Polyglots on YouTube and Throughout the Internet

I know that I have extensively written and blogged about our esteemed friend Brendan “Benny” Lewis (Benny the Irish Polyglot) from Ireland.  I have people that add me on my Twitter account. I have an account on Twitter called Patchman123, which is  my username.

I have written about how much of a jerk Christophe Clugston has been to Benny and the ongoing war between these two self-proclaimed polyglots on YouTube.  Benny and Christophe have been at war with each other since time immemorial. They are engaged in  an epic pissing contest over who is the better polyglot. Benny Lewis and his Fluent in 3 Months deal of self-teaching in a foreign language vs. Christophe Clugston and his “academic” approach to language learning. Christophe claims to be learned from the academic way of doing things. I have had people tell me how he has no idea what he is talking about on my YouTube video criticizing his use of the word “retarded” to describe anyone that cannot speak a language very well. Or in his terms, functional. Christophe called me a coward, all because I failed to show a proper YouTube pic. Well, I do not want to because I have a Geert Wilders tribute video on my channel and I am afraid that if Islamists learn who I am, that they will undoubtedly try to kill me.

They threaten anyone with death who criticizes Islam or supports critics of Islam, such as Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali for example or Wafa Sultan.  Happens all the time on YouTube.  Atheists love to sit there and criticize other religions and they are threatened with death for criticizing Islam.   We must bring attention to all those brave souls out there who are  addressing the ideology behind over  30 years of Islamic terrorism against the West and Israel.  It has been going for 68 years, ever since 1948, when the state of Israel was founded. The state of Israel was founded as a state for Jews seeking to escape Hitler’s Holocaust in Europe.  The state of Israel has bravely stood up to these bullies for  the 68 years. They were invaded 3 times by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.  All invasions against Israel failed of course.  The Israelis should be commended for standing up to Islamic terrorism from Hamas and various Palestinian groups.  They are a brave people.  Poles should not all hate the Jews and Jews should not all Slavic people either.  Debbie Schlussel and Chaim ben Pesach  should be considered extremists in their own right. The Kahanist ideology (Kahanism) is considered by many to be a radical Jewish conservative sect.  Chaim Ben Pesach (Victor Vancier) is one of the ideologues of this ideology.  He was convicted of terrorism related charges in the 1980s for his attacks against the Soviet consulate in New York City, while protesting the horrible treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union. Chaim Ben Pesach is considered to be a hero among the pro-Israel crowd in the United States. His Jewish Task Force organization is  a fringe group. No one pays much attention to them and YouTube bans him because of his views and PROBABLY because the SPLC labeled him an extremist.

I support Israel, but many in Israel still hate Polish people for their alleged collaboration during the Holocaust.   I recognize that not all Jews  hate Poles.  I recognize that not everyone hates Israel. Why should I go off on a tangent about Israel?

They do not like me at all.   I have heard of these people. I am going to live out the remainder of my days at Creveling Road.   I am no longer gonna live with my parents.  Chaim ben Pesach has some interesting points about the Serbs.  How Bill Clinton bombed (in ben Pesach’s words) the Heroic  Serb Christians. He talks about how the Albanians and the Croats have brutally killed Serbs during the Holocaust and how the Serbs allowed the Jews to fight with them in their partisan groups. The Chetniks had Jews in their ranks.  The truth is that it has been said that the Chetniks collaborated with the Germans and Italians to gain assistance and weapons for fighting the Partisans.  While this did happen, I think that a Kingdom of Yugoslavia ruled by the monarchy would have been better than a Yugoslavia ruled by Tito, which severed the country into 6 republics and made the constituent populations no longer hate each other under the Bratstvo i Jedinstvo policies of Tito’s government.  Yugoslavia fell apart some 11 years after Tito’s death in 1991. Yugoslavia was a mess.  All sides practiced ethnic cleansing against each other and it was a giant clusterfuck.   What if Tito had lived longer? I still think that had Tito lived the country would have still fallen apart anyway.

