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Let’s face it.

Kristina Svechinskaya will NEVER be my friend or my girlfriend, even though I defended her once before on this same blog. Kristina, like all the other Russian girls, is not worth fighting for, because she ignores all my messages and … Continue reading

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No real freedom!

NO! NO! NO! NO! I have NO choices here at all in this group home (concentration camp more like it.) I have to wait for the 8-4 staff tomorrow MORNING just to take me somewhere during the day because I … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!

I will be less angry in my posts on WordPress from now on because someone suggested it to me. Anyway, I feel like I am far away from the rest of the world in a tiny town called Cochranton, which … Continue reading

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Aliens will be like us.

I predict that we will find alien life someday out there in the galaxy. I predict that it will be somewhere in a distant galaxy in the vast unknown of space that we have only seen through the Hubble Space … Continue reading

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Я люблю старую советскую песню

Меня зовут Роек, Джастин Эдуард и я люблю старую советскую песню, Смуглянка-Молдованка из фильма “В бой идут одни старики” и “Катюша.” Я кохаю українською мову. Я хочу говорить по-украински. Я тоже люблю украинский язык. Я люблю русскоязычную народную музыку. Я … Continue reading

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