Communist atrocities and other misdeeds.

I cannot help whenever I hear the Internationale in Vietnamese, to think about all those poor American souls who were captured, killed, and/or tortured by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. is one of many websites that are a total glorification of the Soviet Union and how it looks over communist atrocities and bashes capitalism and blames it for degeneracy, rather that the immoral degeneracy of the communists in the Soviet Union.

The Internationale is the global song that all the communists sing as their main song, L’Internationale is its original title in French. The song was originally French song that became translated into many languages.

What about people like John McCain who were tortured and beaten by the North Vietnamese?

I am playing the Internationale in Vietnamese and it sickens me to hear it. What about people like Orrin Messinger who were over there in Vietnam fighting the commies?

He knew that communism was wrong and that the North Vietnamese were trying to (and eventually) succeeded in murdering, torturing, and enslaving the South Vietnamese people, under the guise of “reuniting” Vietnam.

The Americans were bombing North Vietnam. I’m sure Orrin feels that the war was badly conducted and many vets feel the same way that he has felt, including John McCain. What about all the brutal atrocities committed by the Viet Cong?  They killed anyone who disagreed with them or who was thought by them to be an enemy, real or imagined.  People were lined up in mass graves and were shot by the Viet Cong for being sympathetic or for perceived sympathies with the South Vietnamese government or the Americans.

There were other brutal atrocities committed by the Viet Cong. Yes, the US Army did commit atrocities in Vietnam. I have no idea how many thousands of people were killed by the North Vietnamese, during their supposed “liberation” of South Vietnam. I should think that it is over 100,000 or more.

If you were a woman who was with an American soldier, you risked being killed by the Viet Cong, that is if you weren’t a Viet Cong yourself or raped.

“Needless to say, Eriksson continued, the kind of behavior he was describing was by no means limited to Americans. The enemy did the same thing, and much of the evidence for this came from the Vietnamese themselves. They constantly reported rapes and kidnappings by the Vietcong; in fact, the Vietcong committed these crimes so indiscriminately that the victims were sometimes their own sympathizers.”

This is why the war messed up so many people. People on all sides did things that most have trouble talking about to this day.

I despise this website which glorifies Soviet communism and does not talk about the various atrocities committed by the Soviets from 1917-1991. The Soviet Union lasted only 75 years and in those 75 years, it was one of the most brutal regimes on this earth. The Soviet Union did things to people that were horrible and unspeakable, such as rapes, torture, mass murder, and other atrocities against their enemies, real or imagined.  People were worked to death in Soviet Gulags and that must not be forgotten. It was so easy for the Soviets to call anyone who opposed them a “fascist, imperialist, racist, Nazi, capitalist, CIA agents, CIA spies, etc.” That was Soviet propaganda for you.  The Soviets would routinely lie to their own people about America and other countries that were deemed their enemies. The Soviets fought the Nazis in World War II, only to stab the Western Allies in the back after the war was over.  The Soviet Union after 1945, became hated and reviled by many and rightly so, I might add. Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, be it Nazi/Fascist or of the Communist/Socialist variety.

Communism was a brutal system.  The communists took sadistic pleasure in torturing and murdering people. It was very routine for them to do this. It was like breathing and eating was to us. You had no time for recrimination for the people that you killed in the Soviet Union.  If you were the person or people who was/were committing those atrocities, you were taught to believe that they weren’t even human. The Nazis did the same things to the Jews and other subhumans that they did not like. The Soviets just killed more than Nazis ever did. The Soviet Union in Russia is remembered (wrongly) for the great healthcare (in reality lousy), for the easy and happy times that people (who were not being killed, tortured, starved or worked to death) could all enjoy. 

In the Soviet Union, it was common to have a neighbor turn you into the KGB or the police for being disloyal or just because he didn’t like you and he wanted them to get rid of you, just for those reasons.  People feared being rounded up in the middle of the night and arrested. I find it sickening that people in Russia talk about how “great” the Soviet Union was, about how it brought them glory and honor and fame.  The unity of different peoples under one roof and all that. The average Russian just uses this an excuse to “hide” the unpleasant memories of Soviet times, to deflect it and to talk about Nazi/Fascist atrocities instead.