There is another point that I would like to address about the CSA documentary about the Confederacy winning the Civil War.  I do not think that people would have easily submitted to the Confederates as the mockumentary presents.  People would have formed anti-Slavery resistance groups against the Confederates and the South had a weak economy. I think that at some point in the alternate history documentary, which is highly interesting, that the South would have been forced to give up slavery at some point. There would have been a coup and the rest of the United States would not have submitted so easily to Jefferson Davis, as presented in the documentary.  I doubt if  the CSA  would have had a Cold War with Canada, as presented in the film. Canada would have been a refuge for anti-slavery people, but the documentary does not take into account that the United States is one vast and heavily-armed country. Even if t he Confederates had taken Washington DC and captured Lincoln, absurdly put in blackface to disguise himself, the citizens would have fought against them throughout the country.  The Confederates would not have easily won. They would have had to control a country of over a million people. What was the population count in 1860? I have no idea.

This 2004 documentary is on Netflix.  Again, my thoughts on that.  The documentary explores racism against black people as well.

Anyway, back to my thoughts about polyglots on YouTube and Facebook. They mostly ignore me and refuse to  talk to me. They all think that I am lying or that I am a  backwoods redneck hick from Western Pennsylvania that has no idea what he is  talking about.  They do not believe me. They refuse to add me on Facebook. I do not complain  about it. I am my own polyglot. I do not need fancy titles in my videos or big video editing.  All I need is a Logitech Webcam and a computer and I am in.  I do not like Benny Lewis at all.  I think that he is a stuck-up person. His fiancee and girlfriend, Lauren Cutlip ignores my Russian language messages on YouTube and Facebook, even  though she is learning Russian for whatever reason. I cannot figure out why she is learning Russian.  Benny was shown in a webcam session with his Japanese instructor talking in Japanese about the United States and Benny was stumbling on pronunciation in Japanese.  Benny was speaking with a thick accent and he was trying to figure out what to say to him. The Japanese instructor was nice enough to help him through it.  Benny is learning any language that he can.  Benny is learning German, French, Italian, Irish, Dutch, and Mandarin Chinese. Benny can learn any language and it mystifies me as to how he learns all those languages.

It overwhelms me when I learn multiple languages at any one time. I am stunned as to how Tim Doner and Benny Lewis learned all those languages. Tim Doner currently goes to Harvard and knows 20 languages. I could NEVER do anything like that. I cannot afford Harvard or Yale. Jesus, that’s some elite education there. I want to go to college and become a certified translator.  I know a Ukrainian named Andrey Rudenko who lives in Erie.  He lives with his wife Kristina in Erie.  He and Kristina have some kids.  I know very few Russians in Erie. Erie is only 45 miles away from my house in Cochranton.  Pittsburgh is about 100 miles from my house. I know Dima Harmon in Pittsburgh.  He once knew Russian, but no longer knows it.  I live in between Erie and Pittsburgh.  I know many people in Erie County, including my parents, who live in Corry.  Anyway, I have lived in northwest Pennsylvania my whole life.  Christophe Clugston resorts to “fat-shaming” when he attacks me about my weight on a YouTube comment of his.  He is a real jackass.  I never knew a Russian girl in Erie.  The Russian and Bosnian girls in Erie all ignore me, except Mariya Semenyakova, who WAS my friend, until she decided to block me, all because I tried to help her with a personal problem of hers.  The Russian girls like Yuliya Sokolovskaya ignore me.  I know what it’s like to be rejected and BOY DOES IT SUCK!

I am dumb-founded that Nelson Trindade Lino, or FinnishPractice as he calls himself on YouTube, learns 50 languages.  It is truly something that they know that many. I want to learn Polish, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, and Slovak. I am only interested in the Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages.   Why is French the language of love? At least it’s not the language of love the way Marine Le Pen uses it.  Marine has a very sharp tongue and she is very outspoken.  Her daddy Jean Marie, was a Nep-fascist jerk.  I  will not get into that. I find it unlikely that the Islamic terrorists would behead their own Prophet, as shown in Charlie Hebdo.  Would Christians crucify Jesus? I would think not. Would Christians stone homosexuals and adulterers? I sure hope not.  At least not the ones that I know of, anyway. At least my uncle David L. Clark  of Newberry, South Carolina, who is a preacher at a local church there, would NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING that.  When I heard about the shooting by Dylan Roof is South Carolina, I was afraid because my uncle David is the pastor of a church in Newberry, which is only what 3-5 hours away from Charleston. My staff Ricky asked me if my Uncle David was black. Of course he’s not, but it doesn’t matter.  I still think that Dylan Roof would have attacked him. I have no idea if uncle David has said anything about it. I never go to his sermons at church. I have no idea what he says.  He gave a eulogy about my late grandfather  Cecil Messinger when Cecil passed away in October of 2003.  Cecil was David’s father-in-law.  David is currently married to his (first) daughter Judith Messinger Clark.   My mother Sylvia is his second daughter.

