Whites are gonna be the minority.

It used to be that America was a white country and still is white and now whites are gonna be the minority in the very country that they built centuries ago, like how the Indians became a minority in their own lands, thank ironically, to white people.

I think that white pride is not a thing to be shamed of, but the problems is that groups like the KKK advocate and commit acts of violence against minorities. The KKK does not really care about being white, they’re a terrorist organization that just wants trouble and nothing but trouble. The KKK is bad news. I do not have to be a rocket scientist to tell you that much. White pride is not racist, but the people that espouse it are.

I am against white supremacy and I do not see our society as a white supremacist society, even though whites own a lot of assets.  White people built this country so that people could be equal, it’s written in the Declaration of Independence, but our Founding Fathers did not care about racial equality. Racial equality was a foreign concept back then, just like how an AK-47 assault rifle would have been to those people.  It just did not exist. How come it is not racist for minorities to have pride in their race, but it is “racist” when white people do? White people are becoming rare in this country and we are supposed to take these changing demographics, like men right? WRONG! As far as I can tell, there is no plan for genocide/ethnic cleansing against white people, but whites are being attacked by minorities like Black Lives Matter and La Raza and riots are happening in many American cities. Fortunately, I live out in a white redneck part of the sticks and I happen to know people that are blacks and Hispanics.  I am a “redneck” like David Duke is black. I am NOT! There are blacks that know how to behave like decent people and I am not talking about them. I am talking about how poor whites, like me, are largely spat upon and ignored and attacked as stupid and ignorant redneck hicks, while blacks and Hispanics are given all the attention.

I am a poor white male and I can tell you that I do not like the sight of a Confederate flag because I am a northerner from the sticks and that flag represents slavery, but I am NOT gonna debate the Confederate flag and the flag that is frequently displayed as the Confederate flag is the wrong one anyway.  That was a battle flag and not the official Confederate flag. The rednecks are flying the wrong flag. Is it offensive for me to fly the Chetnik flag in Erie? I have yet to see Bosnian people in Erie come out and kill me for flying a Chetnik flag or even the flag of the Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna. I could fly the Chetnik flag in Erie on my vehicle and see Bosnian people call the police on me and attack me. I am a Chetnik, which is the Serbian equivalent of a redneck.  I am not Serbian, but Polish. Maybe I should go to St. George the Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church in Hermitage waving the flags of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia? They would be offended, of course. If I went to a black church in a KKK outfit, I would be probably be killed by them. I have no love for the KKK because they do not like anyone that is not white and they advocate violence against them and they are an enemy of Orthodox Christians, (such as myself) because of their staunch Protestant nativism.  I am against the Klan and the Neo-Nazis because they use violence.

We should stop illegal immigration from Mexico and find a way to prevent whites from being the minority in this country.  We need to encourage whites to produce more offspring. I do not claim the white race like David Duke and the KKK tend to do, but we need to find for the white race.  I do not care about white nationalism because whites ARE OF MANY nationalities, so how can there be a white nationalism? Blacks had no countries when they were taken as slaves, but these countries in Africa were created by  white people to distinguish the British, French, Belgian, Italian, German, and Portuguese colonies apart from each other.  The whites colonized Africa and exploited it for their own gains. The whites oppressed the blacks in South Africa because of apartheid.  Policies like apartheid are a BAD idea, but we need a way to control the population and prevent blacks from attacking whites.  The police are trying to keep order in society and prevent blacks from hurting other people. The police are not there to protect only whites, they are there to protect everyone regardless of skin color.  I do not mean genocide because that would be bad, too. I think that white people are still great and that all people helped to develop America. White people are not the enemies of blacks and Hispanics. White people founded America and South America.  In Canada, whites are the majority and in Quebec, the French-Canadians are the majority. The French-Canadians jealously protect their culture, so why can’t whites? We need to fight against the tide of changing demographics in these country, otherwise we will become a third-world country like Mexico.  Ann Coulter wrote that in her book about Adios America! Liberals support the right for French-Canadians to guard their culture from Anglo-Canadian influences and we like the French-Canadians, need to guard our English language from being the minority language, like how French is in Canada. English is the language of the majority, but so many Native American languages are dying out. What are we gonna do about them? We need to recognize Native American languages as minority languages, but so many people would see that as “racist” much like this post that I am writing. If we do not fight to ensure that English is the majority language, the English-speakers in this country will end up like the French-Canadians in Canada and their French language. I want English to be the main language spoken in America. I do not care what those assholes on Wikipedia go on about “linguistic discrimination”, but it is not discrimination when the French-Canadians exclude languages other than French in Quebec.  What I see is that French-Canadians, like Anglo-Canadians, need to be allowed to preserve their own cultures and identities. Multiculturalism is leading to whites becoming the minority and we need to stop that. Politically-correct people frequently find every excuse that they can to attack white people and white and Christian cultures like Poland and Russia for preserving their own cultures, while French-Canadians, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asians are allowed to preserve theirs.

