McGregor Brothers Flying Circus the Documentary (About the Battle of Britain)

I was watching this McGregor brothers doing a documentary about the Battle Britain and from what I’ve seen of it, PSEUDOHISTORY DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT!

First off, the documentary depicts Hugh Dowding as a nutty conspiracy theorist quack, like that of Alex Jones for example, despite the fact that he was a rational and HIGHLY EDUCATED AND INTELLIGENT man and a very capable leader, but the whole biased and incorrect description of him as flaky nutcase, who was a good leader and emphasizes his eccentricities too much, rather than his operational abilities.  They depict Dowding as if he was Alex Jones!  The other bad facts in it.

The documentary is the same old tangents about Ewan’s brother in the RAF, serving in Iraq, that seems like a Monty Pythonish attempt at depicting the Battle of Britain and trivializing it against modern events, and although it does make a point about the Tornado and Eurofighter airplanes, compared to the Spitfires of 1940, it is too much centered around Ewan’s brother. It is not a historical documentary, as much as it is fawning over the life of his brother, who happens to be a pilot in the modern RAF.

It’s almost as though Ewan McGregor is declaring himself to be a veteran of the battle himself. The documentary fails to grasp the whole  and is utterly shallow and depreciating celebrity fluff, that insults Hugh Dowding and paints Goering as a drug junkie who did not embrace modern technology, which is total bullshit because Goering DID IN FACT embrace technology, WHICH IS WHY GERMAN bombers had Knickebein guidance systems and radio direction finding beams to navigate to their British city bombing targets at night and the Luftwaffe had some of the best modern technology that money could buy AND GOERING LEFT IT TO HIS COMPETENT UNDERLINGS TO RUN things, and Goering drug habits are neither her nor there, just like Hitler’s doctor giving him a bunch of whacked-out drugs to be on, Theodor Morrell, was his quack personal physician that gave him all that shit.

Shallow and depreciating documentary that looks as though a group of ignorant know-nothing school boys made it, and it MOCKS THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, rather than pays tribute to it. The Harvard trainer for one, if they were gonna do an honest recreation of the Battle of Britain, which they do NOT, HAS PORTUGUESE MARKINGS OF THE PORTUGUESE air force, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A BATTLE OF BRITAIN trainer airplane and for one Portugal was neutral throughout the entire war! So, that is inaccurate!

They could have asked the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum to borrow one of their Harvards, because after all many of the RAF pilots trained in Canada during the war. Ah, but yes, let’s put style over substance and piss on historical accuracy and piss into the wind and say “fuck historical accuracy” I AM EWAN MCGREGOR damn it, LET’S JUST DO A FAWNING DOCUMENTARY OVER ME and act like a celebrity-fawning documentary that Monty Python could have made, along with the REALLY BAD historionics after school special highly anachronistic BS documentaries that look like crude after school specials, rather historical documentaries.

Thank you for being anachronistic and using modern pop songs in A ROBIN HOOD DENNIS MOORE Monty-Pythonish documentary with no substance and style and History Channel passed it off as a true historical documentary. This is really bad and really stupid of the shallow substanceless, stupid war pseudo-historical, reality-TV driven shallow documentaries, like the kind the McGregor brothers made.

I mean, they could have asked Canadian Warplane Heritage to borrow a Harvard or gone to Canada and obtained an RCAF Harvard BECAUSE AFTER ALL THE CANADIANS AND BRITISH FOUGHT AS PART OF THE SAME COMMONWEALTH COUNTRIES AND THE CANADIANS FOUGHT AS PART OF THE BRITISH FORCES AND WERE INTIMATELY-LINKED WITH Britain and the Commonwealth, that using an RCAF Harvard would not have been out of place or incorrect for the Battle of Britain. The RCAF was part of the RAF during the war. Why not use a Canadian Harvard trainer? But nope, let’s use an inaccurate Portuguese-marked Harvard plane instead, NO ONE WILL NOTICE, RIGHT? WRONG!  They didn’t even pay any attention to the markings used on the airplane that were Portuguese and not British! How much more shameful and bad this train-wreck of a documentary can it truly be, I wonder?  It sucks, don’t watch it! End of story, message!  An RCAF Harvard (Texan in American lingo) would have been just fine! 

