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Putin is the new fascist invader!

Instead of Hitler being the fascist invader, Putin is the new fascist invader of Ukraine. One of his advisors Aleksandr Dugin is a noted fascist. Dugin is known for his ties to Russian fascist groups.  Putin is no monarchist, but … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and anti-Polish sentiment

Wikipedia was saying that far-right groups were spewing anti-Polish rhetoric. The far-left in Russia has a long history of spewing hate against Poles, especially the Communist Party. They attacked Poles for enslaving Belorussians and Ukrainians in western Belarus and western … Continue reading

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Review of the Croatian Collaborators from the series “Nazi collaborators”

I was watching the TV show about the Croatian collaborators that collaborated with the Nazis during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. I think that the documentary is great so far, but fails to point out that many people supported the … Continue reading

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