No race is superior to another, but white people aren’t rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore and destroying property. Whites aren’t blowing up synagogues for promoting Jewish supremacy or the Jews destroying our country. The Jews are not destroying our country, but leftists and certain Republicans are. Many Jews, like Chaim ben Pesach are against the  destruction of our culture. I think that we should enforce the border with Mexico and fix Mexico and make it an economically-prosperous nation and end discrimination of non-white and poor Mexicans in Mexico before more come over here. I think that we should stop the illegal immigration into this country.  I think that we should fight against whites becoming a minority in this country.  I think that white people have been the targets of discrimination by Obama and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.  We need to preserve our white heritage and we need to stop racism against white people.  Racism and sexism against white men are okay, but not against blacks or Hispanics or Asians.  We need to end sexism and racism against white men.  White people should not become the minority in this country, but white supremacy is a joke, like white privilege. I suppose that if the Neo-Nazis and KKK get their way, that synagogues will be blown up and we have to stop them before they do that. The Jews are not responsible for America’s problems.   I do not care what SPLC says. They can attack me and profile me all they want to, but it ain’t gonna change anything. How they are allowed to profile people like me, but when the police profile blacks, it’s wrong?  Southern Poverty Law Center is part of the problem and they are always promoting sexism and racism against white men. SPLC used to be an organization for good that turned bad when they were against the KKK. Now, the KKK barely means anything anymore, so now they have to attack conservatives like me.  The KKK is evil, make no mistake. I despise Southern Poverty Law Center. They are only tolerant of those that agree with them and intolerant of those that do not. SPLC only attacks far-right white males like me.  They attack far-right white Christian males like me because we are their main enemy.  The SPLC only cares about money and the supremacy of other races above the white one. I do not like the ADL or SPLC because they think that there is an epidemic of white racism in this country, when in fact minorities are being racist against white people and getting away with it, too. I have no ties to Neo-Nazis. The SPLC is a fascist organization using fascistic tactics, such as profiling their opponents as racists and bigots and these people tend to white and Christian, but Jewish whites like Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are targeted by them, as well.  As far as I can see, people who stand up against white people are targeted by the SPLC.  They have influence in law enforcement and they are used when the FBI goes after the KKK in this country. The KKK means NOTHING to me.  Conservative groups are attacked by the SPLC as well, even though, unlike the KKK and Neo-Nazis, the conservatives support Israel and the Jews and the Neo-Nazis do not.  The SPLC conducts racial profiling against white conservative right-wingers, but cries foul when the police do it to minorities. The SPLC only cares about themselves and attacking white Judeo-Christian conservatives for preserving white America and traditional values.  Mark Potok and Morris Dees are racist against whites. Black Christians have also been attacked by SPLC for criticizing SPLC.  It’s not just Jews and Christians that are white. They attack anyone that is against discrimination against whites and a staunch American patriot. I am tired of seeing jobs outsourced overseas and I am tired of Youngstown, Detroit, and Pittsburgh becoming shitholes.  Pittsburgh is the only really big city in this area that is one hour away by car. Meadville is still prospering and ChannelLock is still in business, but Erie is a wreck. Erie was once a prosperous city and so was Johnstown and so was Pittsburgh.  I live in a Western Pennsylvania that is a hollowed-out shell of its former self. Saegertown has a nice library and that’s about it. I have seen poor whites in my region ignored by affirmative action programs and the government. Whites are very poor in Western PA, unless you count Tim Duffy, K3LR. That guy has some serious money. That is why he has those high towers at his Elliot Road place.  Western PA became poor, thanks to the left and right that decided that people in third-world countries were worth more than us white, Christian working folk in the region and I do not care if you are Jewish, Muslim, Atheist or Hindu.  Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio and Western New York are shitholes thanks to our government.  Our corporations wanted cheap labor, so they went overseas and our government is owned by these wankers, so they went along with it.  I live in Western PA and I make $25 a week in checks from Touch-Stone Solutions and they gave me this home to live in, too.  I hate the policies of the government that favor non-whites above whites.  I hate what Western PA, Western NY, and Northeast OH have become.   We were proud working-class folks from Eastern Europe and now our area that we worked so hard to build and work for, in this part of the country, has become total shit.  Western PA is a dump and all we have is Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Altoona, and Erie to be proud of.  The rest of western PA is  backwoods and redneck, like Cochranton and Saegetown.  Western PA is nothing now. I live in Western PA because I have nowhere else to go anymore. I am stuck here. North Carolina is more prosperous than PA.  The Southerners have cheap labor and the industry moved down there because Southerners are hostile towards unions and all that.