They could have used this one here, which would have been accurate for the period in question.  What next German soldiers armed with IPods? Celebrities dressed up in spandex pants leather pants and see-through shirts like a whore (IN TODAY’S WORLD LIKE KRISTINA DOES) for the time period or the Civil War or whatever and BEING TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE AND ANACHRONISTIC AND FLAUNTING IN THE FACE OF HISTORY AND PISSING ON IT AND DEFAMING AND TRIVIALIZING IT INTO A JOKE LIKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT DOCUMENTARY DOES?  Civil War girls dressing like Britney Spears? IS THAT WHAT IS NEXT FOR THE MAKERS OF THIS BAD DOCUMENTARY TO “GIVE PERSPECTIVE” for modern ignorant Jersey-Shore watching audiences!  I could thing of many ridiculous and anachronistic and so far out of place joking, taunting questions to ask for this piece of shit documentary!  The trained historians at Forgotten Hope who are pro-German and STAUNCHLY anti-Nazi would without question RATE THIS DOCUMENTARY AS FACTUALLY-WRONG AND FLAWED BULLSHIT like on TV!  Shout out to my homies at Forgotten Hope! 

To hell with this piece of shit documentary that makes about as much sense as Flat Earth Society DOES!

Jesus, get it right people or don’t tell the history and all and QUIT TRYING TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC WITH THIS BS!  At least Wikipedia explains things in layman’s terms better than some, BUT THE QUALITY IS STILL LACKING and to me, it’s the encyclopedia everywhere for lazy people since 2001! Remember to check other sources against it first and do not like to cranks, idiots, pseudoscience people, and other flakes and nuts throughout the internet and keep an open mind and don’t believe in flat-earth nutcases or any idiots that believe in wrong and scientifically-invalid pseudoscience bullshit like that!

Keep an open mind, please! Thank you!


Where is the CANADIAN/RAF/RCAF Marked Harvard when you need it?

It is the shallow self-serving tabloid-esque documentary of the McGregor documentaries.  It sucks! Sucks isn’t a word that begins to describe it. They use footage from Battle of Britain, which is OKAY BECAUSE IT ACCURATELY RECREATED THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN WITH PERIOD ERA MARKINGS AND PAINT SCHEMES AND HISTORICALLY ACCURATE TACTICS AND DOGFIGHTS AND AN AUTHENTICITY UNRIVALED IN MANY FILMS

Yeah, the dangers the fighter pilots faced. Using an anachronistic modern-day Sea King helicopter THAT WAS NOT EVEN USED IN 1940, NOR MADE UNTIL THE 60s! Ah, but let’s shoot the breeze and ignore historical accuracy to make such a shitty documentary! Ah, but they make it seem as though helicopters were used in the Battle of Britain to rescue downed pilots. THERE WERE NO HELICOPTERS IN THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN! RAF SEA SEARCH AND RESCUE DURING WWII, RELIED ON SMALL FAST MOTOR BOATS TO FISH PILOTS OUT OF THE SEA, NOT HELICOPTERS!

The baloney of that unsubstantial documentary is beyond stupid! I could have made better shit than that! Where’s the RCAF when you need them? Help RCAF! SAVE THIS SINKING FLOATING BALONEY-LADEN SHIP FROM SINKING TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA OF OBLIVION AND SAVE IT FROM THE STINKING ROTTING CONDITION THAT IT IS IN! Screw that Battle of Britain, (More like Battle of the McGregor Brothers!) pseudo-documentary! It sucks really bad!

They could have used this Harvard for their “documentary” or this one!  Let’s just screw historical accuracy AND INSULT THOSE “PICKY AND ANAL HISTORY BUFFS WHO ACTUALLY TELL THE STORY RIGHT AND PRESERVE IT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS AND ACTUALLY GET IT RIGHT, UNLIKE THE PSEUDOHISTORY IN THIS DOCUMENTARY AND  US “PURISTS” ACTUALLY PRESERVE HISTORY AND IF YOU ARE NOT GONNA PROPERLY RECREATE IT, you might as well NOT RECREATE IT AT ALL and let’s just insult the old fart Battle of Britain generation, and fuck “historical accuracy!” IT IS ALL ABOUT US, the McGregor Brothers Flying Circus mocking the Battle of Britain and the “pretending” to “care” about them and paying shallow lip service to them.