Cecil Messinger once had the same call-sign that I have now, which is W3AGF. I am now the second-generation W3AGF, like my late grandfather before me. I am now living in Crawford County with my staff in a single group home.  My grandmother who was Cecil’s widow, Gerda passed away in May of 2013. I traveled all the way to Florida with my mom for  the funeral and my cousin Bob Messinger and his father Orrin and his daughter (my cousin) Leanne Messinger Anderson, were there.  So was my cousin (MOYA DVOYURODNAYA SESTRA) Christina Hardwicke.   Her husband passed away about a year ago.   My grandfather Cecil served in World War II at the Battle of Anzio and in France and in Northwest Europe.  Gerda was still in the States when Cecil was overseas and when Judy was born.  The war had separated many men from their wives and girlfriends back home. It was an emotional toll at that time.  Many wives and girlfriends left their suitors for other men, but Gerda THANKFULLY did not.   I rarely saw my grandfather and I was 14 at the time I went to the funeral. I was only 14 years old.  My maternal grandmother Gerda passed away when I was 24 on May 5th, 2013.  My paternal grandmother Garnet Pier (nee Royek, nee Madison) passed away in October of last year in 2014.

I have no grandparents left.  It’s pretty sad, but I learn to move on without them. I learn to move on without my grandmother or grandfather. I miss them both. After death, we all learn the painful process of moving on without them and the mourning process.   My family live in the Eastern United States.

I can assure you that the conspiracy theories about Freemasons are false.  I am pretty sure that my great-uncle Clarence Madison has no designs to rule the world or is league with the devil or Zionists or whatever.  Clarence is Garnet’s brother. Clarence is also my dad’s uncle.  I live without my family. I pray that someday that I will be able to live in Corry again someday. I miss Corry.  Now, it has a Tim Horton’s and a Taco Bell. Taco  Bell isn’t real Mexican food like Compadre’s in Meadville is.  Compadre’s has some REAL Mexican food and they serve Jarritos. Jarritos is my favorite Mexican soda, after Mexican Coca-Cola of course.   I love the real sugar taste of Jarritos.  It has no HFCS, which is REALLY GOOD THING. I  hate High Fructose Corn  Syrup and I cannot stand it in my foods and drinks. It’s disgusting.  I hate Coca-Cola with HFCS. I have grown used to sugar in Mexican Coke.   Why can’t Compadre’s serve Mexican Coca-Cola? It would be a huge boost in sales for them.  Sheetz in Meadville  and Tops in Meadville both have Mexican Coke. I bought Dad’s Root Beer in Big Lots in the Downtown Mall for a decent price. It is better with sugar.  The plastic bottle version uses HFCS, which bothers me.  I am not making sense, am I?

I am not a very good blogger anyway.   I live just off route 322 in Cochranton.  I miss Artyom Borovik. That man was a truly courageous man for standing up to the rampant cronyism in Russia. Too bad that he died in a plane crash in 2000.  Artyom Genrikhovich Borovik was a brave man. His father is Genrikh Borovik.

Anyway, I grow sick of living here in a single group home, where I have to get permission to travel outside of Crawford County.  I want to live in Pittsburgh.  Dave says that I am here because of my autism and Asperger’s. Yes, I have that and I am proud of it. Tim Doner learns 20 languages. I have been called a linguistic genius by my psychiatrist Dr. Kobylinski, but I am nothing compared to Tim Doner or Benny Lewis.  Benny Lewis is a genius. His learning style is very simplistic.  I saw how Tim demonstrated his language skills on YouTube. I have too, but I get so views and many dislikes for it. I made mistakes in my Spanish video on YouTube. I should have said Yo ESTOY Americano, instead of Yo SOY AMERICANO.  Benny can learn any language that he can. He is my envy. I aspire to be like him. I am not worthy, just like how Wayne and Garth aren’t worthy.   I loved Wayne’s World. That is such a  classic movie.  Anyway, I can speak Spanish now. Yo estoy Americano y yo tengo 26 anos.  Spanish is a hard language, much like Romanian. I have no idea how hard Romanian truly is. I had a Romanian instructor named Roxana Bucina from Bucharest teach me.  She is a very nice lady.

