Benny the Irish Polyglot

I wish to write a blog post about my friend Benny Lewis, who calls himself Benny the Irish Polyglot. Benny the Irish Polyglot is a blogger/language hacker (as he calls himself) who sees learning a language as a different and fun and rewarding experience.

He is all about learning what you need to know, rather than what you don’t know. He takes people that have frustrations with learning another language and helps them by publishing his clever book, Fluent in 3 Months and what he has learned about foreign languages over the years.

I am critical of his learning in 3 months style of approach because it does not take 3 months, nor should it take a specified time frame to learn a language. You learn a language whenever you learn a language.

You learn a langauge when you learn a language and you do not care if it takes 3 months or 3 years to do so. The problem with all the other polyglots on YouTube is that they are rich and have money to travel to different places. Benny can afford to drop himself into any country of any choice. I on the other hand, CANNOT afford to do that because I earn a very limited amount of money and Tim Doner and Benny the Irish Polyglot get all the attention because of their looks and what not. I on the other hand believe in results. I only get 200 views at most with my videos about Benny the Irish Polyglot, whereas Christophe Clugston gets views in THE THOUSANDS. I could never get views in the thousands like THEY DO.

I am not jealous of that or anything. I try speaking Serbian on my blog, which I know how to do, short of some jerk named Stevan Radosavljević mocking me about how bad I am, just like Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) used to do with me when I was learning Russian. I struggled with the dative and accusative cases in the Russian language. I could barely tell them apart. I slowly learned by trial and error. I was afraid to make mistakes because my so-called friend Daria was overly critical of them and she thought that she was so perfect, too.

God, I hate Daria! To this day, I cannot stand that woman insulting me about how bad my Russian was and she flat out refused to help me with it. She was not happy that I even spoke Russian. She was demanding and constantly a problem for me. Daria and I got along fine for many years until she became a demanding little princess. Daria Valerievna Perekidaylova is the only daughter of Svetlana Perekidaylova and Valeriy Anatolevich Perekidaylov of Tolyatti, Russia. Now she is called Daria Larsen after marrying Carsten Larsen, a Danish citizen. I myself am part Danish, so I have no problem with it.

I do not know anything about Daria’s life in Dublin, Ireland. And I do not care to know, either. Daria Larsen (nee Perekidaylova) can go to hell and stay there!

Daria was such a spoiled and pampered little care. I hate her to this day, but I digress from my post about Benny the Irish Polyglot. Benny Lewis, (or Benny the Irish Polyglot as he calls himself.) is an internet hit on YouTube. He travels the world describing his experiences with Spanish, German, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese and a whole HOST OF DIFFERENT LANGUAGES THAT HE HIMSELF HAS DECIDED TO LEARN. Benny is a great guy, don’t get me wrong. I myself am a polyglot that speaks 10 languages, (Polish, German, Romanian, French, Portuguese Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Ukrainian.) and has no time to travel the world. I meet very few foreigners in Erie. I live in Cochranton, Pennsylvania with my workers from Touch-Stone Solutions.

I am helped along in life by the Autism Waiver from the state of Pennsylvania and by my behavior specialist, Jeremy Perry, and my community inclusion worker. (Cass Weinheimer) Benny has over 6,000 followers on Italki. I only have 21 followers on there. I mostly write notebook posts in another language and people like them and correct them for me. I mostly write about life experiences, about Boylan soda and Jones Soda and Mexican Coke. Mexican Coke is my favorite beverage. I FREAKING love Mexican Coke! It is so wonderful because it uses real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, like the American coke does and it is more of an original taste than American Coke with HFCS. I love Mexican coke. Mexican Coke has a wide following here in the States.

It is made with sugar and while it is debatable if it is better for you than the HFCS American Coke, it is damn good to drink. In my area in Cochranton, you can buy Mexican Coke at Sheetz or Tops Market in Meadville. You can buy Boylan soda at either Pizza Villa or Giant Eagle. At Pizza Villa, they sell them for the outrageous price of $2.00 per bottle. I felt that $2.00 a bottle was an outrageous price for a bottle of soda, when soda at Sheetz costs $1.69, (that’s not including tax.) or $1.37 (INCLUDING TAX for JONES SODA BOTTLES AT GIANT EAGLE.) The sodas elsewhere cost a few cents less. That is .63 cents (over 50% less than what they charge at Pizza Villa.) $2.00 a bottle is highway robbery!

