Benny Lewis is a Wanker and a Self-Proclaimed “Polyglot”

Is it true that Brendan “Benny” Lewis is a wanker? I think that he is.  He fails to listen to my posts on his YouTube videos and he thinks that I am a bad person. I think that Benny is delusional if he thinks that he can learn a language in 3 months time.  In 3 months, you could spend that time learning how to use the HF radio or getting your technician, general, or extra class license. I bet Benny has no idea what THAT is.  If only he had an extra class license like me.  If only he could talk to Justin, (W3AGF) on ham radio.  If only Benny did something real like ham radio.  Not that foreign languages aren’t important.

In Benny’s part of the world, he’d be called a wanker. In my part of the world, he’d be called a douchebag.  I think that he is a douchebag.  He off in his own selfish little world and he thinks that people can learn languages in 3 months.

I am here to tell you that while it is possible to learn a language in 3 months, it will not me fluent at least. I have learned Russian since 2004, which is 11 years and I am still a little slow at translating it. I have trouble with literal words and idioms into English.  I have trouble with Russian.  Benny’s fiancee girlfriend Lauren Cutlip is learning Russian. Power to her. At least I get to be miserable inside a little tiny dick house on Creveling Road, having to do chores to appease my bosses at Touch-Stone Solutions and Jeremy Perry and the autism waiver. I am put on a diet.  Now, I will be deprived of a candy bar that Jen Taylor buys me every Friday after grocery shopping.  I have trouble with Russian. I have trouble with assholes on Italki twisting my words and having fun with me because I am perceived as a foreigner that does not know their language very well. I am sick of Italki, but Benny loves it. Benny loves Italki. Why the hell doesn’t he post something in French or Spanish or German or Irish?  Why doesn’t he just

People will say that from reading this post that I have issues and that I am full of hate and all that shit.  I know that Benny Lewis is a fake, but he is a very convincing fake. All the other polyglots think that I am a fake. All the other polyglots, except Richard Simcott and Nelson Trindade Lino, do not ignore me. Christophe Clugston always has an ax to grind.  Christophe Clugston calls people retarded that barely know languages and he thinks in his own intellectually-superior mind that he is a real linguist and that Benny and Steve Kaufmann are not linguists.  Clugston claims to have academic credentials. He is a fighter who knows martial arts.  Clugston is not exactly great either. I call this whole thing polyglot theater.  It’s all theater. It’s all pseudo-reality TV entertainment and drama with the whole polyglot thing on YouTube.  Benny always goes up against Christophe Clugston and Clugston always claims to have him beat.  Clugston is always going up against Benny.  Benny and him do not get along.  Benny, Richard Simcott, and Nelson get along. Nelson does not like Benny, either. What is Benny gonna do? Sue me for slandering him? He could do that, but he is such a mobile polyglot that can travel everywhere, but I cannot do that. I cannot travel everywhere like he can. I cannot afford to go to Brazil or Colombia or Pittsburgh with my money. I have no idea how many Brazilians live in Pittsburgh. Brazilians are interesting people and so are Bosnian people.  There a ton of Bosnians in Erie.  They live in Erie. I do not know any of them and the ones that I talk to online ignore me.

No girl from a foreign country could ever date me, short of Suzana Anđelković or Milica Radulović, both from Serbia. I want to date a Serbian girl and possibly make love to one.  I am stuck here in Cochranton, Pennsylvania with few options. There are few foreigners in Meadville, short of Adelia, who Jordan Davis happens to know.  Adelia is the only foreigner that I know in Meadville. I know no other foreigners.  I feel sad and frustrated that Daria ignores me.  I had such a good friendship with her, even though she hated me for speaking Russian and oh how she refused to help me with it. I can remember that all too well.  Daria Larsen is gone now.  I am attacked on the internet by people. I attack and vilify Benny Lewis as a wanker.   Benny Lewis is literally full of himself.  HE thinks that he is the greatest polyglot in the world. He ignores me on the internet and people refuse to help me with foreign languages because I learn things that they do not like or learn things that are objectionable.  Adelia is the only foreigner that I know in all of Meadville. No, I do not get out much. I am stuck here in my teeny tiny little home in Cochranton with no hope of ever getting a girlfriend. No girl could ever date me, I am a “repulsive, misogynistic, bigoted right-wing fascist racist, Antisemitic, person.”  Well, you know the picture.  That’s me.  I am a right-wing, racist, fanatic and Judith Meyer knows it.  That is probably what they think of me. They think that I am a fake and think little of me. Judith ignores me and Richard Simcott barely speaks and Nelson barely speaks as well.  I could just simply leave Creveling Road and go back to Corry. That can’t happen, though. I am stuck in a single group home and Diana Tarr has me here forever.  I live in a single group home and I am autistic. The other polyglots ignore me. They are ignorant people who are too caught up in their own fame to even listen to me.

