Hokey Movies 80s and Beyond

I saw Red Dawn today and I could not help but notice its hokey plot about American teenagers taking on the whole Soviet military, which could NEVER happen if it tried.  Red Dawn’s plot is hokey because it has the Soviets invading the United States. Which could never happen because the logistics of doing that far from the Soviet Union over thousands of miles of ocean and skies to supply their military forces. The Soviet forces would have needed MANY ships to haul in all those troops to attack us on our southern border.

There is continuity in the movie where Mexico has a revolution and then WHAT happens?  A Soviet puppet regime is installed in Mexico? The Soviets would have had a helluva time trying to take and hold Mexico. The Mexicans have a tradition of guerrilla warfare and fighting government authorities going back a century or more. The Mexicans would have never taken the Russians. Many Mexicans are RELIGIOUS CATHOLICS and THEY WOULD HAVE NOT TAKEN THE SOVIET ATHEISTIC COMMIES’ HATRED of religion very well, especially the Catholic Church and how hugely religious or religious Mexico really is.  The Soviets would had a helluva time trying to hold onto Mexico that’s for sure. They wouldn’t have easily invaded us like Red Dawn suggests they would have. Every citizen with a rifle that saw Russian soldiers would have SURELY shot at them with everything they had.  The school students would have probably run out of school, not caring whether or not they got in trouble or not for leaving school without authorization.

Ah alas, we need to empower teenagers and make them seem great and all that to have a movie plot that would have NEVER happened because the US Army would not have hesitated to send forces into Mexico or Canada to stop the Soviets from even entering the country. The movie’s depiction of the military is just as hokey as Independence Day is. The same formula. The movie writers OBVIOUSLY KNEW NOTHING about SAC and the B-52s that orbited overhead 24/7. The B-52 Stratofortresses would have POUNDED the living crap of those Soviet tanks and the A-10, which was in service at the time and still is as far as I know, would have ripped open their tanks like a sardine can.

It’s anti-Russian stereotypes disgust me, too. It depicts the Soviet military as unprofessional and brutal and robotic, which WASN’T ACTUALLY true. The Soviets were just as human as anyone and the unfamiliar American terrain, as if Afghanistan wasn’t enough of a nightmare, wait till you see the Rockies!  The Soviets would have hunted down Red Dawn guerrillas. They weren’t stupid brutal Russians, as the stereotype dictates that they are, either. The Soviets would have wiped out the teenagers. The teenagers were poorly disciplined, poorly armed, and too cocky and high-spirited, which would h

NOT JUST anyone can be a guerrilla like El Che would have YOU believe. El Che knew how to attack the enemy’s weak points and cause havoc.

Nicaragua and Cuba attaining military strengths of 500,000 men. Well, that’s nothing if you don’t know how to properly utilize your assets. The Cubans were a draftee military that was and is mostly conscripts that lack training. Even with Soviet help, unlike real life if the Cubans had invaded us, they would have been beaten badly because an army of 500,000 can’t be used all at once because they would have needed transport planes and ships to land them in Mexico. SAC bases WOULD HAVE never been overrun like the movie believes, by their servants who were communists. SAC had bases all over the world and they could respond within minutes to anything. The movie fails to take into account SAC bombers based in Okinawa and Guam that would have flown to America or Mexico and bombed the Russian, Nicaraguan, and Cuban forces.

I’m sorry, but the Nicaraguan and Cuban military lacked the professionalism that the Soviets had.  The Soviets had 40 years of military experience, including the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany. The Nicaraguans had NO such experience. Nicaragua overthrew the commies anyway. Nicaragua’s military can best be described as a ragged mob of draftees with rifles, like the Iraqis are. They are a a typical third-world military that can’t afford alot of military equipment, except hand-me-down equipment from the United States, who is THE ONLY MAJOR power in the region in Latin America. The United States is their protector. THEY wouldn’t exist without us! The Latin American countries are nothing without us, just like all the now independent Soviet republics are nothing without Russia.

The nation that financially controls them and keeps them afloat is America! Without American help, unlike what the hard-left believes, Latin America would be in much worse shape than it is now. The only power that guides and protects them is the United States. The Soviet Union did not have the best interests in mind for the Latin American countries and would turned them into worse third-world hellholes than they already were, and besides the Latin American countries have close fraternal ties to the United States. They have relatives there and want not and the USA is their great provider of everything that isn’t locally made in their country and that REALLY sustains them. Those Latin American countries would collapse without us!  Sure we’ve messed up in the past and did bad things to them, but still the Latin American countries depend on us for almost everything! We in the United States are their lifeblood.  Without us, they wouldn’t exist.