AT least THIS documentary ACTUALLY BOTHERS to care about the Battle of Britain and PROPERLY DEPICTS THE POLISH PILOTS IN THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN whose boundless courage, and toughness and battle-hardened experience over France and Poland helped the British win the battle.


Pseudohistory is a loaded term anyway a pejorative designed to insult any forms of history that people do not like, nor approve of, according to the mainstream of Wikipedia, and just slurs them with this term and label and insult them to death to ridicule them, (moon landing BS actually counts and those frauds) and prove how morally shallow, self-righteous, holier than the rest of us, and pseudo-intellectual Wikipedia really is and destroys them to death and no matter WHICH labels you throw at it, PEOPLE WILL STILL BELIEVE IT, even if it’s in a gray area of “oh this is the Southern opinion” of the Civil War, a war of Northern Aggression against the South and fighting for States Rights, and the Southern white slaving owning upper class and they get rich and the poor are sacrificed for their selfish desires, TO UPHOLD SLAVERY against the Negroes, right! Profiteering off them or any OTHER substantial non-mainstream OR WHATEVER term you’d like to use, opinions and ridiculing “sensational claims” in a bully-like way of theirs and speculative history, even if you speculate about something legitimate, for example, Napoleon or Grant having more decisive planning when winning the Civil War or the Napoleonic Wars for example. Speculation IS VERY MUCH a legitimate part of understanding history, and I cannot believe that Wikipedia destroys and ridicules it to death!

Anything that disagrees with Wikipedia, EVEN IN FACT THAT HAS SUBSTANCE and HAS A BASIS IN REALITY and IS PROPERLY GROUNDED IN FACT AND IS SOMEONE’S CORRECT OPINION BASED ON THEIR OBSERVATION of events, THAT HAS A BASIS IN FACT OR REASON, but is different from the mainstream (so-called fringe mainstream of Wikipedia.) opinions, so-called and whatever you like, Argentine opinions about Falklands, Southern opinions about the Civil War, Serbian opinions about the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and other historical controversies of the modern era and what about conspiracy theories AND FORMING A THESIS TO DEBUNK AND OR INVESTIGATE THEM TO INVESTIGATE ALL POSSIBILITIES TO GET AT THE TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW ABSURD THEY MAY BE!

The term has little substance and little use outside Wikipedia or RationalWiki and people are gonna believe whatever stupid things that they believe, no matter what label you give it and the pseudohistory label is an irrelevant and stupid joke to have, that is shallow and self-serving, bullyish ridicule of ideas that they do not like, in the style of the stereotypical pompous intellectuals in the movies and TV shows, that DO NOT PROPERLY represent intellectuals at all!

Wikipedia DOES NOT REPRESENT THE MAINSTREAM AND NEVER will and the mainstream treat its articles with contempt and it is EXACTLY what’s its pseudohistory definition makes it out to be, not accepted by the mainstream!

The pseudo subjects label is just a bunch of bloviating crap Wikipedia likes to shallowly use to insult others.

Enough of the advisory warning, which was made to serve a point about the self-serving tangents of the McGregor Brothers known as this documentary, that is fake as hell and really really stupid!  To hell with McGregor Brothers Flying Circus as I derisively call it.

IMDB gives this shitty documentary an 8 out of 10, which shows you how little they really care about historical accuracy and that they are the same of style over substance crowd that would not know real pro-British, pro-American INTELLIGENT history if it bit their pot-smoking asses really hard and kicked them, too. The IMDB crowd are just as shallow and stupid and hate historically-correct movies or pro-American ones like Delta Force and lambaste TV documentaries that have ideas that the far-left biases IMDB does not like and things are jingoistic like Vietnam in HD, or World War II in HD!  IMDB would not know a real historical c

Of course, these are the same ignoramuses who flunked history class and thought that it was boring white male centered “dead white male bullshit” that WE DO NOT NEED TO REMEMBER BECAUSE THEY WERE RACIST WHITE MALES AND IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME, DESPITE CREATING THE MODERN WORLD THAT YOU ASSHOLES LIVE IN TODAY, AND YOUR LOUSY IGNORANT RACIST ANTI-WHITE COMMENTS are the most shallow comments I’ve heard since the KKK, you idiots! Of course, it’s reviewed by these very idiots who hate American males and history told from a perspective that really loves that “white Western Civilization and pro-American and pro-Western STUFF THAT REALLY depict them doing good and saving humanity and enlightening it and gasp the AMERICAN WORLD WAR II VETERANS AND WAR VETERANS, WHOM THE FAR-LEFT HATES BECAUSE THEY ARE TOUGH CONSERVATIVE AND INTELLIGENT CHARACTERS UNLIKE THEIR SHALLOW PSEUDO-LIBERAL WHINY, COMPLAINING RAP-DOMINATED ASSES!

