Of course, Aleksey Anatolevich is not the magic answer to Putin that the West THINKS he is. We need ACTUAL citizens to get up and get the Kremlin to address the problems of poverty and racism in that country. Of course, they won’t because they are the perpetrators of those very problems! Of course, Russia has had over a thousand years of despot after despot and Vladimir Vladimirovich is no different than Nikolay Alexandrovich!  Of course,  Putin promises to be the great Russia leader that Nicholas II was. Of course, it’s far from the truth. While many Russians were poor in 1917 at the time of the revolution, Lenin did not magically solve their poverty and destitution. In some cases, people were poorer under communism, than they were under the Tsars.  In some cases, in the Soviet Union, people were poorer than they were when the Tsar was running the show. Lenin killed over 10 million people, while trying to “restructure” Russian society to make it less impoverished and less racist. Again, it failed and failed BADLY!

There needs to be an ACTUAL Russian citizens from the poorest caste of society to get up and fight Putin and his stupid hybrid communist/fascist ideology that he has cooked up! People are still poor under Putin than they were under Boris Nikolaevich and his predecessors, including Mikhail Sergeevich.  There is still horrific poverty in Russia! Of course, capitalism did not fix everything, either. But in my opinion, capitalism is far better for Russia, than the detrimental Soviet-like policies of Vladimir Vladimirovich and his cronies.  I think that Russians need to realize that they don’t need the government to make them rich, they just need to fight the system themselves and with millions backing them up and earn money by being good businessmen and having a decent occupation and if that can’t be done, then say something to stop Putin’s repression!

Of course, I just wish that my medication could be tailor-made just for me, by those big pharmaceutical companies that have lobbies in Congress.  I just wish that they could find a way for me to readjust back to my house after I come home from my parents’ house after every big holiday. I just wish that they could go inside my brain and examine it with careful forethought and then find a pill that has no side effects and no lethargy, either. I have been lethargic and having problems making bowel movements, from time to time. Of course, Bernie Sanders IS NOT gonna magically solve that and neither will Queen Hillary! Of course, Queen Hillary 1st was supposed to be coronated president and Trump was just gonna be another milquetoast candidate like McCain and Romney were.  And then what? King William and Queen Hillary presiding over their subjects!

Oh William Jefferson, we still had horrific poverty, even when Franklin Delano, Barack Hussein, and now Donald John and George Walker were all presidents. Of course, people thought that Clinton would magically fix the economy. Of course, Clinton promised to fix all the problems in the Balkans, too.  Of course, there is violent retribution against the Serbs in the Balkans, even worse than what Mladic and Karadzic have done to the Muslims!  Mladic and Karadzic were just as bad as Tito and Milosevic!  There was violence against the Muslims by Mladic and Karadzic from 1992-1995. Clinton was just end all that and while the war did ACTUALLY end, the painful legacy of that war still remains with us to this very day in the year 2018. Clinton DID end the war, just like how Barack Hussein ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then the situation just went from bad to worse, claiming that the USA would stabilize everything.  Well, that’s what Boris Malagurski and his bullshit commie documentaries would have YOU believe. People were still poor and people were still earning money when the Yugoslavian economy collapsed after Tito had died.  What he conveniently fails to point out, Mr. Malagurski, is that Tito’s policies created the mess in the first place!

Of course, you won’t see Boris Malagurski making a documentary exposing Tito for the fraudster that he REALLY was. Of course, you’ll have Boris Malagurski just kissing his ass and praising Hugo Chavez.  Venezuela is even poorer thanks to Chavez and his cronies, too.  Again, Chavez promised to make everyone rich, just like King Bernie would.   Of course, we in the USA don’t have a government that rapes and pillages the populace and we have measures to control our government in the USA that others lack or do not want, because it’s not convenient for them to have them.  If only Russia and Venezuela had ACTUAL people from the lowest castes of their societies working in a philanthropic way to make their fellow citizens at least have better lives!

Malagurski points philanthropy in his documentary, the Weight of Chains 2.  Of course, Tito fixed everything, right?  Tito did not stand up to Stalin, like Oliver Stone said he did. Tito was just as much a friend of Stalin/Soviet Union as Gomulka was to Poland. Of course, Tito was independent, but he was no less despotic.  Josip Broz was a despot, like Josef Vissarionovich and Vladimir Ilyich. Tito’s propaganda made him a hero, that he really wasn’t! Same with the Soviets!

Oliver Stone blames America for the world’s problems. As if the Soviet Union made the third world less impoverished! There is still horrible 3rd world poverty and 2nd world poverty not because the USA is afraid that they will be rich like they are, but rather because their own stupid leaders are incompetent fools who resort to despotism to make themselves richer, at the expense of the people.  The poor in the USA are helped out by the government and so on, but in a country like the Philippines. Nope, sorry, Charlie. You are just another citizen to us! You are just as expendable (read equal) as the people in charge.  They promise that the Philippines will be rich, like America. Again, won’t happen. People need to do everything in their power to help out each other, like Malagurski says to do. Malagurski emphasizes the role of the people in his films, but he supports a betrayer of those people, like Tito and Chavez were. How pathetic!