A third-world military that had enough problems protecting themselves from Sandinista and Contra guerrillas was gonna invade the United States, a ragged and weak military like Nicaragua that is little more than a police-type defense force military, along with Cuba that is only capable of defending itself instead of any real offensive combat action! Who would have known?

I am convinced that with Soviet help, they would have been something of a fighting force, but not much of one, like Italians were under German command in WWII. The Soviets couldn’t rely on their Afghan puppet allies for support against Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, so why would the Nicaraguans and Cubans be any more reliable? Nicaraguans and Cubans from the tropical sweltering jungles of these two countries, suddenly thrust into the Rocky Mountains to fight a ragged mob of teenagers.  Wow! Talk about being NOT being acclimatized to the cold Rocky Mountain Colorado climate.

Sure the Spanish guy spoke Russian with a bad accent and stilted grammar, but he was nothing. The commies would have had a hard time with Nicaraguans. They probably would have deserted, some of them because they are in AMERICA, the land of the free and not wanting to fight for the oppressive commie overlords, many WOULD have deserted to the rest of the United States, rather than fight for an ideology that they hated that wasn’t really providing them with anything and not really lifting them out of their painful and harsh poverty and squalor that THEY WERE LIVING IN in Latin America! Many Cuban and Nicaraguan troops would have deserted.  The truth is that the Red Dawn guerrillas Wolverines would have never lasted very long with the kind of attitudes displayed by the teenagers in the movie. They had no chance.  I don’t think the Russians would have really occupied Calumet for that long in the film. They would have been driven out. The duel between the Abrams and T-72. Well, THAT would have been a mismatch. The Abrams is superior to the T-72 in every category. The Abrams trading shots with that T-72 would have fried it in no time at all. Besides, the Russian army had problems with their T-72 tanks that were prone to breaking down (THAT IS TO SAY THAT RUSSIAN MILITARY EQUIPMENT IS NOT SHODDY OR SECOND-CLASS IT IS AMONG THE MOST LETHAL AND PROVEN SHIT IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO WORK AND SOVIETS HAVE TECHNOLOGY, BUT THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN ALL THAT FANCY STUFF THAT IS COMPLICATED AND DISTRACTS FROM ITS REAL PURPOSE! THEIRS IS NOT BAD AT ALL!) That’s propaganda that their shit is all shoddy and doesn’t work. in Afghanistan. So how would they have fared in the Rocky Mountain climate of Colorado? Probably not so well.

The Hind helicopters had problems operating in the cold climates of Afghanistan’s mountains. Their operating in American Rocky Mountain climates would have been a nightmare. Oh man, what a logistical nightmare it would have been for the Soviets to try and hold on to America. Probably Japanese or some other ally of ours that had ANY sizeable navy strength (like Japan or whatever) that had submarines would have been torpedoing supply ships from Vladivostok or somewhere, bringing tanks and other essential supplies and reinforcements to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, trying to hold onto the place. The Soviets would HAVE A TOUGH IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE time trying to hold on the Western United States in the Rocky Mountains. The Russians would have had difficulty maintaining the Mi-24 attack helicopters with all those supply problems, UNLESS they found an American mechanical supply depot repair shot that they captured.

The movie fails to take into account the great and unbridled military strength of the United States and its allies to fight the Soviet Union. The Soviets would not have lasted very long in Colorado. Their stay would have not been long as suggested in Red Dawn. At best, they would have been there for, oh I’ll say a few weeks, if not days, at best. They would have been driven out of there in no time FLAT! The Soviets just did not have the logistical capability or really the will to invade the USA, as Stalin once said about he couldn’t invade the USA because every citizen would be armed to the teeth and instituting agendas to subvert us and cause us to become Communist and lose our freedom to deny us that opportunity, as suggested by Yuriy Bezmonov, who was a communist KGB defector the United States! (DO NOT CALL ME RIGHT WING FLAKE OR NUTTY CONSPIRACY THEORIST I AM NOT DISCLAIMER!)  This is another one of those 1980s jingoistic, the Russians are all bad guys, come and kill them, TYPE of movies that are jingoistic with a bad guy, but hey they’re pro-American (unlike the crap Hollywood makes now adays) and show the American spirit, loaded with all kinds of bad stereotypes about Russians and others and what not that are aggressive and jingoistic.  (BUT ANY OF YOU HARD LEFTIES OUT THERE WHO WILL USE THIS AS BAIT TO CALL AMERICA AN EVIL RACIST, NAZI country or whatever, will not be tolerated. I do not like you self-hating clowns any more than the rest of us, do.) But hey they are god kick-ass movies that show American ingenuity and spirit and kicking lots of ass and saving the world, which is good right, and the bellicose and jingoistic foreign policy of ours that always has to pit us against Russia with that butthead Putin in power! Putin is demonized as evil, like Milosevic or something, even though he is not.  Anyway, screw the politics!  Red Dawn and all the other kick-ass American action movies are among the best ever made, never mind their hokey plots!  They’re still good for something!