I cannot believe the amount of ignorance prevalent today in today’s America and today’s Britain that lets our history decay like this and produces bullshit like this documentary, but of course, that was calculated by the far-left Marxist assholes that teach this anti-White, anti-Western, ( I AM NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST AND BELIEVE THAT THE WEST CREATED CONDITIONS FOR MAN TO LOVE AND BETTER TOLERATE HIS FELLOW MAN AND IF YOU ARE A DIFFERENT SKIN COLOR, WHY YOU CAN DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION and ENJOY ALL ITS ENLIGHTENING AND INTELLIGENT GLORY, UNLESS YOU ARE A POT-SMOKING JACKASS IDIOT WHO THINKS THAT HISTORY IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE IT IS TOO CENTERED AROUND WESTERN WHITE MALES CIVILIZING HUMANITY AND MAKING THINGS BETTER FOR THEIR FELLOW MAN AND CREATING THE TECHNOLOGY WHICH ALLOWS YOU IDIOTS TO SPEW YOUR GARBAGE AND OBSCENITY LADEN IGNORANCE TOWARDS WESTERN HISTORY AND CIVILIZATION! Of course, the Wikipedia article on the History Channel is nothing but a bunch of obscenity-laden far-left ad-hominem fringe leftist attacks on it because it promotes the western civilization that these politically-correct troop-spitting, veteran-hating, white-hating, self-serving, and any minorities that happen to disagree with them hating, and others, and scream and cry “KKK REDNECK WHITE SUPREMACIST, WHICH I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT AND HATE THOSE CLOWNS AND IDIOTS WITH A PASSION THAT ARE JUST AS NARROW-MINDED, BLIND AND IGNORANT AND RACIST AS YOU CLOWNS ARE, except your skin color’s different, that is the only separating you clowns from them and your Western-hating BS makes me sick!

Western Civilization benefited humanity and brought enlightened progress to everyone and created the enlightened and intelligent modern world that we live in today and of course, this documentary appeals to that very stupid and ignorant crowd of people that watch this BS that mocks real history and replaces it with bullshit like this one.

This documentary is bullshit and bullshit DOES NOT even remotely BEGIN to describe it!  I give you an F for failure and the racist Western-civilization Commie Marxist Hollywood America-hating Western-hating, self-absorbed, Starbucks-drinking, shallow, spoiled, and decadent snobbish, stupid, moronic, radical as hell, hateful, bigoted, racist, ultra-far-left crowd can go to hell, too!

That gave this piece of shit an 8 out of 10 rating! Not to mention, beret-wearing, dictatorial, state ownership craving, bossy, pretentious, stupid, freedom-hating in their limited world of no freedom and all work and regimentation and playing around with slutty girls who do not love them, doing drugs to escape the delusional pseudo-reality that they live in, that creates bullshit like this, and utter jackass egotism and ignorance and pontification about how stupid we are, if we do not SEE THEIR STUPID, WARPED, AND TWISTED NARROW WORLDVIEWS OUTSIDE OF THEIR SHALLOW AND MEANINGLESS EXISTANCES, EXCEPT TO ENTERTAIN US, AND NOTHING MORE, AND YES I DID SAY “ANUS” BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD! OF COURSE, they’re about THAT BRIGHT TOO, these idiots that watch this after school special poorly-disguised as a documentary by the politically-correct Western-hating, far-left, racist, shallow, hatred of all things Western and American and OF HISTORICAL NARRATIVES THAT HEROICALLY AND DEEPLY LOVE SOLDIERS THAT FIGHT AND DIE FOR FREEDOM AND DEPICT AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE AND TOUGH WAR VETERANS FIGHTING AND DYING FOR THEM AGAINST NAZIS AND CALLING THEM NAZIS IN THE 60s and spitting on their generation like they did, those dickheads,   DYING FOR THEIR FREEDOM to screw around like rabbits and do drugs and live in a ridiculous fantasy world where the West is evil and true history is mocked and derided as “racist bigoted pro-white, Western DEAD WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY BIASED WRITTEN, MALE-DOMINATED AND/OR BIASED, MISOGYNISTIC, and KKK WRITTEN NARRATIVES, and all the other shallow and hateful bullshit that comes from this very crowd of ignoramuses who have destroyed our education system and destroyed TRUE history and promote their pseudohistory Without REAL SUBSTANCE ON SITES LIKE WIKIPEDIA And they buttress it up with this TERM OF ABUSE TO DERIDE ANY HISTORY THAT THESE PSEUDOHISTORIANS DO NOT LIKE NOR SNOBBISHLY APPROVE OF, and no I do not hate intellectuals, a charge made up by the pseudo-intellectual Wikipedia crowd, THAT REAL intellectuals mock and deride and think are full of shit and wouldn’t know real honest-to-God intellectualism if it bit them in the asses!

