Thoughts about What I’ve Seen

I was watching Ken Burns’ Prohibition and I heard a quote from a historian on there saying that Bob Jones (the person whom Bob Jones university is named after)  would rather “see a nigger in the White House than see Al Smith as president.” So, what would his opinion of Obama be? Considering that Obama is black and our president, he would probably be laughing in his grave at seeing Obama. Probably not a very nice one, considering that many, but not all, Southerners HATED black people and people who were immigrants from foreign lands back then.

Obama is our president and I have nothing against his race or the  color of his skin. That does not matter to me. What matters is the mess that the Middle East is in.  What matters is the terror that ISIS is inflicting daily on the citizens of Iraq and Syria.  I do not like Obama, nor approve of him.  I have nothing against the color of his skin, unlike the KKK and Aryan Nations types.

The country is going to hell around us. A man like Dylann Roof wanted a race war after he shot up that church in Charleston, SC.  As I have said before, my uncle David L. Clark is a minister of a church in Newberry, South Carolina, which is only 1-3 hours from Charleston.  It’s terrible how some people out there hate Obama because of the color of his skin.  I have seen people attack other people. People always talk about right-wing terrorists and right-wing violence? Oh yeah, what about the Red Brigades in Italy in the 70s? What about the Naxalites in India? What about the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine? Those were left-wing groups that used violence to achieve their ends, but these groups are not American by any means, but many on the left idolize them.

I do not care about politics. To me the political situation has gotten very ugly.  The political situation in this country has only gotten worse over the last 8 years. People like the Southern Poverty Law Center want you to believe that an upswing in militia activity is because of Obama.  Obama wants to take away our weapons, but he cannot do it so easily. No one like Obama can take away our guns.   No one can. I cannot own an AR-15,  but I am NOT against people owning one, unlike Diana R., one of my staff at the group home that I live at.

People who want to only let the military have assault rifles and banning civilians from owning them are mistaken in my opinion.  People should have the right to own whatever weapons that they want to, provided that they pass a background check and other bureaucratic measures. I could pay $30,000 for an MG42 from World War II or its Yugoslavian variant, the M53 for less than 10.

I want to own an AR-15 or an AK47 that fires fully automatic. I think that automatic assault rifles are great to own, just as long as you don’t go shooting people with it.  People die every day from many things, cancer and shooting deaths. If some loony decides to go on a shooting rampage and you are targeted, then what?  If you die, you die and if you have a weapon in your hands, you can stop this person from killing more. People die in automobile accidents, yet I do not hear about people wanting to ban cars. Hey, I’m sure some environmentalist whack job far-left liberal out there would want to ban cars because they “pollute the environment and put out CO2 emissions.”  There are people out there that want to ban cars for everyone and let only the rich drive them and own them. These people are called COMMUNISTS!

I think cars have revolutionized society and actually made it possible for people to go to many places. We should NOT ban them, either.  I know that in Russia, only the rich can afford internet.  It costs too much for someone in a village to have internet.  The villages have no running water or electricity in some cases. These are towns about the size of Cochranton, Saegertown, Guys Mills, Corry, or Springboro or Hadley or in some cases, the size of Hartstown or Carlton or Adamsville and even Linesville.

In Russia, town those sizes have nothing. A town the size of Pittsburgh has internet cafes, libraries, state universities, and such.  I could talk about life in Russia, but that diverges from my original point about Bob Jones.  He would probably find it mind-boggling that a man like Obama is president. He would hate Obama because of the color of his skin. I know that it is a frequent charge that liberals like to make when they call someone “racist” because they happen to not like Obama.  Most people are against his politics and his policies. Obama has been a terrible president.  What about Donald Trump? Would he be any better? I do not think so.  Hillary would be a lousy president in my opinion, or is that “sexist” too? The next thing that will happen if Hillary is elected president is that her supporters will call anyone who opposes her as “sexist, bigoted, and misogynistic.” They will, too.  I fear that Hillary will become president and God help us if she does!

Donald Trump wants to end immigration from Islamic countries in the way that people in the 19th and 20th centuries want to stop immigration from Asian countries.  Those Islamic countries that he talks about happen to be in Asia, so we are YET AGAIN, restricting immigration from Asian countries. The Muslims are not called Asians, (lest you live in the UK) in THIS country, but they come from (Southwest) Asia, AKA, the Middle East.  The Middle East is also referred to as Southwest Asia. Israel happens to be in Asia. Does this make Israelis “Asians?” Most Israelis happen to be Europeans that escaped the Holocaust and the horrific anti-Semitism of Europe, only to find out that their Arab neighbors wanted to drive them out. The Palestinians still do. The Palestinians want to drive the Zionists out of Israel. They will not succeed.  Israel has one of the best militaries in the world and I doubt if the Palestinians will succeed.