I AM not a Communist or a red agent, I think that communists are evil. But hey people, let’s put things into perspective so that Hollywood will make a money that’s more accurate in its portrayal of the military and guerrilla warfare, right? Thank you!

All in all, Red Dawn’s plot is hokey and unrealistic, BUT HEY it is a good movie about rebellious teenagers that take on authority and WIN against the Commie overlord oppressors and prove that tough and determined teenagers can win! Unlike Afghanistan, the USA does not border the Soviet Union, save Alaska (Yes, Sarah I know that you can see Russia from your house!) across the Bering Sea!

A guerrilla has to be tough and ruthless, someone like Che Guevara who was tough and could see through all the stupid BS and overcome obstacles and could see problems and was calm and collected and was very fanatical and could be acting within a moment’s notice and tough and not swayed by emotions like the Red Dawn crew are. The Red Dawn crew are just whiny teenage football playing jocks with weapons trying to be guerrillas. The Mujaheddin at least had determination and a coolness from centuries of fighting foreign invaders, namely the British and Russians, that these kids did not have.

Oh and the Columbine-esque massacre with the VDV paratroopers at the beginning. I do not think that the Soviets were a trigger-happy military to shoot like that. They were kids. Oh the Beslan school massacre in Russian rescuing the kids. That was no massacre, but the kids were rescued. The Soviets being depicted as cold-blooded killers, is a stereotype I’m afraid to a point. The Soviets were professionals yes, but the commies were a blood-thirsty bunch of people, tough and ruthless like the Russians typically were, BUT THEY HAD BRAINS in real life to realize that the whole thing was suicide. The Soviets would have never invaded from Canada to attack USA. The United States has a treaty to protect Canada along with Mexico from invasions. The US military would have sent in forces to Mexico to stop them.  We would have torn them to shreds in Mexico and Canada.  The movie FAILS to take into account US submarines in the film that would have been underwater lurking for targets. They would have been used to target Soviet supply ships sending supplies to America. They wold have taken a toll on the Soviets and sent much-needed war equipment to the bottom and would have in some cases, been a deciding factor.

NATO would have never folded like in the movie. The Western European countries in particular would have not loved to have seen their countries reoccupied yet again by another oppressive regime like the Soviets were, compared to the Nazis. The Soviets would have been ruthless like Nazis, but not really targeting the Jews, but rather the parties that they did not like and such like that and throwing them in concentration camps, LIKE THE NAZIS DID! The Soviets would have been reincarnated Nazis, with the same kind of totalitarian tight-fisted total control that the Nazis exercised, except under a different name, Communism and the Soviet Union. All the hard-left Green Party and Socialists would have willingly collaborated with the Soviets, hunting down traitors and suspected dissidents and killing them and executing them lining them against the wall and shooting them like the Nazis!

Those people who lived through Nazi occupation in World War II would have taught their children and grandchildren how to fight their new hated occupier enemy, the Soviet Union. There would have been the kind of French Resistance and other occupied resistance movements like in Occupied Europe. The movie’s depiction of NATO is laughable, to say the least! THE NATO countries like Canada would have fought on, ragged, but still having some forces left. There would have been resistance movements like the kind found in World War II, by the people in the newly occupied Europe.

To them , the Soviet Union would have been another Nazi Germany type occupier and they would have fought them bitterly. All the older generation who survived World War II, were in their 60s at the time Red Dawn was made, so they weren’t too old to really do anything, so they would have fought them, too and taught their grandchildren how to make Sten Guns and other weapons that they themselves were taught how to make from the OSS and SOE agents in WWII that parachuted into their countries and assisted them at every turn fighting the Nazis. It would have been like that, ONCE AGAIN, with special operations forces assisting the resistance movements, YET AGAIN, in another Occupied Europe, THIS TIME by the Soviet Union, replacing Nazi Germany as the new, hated oppressor and occupier.