Real intellectuals do not waste their time with Wikipedia and its bird-feed BS! This documentary is written in the same Wikipedia-type fashion and to their audience, so the above ranting comments do in fact, HAVE SOMETHING to do with what I am saying! TO HELL WITH DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL!

I give this documentary NO STARS and it sucks really badly, like J Lo’s GIGLI movie, the pseudo-Italian title and the cheesy love story vehicle between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, that died away, like all the other celebrity pseudo-romances fit for the National Enquirer Wikipedia type crowd that this documentary appeals to!

It lacks real historical substance and should be used as an EXAMPLE OF HOW NOT TO TEACH HISTORY! Bullshit does not even begin to describe it! It is 10 shades of bullshit! It passes the bullshit tastes, that RationalWiki itself FULL passes if IT DID A LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SHINED IT ON ITSELF AND REALLY LOOKED IN THE MIRROR AND FOUND out and SAW ITS OWN REFLECTION AND RAN AWAY!

Please God, why did I watch it on Netflix? Thank you Far-left for this biased review, IMDB!

The far-left Western values hating crowd of course, that makes up Hollywood naturally loves this shallow self-serving piece of shit of a documentary! Smear me with “WHITE NATIONALIST/SUPREMACIST” BUT THAT IS NOT WHO I AM THAT YOU BULLIES USE TO SMEAR PEOPLE LIKE THIS ONE WITH FALSE AND IGNORANT LABELS AND I DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR ANTI-ISRAEL IDEOLOGY, NOR THEIR ARYAN IDEOLOGY, OR ANY OF THEIR IDEOLOGIES, I’m JUST STICKING UP FOR THE GOOD AND JUST AND KIND WESTERN CIVILIZATION THAT BROUGHT TECHNOLOGY, ENLIGHTENMENT, AND INTELLIGENCE, AND GREATNESS TO HUMANITY, only to have it gutted by ignorant black street urchins and their uncultured hip-hop music, and no I am NOT a member of the KKK or affiliated with any such groups! No, I’m no stupid ignorant, white redneck, racist, honky EITHER BECAUSE I HAVE MORE INTELLIGENCE THAT YOU BLACKNECKS OUT THERE WHO HAVE ABOUT AS MUCH INTELLIGENCE AS YOUR REDNECK IGNORANT COUSINS THAT YOU HATE SO MUCH AND ARE ABOUT AS UNCULTURED AND BRIGHT AS THEM, except your skin color’s different and I have more brain power that you drooling ignorant buffoons have EVER HAD in your entire lifetimes, SO Don’t CALL ME A “RACIST WHITE IGNORANT REDNECK STUPID KKK HONKY AMERIKKA TYPE” of any of your cheap little slurs out there based on your limited vocabulary that you possess and have not learned beyond 1st Grade and only got to college because you had an affirmative action racially-biased program that got you there, because you’d scream racist if you didn’t get it. Scream racist and he has the world handed to him THAT YOU IDIOTS USE TO SHUT DOWN INTELLIGENT AND EDUMACATED DEBATE ABOUT THE TRUE WESTERN CIVILIZATION THAT LED TO THE ENLIGHTENED WELFARE-RECEIVING WORLD that you idiots that review this shit live in!

