Combating Russian Disinformation

I have been reading a lot of blog posts and news sites that regularly “debunk” Russian propaganda on a daily basis, such as and the Interpreter and the Daily Basis. The truth is that these people do not know people in Russia like the way THAT I DO! I know Sergey Kotov, Boris Slutskiy, and others from Russia that are somewhat critical of Putin. I am not gonna out these people because they could be whisked away by the secret police (MVD) over in Russia. I do not fear reprisals against me because I am an average Joe (my dad is also named “Joe” W3JSR) in Cochranton, Pennsylvania in a small, rural backwoods part of Pennsylvania that is only 10 miles from Meadville and 45 minutes from Erie.

The Russian governments and its various trolls cannot touch me at all. They are a threat, only because we let them be a threat and because they attack the West with false misinformation on a daily basis. Let’s be clear. Russian trolls are VERY small voices and only make a small amount of noise.  They have been exposed for what they are, trolls. I have trolled websites before, but not for a government. I am aware of the things that their government is doing over here in trying to influence the so-called “far-right” against the West, but the truth is that MANY on the so-called “far-right” do not trust Russia or Putin.  What they do in public and say in private are two different things altogether.  Many right-wingers and left-wingers are dedicated to fighting against tyranny in Russia and Putin’s dictatorship. I for one thought that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was a great politician, a person that would save Russia from the “evil and corrupt” West. Turns out that Putin is evil and corrupt, himself.  This is what we call “projection” For all I know, the book that was shot by that black guy in that US “uniform” could have been a dictionary and not the Koran. No one in our military, no matter how much they hate Islam, would shoot a Koran. That is why that video is an obvious fake, plus the “soldier” in the video is not wearing standard-issue ACU Army camo, but rather old-style BDU camo and using a Saiga shotgun. If I recall, our military uses Benelli shotguns.  The shoes don’t look right, either.

Anyway, enough about that. I am gonna fight against the Russian government with a blog dedicated to exposing the truth.  Yeah, who cares about Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya. Sure she has a smoking-hot body, but she is a bitch, pure and simple, much like Daria Valerievna Larsen (nee Perekidaylova). I have been turned down by many Russian girls out there, but I am NOT gonna let that stop me from battling the apathy, hostility, and hatred expressed by average Russians on the internet. The truth is, those trolls are not average citizens. Average citizens cannot afford a whole lot in Russia and there are many average Russian people on the internet, such as Sergey Kotov for example.  I do not like Putin and how he is keeping the average Russian down. Putin is keeping Russian people from enjoying the freedoms that we in the West take for granted on a daily basis, such as freedom to choose what to listen to, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.  Russia lacks basic freedoms because the average Russian is all to keen to give into a man like Vladimir Putin and because Russians view REAL freedom as a threat to having the government tell them what to do and think.  The average Russian does care about America, only because he or she has been feed news “stories” (propaganda) by the Russian media. This is a reason why I might cancel my subscription to eTVnet, because it features 150 channels of Russian state propaganda. I have watched the news from Russia Today and I do not like it at all.  Russia Today is making lies about America on its TV channel. I can counter those lies with the truth, thanks to David Pracejus, who is an associate of mine and a STAUNCH conservative. He knows as well as I do that the Russian government does not represent its people, like it says it does. The Russian government has associated with the far-right to drive a wedge in Europe, but it will not work, once the “far-right” has seen past this ruse.

The far-right is skeptical of Moscow and has been attacking Russia and Putin for many years, just like our favorite Slav-hater Pamela Geller.  Like Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller is a bigot when it comes to Slavic Gentiles, much like myself, (often painting Poland as a nation that “collaborated” with the Nazis, when it did NO SUCH THING. Poland’s government was in exile in London and their country was overrun and no longer theirs.) but I agree with her views on Islam.  The far-right knows and has known for years that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union.  Putin is a Soviet nostalgic and he wants to control Ukraine again and the Ukrainian people in the streets of Kiev were sick of the puppet Yanukovych and his deal-making with Moscow. They wanted to join the EU and they are painted as “fascists!” The fascists that I have seen are mostly anti-EU and they blame the Jews for creating the situation in Europe with Islamic immigration and for the destruction of white Western civilization.  These people are fairly small and well concentrated, mostly on sites like Stormfront. We all know what Stormfront is, a forum for racists and bigots to gather.