Well, it’s like riding a bicycle for them, making all this stuff, that they did every day for over 5 years in Occupied Europe during World War II, making Stens and all that type of stuff.  I would not have been easy to forget, it would have been drilled in their heads, like the alphabet is drilled into ours at Kindergarten and First Grade and all that fundamental and basic stuff.

The movie is more American huberistic jingoism of the kind that inspires people to go to war with Russia like McCain and Palin want to dehumanize the Russian peoples and make them look, stupid, dumb, and inferior, and uncivilize them to brainwash the American public into believing that Russians (AMONG THE SMARTEST AND MOST CAPABLE people in the world who are gifted, intelligent, and scientifically-minded and realistic and very wise from years of experience Russians who generally are intuitive and know when people ARE REALLY right and wrong, or this whole thing that is a sixth sense of sorts, but is hard to describe from Russians.

They are just so cynical a lot of them. They are a very wise people to a point.) are stupid and unintelligent barbarians. The truth is that many Russian soldiers were not fanatical communists like Red Dawn portrays them to be. They were just soldiers doing their duty and were following orders and could not speak out, but were good soldiers. Don’t you think that the Russians would have been lonely and homesick being so far from home? The Russian non-Communist people could see that America was their enemy, but were human enough to realize the senseless of a war with America to realize that they would have lost and that we were better economically than they were.  Would there have been Russian soldiers collaborating with the guerrillas in real life, probably so because many hated the communists SECRETLY and would have probably sent people in.

Wouldn’t the Russians have sent in people to talk to the Red Dawn guerrillas who spoke English and dressed like them? The Russians have the state university systems that are among the finest in the world. It WOULD NOT HAVE been very difficult for them to find an English-speaking GRU or Spetsnaz soldier to infiltrate the Red Dawn Wolverine guerrillas dressed up like an American and speaking American colloquial slang, which many Russians knew from movies that they obtained through foreign sources in Europe and studying our culture. The Russians knew our culture and had it down pat and studied us for years because we aren’t really a closed society that is difficult, sort of like how Russia was at that time, and Russia was open to a point. There were dissidents that communicated through amateur radios in Eastern Europe.  Well-known fact. Many enthusiasts often communicated with them during the Cold War years.  The Soviets had people listening into America, our pop-culture fads and fashions. Many Soviet youths had records smuggled in of Western Music. There weren’t all hardcore narrow-minded fanatics like the movie portrays them to be, they at least had human reasoning to be able to discern real from fake, and had that thing that in totalitarian societies, isn’t expressed among the foolhardy easily fooled populace that they could say among themselves.

The Soviets would in real life have been a lot more flexible and less rigid in real life. They would have sent in English-speaking people dressed up in American clothing and fashions into  Who knows an English-speaking Russian chick would have probably dressed up in American clothing with an American type accent have got in pretending to be interested in the Red Dawn leader and would have infiltrated them and seduced them for info or some English-speaking Russian male would have done the same thing. The Russians would have easily infiltrated the Wolverines without a lot of difficulty.

OH NEVER mind about the cliche stereotypes involving Russian women as spies and whores and mail-order brides that are stupid and ignorant and can be easily sold and whored down the river to a foreigner. Never mind the BS stereotypes there. They are wrong and ignorant and people should not believe them.

Russians respected the communists, but also hated the inadequacies of the system and did complain about them secretly among friends, who told their friends BUT NOT the authorities because they would have been on their asses like stink on poop!  The Russians were just and stout and hardy people that did not care about the other stuff and just went on with their lives as usual. I think that economically an invasion of America would have strained public opinion in the Soviet Union. Many were secretly sort of how shall I say, had a certain respect for America, even though the propaganda told them otherwise. Sure people are brainwashed with propaganda, but there’s that certain bit of human reasoning that just seems to come in in that subconscious in the back of your mind that just says something is wrong here. If this isn’t right, then what is. That sort of confused reaction.  Sure Russians told people how much they loved the system and communism, out of fear of their own lives of course.

My deconstruction of Red Dawn or Red Yawn as I like to call it is complete.

