Go to Hell Southern Poverty Law Center!

I am sick to freaking death of SPLC going after people like me out there on the net because of a few characteristics because I am perceived as being extreme, all because I say things about the blacks, such as being afraid of what they might do to me, and generally as a safe rule, avoiding people that I do not know.

I come from a small-town environment where I encounter few blacks, so I guess that makes me a “honky white redneck cracker-ass honky” doesn’t it?

I am so sick of Southern Poverty Law Center and their whole chasing after people that they define as threats. And worse still, Wikipedia SHILLS FOR THEM by putting up the list of “hate groups” based on certain characteristics.

You know how SPLC always says that they label people because of “immutable characteristics” such as race or something like that. Well SPLC criticizes people that go after people because of their race, but THEY THEMSELVES go after people based on beliefs.  It is hypocrisy at its finest.

SPLC keeps me afraid of a menace that really doesn’t affect me at all.  They are keeping people afraid of the right-wing, who is the people that they are against because of their beliefs on race and all that shit.


These people do not affect me at all and I do not know any white supremacists, nor do I associate with any.  Why SPLC do you keep people afraid of people that you disagree with? Why all the McCarthyistic blacklisting?  Why all the “hate group” designations?  Why all of that? Why Wikipedia do you shill for these assholes?

SPLC are a bunch of fear-mongers and boogeymen looking to raise money based on fear. They capitalize on people’s fears of a white supremacist right-wing fueled by conspiracy theories and whatever gobbledygook that they use to describe these people.  Why should I be afraid of a bunch of right-wingers? Why should I be afraid of Pamela Geller? Pamela Geller is not a friend of mine, because she hates Slavic people and all gentile Slavs, seeing them as all being “Nazi collaborators” and all that sort of stuff, but I like her work based on Islam. She and Jihad Watch should be the SPLC of radical Islam.  They use the same language as SPLC, “Islamic supremacist” and all that sort of stuff. They sound like SPLC on Islamists. SPLC should consider them to be an ally, not an enemy because they’re “anti-Muslim” or something like that.


Why should I be afraid of people that do not affect me at all? Why should I worry about a bunch of racist white bigots that think that the color of their skin and race is superior to all? Why should I be kept in fear of them? They keep people in fear of blacks and Hispanics and other non-whites, SPLC keeps people in fear based on their political beliefs. Why should I be afraid, Southern Poverty Law Center?

Bring it on SPLC! Bring it on! I am so sick of your crap! I am so sick of living in fear of white honky racist redneck assholes! I am so sick of them being listed! I am so sick of SPLC’s tactics!! Why do you obsess about them so? It’s like you have some kind of OCD-like obsession with racism and racists that it’s just ridiculous! This is like someone on mega-obsessive compulsive disorder gone beserk!  It’s a disgusting and dangerous obsession that SPLC has here.

Bring it on SPLC! I dare you to come and find me!  I am so sick of Wikipedia pretending that Islamophobia is a real phobia when in fact it is a neologism like “homophobia” designed to smear opponents (ironically enough) of Islam. It is ironic that they would use this term Islamophobic, like homophobic, when Islam itself is homophobic.

I’m a “right-wing extremist conspiracy-theory believing white Christian male” and you can have me as much you want to!

I despise racism, I despise annoying watchdogs like SPLC. They do serve their purpose, when the time is right for example.  Go on home Southern Poverty Law Center! Go on home! (My parody of the Irish rebel song “Go on home British soldiers”) Why does Wikipedia keep people afraid of racists? Why does Wikipedia label Islamophobia as a form of hatred? Why does it label criticism of Islam as hatred and anti-immigrant sentiment? Simple because some mega-far left asshole over in England or Europe somewhere decided that people who are rightly afraid of Islam being a violent and dangerous religion that spawns hateful and bigoted fanatics, are a threat to them and are “bigots that should be exposed” They claim to be exposing bigotry, when in fact, they’re a bunch of self-righteous, overzealous, ultra-left whiners that need an enemy to focus all their OWN hatred on, while labeling hatred for anyone that criticizes Islam.

They say, “oh this group is listed by SPLC as a “hate group” ” AS if that really means anything.  It doesn’t mean anything. SPLC just keeps people in fear of right-wingers, that I agree SOME are dangerous, no question about it, but they don’t affect me at all.  SPLC and the self-righteous politically-correct assholes that they are just keep people in fear of a right wing that is mad about Islam and the Hispanics taking over their lands and concerned about immigration. Most conservatives support legal immigration, because they themselves, these white Anglo-Saxon Protestant rednecks, come from immigrant backgrounds where their families came from Ulster or Scotland or England for example. So, why should we fear a bunch of rednecks?


