My school life.

Was Jessica Victoria Nutt (nee Beattie) of Irish descent? You’ve got a Wikipedia article that says that the surname Beattie is of Irish origin.  Of course, Benny Lewis is of Irish origin and he is one of the world’s most successful poliglots.  I felt that I was fighting on behalf of Jessica Beattie I was in high school, but Jessica Beattie did not like me back and she did not hide her disgust, either. She has responded by blocking me on Facebook and so has Julianne Carder (nee Steele).

I have failed with many women over the last 15 years and Julianne Steele was not a very good friend of mine. She would run away from me when I saw her in school and that was when my mommy dropped me off at school that morning.  Julianne would not speak to me when I was talking to her in 2007, just before my graduation ceremony, but she did talk to me on the phone in November of 2007, a few months later and she had promised to date me, but didn’t because her parents refuse to let her date me and they did not like the name of Justin Royek, from what they had “heard” about me around the community of Corry and the surrounding areas, especially in Corry Area Middle-High School in Corry, Pennsylvania. Amanda Kimmy was my TSS worker who was working with me and me and her did not get along with one another because she did things differently than everyone else and I was treated like a problem child, due to my volatile temper and getting upset easily because Erika Ross was seeing another guy or whatever. It was this girl or that girl and I was threatened with arrest many times for even looking at the girl in her general direction and saying one single nice word to any of those girls.

I was treated like a serial rapist who was stalking his victims to get pleasure off of raping them, even though those were NOT my intentions. I was in Corry at my high school when I was told that I could not even write the name of the girl I was having problems with. I was not allowed to write their names in public on a piece of paper.  Those were taken away from me and shredded by Mark Chludzinski, who was a teacher there.

I was considered to be a dangerous menace to these very women and I was treated very badly by the people in charge of Corry Area Middle-High School from 2002-2007, but I was allowed to graduate one year early in 2007, instead of 2008 because I completed some special program that allowed me to do that. I graduated with the class of 2007, even though the yearbook says that I am with the class of 2008.  I was initially with the class of 2008 and Doug graduated with the class of 2008. Doug was one of my buddies in German class in school. He was a bit unconventional, to the say the least. I hated Corry Area Middle-High School and I still hate it and I would NEVER send my kids there. Of course, I will NEVER have kids, either. Julianne had a child with Ricky Carder and that has me deeply upset. Julianne is the daughter of Wade and Jackie Steele. Julianne’s parents won’t let me talk to her on the phone and when I call over there, they hang up on me or tell me that I have the “wrong number” and that case, she was right. That was Jackie Steele, her mother.  Julianne blocked me on Facebook, like Kristina Svechinskaya, Jessica Nutt (nee Beattie), Svetlana Moldavskaya,  Daria Larsen, (nee Perekidaylova) and Yulia Bradley, (nee Buzmakova) and most of my old friends such as Emily Reed (nee Owen) and Yulia Menshikh ignore all my messages when I write them, out of my 350 friends on Facebook. My mom and dad usually get back to me on Facebook when I write them.

I had problems with so many women hating me when I was in high school and Alexis Wojcicehowski was of Polish/Slavic origin and that was the first of many disasters with Slavic women, including Christy Baker. I have so much bad blood with the folks in Corry, that I feel hesitant to return there to my ham radio meetings once a month there at the Radio Amateurs of Corry.  The RAC now meets in the Corry Memorial Hospital conference room after the Red Cross building closed.

Emily never wrote me back and she won’t ever write me back online. I have been accused of slander, but I am merely posting things AS I SEE THEM. Maybe I should not be blogging then? I have a razor-sharp tongue, as you can see. I remember being threatened with arrest for talking to Alexis. She married someone else new. Thank God and Kyra McCune did not like me, either.  I was not well-liked by many of the girls in that school. Emily Owen wanted to date me and so did Julianne Steele, even though they were romantically interested in me. They never dated me.  Emily is married to some Reed guy and Julianne to that Ricky Carder guy.  I am glad that I live in Crawford County.  The people here are so much more decent than the people in Erie County. I had to relocate to Crawford County in 2013 to live in my new group home owned by Touch-Stone Solutions because they accepted me into their AAW program.

It’s been a turbulent road. I have been upset with Helen Agresti because of her aggressive stance towards junk food and sugary drinks that she does not want me to consume, or rather consume in LIMITED quantities.  Sweet tea is horrible for you, but it seems like there is basically no unsweetened tea at Aldi. Their unsweetened tea containers seem to fly off the shelves and I am better off going to Sheetz and buying a Gold Peak unsweetened or Pure Leaf tea. I like both, even though one’s Pepsi and the other’s Coke. It makes no difference to me.  Now, I am the most hated person on the internet. I was trying to set my conservative beliefs and trying to gauge how much I COULD REALLY take.  Mexican Coke is better tasting than the American HFCS version, but it costs more, due to it being in a glass bottle and being imported from Mexico and made with sugar. I have also seen Mexican 7UP with sugar and Mexican Crush. It seems affordable for beverage companies to move their operations to Mexico and put sugar in these sodas.

