Not all Serbs.

Not all Serbs are or were war criminals and not all Serbs committed war crimes during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. The truth is that while there were Serbs that committed genocide and other war crimes, there were people that literally did nothing and said nothing, because they would have been killed by the Muslim Sarajevo government or the Banja Luka Republika Srpska government. Of course, back then the government of Republika Srpska was in Pale.  Radovan Karadžić remains guilty of the war crimes that he and his people committed in the Bosnian War.  He was just recently found guilty of genocide and other various war crimes. We must NEVER forget that.  There were Serbs that supported Karadžić’s genocidal policies towards the Muslim population in Bosnia.  Radovan Karadžić was trying to do what he thought was right for his people, which ended up being the wrong way to do it.  Yes, the Serbs had suffered centuries of discrimination at the hands of the Turks, Bosnian Muslims, and Croats, Germans/Austrians, but it does not mean that they can expel the Muslim population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The news in the 1990s coming from Bosnia said things like “The Serbs did Srebrenica” or something, when only certain Serbs did the Srebrenica Massacre.  Did all Germans commit war crimes when Hitler and his armies conquered Europe? OF Course NOT!

It still remains that the Bosnian Muslim population suffered during the war. There were war crimes committed during that war by all sides, however, people like Marko Attila Hoare want us to believe that ALL SERBS committed war crimes, when in fact this is NOT the case.  Sure, Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić were acting in the name of the Serbian people. That did happen.  I argue that Serbian nationalism was perverted by people like Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić and they certainly did not help it any. I argue that Tito’s policies were a failure and lead to the Yugoslav Wars. I argue that while the world did not recognize Republika Srpska and certainly recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Alija Izetbegović as its president,  it still remains a fact that many Russians and Greeks fought in the Army of Republika Srpska.  Many of these soldiers were drunken yahoos that would shoot at anyone or anything Muslim or Croat and burn it to the ground.  Villages were burned, mosques were blown up. What do you make of a Serb that makes a song that talks about blowing up mosques? (Sve džamije u oblake lete) I think that is crazy that people would blow up or set fire to a mosque or any other site of religious significance.

I think that it was irrational ideas on the part of CERTAIN Serbs that caused them to commit war crimes in the first place.  It was a nightmare. People on all sides were being killed in that war, raped, tortured, beaten, and all sorts of horrible stuff. It was a nightmare and people like ol’ Marko still blame the Serbs and want to accuse all Serbs of doing this.  The truth is that the Army of Republika Srpska (not all Serbs)  laid siege to the capital Sarajevo, which killed a lot of people, but they could have captured the city earlier in the war and ended the horrible siege. The city of Sarajevo was lain waste by the Bosnian Serb artillery guns and mortars.  People were killed by snipers in Sarajevo and many were afraid to leave their homes, largely, out of fear of being killed.  I argue that the Chetniks served a useful purpose in World War I and the previous Balkan Was against the Turks and Germans and Austro-Hungarians, but that their collaboration during World War II was just to get weapons and supplies to fight the Partisans. The Chetniks DID collaborate and many did not.  The Ustaše were notorious Nazi collaborators that killed hundreds of thousands of non-Croats and Croats that did not agree with their fascistic system running the Independent State of Croatia. There were Croats that were killed by the Ustaše, even though the Ustaše was trying to defend all Croats and create and independent Croatia.  There has been an Independent Croatia since 1991 and that’s a good thing because the Croats have a state of their own and many did not care about the Ustaše or about the crimes of the past and wanted a better life for their fellow Croats.  In my opinion, there were sloppy generalizations on the part of the Serbs and Croats that painted one another as Chetniks and Ustaše.

The Bosnian Muslims were considered to be Turks that wanted to go back to the way things were during Ottoman times.  They were vilified and they are still vilified as Turks by Serbian nationalists to this day.  The fact still remains that the war in Bosnia was a GIANT CLUSTERFUCK!  Serbian propaganda vilified the Muslims as Turks and the Croats as Ustaše, while both the Croat and Muslim propaganda vilified the Serbs as Chetniks.  This made it easier for all sides to fight each other during the Yugoslav Wars.  The Bosnian War is a controversial subject to this very day in the West, as well as in the former Yugoslavia.  There were foreign volunteers in the Bosnian Army during the war that were known as Mudžahedin. (Mujahideen) that came from many Muslim countries to fight the Serbs and Croats. The fact remains that the Muslims killed and beheaded prisoners and civilians, but they never tried in The Hague for war crimes, like the way that Radovan Karadžić was. I read in a news article that the Mudžahedin units were an embarrassment to Bosnia. They were among their staunchest allies. Yes, and the militias in the United States are an embarrassment to liberals and conservatives, alike.  The United States and NATO aided the Muslims of Bosnia against the Serbs. People were being killed? What could we do? Do nothing? I think not and I think that it was a moral imperative to act to protect innocent people that were being killed by Serbian paramilitaries, but we did not intervene against the Croats, who were committing atrocities against Serbs and Muslims, alike.  People were being killed and I think that this “Remove Kebab” thing is a SICK JOKE!