I for one do not like the (fascist) far-right, but I affiliate with the conservative American (and sometimes European) far-right and I know that most of them are anti-Moscow because they know that Russia will come storming into the rest of Europe with tanks and hybrid warfare.  The Russians will attack Europe, like they did Ukraine. However, Russia knows that the United States would beat them in open warfare, so this is why they resort to internet guerrilla warfare, like trolling to sway naive Westerners into supporting them.  Everyone knows that Putin’s regime is a neo-Communist regime with Russian nationalism and the church backing it up, unlike the Soviet Union.  Russian nationalism was used by Stalin to unite Russians in all parts of the Soviet Union as one nation and he and other Soviet despots forced the peoples of the Soviet Union (including Ukrainians) to speak Russian and to know only Russian, but many courageous Ukrainian native speakers held onto their language and traditions.  There are many Ukrainian speakers in Western Ukraine that have preserved their language and Ukrainians in Canada and the United States that help their brethren in their homeland to fight against Russian imperialism and to make Ukraine more democratic.  The Ukrainian population in Canada is larger than our own, but many reside in Erie, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh and have contact with their homeland. I have heard church services in Russian in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We are fighting against Putin’s unjust regime in Russia.  Together, we shall stand together against Russian neo-imperialism in Ukraine and fight against Putin’s corrupt dictatorship. Putin is a friend of the oligarchs, which is why he is in power.   Putin is a tin-pot dictator of the worst kind. Russia is a wealthy country, but not as wealthy as the United States of America.  Russia does not have much infrastructure outside the cities and many villages do not have electricity or running water.  The government dislikes, if not outright hates the people in the villages. They do not trust them at all, because they are of a lower social standing than the folks in Moscow or Saint Petersburg.  Yes, Russian girls often flirt with foreigners on the internet to get them to have sex with them and this is extremely dangerous because of them could kidnap you and steal your money, like some people from the Middle East.  Russian girls do have sex with foreign men that are not prostitutes, but behave like them.  You meet a girl like Katya from Izhevsk for example and she has some money and a hot body, but she finds some foreign guy whom she has sex with.  I have seen Russian girls that are from Russia and Ukraine flirt with foreign men on the internet to get them to sleep with them.  Some of them are fakes that are designed to scam men out of their money. I refuse to pay for a Russian girl to come over to this country. Too bad that the girls in Erie do not like me very much.  I wish that I could date a girl that did not block me on the internet at every opportunity.  Too many Russian girls outright HATE me! Yes, that’s right, they hate me.

That’s the funny thing because Katya from Izhevsk (who is a REAL person by the way) and I were both born on February 15th. We are no longer friends because she ignores every single message that I send her on Facebook and VK. I am not scared of a bunch of cowards from Russia spreading bullshit on the internet.  I am not scared of these trolls from Russia.  I am not scared of being intimidated to work for Russia. I know that the Russian government will hire me to work for them. YEAH RIGHT!  I do not have access to classified information, but I know from reading Aviation Week & Space Technology and pictures from the internet what a F-117 cockpit looks like or a F-22 cockpit.  You can access this through Google images, but the inner workings are still classified, like the avionics systems. The Russians have advanced technology of their own, but not really enough to make a difference. They still rely on the Su-25 and MiG-29 to do most of their dirty work.

The Russian government can try to sway me to their position, but they will fail. They will fail because I am not convinced and I skeptical of Putin. I am just an average person in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, but I can do damage to the Russian government through associated blogs like on the Ukrainian situation. I am for change in Russia and Navalniy is just a stooge of Putin’s. Their is no real opposition to Putin, it is all manufactured, much like Zhirinovsky. Think about what a man like Zhirinovsky is capable of doing. He can do more damage than Putin can.  The real opposition comes from bloggers, much like myself that have a deep interest in Eastern European politics because of said Polish heritage. I am of Polish heritage and they cannot stop me from fighting against them.  They can shut down my internet, but they cannot stop me from posting material critical of the Russian government on YouTube. I am not gonna stop until there is REAL freedom in Russia and people do not disappear in the middle of the night or are tortured and/or killed by Putin’s regime.

Putin’s supporters blame the Jews for subverting Russia or they blame American people like me for “fomenting” extremism. What I call extremism, I call anyone who truly and DEEPLY loves Russia with all their heart and are sick of Putin! Sure, there are the neo-Nazis, but they are idiots that are a radical fringe in anyone’s terms.  Who cares about them? The Russian government is surely gonna try to “connect” me to them, but they will not succeed. I do not care about Israel and Israel is the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I do not hate the Jews and I have been labeled an “anti-Semite” “Holocaust denier” and all sorts of names by Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller and their legions of devoted supporters.  I am NOT a neo-Nazi because I know that the Nazis euthanized autistic people much like myself and gassed people like me.  I HAVE ZERO LOVE FOR NAZIS!