Please SPLC, quit wasting my time! Go obsess about someone else! Thank God for Laird Wilcox! Thank God for that Laird Wilcox guy and his better fringe group labeling. Of course, the Wikipedia article has to quote smear quotes about him by Chip Berlet and SPLC having an “axe to grind” because he opposes the kind of far-left scum that Chip Berlet and SPLC personify.  He has criticized their faulty research and constant fear-mongering about a right-wing threat of fringe fanatics that is small and laughably bad at best.  I just laugh at these guys! I do not fear them! I do not see what all the hulabaloo is about the white supremacist KKK groups!  The KKK is a joke! The KKK is no longer a big threat anyone!

Once more, like Draza Mihailovic, Morris Dees COLLABORATED WITH THE FASCISTS! Yes, that’s right, Morris Dees used to DEFEND THE KKK! He should be punished for his collaboration with the fascists!  He collaborated with fascists and that in my brotherhood and unity struggle of all races in America, that makes him a traitor like Draza Mihailovic. where SPLC divides us based on race, instead of uniting us. I suppose they have their purpose to label people. But is it really, necessary?

Morris Dees is the Draza Mihailovic of anti-racists. He has collaborated with them during his legal career then fought against them, like the Chetniks did in Yugoslavia.  Morris Dees was a collaborator!

Morris Dees is a fascist! He is part of the fascist corporatist machine that goes out and attacks its like-minded opponents and goes after racism, but in reality, chases people that do not concern alot of people.  The fascist corporate machine steamrolls right over us, ladies and gentlemen! The fascists in our current government will do almost everything to destroy Russia and to vilify it because it stands in the way of the United States’ total control of the entire world and because Russia is sick of the Hollywood degenerates (here that Mr. Michael Savage, when you’re not bashing Russia that is.) forcing homosexuality on Russia and making Russia into a bad and evil homophobic country that all it wanted to do was to resist the degeneracy of homosexuality. Karl Marx very plainly states that homosexuality is degenerate, which is why I do not understand why Marxists would suddenly in this country, would sympathize with homosexuals and have them marry other homosexuals!

Morris Dees collaborated with fascists during his career!  I envision brotherhood and unity for this country. I wanna get rid of La Raza, Louis Farrakhan, and SPLC, and all the racialist forces that divide, confuse, and terrify us all at the same time and the KKK as well. I envision bringing Yugoslavian brotherhood and unity to this country! I wanna bring brotherhood and unity (bratstvo i jedinstvo) to America!  Of course, they’ll do the whole Balkan ethnic cleansing smear thing against me, because I talk about this, but the illegals are causing a problem for us.  The Soviet Union did not tolerant illegal immigrants or foreigners for that matter, so why should we? I tolerate all kinds of foreigners and I buy from a foreign man in Erie named Akopyan for example in his little Europa store.  I just love interacting with foreigners because they often bring perspectives that the average American seems to lack nowadays and are so full of wisdom that they bring the best of their country to this one and want to enrich it.

That’s really what immigration is all about, when you do it legally of course!

I can understand Mexicans wanting to escape from Mexico, but do it the right way. I can understand Mexicans wanting to escape their country.

I am Josip Broz Tito! I am the new incarnation of Josip Broz Tito. America needs a man like Josip Broz Tito more than ever, I might add! We need someone like Josip Broz Tito (Tito) in America to destroy the fat-cat corporations and big bloated businesses that dominate our government, in the name of a corporate shill government that sends our boys over to Iraq to die for Bush’s selfish desires and Clinton’s selfish desires in Bosnia and Kosovo. We had a right to crack down on the Albanian separatists that were stealing Kosovo from Serbia and the American imperialists came in and bombed us for trying to solve the problem. Really guys! Ethnic cleansing DOES work, just ask the experts, LOL!

Grow up! We need brotherhood and unity more than ever in this country! We need someone like Tito!

We need a Tito in these modern times! So, I am gonna play a song for you all by Lepa Brena, called Živela Jugoslavija.” (Long live Yugoslavia!)

Naše reke, naše gore.

It’s the Yugoslav equivalent of “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood and just as powerful!

