The California Shootings, Yahoo News! And Asperger’s

I would like to complain about the recent Yahoo! news article written about the shooter in California who was socially awkward and had problems picking up women and trying to get them to date him.

In the article, the murderer was labeled “misogynistic” because of his “manifesto” about how women rejected him and did not want to date him and was 


The feminist bastards out there are like the Soviets when it comes to people with disabilities. We all know what the Soviets did to people that they thought were “insane” and disagreed with the party line! Same thing here, EXCEPT that they are labeled “misogynistic” by the liberal swine at Yahoo news who have no fucking idea about how hard it is for a person with Asperger’s (such as myself yours truly. Yes, I have Asperger’s and autism I was diagnosed at an early age with it.) to get a girlfriend or to maintain a relationship, but it is NOT worth it to kill people over it.  People with Asperger’s have violent thoughts about their frustrations and wanting to hurt people, but this “manifesto” is labeled “misogynistic” if the guy is frustrated and can’t get a girlfriend.  

It struck a cord with nerds, because nerds have a tough time getting women, something the male-hating feminist assholes that wrote that article about the shooter in California would have a hard time recognizing.  It is not “misogyny” to have problems with getting a women and complaining about being frustrated.

This is the same kind of news “reporting” about “manifestos” that they did about that Anders Behring Breivik guy over in Norway being “anti-Islamic”  Notice how they pretended in their oh-so-special politically-correct attitudes that Breivik was influenced by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and had beliefs that differed from the mainstream and how the media proceeded to crucify Robert Spencer, Pat Condell, and other critics of Islam, and how those SAME PEOPLE condemned what he (Breivik) did over in Norway. It is selective liberal outrage at its finest.  Sure, conservatives may have problems with disabilities, but there are many liberal feminist pigs out there that hate men so much that they can only date OTHER women and have a tough time trying to understand a person with a disability and actually hate other men with disabilities that have problems picking up other women and being a “misogynist” and “misogynistic” when they cannot pick up another woman!

IT is horrible political-correctness and horrible hatred of other men that leads the people on Yahoo news to say that it is a “misogynistic manifesto” if he writes about how he had a tough time getting a women! For God’s sake, I am a MAN that HAS ASPERGER’S AND A TOUGH TIME WITH OTHER WOMEN, I complain about it, but I do not need the saintly holier-than-thou ASSHOLES at Southern Poverty Law Center calling it a “hate site” when it does not agree with their politically-correct feminist Marxist agenda! 

I suppose the assholes in the news media when I DO SOMETHING to someone are gonna use this to insult people with Asperger’s that are socially-awkward around women as being “misogynistic” Boy, I would love to school one of those self-righteous male-hating feminist cunts about how people with Asperger’s that are males have tough times with other women.

I have no problems with women! I have problems with women that are feminist and hate other men and consider it “sexist” when a man talks about how women are favored above men in this society and the law and how you get arrested if you talk to a woman, like what happened to me in school at the gulag known as Corry Area Middle-High School, WHERE I WAS threatened with arrest by an egotistical policeman named Gary Doolittle who decided that I needed to be threatened with charges of “harassment” because I talked to a girl the wrong way and they were “afraid” of me.  I hate those feminist assholes that make all our lives miserable and the rotten assholes at Southern Poverty Lawless Center that they quote as being “experts” in their field.


Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization of self-righteous holier-than-thou politically-correct liberal assholes that think that we are all racist and misogynistic if we have a tough time around someone like say,  Tyrone Brown who is black and works at Touch-Stone Solutions in Meadville. Let’s say that Tyrone decides to complain to Southern Poverty Law Center because he was “hated” because of his false and misleading perceptions that I did not like him because he was black.  

SPLC would favor his ass because he is a minority and he is entitled to who he is.  Tyrone would have no problem getting the SPLC on my ass!  He would bitch to SPLC about how he and Charles Robinson ( a former worker at Touch-Stone Solutions who got canned because he was late to work.) were fired from working with me because they were “blacks.” 

Southern Poverty Law Center would have orgasmic joy over it. They would jizz in their thousand dollar pants and their feminist politically-correct morons that work for them would have a field day, if they knew how “misogynistic” and “sexist” Tyrone Brown was when he said that the female staffers at Touch-Stone Solutions, who work for me at my house that I currently live at, did not do their jobs properly. SPLC would have a complaint about sexism, right there.

I live in Cochranton now, since I moved out there with my female (and one male) staff after moving from the crowded parking at Golfview Manor to the house in Cochranton ( I AM NOT gonna give away my road name, because some dipshit asshole out there is gonna probably kill me or sent out a death threat, but the liberals at “Yahoo! News” would celebrate that, because I am misogynistic, have Asperger’s and I am retarded because of Asperger’s.) just like that Greg Munoz guy did on BoardGameGeek. 

Yep, get with the fucking program people!  People with Asperger’s are not misogynistic because they have different attitudes towards women, stemming from their social awkwardness about not having a women. T

HAT IS NOT MISOGYNY AT ALL! That is just normal male attitude, (then again what NORMAL male attitude towards women, isn’t labeled “misogynistic by feminists?”) for a guy to have.


So internet, quit posting hate speech about how people with Asperger’s are nerds and socially awkward because they cannot get a woman and nerds like Arthur Chu can relate to it.   They quote Arthur Chu and hold it against him because he could “relate” to how the shooter felt about women and being rejected by them because he was a nerd. It is not “misogynistic” to have problems about getting a girlfriend and writing about normal guy problems about getting a woman!

Then again,  I suppose that these are the same kind of feminists that think that marriage is slavery, and having sex is like raping a woman.

These perverted and fucked-up people make me sick to my stomach! So go fuck yourself, you feminist swine and Dobranoc!

(Dobranoc is Polish for good night. I am of Polish ancestry, so I say Dobranoc to anyone out there who is reading my post.)  Laku Noć i hvala za čitanje.

I will write a blog post about my experiences with learning foreign languages in the future on this blog.

So thank you for reading this blog post about the dickheads at Yahoo! News and Good night!

I suppose Southern Poverty Law Center thinks that we are all misogynistic KKK types if we have a problem and complain about being frustrated about NOT having a girlfriend.

I speak on behalf of nerds out there when I say,  “GO TO HELL SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER!”

Thank you and Dobranoc.



I know that my friend Benny the Irish Polyglot will attack me for this! I am Patchman123 on YouTube. I suppose that they will complain about me being “self-centered” and “delusional” because I think (I KNOW THAT I FOR A FACT AM A POLYGLOT.) that I am a polyglot like Benny the Irish polyglot because I said something something about how no one listens to me about my foreign language skills on YouTube. No one listens to my videos on YouTube, but I get many followers on Italki because of my language skills and people willing to help me with them. Which is great, but that does not MAKE me self-centered, nor would I shoot up people over it like that guy in California did. I have Asperger’s too, you know.

Too bad few listen to me because I am uncouth and use foul language to truly express myself. Sorry for using foul language. I just want to get my point across, that’s all.

I just want to say things that people are afraid to express. My blog expresses them loudly and clearly for everyone to see, which is why that I say them.

So thank you and Dobranoc!



About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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