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Hey all you fellow Russian-speakers out there!

Hey Russian speakers, have you ever had a problem with Oxford English dictionary and its bloated English upper-crust vocabulary not used by the average American, only to have your Russian phrase be contradicted by some movie by Hollywood that uses … Continue reading

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Dream Last Night about an RTS Game

I had a dream last night about an RTS game with far better graphics than Men of War or any game that I knew of out there that was ultra-realistic like Men of War, but had more of an in-depth … Continue reading

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Benny Irlandzki Poliglota

I would like to write a blog post about learning other languages. I would like to go back home to my old house in Corry, Pennsylvania sometime. I miss my old house down in Corry when I used to live … Continue reading

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You Do Not Need to Put Time Constraints on Learning a Language!

I noticed that my friend Benny Lewis. (Benny the Irish Polyglot) likes to boast that you can learn a language in 3 months. Hence, his Fluent in 3 months blog. But this is not really the case because true fluency … Continue reading

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Limba Româna

Eu sunt American i eu am 25 de ani i eu sunt blogger pe internet. Eu sunt Justin i eu sunt American. Eu am un carte din biblioteca. Eu sunt American și eu sunt Polonez. Trăiască Serbia! Eu sunt drăgostite … Continue reading

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Моя Жизнь в Округе Крафорда.

Моя жизнь в Кокрантоне и я живу в Кокрантоне с моими работницами. Я живу в маленьком граде Кокрантон в округе Крафорда. Я слушаю песню “Козарская бригада.” Это песня на сербском языке о пяте козарской бригаде. Родолюб Роки Вулович. Он сербский … Continue reading

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