Kad pogledam naše more
naše reke, naše gore
svu lepotu gde sam rođena
i sve sto bi reći znala
u srcu sam zapisala
živela Jugoslavija

Zemljo mira, zemljo Tita
zemljo hrabra, ponosita
širom sveta o tebi se zna
volimo te naša mati
nećemo te nikom dati
živela Jugoslavija

Tu je rođen marsal Tito
nase ime ponosito
k’o heroja ceo svet ga zna
blago zemlji što ga ima
pamtiće se vekovima
živela Jugoslavija

Return Kosovo back to Serbia, American imperialist scumbags! Kosovo is our eternal heartland! Kosovo is ours! Kosovo is the home of our native land! Return us Kosovo! Fuck the imperialist NWO puppets Nikolić and Tadić!

Screw Boris Tadić! Screw Tomislav Nikolić! Ratko and Radovan were real heroes against Islamists that sought to turn Bosnia into an Islamic theocracy! But the ethnic cleansing stuff, was just uncalled for.  Now, you’ll have to answer for your crimes, won’t you!  Anyway! Bring back Tito! If there was a way to revive the dead and bring them back to life, I would bring Tito back to life. I would go to Tito’s grave and snatch his body and bring it back to life! We need someone like Tito in this modern world! America destroyed Yugoslavia! Watch the film “Weight of Chains” by Boris Malagurski and you’ll see what happened. 


It’s sad that such a nice country was destroyed by the West and turned into a war zone where people resent and hate each other and the west only cares about their ethnicity, instead of bombing ALL THE ETHNIC FASCISTS, LIKE KARADŽIĆ IZETBEGOVIĆ, MATE BOBAN, etc, LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE! They should have only bombed ALL OF THEM, instead of just the Serbs!

The Serbs weren’t totally the problem! They ALL WERE THE PROBLEM! Everyone committed war crimes against each other and it was an ugly mess. It would have never happened had the JNA been allowed to crush the separatists and weren’t sanctioned. Slobo was a pussy that let the international community roll over him! He should have just crushed the fascists in Bosnia and brought it back into Yugoslavia!

Why support Croat fascists that cleansed Serbs?  RSK should have been allowed to merge with Yugoslavia, like West Virgina was seperated from Virginia in 1863. Yes, I saw Malagurski’s film and it is among the best that I have ever seen.  He is a cinematic genius! Except what Malagurski fails to point out, is that COMMUNISM DOES NOT WORK!  Communism is why Yugoslavia failed and Tito could not implement total communism, otherwise it would have meant a total collapse.  Yugoslavia failed because of the bad leadership of Ante Marković and his gang. If Tito had been in power, HE WOULD HAVE TOLD THE WEST TO GO TO HELL and not take their bankrupting loans!  Tito was a cunning leader! Too bad, he will never come back! 

Tito needs to be brought back! No more Mr. Mihailovic, negotiated collaboration, like what Nikolić is doing.  Of course, Tito let the Albanians have Kosovo! I think Tadić and Nikolić are doing EXACTLY what TITO WOULD HAVE DONE! They are Tito imitators!

Will the real Tito please stand up?
Will the real Tito please stand up?(Parody of Slim Shady by Eminem)

I repeat, will the real Tito please stand up.

Too bad America destroyed Yugoslavia!  What a great country she was! What a great system bratstvo i jedinstvo truly was! We need bratstvo i jedinstvo again. I do not give a fuck what the pro-Croat, pro-Albanian nationalist bullshit Wikipedia has to say about it, WE NEED BRATSTVO i JEDINSTVO again and need to stop worrying about being ridiculed by the west and by the likes of Sabrina P(etra) Rahmet and Bill Clinton and their globalist Soros-funded ilk!  Soros causes more problems than he’s worth and oh yes it’s “antisemitism” to insult him about that because it promotes anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Soros was a problem and is a problem. Soros is a bad guy that undermines decent patriotic-loving people everywhere across the world and wants a one-world mess where no one has a cultural identity to call their own, borders are destroyed, and countries eradicated by his corrosive ideals. But of course, they go to bat for his “Jewish heritage” when HE TOO LIKE MORRIS DEES was a collaborator! 

It’s no more anti-Semitic to criticize Soros than it is to criticize Schlussel. I just love how they bring all Jews into it and pretend that he represents all the Jews and that all Jews are insulted when you insult Soros, but hey Soros hates Israel! He is the worst self-hater that I have ever seen in my life! He is worse than the far-left self-haters of Europe that hate cultural identity and heritage and wish to label that “nationalism” a bad thing and a thing of the past when in fact nationalism gives something for people to believe in, an identity to be proud of, when you GO TO HELL WITH IT, then it becomes a problem. They should quit trying to eradicate nationalism and try to solve the Islamic immigration problem.  There is no solution for that. Europe shall be taken over by them!  There is no hope! Another occupation shall take place and the Jews shall be exterminated by these assholes once again, I’m no anti-Semite, but if we don’t stop this, we’re in for it.