If only that people could help me inside my own home, the way that my parents once did. My behavior specialist says that my staff cannot be like my mother because they aren’t my blood relatives/family.  Well, you pinhead! The staff HAVE replaced my parents as my guardians and Lee is still my friend who lives with me.

Again, I just want to go up to the people at Stairways Behavioral Health and tell them that I am still experiencing anxiety and panic in my own head and feelings of guilt and Dr. Ramsey was supposed to fix all that and when they took me off Prozac and Geodon, everything went to hell. While I was on Geodon and Prozac, I was experiencing suicidal thoughts and to carry out those thoughts, I was stabbing myself with a mechanical pencil a bunch of times.  I couldn’t do it with a knife because the staff has the knives locked up in the office to prevent me from hurting myself. I still have suicidal thoughts. I did try to hurt myself with a knife and I failed because the staff were able to reason with me and stop me from doing it.  I would be probably be dead or out of my group home, had I actually stabbed myself with a knife or knives.

I had threatened to stab myself with the knives in my parents’ house before I came out to Creveling Road.  I had also tried to stab myself and I tried to take the clothesline and tie into a noose to hang myself, but my dad stopped that from happening. I am still just as delusional and paranoid here at Creveling Road, as I was at Raymond Avenue!

I am still suffering from lack of self-worth and lack of self-esteem. I know that my staff cannot fix all that, I must. I think that the people of Russia should realize that they themselves need to fix Putin and the mess the Tsars and Commies created for them! Killing Jews is NOT gonna make things better! Israel is not the source of evil in the entire world. Putin is a source of evil, while trying (and failing) to be a source of “good” in the world. You could say the same about Raul Castro and Kim Jong-Un and that guy who runs Vietnam and that guy who runs Laos and other commie hellholes.

What if ALL of united Vietnam could have anti-communist rebels revolting against the state in control of Vietnam and working within the system to honestly make things better for their fellow Vietnamese?  I think that the anti-communists should revolt inside Vietnam and adopt the South Vietnamese flag as the flag of a united Vietnam from north to south.  I don’t think that the communists made life better in Vietnam after they took over South Vietnam. In fact, things were much worse and people were still going to America to earn an honest living for themselves, like the emigre Vietnamese communities in the USA are currently doing in states like California and Texas.

I pray that this united Vietnam will ditch the communists and put in a less authoritarian government in charge, like what Radio Free Asia CONSTANTLY promises, and actually GO THROUGH WITH IT.  Radio Free Asia and Radio Free Europe are THERE FOR A REASON! USE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY GIVE YOU THROUGH THEIR BROADCASTS TO IMPROVE YOURSELVES! Of course, RFA and RFE are honest about the problems in the USA. While the American system is not necessarily perfect, it’s a damned sight better than the communists running things!

Good night! Radio Free Asia broadcasts every night on Roku on their channels on Tunein. Of course, I think that due to Tunein’s country-blocking system in place, that they will block access to Radio Free Asia and Radio Free Europe, like their own leaders do. Those jerks on YouTube who block your video by country are the same kind of authoritarians that Kim Jong-un is! Of course, oh no, we can’t have people in Korea watching Fox News or Britney’s latest video because that steals viewership from the average American! I am sick of YouTube and its censorship!

Alex Jones always pointed it out how YouTube censors everything by country, like how people in China always do. Of course, Alex Jones is a man of ill-repute.  He’s the crazy man no one wants to listen to and Cenk Uygur is the “voice of reason”, right? Of course, it was hilarious to watch him and Cenk beat the crap out of each other on camera!  Again, we don’t need Cenk or Alex to tell us how to think. The Young Turks are part of the problem and not part of the solution!  Of course, Atheism is Unstoppable is not the magic solution to all the problems of the USA, either.  AIU is not gonna make whites richer or me, a white male, richer than Barack Obama.  AIU destroys Obama in the same way that Rush or Michael Savage do.  Of course, Michael Savage is a nationalist.  I think that he’s more a pragmatist.  Michael Savage knows that he fully cannot get everything he wants with either Trump or Bush.  I think he knows this and does not care at all. Michael called out Bush on his fishy Dubai ports deal that was corrupt.  Michael Savage exposes Obama’s corruption and we need someone to expose Trump’s!  I think that we accept that communism/fascism/socialism are the magic solutions to our problems in America and will make them worse!  Trump was supposed to be the big magic solution to Barack Hussein Obama that he promised to be in the 2016 election. Again, would Gary Johnson have done better? That remains to be seen. I suppose we could look at how he ran New Mexico and go from there.





















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