The common foreign language learning materials all suck!

The foreign language books aren’t teaching me anything about how to form long, complex sentences in a foreign language. All they teach you is how to say a few phrases in those languages and I am surprised when someone rattles something off to me in a foreign language that I supposedly “know” from all the foreign language books that they publish that I study over and over again.

I just study them over and over again and I cannot form anything major in a foreign language like long and complex sentences where all my thoughts in English are replaced by what is in a foreign language.

My books are totally useless! Benny the Irish Polyglot has a point that you need to focus on the human element rather than what you don’t know. I need to focus on what I do not know so that I can figure out how to be able to say that in a foreign language.

Foreign languages are frustrating for me, but amateur radio is not so frustrating for me. Amateur radio, I was able to pick up easily because it was ALL IN ENGLISH! Amateur radio is a language all onto itself.

Amateur radio is easy to learn, once you study it. My library books aren’t working for me. I cannot say my thoughts in a foreign language that I can in English every day. Those books are for travelers that only need to learn a few phrases that aren’t serious about learning another language.

You know what, I don’t even remember some of the answers to the technician or general class exams that I took and I passed those. I have a hard time remembering things in a foreign language.

They are frustrating to me. My books frustrate me because I am unable to learn what I want to say. I cannot learn Serbian at all. I do not know how to swear in that language. Most of the people on Skype will NOT teach you how to swear in those languages because they are upper class polite society types.

My foreign language books all suck! I cannot learn how to say “Raisin Bran” in Russian or how to say Kool-Aid in Russian. “Kool-Aid” would be “Kool-Aid” in Russian. Microsoft is Microsoft in Russian.

I am unable to learn what I want to say. I am unable to form basic sentences. There are no Czech verbs books at the public library. I want to publish a book on learning foreign languages to get people to say their thoughts out loud inside their heads and translate them into French or whatever language you are learning. I wish that someone would invent a machine that automatically translates your thoughts in English into a foreign language, using the impulses inside your brain and thought and communication to do so. Where you learn a language with your head. You literally put your head inside a language.

How do you say all this stuff into Serbian? How would you translate word for word into Serbian, all gramatically correct and everything? It is impossible for me, with my current language abilities to translate this whole e-mail into Serbian or Russian or Polish or Ukrainian.

But this thought machine will not be a flawed piece of crap like Google Translate. Google translate always translates sentences badly and gives sucky, poor unreadable untranslatable sentences from Russian into English and cannot translate word for word alot of the time. Google translate sucks at translating paragraphs and I do not dare use it because the grammar would be awful in that language if I did.

I want to take all my thoughts and translate them. My Serbian and Russian language dictionaries, programs, and things like that are not enough to translate my thoughts into Serbian or Russian.

I need to issue quick orders in Serbian, like “make fried chicken” or “make me a ham sandwich” or Alot of people give up foreign languages because they cannot hold the memory long enough to remember it, but all those people that tell me that they cannot remember German, always remember English.

The courses and learning what THEY want to teach you is just plain frustrating. Learning what only someone wants to teach you is plain frustrating. You cannot learn swear words at ANY of these courses and they frown upon profanity and bad words.

I want to learn Russkiy Mat. I want to swear in Russian like a native speaker! The swear word books and vulgar Russian books are really disgusting materials that are outdated and people do not always talk like that.

They are able to swear in Russian at you. They are able to say things that are profane, rude, and offensive to you in their language and all the phrasebooks and all the Teach Yourself bullshit isn’t gonna be able to tell YOU what THEY are saying because out of ethical reasons, books like that do not USUALLY print swear words or they are the British upper class snobby holier-than-thou types at Oxford that frown upon the way that WE the common American speak English.

None of the foreign language books that I have out at the library are helpful to me. They only teach phrases and grammar and how to form verbs and parts of grammar, but they do not teach you the human element to be able to say “Hey, I need to be able to write this whole paragraph or e-mail into Russian for myself and Diana to read.”

My foreign language books aren’t getting me anywhere! My books really SUCK! The Teach Yourself and Pimsleur materials are of NO HELP AT ALL! The libraries are too small to carry the big books and I can only get 2 books at a time from Interlibrary loan. They only teach you CERTAIN phrases and certain words from a conversation and their conversations are fixed and pre-set and only teach you CERTAIN phrases and certain scripted sentences, instead of what people REALLY say to you. The Pimsleur language learning materials are nothing but prerecorded sentences that do not tell you how to fluidly say all the things in English that you always think in English inside your head and always say in English, but are unable to say in a foreign language because the books do not teach you these phrases or the books and dictionaries do not have the phrase for certain ethical reasons or because it is phrased in British English and it makes it tough for the average American to learn because most average Americans do not talk like the upper class snobs at Oxford! The English phrasebooks, Teach Yourself materials are aimed at people that need to learn a language to be able to travel inside a foreign country where they would only need to learn certain phrases to get by, whereas I WANT TO LEARN THE WHOLE LANGUAGE!