People on all sides were being killed.  I feel that the war was a mess. Many Serbs were committing war crimes, but not all of them were.  Many Serbs fought in the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, too, but since it was seen as a Muslim army and seen as anti-Serb, most did not.  They WERE anti-Serb because of propaganda that had been drilled into their heads about bad the Chetniks were and because of real or imagined atrocities that the Serbs and Croats were committing.  The hatreds on all sides have been there for centuries and Tito tried to stop it, but he could not get rid of it, as it went underground (in Yugoslavia) and abroad in USA, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain.  In Farrell, PA, there is a chapter of the Pokret Srpskih Četnika Ravne Gore.I have no affiliation with them. I am just telling you about the Yugoslav Wars. I do not care who killed whom or why or when, just that I want to report it before people start attacking all Serbs as war criminals or stereotyping them as war criminals, like they did on the TV show “Scorpions” with that Zorić character. They were using the wrong Serbian flag in the background because that flag was not adopted until 2006 and they used the Yugoslav flag without the five-pointed red star, (petokraka).

Why would a Serbian war criminal run away to a communist nation like Cuba? That episode did not make any real sense and it upset me to no end.  No country would want a Serbian war criminal in it, (except Russia and Serbia maybe) so why would he go to Cuba when most of them HATED communism with a passion? They would certainly be killed by the Cuban government, (or at least jailed)  for anti-communist activities. The media likes to stereotype Serbs as war criminals, when only a few of them were.  Ja sam Džastin, “Branitelj Srba”  Ja volim Srbe. Suzana Anđelković nije ratni zločinac ili Kamenko Kasiković. Kamenko was interviewed by an American paper about what was going in Bosnia. I knew that guy, even though I disagreed with him about how a Scrabble game should look.  I favor a Serbian Cyrillic one and he favored Latin, so there you go.  The truth is that the Serbs are not all war criminals.  The Serbs fought the Turks for independence of their country and are proud of it.

The Serbs gained an independent Serbia that became much larger, thanks to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that they ruled over from 1918-1941. The Serbian Karađorđević family ruled that country for 23 years. That is a great accomplishment, but there was upheaval in that country by the Croats and some Slovenian nationalists.  The Croats wanted more autonomy, something that was denied them by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.  Many Croats supported Yugoslavia and wanted to preserve it at any price.  Many felts that they were Yugoslavs first and whatever nationality second.  Many wanted Yugoslavia. That fact has not changed. Would things be better if Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro were all ONE YUGOSLAVIA! I’d like to think so and a Yugoslavia in NATO would not be a bad thing, either.  I think that Tito’s “non-alignment” policy was stupid because his country was threatened with invasion by the Soviet Union and he should have gone to the West and allied with them against the Soviets. Tito was independent of the Soviet Union/Soviet Bloc and proud of it, even though they received weapons from both the West and the Soviet Union.  I think that if Petar II had been king of Yugoslavia after the war, I think that he probably would have put Yugoslavia in NATO, largely out of fear of his country being taken over by the Soviet Union, but the Soviets were there in Yugoslavia and installed Tito instead.

Tito was a brutal dictatorship that enslaved his whole county and killed thousands of people.  Yugoslavia would have had a chance if they were in NATO because Italy and Greece, (BOTH NATO MEMBERS) were nearby.  Fortunately, in Greece, the communists did not take power and the Greek government prevented a communist dictatorship from happening, but there was still the nationalist dictatorship in Greece, but I think that it was better for them to be allied with the West against the Soviets.  The Greeks ultimately benefited from it.  I think that Serbia should stay out of the EU and NATO if it wants to preserve their country. They will allied with the non-communist Russia under Putin against the West, because of what NATO did to them in ’99. The Serbs do not want to ally with NATO now, but all I am saying is that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, had it still existed after World War II, (which it did NOT) would have put Yugoslavia in NATO.

The way I see it, there should be a rebirth of Yugoslavia and the states should all exist together as one Yugoslavia under the Karađorđević family.

I see good things happening, but then again, they might just all be better off being independent of each other.

Who knows? Just stating my opinion. NOT ALL SERBS WERE OR ARE WAR CRIMINALS!





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