HFCS! It’s in everything!

Don’t you just hate High Fructose Corn Syrup and prefer sodas with real sugar?  Do you ever notice that HFCS is in everything?


This is W3AGF here about to tell you to lobby the soda industries to keep making more sodas with sugar in them. Tell the soda industry that you hate the sodas with HFCS in them and prefer real sugar and more mainstream sodas have HFCS, but that should not slow you down.  HFCS is made from genetically modified corn, which has pesticides and all kinds of crap in it.  There isn’t a a whole lot of genetic modification with sugar. I am not gonna BS you about it. Just drink soda with real sugar.  Sugar is made from refined processes like HFCS is, but sugar tastes far better and is a far superior product, even though the prices on sugar are outrageous in this country, thanks in no part due to the lobbying of the HFCS industry in making soda. 

HFCS is in the bread you buy, and the soda that you drink. Wouldn’t be nice if there was no HFCS in bread? That you could eat bread without sugar. Atkins diet has you eating NO bread.  Atkins would like to deprive you of carbohydrates needed to keep you going.

Mexican Coke has 15% of your daily carbohydrate value. Now, I am not gonna get preachy about what you should and shouldn’t eat, but sugar metabolizes better or the same as HFCS, but they TASTE MUCH different. IF you notice after a while of drinking soda with real sugar, you will notice an immediate difference in taste compared to HFCS sodas. The people that say that there are no differences between the two taste the soda right after they taste both the HFCS and the sugar AT THE SAME TIME, instead of tasting it after a period of time. After a period of time, you will notice a taste difference. Cheerwine is very good soda! Cheerwine is made from cherries and when I go to Sheetz, I only see Cheerwine in a plastic bottle made with HFCS, which bums me out because on their website they say that Cheerwine is made with sugar and in a glass bottle, like in 1917 when they first made them. 

Cheerwine is not as widely known as RC cola or Pepsi or Coke with HFCS, but it is good none the less. The south mostly has Cheerwine soda. I also prefer Boylan soda, even though it is not as mainstream as Coca Cola or Pepsi with HFCS. I do not like HFCS because it bloats the waistline and makes you more diabetic than sugar. I do not think that is accurate, both do a good job of that, but sugar tastes more natural.

Mexican Coke is a sweetened Coca Cola with real sugar in it.  Mexican Coke is made down in Mexico at a licensed Coca Cola bottling plant and made with real sugar. It is commonly available at Tops! Market or Sheetz in Meadville. In Meadville, you have to go to BOTH Sheetz stores to buy Mexican Coke for a $1.81 (including tax) for a bottle.  You could buy HFCS soda in a plastic bottle for alot less, which sucks because that ruins the glass bottle. Plastic bottles leech chemicals into the drink that you are drinking and metallic cans sometimes have that metallic taste to it. Ever notice the metallic taste from drinking metal cans?  Ever notice how different metal tastes from plastic? I prefer glass where the chemicals do not leak into the soda, however I do not give a damn when some bossy aide worker named Tyrone tells me that it can be used as a weapon.  Glass can be used as a weapon and if you use plastic a certain way with the right amount of force, it can be a weapon too, like when you choke someone with it. 

Glass bottles are better for you. Glass bottle sodas thank God are coming back into style. I see them at Walmart in Meadville or Giant Eagle or Tops! Market.  Increasingly, the demand for glass bottles has gone up. Thank God that more and more people are drinking soda from glass bottles. Soda from glass bottles is much better tasting than HFCS soda. They have the HFCS coke in glass bottles, too, but these are tinier than the 12 oz. Mexican Coke bottles.

HFCS is a disaster for America and in some studies, it has been linked to obesity and diabetes.  HFCS should never have been used as the preferred American sweetener for sodas. HFCS was forced on the market in the 80s and since then, for the last 20 or so years, you could only find soda in PLASTIC bottles at Walmarts around Erie, Pennsylvania and Corry, Pennsylvania. It is unfortunate that at Corry Walmart the only soda that is glass bottles is the IBC soda with HFCS in it and the only soda there with sugar is Pepsi Throwback, which is not always available.  Pepsi Throwback was created to meet the demand in the market for the baby boomers that grew up with soda made with real sugar. My one friend commented that if his taste buds went back in time, that is what they would taste like.