I am on the autism waiver and they understand my deep love of foreign languages and learning other languages and learning how to speak other tongues. (It so happens that the word Язык (Yazyik)in Russian means “tongue” as well as language. Russian is such a fascinating language. I just might post a blog post in Russian. But everything pro-Russian these days is labeled as propaganda from their news media. I just do not watch the news, lest you count RT in English. I wish that Wikipedia would not label them as propaganda organisations (they use the British spelling because they are oh so smarter and more sophisticated than you or me.) because they have different view points. It is funny how they don’t label Fox News as that. Fox News spins things. I just watch 2×2 on eTVnet through my Roku and they show Russian-dubbed versions of American TV shows like Griffinyi (Family Guy) or Simpsonyi (the transliterated eTVnet spelling, which I have come to adopt.) The documentaries are very interesting to watch, if you speak Russian. Zemfira is great to listen to. I like how Yuliya Kovalchuk looks in her “between us.” (mezhdu nami) video. She looks so hot in that video. Yuliya Kovalchuk is a Russian of Ukrainian descent, like Alsou is a Russian of Tatar descent.

Alsou has one of the most beautiful voices of any singer out there. She is a pop star, like Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez or Christina Aguilera. Except Alsou has more talent than ALL OF THEM COMBINED! Russian pop music is okay, though I hear that a lot of people HATE IT like my friend Daria Larsen does. She prefers rock music like B-2 or DDT for example. She likes Western Music better than Russian music. Personally, I like Polkovniku Nikto ne Pishet by B-2. It is a great song. I also like Po Vyisokoy Trave by Lyube from Moscow.) Lyube is awesome! They are one of the best rock bands out there, known for their patriotic and nationalistic themes in their music and their deep love of Russia.

Lyube is truly one of the greatest bands out there to listen to. Zemfira is good. I like Zemfira, though she too tends to be an angst-ridden feminist who hates everyone. Zemfira may appear to be that to a lot of people due to her image, but she is more than that. Zemfira Talgatovna Ramazanova is one of the greatest singers out there. There is also Ideliya Marsovna Makarova (who calles herself Idelia Mars because of her stage name relating to her first and middle names shortened from Idelia Mars(ovna). Ideliya currently lives in Miami Florida searching for acceptance in the West as a pop star, comparable to that of Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.

My friend Ideliya lives in Miami, Florida. Her Tatar Girl video was successful and sexy to say the least. But I feel that Tatar Girl was a little too sexualized for my tastes. The Prince Dean guy was rather annoying in my opinion. I’m sure Prince Dean is an okay guy, but he would never gain acceptance in the West. He is only known by Tatar music fans out there, for his work with Ideliya Makarova, (who calls herself Idelia Mars.) the famous Russian pop singer of Tatar origin.

I like Tatars they are such nice people. I love the Tatars, but their language is difficult to learn because they are so few books written about it, compared to the many books written about Russian and Polish and Ukrainian. There are no Teach Yourself Tatar books out there to learn Tatar. I would like to write a Teach Yourself Tatar book out there so that people can know Tatar.

I speak a little Tatar myself. Мин Джастин. That is the only Tatar I know, besides “Мин сине яратам”, which means “I love you” in Tatar. There’s Salyam (derived from the Arabic, Salam.) and bunch of other phrases that I do not remember. Oh my frustrations at learning Tatar. What does this have to do with Benny? Simple. HE should learn Tatar sometime. NOW THAT is learning a language. Though I am dismayed that he only spent 5 hours learning Polish for his visit to TedX in Warsaw. he could have spent a little more time on it. Be prepared when you go out in public when speaking another language. Do not be nervous and bite your tongue. If you make a mistake, (but don’t make the wrong kinds of mistakes because they can get you laughed at.) don’t worry about it. When you speak Spanish, do not worry about some Hispanic dickhead out there who complains that you are a gringo who will not learn the real Spanish or whatever macho bullshit that they spew out there. Just speak Spanish.