They do not like Poles, either, a trait that they IRONICALLY share with Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller. Putin also foments hatred against Poles and Russians have a hatred of Poles, like myself. Fortunately, NOT ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THAT! I am a Pole and my last name was originally spelled “Rojek” and it is spelled “Royek” today.  I am from Corry, Pennsylvania and I am sick of Russia and the hatred, apathy, and ignorance shown by many of its citizens on the internet. I know that I am gonna fight the Russians because I am sick of being ignored by Russian girls on the internet and blocked by many of them.  I am sick of being thought of as insane. I am not insane, but I have posted some insane stuff on here that would not have people taking me seriously at all. I have mental health issues and I know that autistic people are being mistreated in Russia and I have seen forums about autism in Russia. I know if I go to Russia, I might be attacked in the street by the police or beaten and/or robbed.  I will still go to Russia to help my friends beat Putin’s dictatorship.  I am against Putin’s dictatorship because he keeps people in ignorance of the outside world, much like how Adolf Hitler (ironically) did.  Putin is the new Adolf Hitler and Petro Poroshenko IS NOT Hitler or a fascist, like the Russians have claimed. Ukrainians were sick of Kiev’s shit and so they took to the streets and ousted Yanukovych. I am glad that there is a real government in Ukraine that ACTUALLY listens to the Ukrainian people.  If only there could be democracy in Russia where people that are opponents of Putin can fight against this brutal fascistic tyrant over there.  I need meds to control my behavior, but this does not stop me from fighting against Putin. I am gonna fight until there is freedom in Russia and minorities are not attacked and brutalized by fascists and the police over there. Russia’s anti-protest laws must be repealed and so must other laws curtailing freedom of speech. People need to take to the streets and STOP PUTIN today!

I am NOT gonna stop until Putin and his cronies are ousted and the communist system is put to rest over in Russia.  No more Russian fascism! END RUSSIAN FASCISM TODAY!  Russia cannot survive without the United States and WE ARE NOT OWNED BY ZIONISTS AND NEITHER AM I! Who cares about the media over there? I don’t!

Putin is a dickhead and a wanker of the worst kind that has ever been imagined. The Soviet system reinvented itself over in Russia. I want to see freedom in Russia and free and fair elections.  The Soviet system came back because of the mentality of Soviet nostalgia prevalent by many in Russia. Many in Russia wish for a return to the Soviet Union and were just children when the Soviet Union fell.  Their parents still remember the Soviet Union and Soviet times and with “fond” memories, too. Too bad that those “fond memories” do not include the people that were shot, starved to death in gulags, or were worked to death.  Putin’s system still humiliates opponents and assassinates them abroad with the Russian secret service at their disposal. I am humiliated by Russians on Italki, because many of these assholes are pro-Kremlin and in favor of the brutal system over there. They speak Russian better than me and are not afraid to show it, of course.  They are arrogant people.  I am sick of the internet and being ridiculed for speaking Russian “badly”   I am sick of their bullshit. It’s all bullshit because they do think that they are better than everyone else and they are not. They are lowly worms that are not worth much to the Russian government and many have connections the Soviet regime in Tolyatti. I know that I am hunted down by Russians on the internet and I can see through their bullshit. I know that they are full of shit. I know that the Russians are arrogant people that refuse to see the errors of Putin’s ways and they stupidly reelect him at every chance they get. I have no faith in the average Russian and the years of repression and brutalization has had on the average Russian has molded them to support Putin. It’s like they do not research his background at all. They do not take into account his past as a KGB operative or his communist party connections. Putin is a FASCIST (in the guise of a communist, read the horseshoe theory for more clarification on this) dictator that tightly controls his own people. Putin is an asshole and there is linguistic chauvinism over in Russia, where if you do not speak Russian correctly, like I do with my pronounced American accent,  then you are nothing to these bastards! I am sick of the effects of years of brutalization has had on these people.  These people are apathetic and look for anyone to bring “order” to their country and Putin has done that for them ALL RIGHT! Putin has brought arrests of people that disagree with his system and arrests of bloggers that do not agree with the Kremlin.

VK has stopped groups of dissidents from forming anti-Putin groups because it violates their terms of services and now VK is cracking down on songs, due to claims from “rights holders” when in reality, it’s because of sanctions against Russia and they do not really follow Western copyright laws at all because they know that it is a thorn in our side. They are forced by the rest of the world to comply with copyright laws. They do anyway, only because the record and film companies have tremendous influence across the world.  Anyway, Putin cannot stop the West from making his country free and democratic and no matter how many whiny excuses Putin and his supporters make, they will not stop freedom from prevailing in Russia. That is that!



About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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