The world totally sucks.  Benny Lewis has things his way. Benny Lewis lives in California with his fiancee Lauren Cutlip.  Lauren, as I understand it, is from Baltimore. She comes from Baltimore and she found Benny for some reason. Now, Benny and Lauren want to get married. That just sickens me.  Benny sickens me.  Christophe Clugston is full of shit, too. I am my own polyglot. I do not need Benny or Christophe or any of them. I could learn languages on my own and have no one to relate to and have no one to talk to about what they do. I am a minority on the autistic groups. I am a conservative and so is David Pracejus.  I am a small person in an otherwise totally huge world.  I am 1 out of 6 billion people.  Benny is one person, too. So is Christophe Clugston and Judith Meyer and all of the travelling polyglots of the world.  They travel all over.  I do not get to travel anywhere. I am too poor to go anywhere, except Greenville and Corry and Hermitage.  Those are the only places that I can go to. I want to go to Oil City.  Oil City is not too far away from where I live and neither is Franklin.  I do not any of those fancy self-proclaimed polyglots. I am my own polyglot.

I can learn a language on my own without any help from Benny. He is full of himself.  Ricky says that Benny Lewis is not full of himself. Benny Lewis is a total fool and everyone knows it. He is fooling people when tells the world that you can be fluent in 3 months.  Benny must realize that no one can be fluent in 3 months.  It takes YEARS to become truly fluent in a language and Benny realizes that, too. I am laughed at by Daria every time I speak Russian. I guess that I am the wanker and Benny is not.  Benny Lewis is an enigma to me. He is a vexation of the soul.  Dave Pracejus coined a term called a “vexation of the soul” for people that could not be understood and were upsetting to him.  Barack Obama is a vexation of the soul. Barack Obama is an arrogant, lying politicians, like all the politicians in Washington. Barack Obama is a jerk. I think that Geraldo Rivera is also a jerk.  Geraldo Rivera is also on Fox News. Fox News ain’t worth watching. It’s a circus like RT.

RT is a circus. RT tells you the Russian English-language propaganda straight-up.  RT is not that great. The Russian-language media is probably better than RT.  I was ridiculed by my failings by Daria in the Russian language. I was told that I was no good and I was told by my father that Daria was a native speaker and that I did not know Russian at all. He is right about that.  Daria was a bitch. I am so glad that she is gone, now. It’s nice to know that Daria is not coming back. It’s nice to know that my life completely sucks.  I am never going back to live at Raymond Avenue, so I am gonna live here at Creveling Road in Cochranton.  Tiocfaidh ar la.  I pray for the day for when I can live with my folks again.  I do not like Benny Lewis. I do not like Daria Larsen (Perekidaylova) anymore.  I like Adelia though. She is nice.  She knows that I am a wanker with issues who is frustrated.  Daria knows the truth about me.  Daria knows only what she wants to believe. The KKK are not gonna lynch me.  There is no truth in the news anymore. RT lies to you about Islamic atrocities and considers people who dislike Islam to be “Islamophobic” or all that bullshit.  It’s not worth watching.  Islam is not a great religion.  Islam believes that people who do not submit should be killed or converted to Islam. It’s not that great.  ISIS is out killing people again. ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban are out killing people again.  They are beheading innocent people. Israeli soldiers are dying over in Palestine fighting Hamas. Palestinian civilians are being killed by Israeli airstrikes, or so RT would like YOU to believe. They are a bunch of wankers.

Barack Obama is not a great politician. HE is a failure like Jimmy Carter.  Jimmy Carter was convincing.  Jimmy Carter was from Georgia at least. A true Southern Democrat.  I am gonna live here forever. I pray that I will get to move to other places, like Pittsburgh or Erie or Corry again.

I hope to live elsewhere again.  I am so sick of ranting. It’s not going anywhere for me. I am going nowhere with my life. I am going nowhere and I am taking everyone with me. I am taking my parents with me. I am taking my brother with me, too. I am taking everyone down the drain of life. I am so sick of my life going nowhere. People unfriend me on Facebook because they perceive me to be crazy or whatever.  People leave me, like Jay Karn of Idaho did. Jay Karn is a ham from Idaho. Too bad that he is gone now. I miss Jay Karn. He is gone now.  I have lost so many friends on Facebook, due to my rants about Corry High School and about my old school and my life going nowhere. I am jerking off and freewheeling and going nowhere with my life. I am going absolutely nowhere. I am spinning my wheels.  I am going to Hell really, REALLY fast. I am going to go nowhere with my life. I want my parents back. I want to live with my parents again. In Loco Parentis is how it is at my house. My staff are In Loco Parentis.  My parents do not want me anymore.

Daria is all gone now. I am never seeing her again.  Goodbye.


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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