I am critical of Benny the Irish Polyglot just dropping into country after country after country. He has the money to travel wherever, I just sit in front of my computer and listen to instructors from Romania named Roxana Bucina on Skype teach me Romanian. I have many followers on Italki, though not as many as Benny. Benny does not listen to me because he is incredibly full of himself and his giant ego. Tim Doner has no problem finding other speakers of another language because he lives over in New York City where there are millions of them. I do not live in or like New York City for that matter. I live in a small town called Cochranton, Pennsylvania.
Before that, I lived in the cities of Meadville and Corry.

I was born in Corry to my parents Joe and Sylvia and my brother Matthew. My uncle served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot of a UH-1 Huey. I have an uncle that served in the US Navy and whose son, (my cousin) currently serves in the United States Navy. I was born on February 15, 1989 in Corry, Pennsylvania. 15 lutego po Polsku.

When I was in school, I learned a little Spanish. It wasn’t much. I was speaking Spanish to the cafeteria ladies and was fascinated at how people I knew, like teachers could speak foreign languages like Spanish or French. It took me several years before I learned German in high school with Frau Miller, my teacher at Corry Area Middle High School in Corry, Pennsylvania. She is married to Mr. Miller the vice principal of that school. (Well, he WAS vice principal when I was there.) That was 7 years ago, though.

I learned a little Spanish, but I knew that the bits and pieces of learning another language in school would come in handy one day. I was known for my linguistic skills, like winning several spelling bees over at Union City Elementary School when I was there. I won several spelling bees and was always very good at spelling things.

I got As in spelling when I was in school and got average grades from my hard-nosed English teacher Mr. Lesher (who often addressed me by my last name.) in Middle School. I took English and did well at the finer points of grammar. Grammar always got me when I learned it in German. I learned learned about the genitive case in German, but I learned about accusative and dative cases and how to conjugate the verb müssen in German.

I only took 3 years of German when I was in school. I did not take year 4 of German, before I took the initiative and graduated early in the year 2007 at Corry Area Middle High School, instead of graduation in 2008, I graduated in 2007. I was held up a year in 2nd grade at Union City Elementary School and had to repeat 2nd grade.

I made up for that in Corry Area Middle High School, by attending school there and attending online cyber distance courses from the University of Missouri and economics courses. Though, I must say the economics course was a little biased towards socialism.

I used to be Marxist back when, realizing that the ideology was total bullshit later on in life. Being brainwashed by all the hard-left propaganda out there.

I was pro-Soviet because I thought that the Soviets represented the oppressed, when in fact they were the OPPRESSORS of the worst kind. They were everything that they supposedly hated, greedy, corrupt, oppressive, rich and domineering total owners of everything.

The Soviet Union was a farce, but it had its nicer points such as kicking Nazi Germany´s ass during the war. They drove the Germans back to Berlin, but they never gave Poland back its stolen Eastern Kresy Wschodnie territories in 1939 back to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union kept these annexed territories and in return “compensated” Poland by stealing (ironically enough.) Germany`s eastern lands of Silesia and Pomerania.

Germany lost East Prussia and Silesia and Pomerania after the war. East Prussia got annexed by Poland and Russia. Half of it going to Poland and the other half going to the Soviet Union as Kaliningradskaya Oblast. (Kaliningrad Oblast.)

Kaliningrad is the Russian name for Königsberg in East Prussia. I think that East Prussia should go back to Germany. And that Poland can keep the eastern half of Germany that it annexed as a war prize. Just like Tito kept parts of Italy after World War II and gave them to Croatia and Slovenia.