I live in an area where is practically no industry left. Our corporations in this area have screwed us over. Ads run on TV about how Hillary will put penalties on company that outsource jobs and all that, but it’s all bullshit because Hillary and Bill Clinton instituted NAFTA and other policies that hurt American workers and industry. Now, America is becoming a third-world shithole like Mexico.  Our industries are mostly gone in Western PA. Our government does not care about working class whites such as me. If I were truly a free person, I would be allowed to take a job. I am not allowed to take a job, unless I prove myself, which seems like something out of the Soviet Union and the Jim Crow South.

I am told that I do not have the capacity to take care of myself, so I have to be dependent upon staff at my group home and they keep them here against my will at this house.  I am told that I cannot go to Sheetz directly from my house anymore, under the guise of “trying to help me.” More do-gooder liberal bullshit! I am told what to eat and when to wake up and take a shower by staff in my house. I enjoyed so much freedom, now it is being taken away from me.

I hate do-gooders and my staff in my house and their supervisor are do-gooders. They only care about themselves and their fellow employees. They do not want to see me get a job, even though they tell me that they want to. They have lied to my face for far too long. I hate the jobs in Western PA. They are crappy low-wage McDonald’s and Wendy’s jobs.  I want to work as a translator, but I am ONLY fluent in English.  I can only speak English fluently and when I speak a language that is NOT English, I get made fun of by other Russian-speakers and other Slavic-language speakers and their chauvinistic attitudes towards good grammar.  I hate living in Western Pennsylvania and I wish that I could get out of here. I cannot. I am fucking stuck here! There is nowhere for me to go.  I am a poor white, autistic person in Western PA.  I am held down by the state of Pennsylvania and told that I cannot pay attention very well and that I cannot listen to other people effectively and that my people skills suck. I hate these dumb people that keep me down in this house.  I hate the house on Creveling Road, but it is all that I have. I am stuck. I cannot move back to my parents’ house like normal people that miss their parents because of the autism waiver. I hate the state of Pennsylvania. I do not want to be independent. How can they teach me to be independent when they make me dependent on the staff here? How can they teach me how to live? Why are there living standards? Why can’t I sue and have the staff out of here? Why can’t I live in Pittsburgh? I will never get to live among foreign-language speakers because no one wants to take me all the way to Erie to a Russian church or to Hermitage to a Serbian church. I am not allowed to interact with fellow Slavs, except at Bethel Life in Greenville, with that guy from Ukraine named Sasha. He is the only Russian that ever talks to me and so is Andrey Rudenko in Erie.  The Russian girls up there all coldly ignore me and refuse to talk to me online.   I am largely ignored by people around here.   Benny Lewis and Christophe Clugston attack me on my YouTube videos and they only care about themselves. Benny and Christophe fight like children. The polyglot community is a pissing contest.  I have no interactions with other people and interactions are always monitored by the staff out in the community. I am sick of going out in the community. I have so little money to spend on books and other commodities. I want a Korean-Russian, Russian-Korean dictionary from Amazon. I would like to learn Japanese, even though they have destroyed out steel industry in this region.

