Turkish fascism

I have a question for Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. How come you claim to be anti-racist and have an organization called the “Young Turks?” The Young Turks were a Turkish fascist organization that killed 1.5 million Armenians in the infamous 1915 genocide that happened during World War I.  What’s even more sickening is that his co-host (Ana Kasparian) is herself Armenian.  I have yet to see a single Jew co-host a show with David Duke. I remember the Young Turks being lambasted by Atheism is Unstoppable, Sargon of Akkad, and Vernaculis in many of their YouTube videos. Did I mention that many of their YouTube videos have many dislikes?

In the eyes of many Armenians, the Young Turks constitute fascism, but many Turks (including our man Cenk) see them as loyal patriots bringing about secular reform to the otherwise Muslim and religious Ottoman Turkey.  In 1923, the Ottoman Empire was deposed by Kemal Attaturk and the modern state of Turkey was born.  I remember how the Ottomans brutally repressed Arabs, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, and pretty much anyone who wasn’t Muslim or Turkish.  For many years, the Turkish language was written with the Arabic script, now it’s written in a Latin alphabet script.

I speak some Turkish. “Merhaba Cenk!” Let’s see if he CAN answer this one.  I might consider buying that Bolshoy Turetsko-Russkiy, Russko-Turetskiy slovar on Amazon.com. That’s a big Turkish-Russian, Russian-Turkish dictionary for those that do not know Russian.  I remember how the Russians waged many wars against the Turks during the 19th Century for control of the Crimea (which is yet again RUSSIAN thanks to our man Putin) or over wanting to free their Slavic Serbian brethren from Ottoman rule.  I speak a little Turkish, but not much. I remember that Turkish guy named Azmi Mavi who screwed around with Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) of Tolyatti, Russia. I need to let her go, though. Just let it go how she was so madly in love with the Turks and preferred them over me and they were only interested in fucking her.

I remember how I felt hatred in my soul for the Turks, until I met a Turkish girl named Melike Küllü. Not sure of the spelling. Anyway, I thought that Melike was a nice girl, until she unfriended me on Facebook for reasons known only to her. Was it because I made a YouTube video supporting the idea of the Armenian Genocide? The Armenian Genocide WAS a real event and IT REALLY DID HAPPEN! The Turkish government to this day continues to deny responsibility for it and public acknowledging it in Turkey is punishable under the stupid crime/human rights violation known as “Insulting Turkishness” I have insulted the Turks because Daria was screwing around them and using them to make me feel bad for many years. She lied to the police about nationalist sentiments that I expressed to her about how she was screwing around them with no consequences to herself. Anyway, I remember how the Young Turks would call people like me as racists for suggesting that Islam is the cause behind many terrorist attacks in the world today and terrorist organizations.  I think that Insulting Turkishness is a way to censor any meaningful debate about the past misdeeds done by the Ottoman Empire before and during World War I.  The Allies, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, (and the rest of the British Empire/Commonwealth) France, Serbia, Italy, United Kingdom, and Belgium were at war with Ottoman Turkey during World War I.  The British learned the hard way how tough the Turks really were. They were tough fighters and they knew that their country would (and was) invaded by the Allies in the 1915 Gallipoli amphibious landings that went disastrously for the Allies. The Allies tried to invade Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and that went badly for them.  Germany, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary made up the Central Powers.  That was 100 years ago in World War I. I have since created a World War I game on Historical Board Gaming.

Now, sadly, Melike ignores my messages on Facebook. I miss her. She was a beautiful girl and still is. I feel upset by the fact that I have no friends anywhere in Turkey. I have no love for the Turks because of how that one guy stole Daria and because of their genocide against the Armenians and because a half-Armenian girl who I was friends with named Lyudmila Mesropyan did not like them because she was Armenian and was a wealthy girl from Moscow.  She’s gone now. I feel unhappiness from my years of collapsed internet friendships and no girl ever writing back to me after I have known them for 10 years or more.  Life can’t get any worse for me. I am feeling sick right now. I am feeling terrible and beyond psychiatric help. I will never meet a girl sitting in my room all day. There is currently no way to interact with someone through Roku, through a face to face Skype conversation. Why can’t Roku get a Skype app?  Why can’t Roku let users interact with one another through the YouTube app on Roku? It would be nice if Roku’s YouTube app would let you write comments or see comments. I know that my friend Moses McCormick (Laoshu50500) on YouTube is big into Turkish and so is Steve Kaufmann. They know every single language ever known and Clugston tries to bill himself as a responsible polyglot. I did correspond with him on Facebook and with Moses. I did talk to Sergey Kotov of Saint Petersburg, Russia through Facebook and he would not answer me after I asked him in French if he spoke French. I remember how this all happened. I posted videos of myself on YouTube speaking Russian and got noticed by people. The polyglots on YouTube that once ignored me wrote back, but sadly those that once did not ignore me now do.  I hate the internet. I have lost so many friends with it.  I have no more friends on the internet. I live in a lonely world in the real world. IRL.