I think that Kresy Wschodnie should be returned to Poland because my friend Bill Wieliczko witnessed these lands being stolen by the Soviet Union and deported to a labor camp in the Soviet Union. To this day, he has no love for the Russians. I on the other hand LOVE the Russians because they were so nice to me and so willing to help me learn their language. The hostility between our two countries does not help anything. I like Russians. I never suffered in a Soviet labor camp though. Those were communist Russians that did that to Wieliczko, not Russian people as a whole that did not support what the commies did to him. Many Russians to this day actively deny the atrocities committed by the communists and still glorify Stalin to this day. They like Stalin because he won the Great Patriotic war and crushed the German fascists and was as brutal of a tyrant as Hitler was. His paranoid style of leadership is still around today in people like Saparmarut Niyazov of Turkmenistan and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus. Of course Saparmurat Niyazov is long since dead. He was replaced by some guy named Gurbaguly Muhammedow. JLo performed for him, much to the dismay of human rights activists. Human rights activists are assholes. The biggest bunch of assholes and hypocrites out there. They are oh so holier than the rest of us. Everything is a human rights violation when they complain about it. They selectively complain about Israel and its transgressions against the Palestinians in Palestine. Human rights and animal rights groups are assholes, like PETA for example. I cannot stand PETA! They are too radical for my tastes and too hard left for me.

Bill Wieliczko was released from a Soviet labor camp and joined the Polish Forces in Exile in the Middle East. He later commanded a Cromwell tank in France and Belgium during World War II. He served with the Polish Forces in Exile during World War II. He is quite ederly now and like me, wants to see the Kresy Wschodnie lands returned back to Poland.

He has two sons Mike and John Wieliczko. His son Mike was a former police officer with the Corry Police Department. I used to like Wieliczko a lot and I still do. Bill Wieliczko is quite elderly now. He does not have long to live. He lives with his wife Valerie and his son John in Corry.

I will not give away his address for personal and privacy reasons of course.

Anyway, back to Benny the Irish Polyglot. He is a great friend of mine. Don`t get me wrong, though I love his humanistic approach to learning another language, I hate his 3 months time constraint to do it with. When you learn a language, do not care about how long it takes. JUST LEARN IT!

Benny is a great guy. I like him alot. I wish that he was friends with me more on Italki. He is too busy and too full of himself to listen to me, just like his rival Christophe Clugston (who called me a coward on YouTube on my profile page.) and his friend Richard Simcott and the other members of the self-described polyglot community on YouTube.

These polyglots are too full of themselves to listen to me. They mostly ignore me. They are ignorant of real people with real results like myself, learning from Roxana Bucina, Minela Kerla, and Mladen Josifovic and Kamenko Kasikovic.

The Serbs like me and they help me to learn their language very much. Their culture is one of the most interesting and fascinating cultures I know. I love the Serbs!

Who cares about their actions in the 1990s wars? That was a few Serbs, not the whole Serbs. I love the Chetnik movement and the Serbs very much. I consider myself to be a Chetnik in solidarity with my brothers, not sure how they perceive someone with a disability like myself or a Polish non-Serb person like me.

I like the Chetnik movement, but HATE the collaboration with the Germans and Italians.

I like the Chetniks and the Partisans both, though the Chetniks have been unfairly insulted by people like the likes of Sabrina P. Rahmet and Marko Attila Hoare to name a few.

These self-described Balkans experts sicken me and their communist Marxist leanings and their hatreds of Eastern European nationalists sicken me.

I hate Sabrina P. Rahmet and her garbage that she spews as “academic literature” She is a pseudo-academic who uses hate speech in her musings about the Serbian Radical Party and Vojislav Šešelj. I like Vojislav Šešelj, but hate his war crimes.

The Serbian nationalists are nice people, till you bomb them with NATO warplanes. Joke of course.

I am writing about Marko Attila Hoare and his anti-Serbian hatred ilk. Aleksa Ostojich would hate him too and he deeply loves Serbian culture and language because he himself (Aleksa Ostojich) is of Serbian descent and lives down in Pittsburgh and works at Western Psychiatric, which is where I met him when I was in the hospital there.