Sure Russians respect the Communist regime and are devoted to it, but really being in a foreign country would have been very different. The Red Army would have had supply problems trying to supply the forces in the movie. The Russian soldiers would have suffered their

There would have been people from Northeastern USA would hav

Wouldn’t someone have seen those paratroopers falling from the sky in the opening scene with the black school teacher and said “Oh my God! I see paratroopers!” Everyone in the entire town that had a rifle or a shotgun would have been shooting at them as they were landing. Sort of like the Longest Day movie.

Wouldn’t someone have said over the PA system, “There are Soviet paratroopers landing. School is dismissed for the day.” They would have dismissed school and there wouldn’t have been that Columbine-esque massacre by the VDV paratroops. VDV are professional and well lead soldiers. I don’t think that they would have been shooting every civilian in sight. They would have disarmed them yes, but shot at any that tried to escape, probably not.  I don’t know. Red Dawn plot is hokey and everyone in town with a rifle would have shoot at those paratroops as they landed. What about the National Guard troops or somebody armed with a machine gun from a collection arsenal someone. Red Dawn does not take into account ordinary people somewhere in an arsenal grabbing an M-60 or something like that and shooting at the Soviet soldiers coming in to land or the National Guard arsenals to grab weapons. Wouldn’t there have been

And the people with guns that the Soviets thought were trouble would NOT have been in that drive-in movie theater being reeducated with Communist propaganda films, either. They would have been fighting for their lives and been all dead.  That no one was supposed to know? Well SOMEONE would have known and everyone in the town would have known what was going on, especially the Red Dawn kids. Someone would have shot up the Soviet soldiers or threw beer bottles someone hid away at the screen and yelled out something like “I’ve had enough of this commie bullshit!” and thrown it at the screen. Regardless of whether or not they got shot wouldn’t have mattered very much because Americans are the kind of people that just don’t take shit like that lying down, especially in small towns.

The Soviet tanks in the column would not have been traveling out in the open like that. An A-10 or an Apache gunship
Wouldn’t there have been a National Guard soldier that attached themselves to the Red Dawn Wolverines crew and taught them how to use all those weapons? Why don’t you see any of that?  If the movie did not have such a hokey and unre

The movie does not take into account small town life or the everyone knows everyone nature of small towns.

The kids would not have been in that school when the paratroopers were coming. They would have dismissed the school and gotten out of there and didn’t care about the consequences.

A TYPICAL WEAK THIRD-WORLD military like that of Iraq, with poor discipline and not well-fed and poor leadership is going invade the USA. What a laugh!

Ah, jingoistic Reaganite propaganda at its finest! Red Dawn, but I AM CONSERVATIVE, so don’t rag on me. I’m conservative on some things, liberal on others. BUT I AM A REALIST THINKER FIRST AND FOREMOST that sees reality and how to apply it correctly so that Hollywood will make a better thriller movie THAT ACTUALLY depicts the military correctly, instead of the stereotypes of the narrow-minded military.
Funny how the movie never mentions Guam or any other military bases in the film.

This is my view of Red Dawn from a REALIST’S perspective. That’s ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT AND ENLIGHTENING, well sort of. You be the judge on that.  Red Dawn does not take into account that the Russians would have sent in a spy dressed up in American clothing and educated at Moscow State University in the English language, speaking typical American idioms and mannerisms, in American civilian clothing, infiltrating their team to destroy them and to relay info to the Russians to destroy them. The Soviet army would have destroyed them.  I am not sure I like the movie, just another cheesy jingoistic 80s action flick about teenage empowerment of guerrilla punks out in the woods, being Che Guevara wannabes, and being the stereotype of guerrilla fighter, that is an ill-disciplined, ill-lead, just shoot them up in the woods and disappear stereotypes, instead of an organized band of guerrillas. There is no way that they could have taken on the Soviets IN REAL life equipped like that and with the numbers they had present. They would have had to recruit more members into their outfit and their petty arguments and whiny attitudes would have not been condusive to a guerrilla army. Draza Mihailovic’s Chetniks would have kicked their asses, Tito’s partisans WOULD have kicked their asses really hard!

They would have had poor discipline problems and a guerrilla army needs discipline in order to survive. What about the movie and its unlimited supply of ammunition for these guys? Where did they get all that ammunition.  The limited number of guerrillas like that would have not lasted long because they would have run out of food and been surrounded by thousands of Red Army soldiers and hundreds of tanks and they would have not been afraid to use everything in their arsenal against them.  The false romantic stereotypical cliche notions of romantic and daring fighters attacking from out of nowhere, spur of the moment type attacks, and striking out of the woods, quickly and running away, to fight on again like some kind of cheesy romantic hero, is just too prevalent in this movie and because of that poser-like attitude, the Red Dawn guerrilla fighters would be laughed, mocked, and scorned by other more professional guerrilla fighters. What about OTHER guerrillas elsewhere rising up and attacking the Russians? Their whole futile poorly-coordinated not well-planned, poorly-planned assaults would have NOT last very long and they would have been killed instantly!