Steve Kaufmann learns many languages too. He speaks Russian better than I ever could.  Every native speaker of Russian speaks better than I do. I have a tough time translating English idioms into Russian.  Oxford Russian Dictionary does not have a lot of slang terms in it. The slang terms are mostly British  terms that the average American just simply does not use. Such as “That’s not cricket” How many Americans use “That’s not cricket?” or “wanker” in everyday speech?  Of course, wanker is omitted. Wanker is a very offensive term in British and Australian English.  I have used Oxford Russian dictionary to translate Russian to English articles, such as the one about Autism that was printed in a Russian language newspaper in the United States.   The article treated autism as if it were a disease.  It was a very disparaging article.  Alabama has a lower autism rate than New Jersey.  It says that too.   How many Americans use British terms and spellings? Not many. I miss the Russian girls that I once knew from when I was in school in 2007.  Like Christy Baker who was adopted from Russia when she was very little.   I miss her.   She hates me, like so many of the people that I once knew from school. They always threatened to arrest me for talking to a girl when I was in school.

I can become a native speaker in Russian, I just do not try at it. I am too busy with other languages. I try to balance learning one language and another language on top of that and it is very frustrating. I would rather learn Russian. I will still continue to learn Russian, even though I was ridiculed by Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) for speaking it badly. My confidence has eroded because of that. There are no grammar or spell checkers in an instant messaging program, so I was stuck. I did not know about Windows keyboards which switch from one language to another. I learned about that later.  I still use that to this very day. Windows has a built-in Russian keyboard and I use that to type in Cyrillic. It’s not that difficult. Russian is difficult for those that are uninitiated to it.  It is not all that difficult for me to learn. I miss the Russian language. I am so sick of Daria Perekidaylova. How many times have I mentioned her throughout this block? I am sick of mentioning her.  I am sick of being  ridiculed about speaking Russian by Yuliya Sokolovskaya and Daria Larsen.  Kristina Svechinskaya, the notorious “hacker”, never wrote back to me at all.   She got sick of me constantly writing messages to her, so she blocked me.

I am tired of Russian girls on the internet and how one girl who was  interested in me named Julianne Steele has no idea about how Daria Larsen, Kristina Svechinskaya, Katerina Puzakova, and how Yuliya Buzmakova, and Mariya Sidorovich, and Mariya Minenko, and Mariya Nesterova are so far away. She does not care either. She does not care that they all ignore me now.   She does not care that they are so far away and she is so close to me. She does not care about my feelings at all. Her parents do not want her to date anyone at all. Her parents are Wade and Jacqueline Steele of Columbus, Pennsylvania.  She does not care and her parents do not give a fuck about how Daria badly treated me. I now post Soviet-style nationalist propaganda all over Photobucket trying to get her back and it is NOT working. They will not let me be friends with her. They have been lied to about me by various people over the years. I wanted to date Julianne, but they would not let me.  I only have a computer and a blog and some other websites that I am on. I have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, and Tagged.  I always meet scammers on those websites.  Facebook is pretty good about filtering them, whereas Tagged is not.  I grow sick of being slandered by the folks at Touch-Stone Solutions. They spread rumors about everyone that they know, including me. They claim that I can go around websites that I am not supposed to be at the library and what not.  Just so they can lie and give Dave Pracejus an excuse to monitor me on the computer at the Library.

I miss my parents at 43 Raymond Avenue in Corry.  I miss living with my family. Life was so much better. I am gonna miss them forever. I am so sick of Dr. Kobylinski and his BS.  Why should I complain about everything? That NEVER solves anything.  Thank  God that Daria is gone!

I grow tired of the internet in general. It is so freaking stupid.   They lie all the time on the internet. Whether or not it is some idiot making up that the moon landings were faked or that the earth is flat or whatever. Such people are crazy and delusional, in my opinion.  Thank God that I no longer have Daria to worry about!  Well, that is it for my blog post.


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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