I like Dr. Pepper with real sugar. You can buy Dublin DP, but it will cost you some REAL bucks!  You can buy Dr. Pepper with real sugar on for $20 a case, but you’ll pay for the shipping costs.  It’s the Dr. Pepper with the real sugar and the 1960s retro label on it. The beverage companies are increasingly using both high fructose corn syrup and sugar (or both in the same beverage) to sweeten their beverages and they are aiming the pop with sugar at the baby boomer generation of the 1950, 60s, and 70s.  Of course, the Mexican Coke labeling is in Spanish and English both and it uses the recent Coca-Cola label.  There’s also Mexican Pepsi, which you can buy at Wegmans for $1.69 a bottle, though I’m sure that’s changed. I’m talking about the store on Peach Street in Erie, not the one by Erie International Airport. There is a thriving shopping center in that part of Erie, over by the airport on the west side of Erie. It’s the boondocks past West Gore Road, into Ashtabula County in Ohio.

I’ve been to Conneaut, Ohio many times. OF course, Jefferson, Ohio is the county seat of Ashtabula County.  That’s where the Hardee’s is on 65 South Chestnut Street in Jefferson. It’s a decent Hardee’s restaurant and the only one within 50 miles from Crawford County and Erie County.  There’s also Compadre’s Mexican Restaurants in Meadville, Grove City, and Edinboro. It is a local chain of Mexican restaurants in Northwest PA and Southwest PA.  It’s a family-owned chain of Mexican restaurants that has better food quality than Taco Bell. Of course, Taco Bell is as cheap as it gets, whereas Compadre’s puts some love in their ingredients. I love them and the Jarritos.

Of course, they’ll look at you funny if you speak Spanish as it is spoken in Spain with that strange lisp.  Thervetha is the Spanish word for a beer in the Spanish spoken in Spain.  IT’s spelled Cerveza in either spelling.  Grathias (Gracias) is the way that they say in Spain and my worker Phil and I were discussing the Spanish spoken in Spain with that strange lisp.  It’s always spoken with a lisp. Has there ever been a reconciliation with Latin American Spanish and Spanish Spanish?  Of course, the French spoken in Québec is spoken differently than the French in France.  Québec is the biggest French-speaking province in Canada.  The québécois have a particular way of speaking French. The word tabernac is used as a profanity in Québec.  If you go there, you will notice that KFC is called PFK up there.  Poulet Frite Kentucky ou KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) en anglais et français.

Sirius XM has this station called Franco Country and it features country music sung in the French language. It`s a niche market aimed at the québécois.  When you visit Québec, you will notice that the signs leading to various towns and other places are in French. The Canadian government lets ham converse in French up there on various repeaters in Québec.  If you get the CTCSS tone and offset set correctly, then you can listen to various repeaters and hear hams shooting the breeze in French. I think that my American license of W3AGF is valid up there in Canada. You just have to jump through some hoops to be able to operate up there, as long as you`re a licensed ham, it won`t be a problem. I`m a licensed ham and my call-sign is W3AGF, when it used to be KC3BDJ.

When I was in school, there was a police officer named Gary Doolittle who was particularly brutal towards the students. He thought that he was doing his job, but he was doing A job on the students when there were arrested for fighting with another student and thrown in juvenile hall and they had their lives ruined until they were 18, if the crimes did not last until then. There`s Gary Doolittle and Gary Hunt, who share the same (first) name and they are both by the book officers. Officer Shopene is now police chief of the Corry Police, after Fred Corbett retired from the position not too long ago. I was afraid of the Corry Police and I saw them and their school and community police as being like the Gestapo. They were arresting people left and right in that school. I met many juvenile delinquents and Lee claims he`s a “juvenile delinquent” HE HAS NOT EVEN SEEN the kind of juvenile delinquents that I saw while I was in Corry High School. We were all treated badly by the folks in charge of that school and I learned multiple foreign languages just so I could get by in Spanish, French, Welsh, and Irish. I felt overwhelmed by the demands of the school had me escorted everywhere in the school building from when I arrived to when I left.

That hasn`t changed here, either. I still have to be taken around public by staff at my group home and I am not responsible enough to take care of myself.  I was in a classroom with juvenile delinquents and other misfits.  I hated it, but they liked me.  I despised Corry Area Middle-High School. It was the worst high school in history! Kelly Cragg is of Irish descent and he was like the tough Irish police who were after the IRA during the Irish revolt from 1916-1922, the whole Irish Civil War between them and the British and the Royal Irish Constabulary and I saw the School Resource Officer as being like the Black and Tans.  This was from the movie Michael Collins about the Irish resistance leader against the British. Very good movie, although my parents destroyed the VHS copy of the movie that I had gotten from the one rental store in Corry, called Family Video, before it moved to South Center Street. I forget the name of the place before it became Family video.  That was the only copy of Michael Collins that I ever had.  Liam Neeson plays Michael Collins and of course Liam Neeson plays Quai Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I and he`s in the Taken series of films.

I`ve heard that Episode I was the worst of the Star Wars franchise. I suppose that is rather small compared to the bad Star Trek movies. Maybe Kelly Cragg could have been the Borg collective?  I felt that the people in that school were worse than the Borg from Star Wars and the Nazis. The Borg are the Nazis in Star Trek and the primary villains featured after the Klingons. Of course, the Klingons were the bad guys in early Star Trek and there`s even a Klingon language that you can learn on Duolingo.

Duolingo gives one an easy way to learn a foreign language and it`s free, unlike Rosetta Stone, which costs hundreds of dollars to buy on  I don`t know any Klingon and I do know a little Arabic, but I don`t know how to write any of it down. I can write down the Cyrillic writing in Russian and the guy named Alan did not think that it was Russian because we couldn`t read Cyrillic and he thought it was fake. I`m talking about the guy at Meadville Medical Center.




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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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