But it’s a movie, you know!  Being a guerrilla DOES NOT mean just hiding out in the woods and being a dashing romantic hero taking on thousands of enemy soldiers! IT takes planning, guts, and determination and LOTS of carefully-planned tactical skill to pull off something like the Red Dawn people seem to lack in this film. Their lack of planning for major operations and their barging into a well-guarded Soviet airbase with only four men, they would have been massacred piecemeal by the Soviet soldiers. The best strategy would have been to fire mortars at the base and shell it with a mortar barrage, using captured Soviet mortars or American equivalent ones, NOT suicidally going and being big romantic her

The Taliban are ABLE to prolong guerrilla attacks because they HAVE PLANNING AND COORDINATION AND DETERMINED skill and KNOW WHEN TO ATTACK AND HAVE DISCIPLINE and SKILL and forthright and TOUGH AND DETERMINED QUICK attitudes AND ARE COOL UNDER PRESSURE, unlike the clowns in Red Dawn, who lack said skill, motivation, drive, determination FOR A PROLONGED campaign.  The Soviets would have tracked them down in a matter of hours and the Red Dawn guerrillas tend to be in one location all the time and being a revolutionary with a gun and shooting up people recklessly IS NOT THE HALLMARK of a good guerrilla fighter. IT IS THE TRADEMARK OF STUPID AND POOR DESPERADO guerrilla who is desperate, cocky, and suicidal TO THE POINT of being reckless, like the Red Dawn crowd are, THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT last long as guerrilla fighters. Mihailovic lasted long because he was determined, had years of planning, was well versed in military discipline, being a former Serbian army officer with years of experience under his belt, from WWI against the same German enemy, being a good, intelligent, tough, and uncomprimising leader, (although Tito was better in that regard) and being a flexible commander, unlike the douchebags in Red Dawn!

Red Dawn lacks discipline and courage needed to be a real guerrilla army. There is no way in real life that those 4 could have taken on a whole army by themselves. They would have been massacred piecemeal. Victor Troska in OFP for example IS WELL-PLANNED AND COORDINATED guerrilla attacks against Soviet forces, and MANY many and volunteers and is a disciplined and tough leader who knows WHERE TO ATTACK AND WHEN TO ATTACK AND HOW TO ATTACK and the proper moment, something the clowns in RED DAWN could NOT do in their wildest and wettest

Iron Eagle is cheesy beyond repair! If any USAF pilot had done what that kid had done HE WOULD HAVE BEEN GROUNDED forever, there would have been diplomatic outrage over it, accusations of American aggression, Arab stereotypes like the shallow, one-dimensional pseudo-Qaddafi dictator in the movie. Doug would have been arrested for the whole act and put on trial for his actions in front of tribunal, which he was, at the end, but the film DOES NOT take into account other dire consequences. Diplomatic outrage at the UN, accusations of “Israeli Zionist aggression” and other conspiracies, Doug being grounded from the air force and NOT going through proper channels to organize a rescue of his dad. But, hey it’s the ultimate “rebel against society” movie, right?  The movie does not take into account the whole consequences of the action. America would have been condemned as an aggressor. The F-16 would have been intercepted by one of the NATO allies in the area and Doug would have been forced down in a friendly country of the NATO alliance and detained for his reckless actions.  The military would NOT tolerated him for a minute! He would have been out on the street! His cocky attitude would have been an extreme hazard and deadly for people in the air, but cardboard wooden mock-ups of poorly-trained, poorly-motivated SECOND RATE ARABIAN third world air force jet planes ARE ALL DOUG HAD to fight, right? Those model planes are real tough opposition, huh Doug? What a joke the movie is!

The UN would have flayed him alive and he would have been arrested by the FBI and detained for illegal and unauthorized actions, bombing and strafing a foreign country and going through a kangaroo court of being flayed alive like Mladic is right now at the Hague where Croat war criminals aren’t convicted, and SERBS are ALWAYS guilty for their shit!  Thank you Hague for your wonderful and shallow hypocrisy! Doug would have been subjected to leaving American airspace unauthorized, the American government would have sent out jets to bring him down to the ground and he would HAVE IN REAL life, gotten about as far as Maryland and been forced down by an F-16 coming up alongside his and gesturing to make him come down only feet from his cockpit.

