Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Ideas

I have been a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator games for several years and I have always played them with glee, but got bored with the cheesy external views and the slewing feature that would make a Cessna 150 go Mach 3 in a few seconds and turn it into a rocket that would get you to Pittsburgh from Corry Lawrence Airport in about a few seconds, as opposed to the 20 minutes it would normally take to get there. All you had to do was push the stick as hard as you can and push it like a lever into infinity and IT WOULD ALWAYS get you there, doing things physically-impossible in an airplane, such as going through mountains without breaking up the entire airplane and causing a crash and going through it like a knife through butter and in no time flat, right through it in a split second! Amazing!

Except that is obviously NOT how an airplane flies. It’s great that Microsoft Flight Simulator goes for greater realism in a civil aviation flight sim like Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Is that American History X only in a flight simulator, JUST KIDDING LOL!) does for example, but the realism lacks in many areas and is too much like an arcade simulator with the slewing and the really annoying external views feature by hitting the “S” button on the keyboard, it would always give you these external views of your airplane and by hitting it repeatedly, one after the other, it got really annoying and killed the immersion in the flight simulator.   I feel bored and I want to have a FEATURE THAT MICROSOFT SHOULD BORROW from IL-2 Sturmovik, DISABLING THE EXTERNAL VIEWS AND COCKPIT ONLY MODES, FOR GREATER REALISM IN THE GAME! I am SO TIRED OF THE EXTERNAL VIEWS AND THE ARCADE-like SLEWING feature that turns your Cessna into a Mach 10 Saturn Rocket by the push of a joystick!

I want to have a Flight Sim that has an option for no external views, no slewing,  keeping the real world weather conditions, and keeping the plane flying and doing away with the shitty F/A-18 flight physics that have the F/A18 breaking APART LIKE A PORCELAIN PLATE DROPPED ON THE GROUND when it is going past 700 miles an hour in level flight, which is impossible because the F/A-18 is structually designed to go that fast in level flight past the sound barrier in level flight like that! WHAT! NO TOP GUN HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE, music!  Be like maverick and break the envelope and go Mach 2, which is SADLY impossible IN MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X because your F/A-18 breaks apart in level flight past Mach 1 and into Mach 2, and gives you the flight physics of a Cessna 150 make into a supersonic jet. NO US MILITARY JET WOULD EVER PERFORM LIKE THAT WHERE THE PLANE BREAKS APART AT THAT SPEED and HAS A STRUCTURAL FAILURE AND SEVERELY LIMITS ITS COMBAT CAPABILITIES WITH SUCH BAD FLIGHT PHYSICS!

Come on Microsoft! I want a game that allows you to blare Highway to the Danger Zone like in Top Gun and going REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SCREAMING FAST IN AN F/A-18 and going screaming fast and switching OVER TO THE CONTROL TOWER views and hearing the sound of breaking glass as the window glass SHATTERS from the shockwaves of the jet being emitted at MACH 2 plus speeds and breaking the glass of every house out there WITH THE BREAKING OF WINDOWS AND THE GLASS SHATTERING AT SUCH SPEEDS BECAUSE THE FORCE FROM THE SHOCKWAVES ACTUALLY BREAKS THE GLASS IN WINDOWS, PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT! Unlike Rosie O’Donnell’s PSEUDOSCIENCE bullshit that fire cannot melt steel, which it can AND ALWAYS HAS EVER SINCE IT WAS DISCOVERED THAT BY OBSERVING FIRE MELT STEEL IN A CONTROLLED LABORATORY TEST AND SEEING FOR OURSELVES IN ACCIDENTS AND OTHERWISE ENCOUNTERS and seeing B-17 wings falling apart after being on fire AND FIRE MELTING STEEL!


where was I? Oh yes, MICROSOFT BRING BACK the CRASH PHYSICS that were deleted after 9/11.  Sadly, if guns can be banned, WHY NOT BAN Microsoft Flight Simulator BECAUSE THE 9/11 TERRORISTS “TRAINED” WITH IT to CRASH INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BY FLYING A PLANE INTO IT?  That is about the same logic as banning guns from everyone!