The terrorism continues in the Middle East to this very day and I do not like Islam, either.  The Koran’s interpretations have caused many terrorists to be formed, like ISIS. These people interpret the Koran to mean to wage jihad against the infidels until Islam becomes the only religion on the planet.  Islamic fundamentalism is a disease like cancer.  I believe that jihad  has to be stopped. If only Johnny Wright were alive today to write a song that said “Goodbye my darling, hello Iraq.”  America has created another mess in Asia (in Iraq and Afghanistan) to clean up.  Vietnam was a mess in Asia, too.  Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan happen to be in Asia, too.  We are fighting another pointless war in Asia, 50 years after the last one.  This war is going nowhere, like Vietnam.  We are fighting the terrorists before they achieve their dream of a global Islamic caliphate. That shall not happen, as long as people like Pamela Geller are still vigilant.  The Iraqi army has taken some territory back from ISIS, but I fear that ISIS shall become more powerful and install an Islamic state in Iraq. The borders of the Middle Eastern countries were created by the west after World War I, after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

ISIS can only hold out for so long. ISIS will be defeated someday.  We will win this war by defeating the Islamic terrorists and their ideology of Islamic fundamentalism. We are fighting an enemy inspired by Islam.  Their teachings of Islam are skewed.  Shiite Muslims are being killed by ISIS. The Sunni-Shiite feud has been going on for thousands of years and it will only get worse. This is motivated about whether or not Sunni or Shia are the “correct versions” of Islam.

We are going to beat ISIS! We are going to beat the terrorists back! They can only hold out for so long. We know that ISIS does not represent all Muslims, because they kill Shiite Muslims too, and any Muslims that they do not agree with.  The governments of the Middle East are against other religions being practiced in their countries. They are against other religions.  It’s time that someone fought for religious freedom in the Middle East.  I have a Facebook page called “Bring Religious Freedom to the Middle East.”

It’s time that someone fought for religious freedom in the Middle East. It’s a shame that the West supports these repressive regimes. It’s a shame that they keep their people in total repression. It’s a shame that people are killed because they practice other religions that aren’t Islam. It’s time that we defunded these terrible countries and got oil from somewhere else. We cannot. The oil lobby is firmly entrenched in our governments and the Middle East is everything to them. The Middle East is a huge source of oil and I think that we should defund the Arab governments that oppress women, gays, and religious minorities. They will never accept any religion other than Islam. We are dealing with people with a medieval mentality. They oppress people and we should stop that.

I am looking for people qualified in Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew to translate my blog posts on my Bring Religious Freedom to the Middle East page. I am looking for people that sincerely believe in religious freedom for all in the Middle East and can translate into Arabic. These posts need to be translated into Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu.   These places where these languages are spoken oppress anyone that is female and not Islamic.  We need to reach out to them. How are you going to reach out to people that are barely literate? I have no idea. I have no idea how you are going to reach the illiterate people of Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran.

Someone like Tim Doner needs to translate my posts for me. I am looking for anyone qualified to speak Arabic, Persian, Pashto, and Urdu.  Anyone skilled in these languages is a must. I will learn them. I will learn Arabic, but the whole writing system and the whole right-to-left thing really gets me.  Arabic is very difficult to learn, but I will learn it. I plan on buying books from on how to learn it.  I plan on learning Arabic.  We need qualified translators to write letters to Middle Eastern regimes.  We need people that believe in religious freedom for all people. We need to spread the ideals of our Founding Fathers to the Middle East. We need to fight repressive Islamic regimes and their allies in the West. We need to stop the Islamists at their sources. We need to really hurt them! We need to stop funding theocratic regimes across the Middle East and North Africa.

Maybe you can find someone qualified to speak Berber?  Anyway, I am looking for translators to help me. I know that people will call me “racist” but I do not care. Religious freedom needs to be brought to the Middle East and South Asia TODAY.  People need to wake up to the realities around them.  People need to stop the Islamic terrorists across the Middle East and South Asia. They need to be stopped before they can make everyone Islamic AGAINST THEIR WILL. It needs to be done!  Stop the religious intolerance in the Middle East. Stop the bigotry! Stop the wars over there! Stop  ISIS! Stop the ISLAMISTS! Stop the Muslim Brotherhood! Stop them before they install Sharia across the West! Stop them all!




PS I AM NOT A RACIST! I am just making fun of all those people out there that say that I am a “racist Nazi fascist right-wing conservative homophobic bigot” for criticizing Obama or gay marriage. I do not believe in gay marriage or Barack Obama! We need to allow gay people to freely have relationships in the Middle East. We need to stop the beheadings and the other acts of violence throughout the Middle East TODAY!





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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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