They know every single language in existence, those polyglots. I remember wanting to go home to 43 Raymond Avenue and seeing my parents. I am stuck here with nothing to do. Benny Lewis does not hate me and he is sick of me. I am WAY off topic again. Anyway, I do not like the Young Turks because I have watched how they were savaged by Atheism is Unstoppable and Sargon of Akkad.  AIU defends white people and is pretty much sick of all the white guilt bullshit predominating in the Western World today.  I remember how Sargon of Akkad was defending the right-wing from Cenk’s savage attacks after the Dylann Roof church massacre in Charleston in 2015. I remember how Sargon was saying how dangerous the Neo-Nazis (and they are) for the most part. However, only Neo-Nazis are dangerous to themselves and they are hated by the majority of the population because of their use of violence to further their aims (KKK comes to mind) and their totalitarian and racist ideology. Many on the right associate Islam with totalitarianism. A lot of Islamic countries are dictatorships, like Saudi Arabia. People are killed for saying that Hamas and PLO are terrorists, like what Tasbih Sayyed said in the film about Radical Islam, that featured Martin Gilbert likening Radical Islam with Nazism. Like Nazism, it wants to exterminate all the Jews and non-believers from this earth and establish Islam as the dominant religion worldwide.  I think that Islam is Nazism. I am NOT unwavering in my beliefs about this because I believe that the Muslims want to enslave humanity and murder millions of people to advance Islam.  Radical Islam (Islamic fundamentalism) is a disease that must be erased from humanity.  I believe that Islamic terrorists are being fought by the European government against delusional people who believe the delusional belief that they are fighting the “Crusaders” and Zionists. These people are delusional people. The communists, socialists, Nazis, and Muslims are delusional people who all believe that their way of running the world is the best way for everyone, in other words, they believe that government should dominate our lives.  Muslims believe that Islam should be the government of the United States and other Western nations.  Islam wants us all to live under slavery. I refuse to submit to this.  Many Muslims believe in separation of church and state, such as Zuhdi Jasser for example. He has fought the radical Islamists on their own terms. He is a leading Muslim conservative against the Islamist presence in our country.

I hate Islam because I see it as dominating the world on behalf of the Middle Eastern Muslims who want humanity to submit to their version of Islam. I see Islam as a disease and I do not see reasoning with delusional progressive liberals as being in my play book. Fortunately, people like AIU are REAL liberals.  They are not totalitarians like Obama or Hillary Clinton.  These delusional liberals believe such delusional bullshit that “OH radical Christianity (what radical Christianity?) is as bad as radical Islam?” THere are some radical Christians, but they are few compared to the millions of radically-minded Muslims who believe in delusions such as that they can force our government to submit to Islam and take over America. I am so sick of these delusional fucks running our lives in universities and educational institutions and at the Young Turks.  These delusional atheist commie assholes do not know that our civilization based on Judeo-Christian WHITE values is superior to the backwards BROWN civilization of the Muslims. This by no means believes that whites are superior, but we are so far ahead of these deluded idiots that think with a 12th Century mentality that the west are the Crusaders. These people are delusional people, like the progressive left which allies with these animals because they are “opppressed” by racism and bigotry in America, never mind that the Muslims believe in religious bigotry where they believe that they are superior to all religions. I believe that Christianity and Judaism are superior to Islam and that is not bigoted because Christian women are far ahead than Muslim women are. Muslim women have to wear burqas in the sweltering desert heat ALL DAY when they go out in public.  I believe that Geert Wilders is right when he says that the Islamic culture is a retarded culture.  The Muslims hold to their delusional hate-filled bullshit beliefs that the Jews control America and the West and that they will exterminate them all.

I am against Islam because these delusional people want to rule over plane Earth. I do not want a bunch of delusional assholes ruling my world and killing women for adultery and premarital sex.  The Muslims are such stupid people, but not all of them are. Fortunately, there are many Muslims living in Erie that had the sense to flee their homelands and live in the free country called America.

The Christian fundamentalists are nowhere near as dangerous as these Muslim assholes that get on Wikipedia and insult Christians and proclaim such bullshit as “religious delusions are only found in Christian societies.” Of course, if you go around saying that you are the Prophet Mohammed or are a messenger of Mohammed, they kill you.  In places like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan they kill you or confine you to a mental institution. Islam is a disease that should be exterminated.  In Islamic countries, delusions that you are a soldier of Allah in an army against the West and Israel in a delusional mindset about us being the Crusaders are allowed, but widely held and practiced. How’s that for religious delusions, but alas Muslims won’t acknowledge that they are such because when you have a delusion, you believe it’s very real. I’ve been around enough psychiatrists in my lifetime. These Muslims believe in delusions, but alas the pro-Muslim and anti-Christian Wikipedia won’t acknowledge them as such. The Muslims are delusional people who believe that the Americans and the Crusaders are out to get them and they are.  They hold the delusional beliefs that they are in the 12th century and that we are the Crusaders. This IS NOT the Crusades and I do not give a single fuck about what that delusional idiot over in Norway believed about being a Christian and fighting the Muslims.  He was just as delusional as the Muslims themselves and he believed that he was a nationalist fighting for Europe’s Christian heritage, despite the fact that people like Wilders RIGHTLY condemned him for his acts of violence. He was a delusional idiot.  The delusional left tried to paint the right as being like that guy and the anti-Islam sites were accused of influencing this delusional idiot to kill people.  Everyone knows by now that Breivik is a total idiot.  I fight for Europe’s Christian heritage, but I do not kill people over it.  Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

I am a Christian of the Orthodox persuasion.   I know that we must struggle against the left trying to destroy our civilization from within and from the Muslims. The delusional regressive left MUST BE STOPPED!

That’s all.



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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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