There are Russians who want the Tsar and the Russian Empire that existed before 1917 to come back. The Soviets just took over what had been the Russian Empire under the Tsars and gave territories new names and all that, from areas that had once been under the Tsars until 1917. Many feel that the Soviet Union was a continuation of the Russian Empire that had existed until 1917, under a different name, under the guise of “anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism” etc. The phrase Soviet Empire is considered to be wrong by Wikipedia, then again that stupid site is edited by all the usual Kremlin ass-kissers who love Putin and what he stands for.

The Soviet Union was an empire that stretched from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok in the east. The Soviets brutally enslaved, tortured, murdered, enslaved, worked people to death in abysmal conditions, all for advancing the “great’ Soviet Union.  Of course, Wikipedia and its cadre of Kremlin ass-kissers can’t hide behind the guise of how anti-imperialist the Soviet Union (cough cough) allegedly was.

The Soviet Union was an imperialist country and there were even communists in Western countries who were aghast at the various acts of regime change that the Soviets were engaging in. The Soviets engaged in regime change of their own, before Bush popularized the phrase. The US engaged in regime change of its own. The problem is that people like Oliver Stone and Boris Malagurski will only talk about it was “wrong” when the United States did it and not when the Soviets did it.

Malagurski’s latest documentary, a piece of communist apologist propaganda called “The Weight of Chains 2” is an abomination of a film. Too bad that Oliver Stone doesn’t talk about how the Soviet Union enslaved and murdered millions and replaced regimes that it did not like or who were felt to be too “pro-Western” or “pro-American”, “fascist” “imperialist” etc.

No, in Malagurski’s latest excretion of a film it was bad when the United States did it and neo-liberalism is the reason why all countries are worse off. It wasn’t the fault of the United States, but due to the way that these Latin American countries misused their own economies, to further the rich and keep the poor poorer.  This Malagurski clown thinks that communism would change all that. The communists did THAT and worse. The communists just implemented a new regime of terror where people are repressed and have a bad economy, just ask Cuba to the north of Chile. Seriously, Boris? Do you think that people in Latin-American all wanted communism? Nope, they’re “fascists” and “imperialist CIA agents” and blah blah!

There were sincere people in Latin America who opposed communism because it meant an end to being able to practice their religions openly, a mismanaged, poor and corrupt economy, like in Cuba. Sure, American companies are paying people next to nothing to work in Latin America, but Castro’s Cuba was doing THAT and FAR worse to their own people and so was Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

But of course, Venezuela is one of Malagurski’s fraudulent “success stories” that he likes to tout. So much for those “neo-liberal, imperialist, fascist” capitalists Mr. Malagurski.

I’m sure Boris is a nice guy, but he is misguided by communist propaganda that was taught to everyone and spoonfed in their education system, or what passed for an education system, one that thinks a system where you were brainwashed to become communist was better than the “neo-liberal” Serbian education system of the present! The education was good under communism. What’s this, Boris? You say that neo-liberalism brought about the destruction of state firms that were government-owned and communist due to the introduction of free market capitalism?  Again, the inefficiencies of ANY communist system to blame capitalism/fascism for its own failures.

The Yugoslavian economy did not just suffer under sanctions imposed by the UN. Those wars that Milosevic was waging against his neighboring “Yugoslav republics” also cost money and Milosevic KNEW that they could not keep on fighting anymore because their economy was in the toilet. Again, after years of corrupt communist mismanagement by Comrade Tito! (Drug Tito na srpskom)  The system was horribly corrupt in Yugoslavia when Tito ran it from 1945-1980 and his successors who succeeded him after his death could not keep the country from sinking into various civil wars and economic hardships.

Communism failed in Yugoslavia, even worse than the old Serbian monarchy that ran it from 1918, until it was expelled by the Axis powers, in 1941.