Doug’s actions were totally illegal and violated international law! He would have been brought before the Hague and dealt with badly in a manner Karadzic and Mladic and Seselj are BEING DEALT WITH AT THE HAGUE and having NO CHANCE TO REALLY REPRESENT HIMSELF AT A FAKE COURT IN THE HAGUE AND BEING FLAYED ALIVE BY JACKASS JUDGES AND ANTI-AMERICAN, SNOBBISH MILITARY-HATING ULTRA FAR-LEFT JUDGES THERE AT THE HAGUE! Doug would have been

His father would have been executed anyway without any formalities and without the Hercule Poirot poorly disguised as an Arab dictator by a role that doesn’t even fit David Suchet AT ALL, giving him the usual formalities.  He would have been executed and dumped out in the desert for a long time and NEVER EVER seen again and THAT government would have lied about his STATUS TO THE world community and the United States would have had a diplomatic fit over it and gone to war and military crack experts would have found his body and given him a proper burial at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.  End of story! The movie fails really badly and depicting the USAF and the IAF ISRAELI AIR FORCE was hired for the military because Israel is cheap about that sort of thing and Israel hates Arabian fascist dictators like the kind in Iron Eagle and have the friendly relations with America very intimately and the producers are Israeli Jews, and is intimately pro-American and pro-Israel and are really friendly with nice planes to fly that are the same types flown by the Americans!  They are really friendly too, the Jews, anyway and are nice people to be around and great people! Anyway, besides the point. Really cheesy film, but having really great action.

The pseudo Curtis Lemay general (played by Kris Kristofferson) in The Manhattan Project with Matthew Broderick. SAC would NOT acted anything like in the movie with their unprofessional behavior they check and double check and check LIKE YOU WILL not believe before going to nuclear war and how would have the character manipulated the Russian computers if he couldn’t speak Russian anyway?  He would have died of radiation poisioning from mishandling the radiation in his room and the house would have been a radioactive wasteland in the movie the Manhattan Project with its stupid and misleading bullshit title there.

What cheesy movies and least Rambo and Commando WERE AT LEAST SOMEWHAT REALISTIC AND BETTER DEPICTED THE MILITARY ALONG WITH THE CHUCK NORRIS ACTION FLICK, MISSING IN ACTION, DEDICATED TO CHUCK’S BROTHER WHO DIED IN VIETNAM, NO LESS!  What a touching and truly great tribute, Chuck and a really great movie there!  Still cheesy and lacking substance, though IMDB is ANTI-AMERICAN FAR-LEFT America-hating and HATES ANYTHING that depicts American heroes in a positive conservative light against their beloved commies, like in Missing in Action or Bitwa Warszawska 1920 for example!

Who cares? Just watch Red Dawn, Manhattan Project, and Iron Eagle movies to better understand the 80s and the Soviet Union threate against the West, trying to enslave the world and making it a communist state! Fight against the Soviet Union and destroy the hated and evil communism and prevent it from threatening humanity with anti-religious, hateful, repressive, repressed-inside, lying, deceitful, equality-scamming, bullshit from hurting us again! Communism DOES NOT bring equality, racial or otherwise! It is the greatest scam, fraud, and hoax in human history worse than any NIGERIAN SCAM could EVER HOPE TO ACHIEVE in its serious lifetime! COmmunism is a scam of the worst kind that fails to provide equality, and does not believe in it where the people in charge are richer and the wealth redistributed among themselves and ONLY THE RICH can HAVE ANYTHING and everything, and THE CLASS SYSTEM EXISTS among the party faithful and they treat the people like total shit and like dirt beneath their feet and Communism HOARDS ALL THE WEALTH among the commies and only equality among thieves, perverts, and butchers.