It has been a success and stayed on in the market, the Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback sodas made by Pepsi Co and now Pepsi Co has introduced sodas with plastic bottles with the retro Pepsi Cola label on them. I’ve seen those at Walmart and at Sheetz and I have seen the sodas with sugar in them like Dr. Pepper which tastes so much better than the Dr. Pepper with HFCS in it. 

HFCS DP is wretched, but my one autism waiver worker likes it ALOT. He is addicted to it and hates the soda made with sugar because he is used to HFCS Dr. Pepper.  I cannot stand HFCS at all and I will not drink the stuff.  I will only drink it, but Shelly my one worker, is so insistent on getting the soda with the metal cans because it costs less and has more soda in it in a 12 pack form. She is clueless as usual and the glass bottle soda tastes MUCH better than HFCS. I will drink both, only because I have HFCS forced on me when I go out in public to a restaurant that only serves Coke or Pepsi HFCS products. I will only drink it there if it IS THE ONLY THING AVAILABLE on the menu, otherwise, I would get a water.  Most restaurants have water, except that I wouldn’t drink the water at Compadre’s because IT IS PROBABLY IMPORTED FROM MEXICO and you know what they say about the water in Mexico! DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!  Why is Mexican water so wretched? Because they cannot afford the sanitation stuff that our water has.

It is unfortunate and I have never gotten diarrhea from the Mexican sodas because they have been purified to death with all the filtration techniques at the bottling plant, so I can trust Mexican Coke no matter what.

What does this have to do with history? SIMPLE! People HISTORICALLY drank soda with real sugar in it until the 1980s and the demand for history and history-minded people of the older generation prefer the sodas with sugar in them, so that is why there are sugar sodas on the market with retro labeling on them.

it very much has to do with history you see.  In WWII, GIs drank Coca Cola with sugar in it. HFCS was a fairly recent thing.  Soda with HFCS has unfortunately saturated the market and thank God that people like myself are fighting back against this abomination. 

I prefer the sodas with sugar in them, always!  I wish that there was more lobbying for more soda with sugar in it and Walmart and that more Walmarts across the country carried more of this soda with sugar in a glass bottle and I pray that one day, Corry Walmart carries it.  Corry Walmart seems to only carry Pepsi or Mountain Dew Throwback, but the Red Apple on the corner of Center Street and West Columbus Avenue carries it, THANK GOD!

So, I am very much a retro soda fan because of its history and its deep historical roots going back over a century.  Because of the history and of the value, I prefer soda with real sugar made in a glass bottle and I pray that the soda industry does not stop selling it! Keep on selling that glass bottle soda made with sugar in it! 

Do not stop and do not let up on the soda industry until they keep selling soda with real sugar forever more and so that future generations of all stripes can enjoy it. I would hate for them to stop selling it. It would be a blow for history if they stopped selling soda in glass bottles with real sugar.

It is destroying history and destroying and hating history and vandalizing it if they do not sell soda with real sugar made with glass bottles in it!

They should always sell soda with real sugar in glass bottles. I feel sad that I have been told by a dietitian over the phone to stop drinking it. I will keep on drinking it, no matter what happens, until I become diabetic or worse, I DIE FROM IT.

Tell the soda industry that you want to keep soda with real sugar made in glass bottles today! You will not regret saving history for all future generations if you do!

That is all!


(AKA W3AGF, also preserving history in amateur radio by taking up his late grandfather’s radio call W3AGF and using it as his grandson’s call in the future by the way of FCC Vanity Calls. I hope to keep W3AGF for future generations, too, so that my grandfather’s legacy can be preserved.) 


Aspartame isn’t any better for you, either. Aspartame does bad things to your body. Your best bet is to buy organic foods.  Organic foods have no pesticides in them (or they’re NOT SUPPOSED to anyway.) and they taste more original that being sprayed with pesticides.

I hate High Fructose Corn Syrup and prefer real sugar, even though I am overweight and pre-diabetic. Yes, that’s right, I am overweight and pre-diabetic.



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