I always found an Eastern European language speaker at each of the 3 hospitals that I went to in the region and attributed it to being blessed by God himself for my deeply-held loving, honest, and intelligent gift of knowing other languages. Doug T. at St. Vincent was wrong when he said that I would find a lot more Spanish speakers around here. There are more Russian speakers in Erie, though. I do not know the Doug T. guy at St. Vincent whom I knew. He joined the military because he was upset by his friend committing suicide. He joined the Air Force and served in Panama during Operation Just Cause.

I do not know anything about him, other than he is named Doug T. That is all that I know about him. He is fanatical about religion. He speaks Spanish and Italian.

Whatever happened to Doug T. at Saint Vincent hospital? All that I know about him is that he got into Stairways Behavioral Health’s RTFA program (Residential Treatment for Adults RTFA) and used that to get out from Saint Vincent. He was in Saint Vincent for 3 weeks and had anger issues with the staff there.

I am not sure if he was telling the truth, though. He had an anger problem. Keith Heglund also at Saint Vincent was BIG into conspiracy theories.

I also knew him at Saint Vincent. Dr. Khoa Tran of Vietnamese ancestry was my doctor at Saint Vincent. After Saint Vincent, I had further trouble and had to be hospitalized at Western Psychiatric down in Pittsburgh.

I knew someone down there named Lida Ludwig. I do not know what happened to Lida Ludwig or Ashley Hoffmann, who I both knew at Western Psychiatric. Lida could talk, whereas Ashley could not and always wore a crash helmet on her head. Ashley could not talk and had problems with communication and mostly communicated through sign language when the others that I knew at Western Psychiatric could not talk and one of the staff there pointed out that I was more intelligent that the rest of them. (Thank you Patrick Zbašnik of Croatian descent.)

I liked Aleksa Ostojich down there. I hope to be friends with him outside of the hospital. I wonder if Roxana would accept my friendship request on Facebook.

Guess I’ll find out! I would like to be friends with Aleksa Ostojich sometime. If he would return the favor that is. I do not think that he can be friends with me, due to the patient relationship thing policy that UPMC has.

Thank you Western Psychiatric for sending my clothes back in the mail. That was real nice of you! Thank you Stephanie Hancheck for being such a nice lady.

Thank you Dr. Pierri for taking the time to learn my social issues and Dr. Malas. Too bad Dr. Wolfe was murdered along with her sister. That was a senseless act.

I miss Dr. Wolfe. I liked Dr. Wolfe and at least I can say that I knew someone who was murdered. It saddens me to this day that that happened to her.

Anyway, more about Benny the Irish Polyglot since I have strayed so far off topic. I like Benny for who he is. I like Benny the Irish Polyglot and I wish that I knew him better.

I want to be friends with him when he visits Pittsburgh in August. That is if he actually does it. I will visit him in Pittsburgh.
I hope that my friend Aleksa Ostojich who lives down there can help him learn Serbian. I cannot convince Benny to learn Serbian, Croatian, or Bosnia, (EVEN THOUGH ALL THREE ARE THE SAME LANGUAGE PRATICALLY SPEAKING OF COURSE)

I would like to meet him in Pittsburgh again sometime. Hey Aleksa, would you like to meet Benny the Irish Polyglot? I would like to see you again.

Thank you Aleksa for being such a great friend to me down there and the Western Psychiatric staff for being so nice to me. The food could have been better, but it’s a hospital so there.

I have Asperger’s, OCD, and according to Dr. Ryan Kobylinski, my psychiatrist ADHD.

Well, that is all I have to say right now.

Thank you and I hope that you will enjoy reading my post about Benny the Irish Polyglot. I REALLY LOVE LEARNING OTHER LANGUAGES AND LEARNING ALL ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY FASCINATE ME VERY MUCH.

My worker Doris wants to learn Spanish. They just do not have the time to learn Spanish because of their busy schedules. I wish that they had all the time in the world, like I’ve got, but they don’t so there.

Benny has a lot of time on his hands and so does Richard Simcott and Christophe Clugston, who ALL DEEPLY LOVE THEIR JOBS AS LINGUISTS AND LANGUAGE SPEAKERS.

I really love the YouTube polyglot community and wish that it could be better. So, thank you for reading my post if you can read it.



