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The fake video by Britain First

Seriously? Who cares people? What about all the REAL videos out there from Bosnia and Kosovo showing Muslims destroying and desecrating Christian (usually Serbian) graves, churches, and other religious icons?   There are REAL and documented instances of Muslims destroying … Continue reading

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Delusions and more delusions!

Oh Lord! Those far-left Antifa and far-right Nazi/Fascist scum are willing to use violence against anyone who disagrees with them and their ilk.  It’s “okay” for leftists to use violence against right-wing (or anyone who doesn’t agree with them, or … Continue reading

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Google Chrome and Languages

I noticed that when I was using Google Chrome to spell words in the Belorussian language, that the words were coming up with a red underline underneath them because Chrome does not recognize the Belorussian language or its spellings. Google … Continue reading

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