Microsoft Flight Simulator needs to borrow features from IL-2 Shturmovik (Sturmovik Shturmovik is the correct spelling/transliteration of the Russian word SHTURMOVIK, meaning a ground attack aircraft, also used to refer to its famous descendent, the Su-25 Frogfoot, ON THE SAME TYPE OF LINEAGE-TYPE NOMENCLATURE as the A-10 THUNDERBOLT (P-47 THUNDERBOLT MADE BY THE SAME COMPANY THAT BUILT THE A-10 REPUBLIC/MERGED WITH FAIRCHILD TO FAIRCHILD/REPUBLIC A-10, along the same way as the A-10.) plane of World War II.   Microsoft Flight Simulator games tend to be too arcade-like in their flying physics, as was Flight Unlimited and ITS games that were imitations on the SAME IDEA! Flight Unlimited had the same arcade-type views as Microsoft Flight Simulator does and the arcade views of the outside looking into the plane, like a chase plane view does, IS REALLY BOTHERSOME to me because I really go into in and out of it and again to feel less bored, and when I do it, it kills the realism immersion for me.

I do not like the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator does not have a “NO EXTERNAL VIEWS”  or “NO SLEWING” option in the game to be selected for those who prefer not to have these enabled in the game for greater realism, of course. Other than that, it’s a great game to play. I like it a whole lot. The supersonic F/A-18 flying physics suck really badly though.  Supersonic jets DO NOT COME APART in level flight going past Mach 2. They are designed to withstand those kinds of forces and shockwaves, so the plane coming apart like that is just too unrealistic. That is not how an F/A-18 jet fighter works because their performance capabilities in real life would not have them ripping apart past Mach 1 and 760 miles an hour in level flight. That is just not how it works in a real jet plane that is designed to perform at those speeds. What next? A Cessna 150 ripping apart at 300 MPH?

Why not have a code where the engines overheat if you have them on full throttle, like in real life? In real life, a Cessna 150 engine would overheat after being on maximum throttle for a long time. In FSX, I do not see any of that. In real life, the engine would overheat and cease to function after being on full throttle like that for a long time. No other effects on the airframe, such as banking it too hard and coming apart or the Cessna lagging in certain areas when you are being dragged down by the weight of the passengers in the plane against the airframe, or the F-86 plane being impacted by the drag of the additional weight of the drop tanks on the wings.

Needs to do a better job simulating drag physics and full throttle physics.  Why doesn’t the P-51 or the Cessna when you have it on full throttle 100% throttle just overheat and the engine catch on fire? The engine never catches on fire after 100% throttle or seize up on full throttle and the engine seizing up and sputtering and the plane slowing down because it has no power to hold it up in the air and the engine quitting after it it is over-revving the engines. No engine over-revving? Why not? Why not add that? It would be more realisitc if you did. Please add that one Microsoft? Thank you.


More realistic chopper physics for collective, pitch, and torque controls to keep in balance so that it flies like a real helicopter and it is impacted by the torque of the helicopter against the helicopter that impacts how it flies all squirrely and strangely and oscillates and gyrates like a top if you do not have control of it, like a REAL helicopter DOES! It would be nice! Thank you Microsoft!

Please create a game with an option in the menu to disable external views and keep things in the cockpit like a real game! Please Microsoft! PLEASE! THANK YOU! It would the most awesome thing ever if they actually did do that! Please just disable the external views in the simulation that are irritating and annoying for some of realism-minded flight simmers out there. It would be a truly great game if that happened! It would be the best game ever if there were no more external views in the game! I hate the external views they annoy me and the kill the immersion quality of the game.  Please get rid of them! It would be 7th Heaven in a truly immersive and fatiguing cockpit experience in a real plane if the slew and external views were disabled.

IL-2 Sturmovik should disable the time compression feature and have the option of having time compression disabled and a menu option to set the maximum time compression speed for those impatient gamers out there, or those that just simply do not have all the time in the world to fly 6 hours to a target non-stop over flak and fighter-filled skies of Europe or who have to sleep or go to school or do other important things or whatever.  Please just have a menu option to disable the annoying time compression in the game, which kills immersion, like FSX’s whole physically impossible slewing physics do.