That is impossible with the dictionaries, phrasebooks, and Teach Yourself materials that I currently own or have out at the library. Learning another language is frustrating. I have hit a dead end with it and there is no hope for me. I need human help. Human help is the only real way to learn a language and I cannot speak Russian fluently because I do not have human help and my Oxford dictionaries are confusing because they do not properly explain the context in which words are used, nor do they teach you the grammar in Russian! Oxford dictionaries and dictionaries in general all suck and are mostly useless for beginners like me. the color dictionaries are quite useful and able to help you, but the term for crawfish or crayfish is not correct because it teaches you some obscure Russian term for it or it teaches you the British way of saying it, instead of the American. The Oxford dictionaries get it wrong, too and the bullshit you about being the world’s best dictionaries, when they really aren’t.

The Oxford dictionaries all suck! Foreign language English-Polish Polish-English dictionaries all suck! They do not teach me how to form the sentences that I have in my head into gramatically-correct sentences in that language. I need to form gramatically correct sentences in that language. I need some help with that. I need human help and I do not speak Russian worth a shit. The books do not tell me how to speak Russian worth a shit. The books are all about phrases. Get a diary, write down your sentences in English, then share them with someone and ask someone to translate them for you. Is that so hard?

It is way too hard to learn a foreign language with autism and ADHD like I currently have, but it can be done. It is not being done. It is possible for an autistic person with a brain wired differently to learn a foreign language because I learned English really well from years of speaking it, If only I could translate that into Russian or Serbian or Ukrainian or Polish or Italian. The books do not teach you anything of value. I am frustrated with my foreign language studies. They are not helping me at all. Can I have some help, please? Thank you.

I will go to bed frustrated and angry that I cannot learn another language. I need Skype to be able to help me. I need to record my conversations and put them on the internet, so that others can learn another language. Someone please help me? I am fucked and cannot learn another language! I am so screwed! I am totally screwed! My foreign language materials do not teach me anything of real value, except how to say “Hi” “Goodbye” and “How are you?” And that’s about it.

I am so screwed! What do I do? Can anyone help me? Please help me, I have hit a dead end with learning a foreign language.

All the foreign language materials that I own or have out from the library ALL SUCK! I suck at foreign languages and I need some serious help with Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

I need to write a blog post about it. I need some help in Vietnamese from my tutors online. I need some help with Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Serbian online. MY books are failing me.

My books all suck badly. They should become alot better than you think. I need to translate ALL of my thoughts inside my head, without being labeled crazy by some Russian person on the internet and without the fear of being blocked and unfriended on Facebook.

I want a real person to be in the house and watch Russian TV with me, so that I can understand it better. I want a real Russian speaking person to help me with their language. I want real people on the internet to be able to help me.

I want to help people learn English, but some people are not specific about what they want to learn in English and I cannot help them because they can’t tell me what they need help with in a clear and concise manner.

The books all suck and I want to send them all back to the Erie County Blasco Library and Corry Public Library and the Meadville Public Library.

They all frustrate me. The foreign languages all frustrate me. Jeremy was unable to memorize Hebrew because he was afraid to take his thoughts and forget what the instructor said in Hebrew and write down his thoughts on a piece of paper and have them translated into Hebrew. You have to forget about what people teach you and learn to teach yourself by writing down your thoughts all in English and asking people how to say this or how to say that in a foreign language.

Unfortunately, when I do it, I get unfriended and blocked on Facebook and Skype.

There is no hope for learning on the internet.

I need a better way to learn a foreign language. How can I achieve that?

I need to record my Skype conversations. I need to record my Romanian lessons! Can I still do that?

I get unfriended or blocked on Skype and Facebook when I express my thoughts. Those Eastern Europeans are foreign to real thought and real freedom of expression to be able to fully express their thoughts. Damn commies and fascists that rule them!

People are not very dependable on the internet. They are not dependable at all. They always constantly blow me for one reason or another. They always make up excuses about this or that. They always make up stuff about certain things. I want to use Skype to communicate with friends, without being blocked or being unfriended and blocked on Skype or Facebook. The Eastern European people all think that I am crazy because they do not know shit about the kinds of mental challenges that I with autism face, so they assume that I am crazy and block me.

It makes me sick every day that I have to deal with this! I am sorry, but I am frustrated and I have hit a brick wall with foreign language studies. Whatever shall I do?



About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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