To hell with TV documentaries like this one! To hell with the history-hating world we live in today! To hell with the stupidity in the modern world and no I am no RACIST KKK black-hating, cross-burning, white sheet wearing BIGOT EITHER and immigrant hating jackasses BECAUSE UNLIKE THEM I HAPPEN TO DEEPLY LOVE AND RESPECT WESTERN CULTURE AND RUSSIAN PEOPLE and THINK VERY HIGHLY OF THESE INTELLIGENT people who have more intelligent than these clowns have in their entire miniscule little brains, the KKK immigrant-hating buffoons do!

Fuck the reverse KKK crowd at IMDB! They are the KKK in reverse against white people and Western Civilization, these stupid and ignorant blacknecks!

I call them “blacknecks” in the style of rednecks to make fun of them AND THE INSULLT THAT THEY CALL INTELLIGENT WHITE MALES WHO LOVE WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND INTELLIGENT CULTURE AND WHO HAPPEN TO COME FROM CORRY, PENNSYLVANIA LIKE I DO! So, to hell with these “blacknecks” on IMDB and the “blackneck” culture known as rap and hip hop music! And no it is not a “hate-filled Michael Savage” type rant, it is an HONEST UNPOLISHED, DEEP AND THOUGHTFUL LOOK AT YOUR IGNORANT AND STUPID AND SHALLOW AND DEPRECIATING, AND UNSUBSTANTIAL, DRUG ABUSING, ALCOHOL ABUSING, WOMAN ABUSING, MISOGYNISTIC BLACKNECK CULTURE that thinks of women as your “hos” call me “racist” for telling the truth! Thank you and good night!


I am not intellectual by any means, I just take all the crude, ignorant, uncouth, substancless, thuggish, racist, black hip-hop culture, that dominates today’s America with its shallow BS, that is in absolute contempt of our history, makes kids do Afrocentric research projects in the name of political-correctnes, black history month is FINE, but white history month NOT, Racism is okay,  I have problem with MLK day or MLK because MLK was an intelligent and educated man who worked to achieve the truly equal society that WE SHOULD HAVE HAD in the first place when this nation BASED ON CONSTITUTIONAL IDEALS was founded and a British cartoon lambasted the hypocrisy of our equal by showing someone preaching it and owning slaves and persecuting the blacks as slaves, such as was the racist hypocrisy that permeated America THEN AND NOW IN BLACK FORM NO LESS, and fortunately, we have “equality” in today’s world.  Screw this generation! Screw hip-hop and the ignorance and stupidity that it encourages this corrosion of our culture and values and teaches kids to be irresponsible. You know, those conservatives are actually right when they say that stuff! Hip-hop prevents kids from learning ABOUT REAL HISTORY, like Tuskegee Airmen that overcame racism, racist bigotry, and intolerance to be among the most elite fighter pilots in World War II, and the Nisei 442nd Regimented Japanese-American combat team during World War II as well that overcame bigotry against Japanese-Americans, too. (IT IS NOT OKAY IN ANY FORM AT ALL, BE IT KKK RACISM OR 50 cent HIP HOP TYPE RACISM THAT DOMINATES TODAY’S AMERICA)

We should not use today’s standards to deride the values of our culture, as racist, white supremacist, bigoted, and ignorant much in the style of the Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright crowd does today and the Louis Farrakhans and their pseudo-Islam racist fascist, religious cult of theirs, called the Nation Of Islam, WHOSE RELIGION TEACHES WHITE SUPREMACY IN ONE OF ITS VERSES and WHO BELIEVES THAT BLACKS ARE ONLY FIT TO BE SLAVES!

How’s that for irony?  To be put back in to the very thing that you hate, slavery, by the same kind of people with that mentality. And no, I do not like Wikipedia or its apologist nonsense on behalf of Islam, either! To hell with Wikipedia and remember to use it with extreme caution and ALWAYS be skeptical of it and TO LOOK OUT FOR LOADED terms and the RationalWiki-ization OF WIKIPEDIA INTO A TROLLING ATTACK BLOG ENCYCLOPEDIA LIKE RATIONALWIKI IS! THE TROLL’S WIKI! RATIONALWIKI, the troll’s encyclopedia!

The encyclopedia for trolls through the internet to use loaded arguments and insult people as bigoted, backwards, stupid, and ignorant cranks and practitioners of pseudoscience and all those biased and loaded labels that THEY DO ON THERE, and utterly rude and insulting labeling of people that they hate and biased articles against the ones that they hate and lionizing the ones that they love so much, like Clinton for example! The far-left doesn’t get anymore debased, does it?

Thank you and good night!