If only America had the same thing! If only America had bratstvo i jedinstvo! We need to fix the illegal immigrant problem! We need to sent the illegal immigrant shills packing! We need to send the corporate-dominated internet to hell where it belongs! No more “copyright grounds” based on country restrictions. Everyone can view what they want and not have the corporations censor their fine works for everyone else across the world. It’s bullshit censorship, but I have to live with it, unfortunately, because I am screwed! The Soviet Union never tolerated illegal immigrations. Most European people don’t, so why should they use them as a device to destroy us all?

It’s not “hatred of immigrants” or xenophobia for people to assimilate. What is this, the Borg? You make it sound like assimilation by the Borg!  Come on, grow up!  Being assimilated into society IS NOT a bad thing.  Everybody should all speak English because it makes us have a common language that we all can have, while respecting others. It’s not linguistic discrimination. Oh, how Wikipedia loves using loaded statements and fake statements about linguistic fascists when describing people that want English only and SPLC hate groups. That is not criticism, that is ad-hominem attacks that are not witty, nor intelligent. You are not witty, smart, or intelligent just because you consume Starbucks and get buzzed up on it, you are just a bunch of spoiled little brats looking for poor quotes to smear anyone who dares to suggest that English be our native language! We need to have a common language like in the Soviet Union! The common language was Russian, but the Russians had dictionaries published after Stalin died, like about Ukrainian-Russian and Russian-Ukrainian and partly encouraged the growth of these languages and had Russian be the native language of the Soviet Union. We need to encourage other languages and help them to grow and to protect them, while still having English as our native language.

As a man of many languages, having one to understand is quite simply the best thing that we can do. English is the universal world language and I have nothing against people of different languages. I love people of different languages and respect them highly.  I love immigrants believe me, and immigrants LEARN ENGLISH ANYWAY, so why all the fuss about “linguistic fascism” Wikipedia? The “criticism” section is so laughably bad and so full of ad-hominem attacks that it isn’t worth discussing here.

I speak many languages and recognize that we need to have a common language to make things

That’s the “English Only Movement” article.

http://lyricstranslate.comPlease go home and quit scaring the living shit out of me! You are giving me a headache! You are like someone on mega OCD that has an unhealthy obsession with racists and other bad people out there. I am so sick of the “racist” label.  It makes me wanna puke every time I hear it. The word “racist” sends chills down my spine. The word “racist” is one of the ugliest words in the English language and (rasist is pretty ugly in Russian as well.) SPLC uses these word almost without restraint against conservatives that have criticism of racial policy, Obama’s favoritism based on his race and him being superior because of his race and rubbing his race in everyone’s face just because he’s the first black president of the United States, the conservatives won’t accept him. Really! The conservatives have put up enough of his crap already! They don’t give a fuck if he’s black!

Excuse me for the profane language, but I am so sick of racist liberals using Obama’s race as an excuse to shut down criticism and these people claim to be racially tolerant, when they’re anything but tolerant of those that they dislike. (at least against whites anyway.)  I am so sick and tired of Wikipedia vilifying anyone that it disagrees with, so what naturally to do than to vilify its critics, such as myself. I could never get on Wikipedia and criticize something because they are too overly-emotional about it and will scream at you and ban you from there. They are such drama queens over at Wikipedia! Worse than Encyclopedia Dramatica, I might add!

Well anyway, I have to get some sleep.  Good night everyone!  I love foreign languages. Perhaps Benny the Irish polyglot was right when he said that Americans are too over-sensitive. He’s damn right we are. And it’s really annoying. We need to have a culture that fosters other languages and allows people to communicate in whatever language that they want to and having the freedom to do so, is fine by me, except that we need to standardize!  I have no problems with tests in another language. They help people learn them, but that’s kind of cheating when OTHERS learn by the ENGLISH WAY!

That’s just cheating in my opinion!  I am really good with languages. My Romanian teacher online says that I am a real easy natural learner that has a knack for picking up languages and other tongues. But seriously, we need to standardize, while respecting the rights of others to speak English and other languages. There needs to be a bill in Congress respecting language rights of all language speakers, not just making English the native language.

Govorim Hrvatski, Srpski, Njemački, Poljski, Ruski, Ukrajinski, i Francuski i Rumunski.

