Death of Muhammad Ali

I was watching a segment on the news last night about how boxing legend Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) has died at the age of 74.

There was part of the news segment that said that he was arrested for evading the draft to fight in Vietnam. He refused to go to Vietnam, claiming that the war “violated his Muslim beliefs” Well excuse me, how many wars have Muslims been involved in? Last time I checked the prophet Mohammed waged war against the various non-Muslims throughout Arabia when he was prophet and leading Muslim armies to conquer what was then the known world. I’m sure that there were Muslims that served in the Vietnam War, too. 
The Wikipedia article on Muslims in the United States Military even states that Muslims fought in the American Civil War. My book The Viking Atlas of World War I (ISBN 0-670-85372-0) even states that Muslims from Central Asia fought in the Russian Army during World War I. So how does being involved in a war violate one’s Muslim beliefs again? Anyway, he was just saying that because he was against the war. It certainly violates Quaker beliefs to be in a war. At least pacifists are exempt from beng drafted in a war.  I know that many Orthodox Christians are currently serving in the military of Serbia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. It certainly did not violate Putin’s Orthodox beliefs to wage war against Ukraine.  This war in Ukraine is a fratricidal one. Besides, Muslims fought other Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1989. Sunni and Shiite Muslims fight each other all the time over in Iraq. Just a little fact checking on the piece that I saw on the news the other day.

I want to be in the military, but I am too overweight to be in the military and who knows, they might hire me to be a Russian translator? I would prove enormously useful to them, if only I could understand the various idioms and other phrases in Russian. I can understand the words themselves in a sentence when put together, but I cannot seem to be able to translate them into English.

So how does serving in the war in Vietnam violate his Muslim beliefs? Anyway, he was also in the Nation of Islam, which in my opinion is a fascist hate group that hates anyone that is not black or Muslim, much like how the KKK hates anyone that is not white Protestant Christian like they are. I believe that the Nation of Islam is a hate group. SPLC even acknowledges them to be a hate group.

Anyway, politics aside, he was a legend in the boxing world. He was a truly great example of a human being. He was one of many Muslims to condemn the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That was an example of Muslims waging war against the United States.  This sect of Muslims that people like ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban belong to, want to make the whole world Muslim and enslave humanity under a global Islamic caliphate.  He condemned them, too.  Nation of Islam is an Islamist sect, much like ISIS. I do not approve of Islam. I think that it is a violent religion that kills anyone that is not Muslim and wants to take over the entire world. Don’t worry, the subject in this article condemned them, too.

What does this have to do with him? He’s a Muslim and he objected to military service because it violated his Muslim beliefs. It never violated Muslim beliefs for Al Qaeda to crash airplanes into buildings and murder thousands of innocent people on 9/11. No, that was “sanctioned” by the Koran.  It makes me sick how people like Al Qaeda and ISIS use the Koran to justify waging war against the infidels.  They will stop at nothing to kill or convert us all. Tell me Muhammad, did THAT violate your Muslim beliefs in not waging war, too?

In Vietnam, the enemy certainly did not believe in God. They were atheists. The Vietcong were a bunch of commie atheists that did not believe in God and considered God to be a violation of their beliefs.  You just do not see Christian Vietcong among their ranks. The North Vietnamese state had banned religion as well. What would he think if Vietnam banned people from practicing Islam, which they do, BTW? In Vietnam, you can only preach if you are sanctioned by the government. That is thanks to the far-left that protested the war and allowed the commies to take over that country, which he was a part of.  Communism is the biggest lie in the history of mankind.  What about the Muslims of Afghanistan, Muhammad Ali? Would you have condemned the Muslim Mujahideen in Afghanistan for fighting against the Soviet Red Army? The Mujahideen were an example of Muslims fighting against atheistic commies that wanted to enslave their country and live in an atheist society, free of all religion. The Afghan communist government was hated by the majority of Afghans and with good reason. What about the Bosnian Muslims that fought for Hitler’s Waffen SS Handschar division?  Did that violate their Muslim beliefs, Muhammad? Ask those people who made that news segment last night about THAT!  There were Muslims that fought on both sides during World War II, notably among the Muslims of India (now in present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh) that fought for the British during World War II.  Sure a lot of Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, but that does not excuse the violence waged every day in its name for the last 1,500 years.

Every day, someone dies in a terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists. You can read about it here.  The problem is that these radical Muslims are over here in the United States plotting more terrorist attacks against us. I know that Cleveland, Erie, New Castle, and Pittsburgh (cities that are fairly close to where I live in Cochranton, PA) have Muslims, but I do not see any of them plotting terrorist attacks against us.  They know that we rural hicks in Western PA would go after them in they tried anything.  Fortunately, I have heard nothing from them in this area.  I know that there was a terrorist cell in Buffalo, NY once. I have yet to see any of these people come out and try to kill me for criticizing Islam. I do not fear my own safety. I know that it violated Gofundme’s terms of service to try to fund a trip to Russia because it is about a country that is under economic sanctions. Their rules are such bullshit. What if someone in Russia needs money to finance an operation for their child? Gofundme certainly would not allow it because it is a country under economic sanctions and my account violated their bullshit terms of use, so they removed it.


Well anyway, I am sick of all the bullshit in the news media that is being preached about Islam being a peaceful religion. Sure he was a moderate Muslim, but many of them are not and we have to watch out for them in the hope that they will not try and kill us. Around here, there is no way that a Muslim is gonna try and kill me in rural location in Cochranton. I doubt if they will come over and try to harm me. I am protected by the law. What I am doing by criticizing Islam and presenting the facts about how Muslims have served in many wars in many armies is not illegal yet.  Our government is working to make criticism of Islam illegal. They cannot stop me at all. I think that the government can only do so much. I love how people find the narrowest definitions of the law to suite their needs, just to have someone arrested for criticizing Islam or “inciting violence.” Well, I am sick of Islam! I am sick of the media lying about it.

Where is Atheism is Unstoppable on that news segment? Why isn’t he on this?  I admire his criticism of Islam. He stands up in the name of New Atheism against Islam. As far as I am concerned New Atheism, is just a repackaged more radicalized version of atheism, that is anti-communist, but supports banning all forms of religion and eradicating religion from the face of the earth and I cannot allow that. Religion will never be destroyed from the earth. Religion is a vital tool that brings people together. I am not gonna let some atheists try to undo our religious heritage. We are a Christian nation! That’s right, you heard ME say it. We ARE a Christian nation. Sure we profess to be a secular one, but most people in America are Christians.  Christianity is the biggest religion in America.  I cannot imagine our society without it. I cannot imagine a world without religion. A world without religion would be a mess, just like how the far-left wants to eliminate borders across the world and live in a borderless world. Well, we NEED borders to protect us.  The borderless ideology of the globalist far-left is a bunch of bullshit. We need a border with Mexico to keep out the illegal aliens and we are not even doing that.  There are plenty of Hispanics that are here legally, such as Puerto Ricans that are automatic US citizens by birth. There are people from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama all the time here in the United States. Me llamo Justin Royek y soy norteamericano. I have no idea why in the hell the Pimsleur CD has you saying that you are North American.  They would have no idea if you were Canadian or American if you said something like that.  I assume that if you said “SOY AMERICANO” that they would understand that you are from the United States (or Estados Unidos in Spanish).  My accent is a dead giveaway for me. At least they know that I am American when I speak Spanish or Russian.

I am going off into a mindless tangent and not making any sense, AGAIN. As Ozzy Osbourne once said “I’M GOING OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN.” and indeed, I AM!

Goodbye everyone!






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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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