OF course, let’s shit on the History Channel because they do not have “Eastern Programming” even though we do not live in China or Vietnam, WIKIPEDIA, of course it depicts a Western World in a positive light, that you ignorant assholes HATE SO MUCH and shit on every day!

Anyway, pseudohistory doesn’t even begin to describe this bullshit!

This documentary sucks worse that J Lo’s Gigli ever did in its wettest dreams!

It is about as relevant to history as 50 Cent of Lil Wayne are to the Tuskegee Airmen or Michael Jackson is to the War of 1812! Thank you for this anachronistic piece of shit documentary, BBC! We really love you! (That above 1812 one is a shout out to David Armstrong out there, sorry I wasn’t on topic during the history class! DAMN WIKIPEDIA! I picked the wrong time to point that article and confused Michael Jackson with Andrew, but I WAS AN UNBRIGHT AND UNCIVILIZED HIP-HOP ORIENTED LIBERAL IDIOT BACK THEN! SO I AM SORRY THAT I WAS NOT ON TOPIC THERE! DAMN IT!)

Thank you for reading!

Historyblogcritic! I gotta learn to not beat myself up like that, or how we in the West sadistically beat ourselves up with pleasure in the name of political-correctnes every day of the week and piss on the very values that enlightened the world and gave great progress to humanity, (minus the genocides and cleansings) and created the high-technology world that we live in today! Thank you Western Civilization and God bless you and stop the street urchin, uncouth, and ignorant black-supremacist hip-hop culture and quit making one form of racism more acceptable than another and stop this hypocrisy! Thank you Western Civilization! God help us! Street urchin, loutish, ignorant, and uncouth people that are black dominate, and the white redneck Country Mus (THAT IS NOT to say that I hate Country Music, which I like NOT THE SHANIA TWAIN or Carrie Underwood BS pop-music country OUT TODAY, but the REAL country like this and this.  Will we ever be a cultured and intelligent society, and stop the anti-intellectual garbage of ICarly and all those TV shows that present, smart, and educated people and individuals AS CREEPY, UNSOCIALABLE, AND THE VAPID WHINY IGNORANT STUPID LITTLE BITCHES, LIKE CARLY AND SAM AND FREDDY AS BEING INTELLIGENT and ridiculing good parents for looking out for their kids as well, in the family-hating tradition and their contempt of nerdy-geeky types like us!  Fuck Nickelodeon and my stupid tirades against the stupidity prevalent in today’s America that needs to be fixed for the better and achieve a more enlightened and intelligent society back to our morals, libertarian, intelligent, educated, rational, racial equality, liquidating the KKK and other backwards and reactionary fascist elements, like and such as LA RAZA, KKK, NEW BLACK PANTHERS, BLACK PANTHERS, (the racist hate group not the tankers during World War II that these idiots who call themselves black panthers hijacked and used that to insult the great America, only to be destroy by racist, stupid, ignorant, and shallow drug-abusing hippie idiots.), and other fascist groups!

La Raza is A FASCIST group THAT BELIEVES THAT OUTSIDE THE RACE, NOTHING, RACE IS EVERYTHING IN THE STYLE OF MUSSOLINI’S FASCISM and parodying his (in)famous outside the state nothing quote and having a dream of an ethnically-pure cleansed Aztlan, cleansed of all non-Hispanics and ethnically pure in the style of Bosnia, of course! More ethnically-pure than some parts of Bosnia are!  They ARE a fascist group in the very literal sense and do not care about Hispanics at all and only represent their narrow bands of bigots and limited and bigoted KKK type worldview! They are a fascist group in the most literal sense and only get a free pass because they are different from you and I, and if they were white, WHY SPLC and all the liberal media would destroy them like there’s no tomorrow, but fascism is only acceptable in America, if its practitioners have different skin colors! Fascism is fascism and Racism is racism NO MATTER WHO DOES IT! CALL ME A “RACIST BIGOT” BUT THAT IS HOW IT IS AND YOU ARE NOT GONNA SPIN IT OR CHANGE IT! NOPE, SORRY YOU LOSE! GOODBYE LOSERS, HAVE FUN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE OF BEING BIGOTED, LOUTISH, IGNORANT, AND DRUG-ABUSING, UNCOUTH, LOSERS! I do not miss you one bit!

Enough bashing the ignoramuses for one day! Goodbye everyone!



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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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