Ja sam amerikanac i zovem se Džastin. Zovem se Džastin i ja sam Poljak.  Moja familija je Rojek!  Ja sam Amerikanac sa velikim srcom!  Nemam crno srce! Živela Srbija! Živela Jugoslavija!

Lepa Brena je dobra pjevačica! Ceca je naljbolja!  Živela Ceca! Your stupid marriage to Arkan didn’t help things one bit! But never mind the bad stuff, Ceca’s a damn good singer and they’ll love her no matter what she does.

Zagrli me.

Samo jednom čovek budi.

Ne laži me.

Kukavica! Nisam znala, da si takva KUKAVICAAAAAA!

Ja mogu pevati Cecu!  Volim Cecu! Volim najbolju pjevačicu Cecu!

Hej Ceca, ja volim te. Srbija voli te!!!! Baja Mali Knindža je najbolji pevac na svetu! Volim Baje Malog Knindže!

Živela Srbija i laku noć.

Laku noć!


We need to speak all languages, not just have the xenophobic “English only” stuff!

Imam mnogi rječnici.  

Ja sam dobar pisatelj!  Ja mogu pisati više, ako ti hoćeš.  Hvala Ameriku!  Ja volim te! Mi smo narod engleskog jezika! Mi smo americanci, nismo stranci!  Amerika je narod stranih ljudi.

Men’s rights people act against the bullshit that the feminists have said against men and they’re sexist and misogynist simply because they assert their rights to be males? What a bunch of bullshit! They have as much right to be males as much as they want to, that’s not sexism. That’s how it is. Wikipedia capitalizes on people’s fear of sexism, racism, and other isms.  Wikipedia practically abuses the word ism and phobia. Lesbophobia, Homophobia, Erotophobia, and all kinds of stupid little words made up by the pseudo-intellectuals at Wikipedia to make themselves sound so smart and sophisticated as they write on their little laptops at Starbucks cafes proclaiming that society is racist and sexist and needs to be fixed up by these stupid people that whine about everything and so ridiculously self-absorbed that OCD doesn’t begin to even describe the kind of obsessions that these people have!

I do not mean to insult people with OCD, I myself have it, and I know what it is like to have these kinds of obsessions.  Dr. Nasuh Malas asked me why I had these obsessions about racism. I’ll tell you what, the constant labeling by SPLC and other people like them, that’s why and fear of it from people like SPLC.

I know where these people are coming from with their malignant obsessions about white supremacists, white males, and undermining the white male as much as the humanly can, despite the fact that the racist sins of the white man have thankfully, passed into history.

So, please SPLC, GO AWAY and leave me alone! I do not wanna be bothered with these assholes any more than you do! Please quit keeping people in fear all the time. Same with the global warming crowd. The earth isn’t gonna melt right away because the earth has a backup system that is cyclical that goes away.  I am so tired of them going after global warming critics, saying it’s not cylical it’s real.  Of course, it’s cyclical. Everything like that works in cycles. it’s natural science mechanics that everything works in cycles, right? Of course, global warming is a cycle! It will go away! Please quit keeping me in fear of something that isn’t there. People and far-left watchdogs and Rationalwiki keep me afraid of things and people that I do not need to be afraid of.

So, please just go away! I do not wanna be bothered with global warming or white supremacist groups. I would like to be please left alone! Thank you and good night!

Laku noć Ameriku! 
Споконой ночи США и РОССИИ!

Я американец, который говоря́щий многие языки.

Я говорю шесть иносстраных языков!

Я американец. Я живу в Корри. Корри- это малый город в Пенсильвании. Я хочу жить в Питтсбург! Питтсбург, Это мой любимый город. Я люблю Питтсубургу!

If I make any mistakes with Russian, please tell me so that I can correct them. Thank you very much!

Good night! Buonanotte!  Ciao i Arrivederci! Sono Americano di Corry.

I am actually not in favor of English only, just as long as we have ENGLISH standardized, while respecting the other languages that are out there and not necessarily forcing English only, you see what I’m saying.

Good night! I do really well with Romanian, my teacher says. I’m glad she knows what she’s talking about. I just love foreign languages very deeply I might add and I`m a natural at learning them and do better than most people do at them and can get the gist of them REALLY QUICKLY AND REALLY UNDERSTAND THEM! I love foreign cultures and languages!

Well, good night everyone!


I have one thing to add those people who want English only “FUCK YOU!” We have as much right to speak our languages as much as we want to.

Spanish shouldn`t become our native language.  Just English!

Good night. Blog post finished at 23 48 American eastern standard time.




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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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