The royal family who ran Yugoslavia before 1945 ruled by fear and despotism, but it paled in comparison to what Tito had run after 1945.

Were there concentration camps, mass graves, and all that in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia? Could be!

They certainly existed during and after World War II when the Yugoslav Partisans massacred people who were perceived to be Chetniks, Ustashe, fascists, and other enemies that the Yugoslav partisans did not agree with. IT was a shame that Croats who escaped the Yugoslav communist regime in 1945, only to be massacred at Bleiburg, Austria.  Bleiburg wasn’t the only communist atrocity. IT was one of many such atrocities.

Mladic’s atrocity at Srebrenica, in many ways, a continuation of what the communists had done, in that the enemies of the Serbs were killed in the thousands, as Serbs themselves were killed in the thousands by the Ustashe and other fascists and how Serbs themselves were doing some of the killings of their enemies, be it working with Milan Nedic and his regime and other collaborationist forces. At least Sabrina Rahmet was right about that, only to gloss over the communist atrocities and to glorify the communists.

The communist ARE not gone, but what’s left of them have reconstituted Russia as a capitalist country. Putin knows full well that he cannot revive the Soviet Union without STRONG international condemnation.  The Soviet Union WILL never come back. Most Russians and other citizens of what used to be the nearby Soviet republics once ruled by Moscow, accept this. They accept that the Soviet Union will never come back.  This is yet more insanity by people in Russia to want the Soviet Union back and think about its “good” aspects, as opposed to its (very) bad ones.  The Soviet Union was a brutal system and many dissidents who were against the old Soviet regimes are now against Putin’s regime in Russia.  There are some old Soviet dissidents who now work for Putin, instead of the Politburo.

The Soviet Union MUST NEVER be allowed to come back. Would people in Germany want the Nazis to come back? Of course not! Most sane people in Germany know damn well that the Nazis were bad for Germany! Why can’t Russians accept how bad the Soviet Union was? Of course, only Neo-Nazi pinheads glorify Nazism over in Germany. In Russia, people still want the Soviet Union back.  They haven’t lost their minds, this is just all that these people have ever known, all their lives, from cradle to grave.

People in Russia are fighting efforts to memorialize and commemorate Soviet atrocities and Putin is helping them do it.  Putin does not think ill of the Soviet Union  because he was a KGB colonel who was one of its millions of beneficiaries.  Look, people in Russia can just sit there in front of their computer, which was made in a free enterprise/capitalist system and talk bullshit about “great” the Soviet Union “was” when it really wasn’t.

In the Soviet Union, those people probably wouldn’t even BEGIN to be allowed to own a computer. The internet is tightly controlled over in Russia and VPNs are banned by the government.  The madness of Soviet times has come back to Russia. Their “extremism” list is bullshit because it only decries the “extremism” by its “enemies” and not of the extreme policies of Putin and his ilk.

We in the West are shocked by Putin’s despotism.  Putin is not alone, Lukashenko in Belarus is another despot of the old Soviet variety, as is Nasarbayev of Kazakhstan and Berdimukhammedov of Turkmenistan.  There is also Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan.  He’s another one of the “post-Soviet” despots who is friendly towards the Kremlin in these former Soviet republics, while trying to pony up to America to gain a more robust economy.  Yanukovych was hated by his own citizens as where Ukraine’s rulers after 1991 before the Maidan coup of 2014.  People in Ukraine were sick of the graft, greed, and corruption of previous Ukrainian regimes, only to be branded as “fascists” by the Kremlin and Putin and those in Ukraine who were in favor or unity with Russia.  Ukraine did NOT want to be a puppet of Russia, like Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan currently are.

OF course, the Kremlin wants YOU to believe that if a nation becomes pro-Western and capitalist, it’s a “puppet” of the United States of America. Be it South Korea or Japan.  Japan is called imperialist by North Korea when Japan has done away with its imperialism in 1945 because they did not want to go through being nuked by America AGAIN and AGAIN or have their cities burned to the ground by American bombs or suffering through American blocades of Japan and millions of tons of their merchant fleet being sunk by Allied airplanes and submarines.