Realism and immersion killing is something that I hate and do not like. Please make it more immersive and truly realistic for those discerning Sim gamers out there who value flight simulations for the immersion and great realism and actually want to experience WHAT A REAL SIMULATION IS LIKE AND UNDERSTANDING ACTUALLY HOW REAL FLYING REALLY WORKS AND HAVE EXPERIENCE FLYING AND KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO REALLY FLY IN AN AIRPLANE AND EXPERIENCE FLYING FIRSTHAND (I HAVE FLOWN IN A PLANE HAVE NO PILOT’S LICENSE AND DO NOT FLY, THOUGH I LOVE AVIATION VERY MUCH AND I AM A SERIOUS AVIATION FANATIC AND I WAS HOPING THAT THEY WOULD DO THESE FEATURES FOR REAL SIM FREAKS OUT THERE TO GET THEM TO BUY IT, THEIR CORE AUDIENCE HERE, AND FLY IN IT AND HAVE A REALLY IMMERSIVE AND REALISTIC FLIGHT SIM OUT THERE to make it more realistic and actually like flying an airplane, which is what Microsoft is trying to achieve in this game. To achieve this, they need to do what I am asking them to do by disabling the external views, slew, and keeping it in the cockpit.  They need to do more for realist-minded sim gamers like myself here and to make it more realistic so that the realism freaks like myself will be oohing and awing with joy and orgasmic pleasure from flying a realistic game that satisfies your love and desire to fly an airplane and experience what is truly like to fly one. Of course, no game will ever get you to actually feel the impact against your body in the plane. No flight sim can ever do that.  The game needs to have this disabled cockpit mode in the game and no more external views, please and there needs to be something for those who ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND AND LOVE FLIGHT SIMS AND THAT THEY are for flying around like a real airplane and being like a real pilot in a simulated environment in a simulated game that is more realistic, the external views kill that.

It needs to be done, instead of the usual arcade game BS that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been doing for the last 20 years or so. Please disable the external views and give us a real flight sim! Thank you Microsoft.


Thank you very much.



Who knows maybe you can have poisonous snakes in the cockpit?

Or cats in a plane! Anything you damn well want to in a cockpit.


Please Microsoft, make a new FSX game with MORE REALISM and

Microsoft claims that Flight Simulator is greater realism and the most realistic game out there! They should be arrested FOR FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING TO THE PUBLIC with THAT LABEL because it is most certainly NOT! I am NOT a fan of arcade sims, (or overly realistic games that are too complicated, like Sturmovik can be at times.) but like Microsoft Flight Simulator, which blends the two really nicely.

If only you could somehow play without the external views and the slewing, THEN it would be a more realistic game.  Microsoft should make Flight Simulator have “external views disabled” option in their game and “No slewing” option as well and “Cockpit only view”

To increase realism in the game. Please Microsoft, release a new Microsoft game with an option to disable external views and remove the slew and keep the cockpit only, like IL-2 Sturmovik because I am so tired of the annoying “S” button that always sends you out into unrealistic views that end up spoiling my game and ruining the immersion fun that I would like to have when flying a Cessna 150 from Corry Lawrence to Erie Intl.

Can you please do this,

I WOULD COOL AS HELL IF MICROSOFT DISABLED EXTERNAL VIEWS, in addition to all the other variables showing real problems and real malfunctioning in the airplane that ALSO GIVES IT that level of realism as well. Keep that and the option to get rid of some of the arcade physics in the game that detail crashing on a runway with the “CRASH” screen and then going back to right back where you started, have an option for that, too, to choose to have that disabled or enabled in the game. Please let me experience REAL CIVIL AVIATION FLYING with the external views disabled, cockpit always on, and NO PANNING VIEWS, COCKPIT NO EXTERNAL COCKPIT VIEWS AND GENERALLY KEEPING IT INSIDE THE COCKPIT! Thank you Microsoft!





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