About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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4 Responses to Benny the Irish Polyglot

  1. jj says:

    “Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian”
    They are actually different dialects of the same language so it shouldn’t count as 3 separate languages.
    As for what the Serbs’ allegedly did – most of it was propaganda – lies, distortions and exaggerations. Things were literally set up for the cameras to frame Serbs. The Bosnian Muslims had their only two professional cameras at the ready before at least one of the so-called Markale massacres: the cameras were at a safe distance but had obscured views – that shows foreknowledge of the event. Plus many of the things blamed on Serbs were, according to some investigators and investigators’ official reports to have come from Muslims’ lines or could have been from either’s positions.
    The Bosnian Muslims had the largest number of forces, BY FAR, in that war: 200,000. While the Serb forces in Bosnia were around 40,000. Plus Croatia had 40,000 of its forces (from Croatia, not Croatian Serbs) stationed in BiH throughout the entire war. And there were still some stationed south of Brcko months after the war in violation of the Dayton Accords. An SFOR officer told me that. He also said the Muslims had a bridge rigged to blow for the Pope’s visit one Christmas just after the war (but I think that visit was cancelled).
    And CNN and other media sources would use pictures and videos of dead Serbs and falsely claim them as Muslims or Croats. Stella Jatras, an American-Greek, saw on a French TV station the funeral of two children killed in an attack on a bus early in the Bosnian war. Well, she noticed that the funeral was officiated by a Serbian Orthodox Priest. Shortly after that she saw the same funeral on CNN but with the priest cleverly cropped out and CNN claimed the children were Muslims.
    So CNN deliberately used the deaths of Serbian children to create false Muslim victims and blame the Serbs.
    The whole wars went like that: entirely slanted against Serbs, while Serb victims were ignored or claimed to be non-Serbs.
    I’ve read ICTY transcripts and many UN officers testified of Bosnian Muslims staging and provoking attacks. The Bosnian Muslims would fire out from near the UN compound in Sarajevo (the UN soldiers inside hear OUT-going fire right next to it). The Serbs would “reply” some minutes later – and the soldiers were all angry, but not at the Serbs – at the Bosnian Muslims, because they knew the Muslims were trying to draw in fire and have the UN compound hit. It would be headline news against the Serbs.
    The Muslims, UN officers have testified, had great mobility and would have mortars mounted on trucks, as well as shoulder-launched types, and even used train carriages which they’d push/roll out and back to launch attacks then get out of the way for return fire.
    Read Peter Brock’s book to learn of many of the media lies in the Balkan wars and also “Unholy Terror” by John R. Schindler. Schindler tells how the west falsely covered for Alija Izetbegovic and the ruling party of Sarajevo/BiH and that they had death squads killing Sarajevo Serbs from the start. One example was Musan Topalovic “Caco” of the 10th Mountain Brigade. He, with his men, was murdering and decapitating civilian Sarajevo Serbs and throwing them into Kazani gorge.
    Plus any good map will show that the Muslim forces in and around Sarajevo did have mountainous areas and a lot of high ground.
    U.S., Germany, and Britain had an agenda to breakup Yugoslavia at the Serbs’ expense. Serbs were the largest and most cohesive ethnic group. Serbs lived in the other republics and they had to be cleansed, killed or neutralized as they wouldn’t be cooperative to what the U.S./EU/NATO had in mind.
    Bosnian Muslims were roasting Serbs alive – I’ve seen pictures of this (with the Serbs fully named/ID’d) and the mainstream media was and ever is silent about what Muslims and Croats did. They also kept Serbs in grain silo concentration camps such as the one in Tarcin.
    Mainstream media is also silent about a Croats confession of killing scores of Serbs. That Croat is Miro Bajramovic and he freely confessed to a Croatian independent newspaper. So, it’s not like he was someone in custody threatened and tortured to confess as were Serbs who even confessed to killing people who were later discovered alive and entirely unharmed, such as the Blekic brothers. Did you read about them?

  2. jj says:

    “but had obscured views”

    Should be un-obscured views

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