North Korea is looking for an excuse to try and commit aggression (AGAIN) against South Korea.  Kim Jong-Un is the latest installment of the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea since 1948. Comrade Kim will yet again oppress more of his own citizens in the millions. It takes Radio Free Asia for people just to hear any REAL news and they are listening to it QUIETLY for fear that their neighbors will hear it and turn them into the secret police in North Korea.  Kim Jong-Un is the son of Kim-Jong Il and the grandson of Kim Il-Sung. Ah, the apple does not fall too far from the tree! In North Korea, you are only allowed to watch the one government TV channel that regurgitates nothing but praise and honor for the rotten despot Kim Jong-Un. Will North Korea collapse like the Soviet Union? North KOREA has collapsed since the fall of the Soviet Union, but yet its communist rules still keep people in line to be loyal to Kim Jong-Un and his “comrades”  The people are afraid to mount a full-scale revolution in North Korea because they themselves could end up in a concentration camp and be tortured and/or killed by the North Korean government. You live in fear of being rounded up in the middle of the night and being hauled off.

It’s that way in North Korea, China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Vietnam, and Cuba.  I just pray that one day that the people of a united Vietnam will ditch that useless commie rag called the “Flag of Vietnam” with the yellow star against a red background and adopt the South Vietnamese flag instead. I pray that there will be a non-communist and truly free Vietnam someday. It will happen, just not right now.  There are so many despotic regimes throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. It’s just so hard to keep track of them all.

I pray that one day, what was once the flag of South Vietnam, shall become itself, the only flag of an united Vietnam. The communists still harshly rule Vietnam and have done so since 1975. The South Vietnamese regime was brutal and so was the North Vietnamese regime, but people in South Vietnam had TWO choices become a “free” dictatorship under the Americans or become a communist dictatorship that was even more brutal than the Saigon regime. Many in South Vietnam chose to become communist and the leading proponents of this policy were the Viet Cong and their related sympathizers throughout South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese regime has its share of sympathizers and sometimes people worked for BOTH the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese regime, while hiding their loyalties to either other and living secret, double lives. Many in South Vietnam chose this route and the consequences are a united Vietnam with a despotic communist regime that has ruled there since 1975.  Overseas Vietnamese in the diaspora HATE the communist regime that brutally enslaved, tortured, murdered, and oppressed their family members and people that they knew personally or knew of, or that they themselves experienced while in this “united” Vietnam.  Communism is NOT gone, but it still has islands in Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, China, North Korea, and Russia. Oh how, Russia still has its usual BS nostalgia for Communism and they devoted a whole TV channel to it, too. How nice! Their “nostalgiya” channel is nothing but naked glorification of the Soviet Union and communism! Again, the delusional “culture” of communist nostalgia that rules the Soviet Union. In Germany, if you want the Nazis back you are RIGHTLY dismissed as “crazy, racist, far-right, Nazi, etc” in Russia, it’s “heroic” to want the Soviet Union back. Does this not sicken you? How one of history’s most hated totalitarian regimes is RIGHTLY hated, but the other communist regimes are not? Three words. FAR-LEFT propaganda. These far-left teens in college would have no idea what life was TRULY like in the Soviet Union. Their IPads and IPhones would be taken from them in the middle of the night by the police and they would be hauled off to prison for listening to ‘forbidden” music.

To hell with the communists! I am anti-communist and anti-fascist, BOTH! Not an imbalance of ONLY anti-Nazi/fascist and pro-communist. How come if you are against communism (leftist liberals) you promote Che Guevara who was one of the leading exponents/proponents of communism and who murdered thousands of Cubans who were against or perceived to be against the communist regime run by the Castro family? Of course, North Korea is run by the Kim family. Oh, it just goes on and on!

Good night!

That’s all they had.  Of course, South Vietnam was conquered by the communists and people left Vietnam to live in the United States and other Western countries.


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