The Japanese and Asians all live in Erie, Meadville, and Pittsburgh. None of them live in Cochranton or Saegertown. I do not know any Asian people. I am sure that Asian people get farther in this country because of their intelligence. Asian people are very intelligent, but are racist against anyone that is not Asian. Asians do not like to mix with people of other races. Is it any surprise then that they were surprised when a black man like Moses McCormick (laoshu50500) on YouTube (my friend BTW) was speaking Chinese to them?  They probably could not comprehend that a black man lis Moses was speaking their languages and speaking many of them!

Moses lives in Ohio and I live in Pennsylvania. I live in a backwater/backwoods part of Pennsylvania. I like Pennsylvania.  I want Americans to speak other languages in public and to learn other languages, but I want English to be our language. That is why it is American English, a distinct variety of English unto itself. I hear Pittsburgh slang around here, like yins and jagoff.  Jagoff is like Pittsburgh slang for a wanker in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom and Ireland for example.

I live one hour north of Pittsburgh and I sometimes go there with Jeremy Perry, my behavior specialist, when I have done something particularly special I love Pittsburgh. I love Oakland and its Popeye’s chicken restaurant, but I would like to eat at that Vietnamese restaurant and eat a Banh Mi.  I love the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Oakland.  I was at Western Psych in Oakland and when I was there, I could see Popeye’s from the window of my room. I WANTED to eat there.

I have nothing against Blacks, Hispanics, or Asians, but as far as I can see, whites are becoming second-class citizens in their own countries.  White people are being attacked in the media and academia and everywhere else.  There is minority privilege, but white privilege is not allowed. Minorities are allowed to shit on white people, but whites aren’t allowed to do anything of the sort.  White people are being attacked in the streets for going into black neighborhoods and other ethnic neighborhoods. Whie people love Chinese food and Mexican food, like at Imperial Chinese Buffet in the Park Avenue Plaza or Compadre’s BOTH in Meadville and I have no problem with that. I have a problem with a government that constantly attacks white people and Slavs like me. Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller both have a problem with White Gentile Slavs like me, but I defend them because I agree with many of their ideas and the SPLC attacks them, too.  The Serbs were shitted upon by our government in the 90s because of their policies towards the Bosnians and Croats. The Serbs do not like being targeted for destruction by these people in the past and they certainly did not then, either.

People are suffering in Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, and Northeast Ohio. Why doesn’t our government help us? Why do we have our jobs taken away? Why do poor whites have few chances to succeed?  Why aren’t there programs for poor whites? Why don’t we have a way to help white people in this area?

Nothing can be done. We are ALL screwed no matter what color your skin might be or what religion you are, we are all equally worthless here in Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, and Northeast Ohio.

Our government has screwed us over and nothing is being done about it. Raymond Phillip Shafer had a good background and he tried to help people and he was against people being thrown in jail because of marijuana.  Now, I know his son Phil Shafer, who works at my house as a staff worker. I live without a lot of people. My internet is nothing. I just sit here all day and type a bunch of crap that no one really reads.

If there white supremacists out there,  you all can fuck off!








About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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