Communism is an ideology without morals, without mercy and unwarranted destruction where the selfish desires of the people in the communist party are fulfilled without question or warrant any sort of repose and they can do whatever they want to, based on a shallow, selfish, ignorant majority desires without any sort of restraint and can have racism that discriminates aga

The Soviet Union was racist without question! There WAS racism in the Soviet Union! THERE was you far-left morons against Ukrainians, Poles, Chechens, and Central Asian Turkic Tatars and others IN THE NAME OF THE DOMINANT RUSSIAN leadership that discriminated against non-Russian speaking peoples because the majority ethnic groups in charge dominates during communism and they can do discriminatory measures against Poles and Ukrainians and Wikipedia posts their denier apologist propaganda on there, along with the Bosnian Muslim denial propaganda about their fascist Izetbegovic leadership, WHILE SCORNING the SERBS for denying their wrongdoings in a typical hypocritical fashion of theirs! The will of the Russian-dominated government was enforced without hesitation and the Russian culture dominated and the Russian language was the only real language that could be spoken and suppression or sometimes WHEN THEY FELT LIKE IT, ENCOURAGING OTHER CULTURES TO SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGES, just to “record their cultures and further their bullshit propaganda narratives of “fraternal people internationalist international friendship and brotherhood among brotherly/fraternal Soviet peoples!”

That’s neither here nor there! Communism encourages racism, as long as the dominant ethnic group in charge does it and encourages it and eliminates them to no longer pose a threat to anyone, Poles, Ukrainians, or Germans, or Jews living in the Soviet Union!


Of course, the far-left commie Wikipedia shill always wins! The Soviet Union HAD anti-Semitism and sadly Jews like Schlussel like smear all Russians as anti-Semitic, racist, and bigoted and naturally Wikipedia takes up their tact. With their stupid anti-Russian bigoted bullshit about how Russians are bigoted, anti-Semitic bastards to smear and destroy Russia and achieve their stupid revenge HATE AGENDA to get back at Russia and subvert and destroy them to further their own sickening and petty hatreds against Russia and sickeningly accuse us of “Nazi-style anti-Semitism” while bashing those disagree with their selfish and hateful desires like that of Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller and their ilk AND UNLIKE THOSE BIGOTS, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ALL RUSSIANS ARE THAT WAY!

TO HELL WITH WIKIPEDIA AND ITS BULLSHIT!  I am no intellectual or wise-guy, I’m just stating how I feel. And what the hell is wrong with that. along with all the other self-absorbed, stupid, bloviating, dumb bloggers out there expressing their opinions!  Gotta love Wikipedia and its cheap smear machine against me and lump me in with the lunatic fringe NEO NAZI KKK idiots because they do not like the fact that I criticize Schlussel and her hiding behind her Jewish label and playing victim unconvincingly WHILE being as bigoted as she is, under the holy and protected shield of being Jewish and immune from criticism like she is and crying out “Nazi anti-Semitism, anti-Semite Russian Neo-Nazi ties” (OF WHICH I HAVE NONE AND DO NOT SYMPATHIZE WITH SELF-HATING IGNORANT AND STUPID NEO-NAZIS WHO SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT TRIED TO EXTERMINATE AND DESTROY THEIR OWN SLAVIC GENTILE RUSSIAN KIND AND ENSLAVE AND DESTROY them WHILE BEATING UP THOSE LITTLE JEWS IN THE STREETS for fun and characterzing ALL RUSSIANS AS BEING THAT WAY IN DOCUMENTARIES LIKE THE SOVIET STORY and characterizing Russian regimented and highly deep-love of their country patriotism IN WITH NEO-NAZI JACKASSES in the fashion of lumping conservative and patriotic Americans that deeply love America in with the Ku Klux Klan! It’s just sickening and stupid and ignorant to do this!) WHICH THANK GOD I DO NOT HAVE and never had and do not have and NEVER WILL because I do not sympathize with braindead and stupid little ignorant idiots who do not know reality if it bit them in their ultra-white small little asses known as their pretty ultra-white heads, which are on their little violent, ignorant, and unenlightened shoulders!

Screw them! I am off topic again, aren’t I?

I just like to put things in perspective AND NO I am NOT a fraud and it proves my point about the quick to judge, quick to put emotional, biased, loaded-labeling, ignorant, judgmental, shallow,  stupid OVERLY-EMOTION CATEGORY-LABELING IN CATEGORIES TO LABEL AND DESTROY PEOPLE THAT THEY DO NOT like categories! Gotta love Wikipedia and RationalWiki right?  Gotta love those shallow and self-absorbed Wiki blog encyclopedias like RationalWiki and their shallow and self-absorbed, and so full of shit bullshit! They REALLY need to put THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN “BULLSHIT” CATEGORY, of which they WOULD FIT IN REALLY NICELY, I MIGHT ADD!

Thank you and good night!

Historyblogcritic, I am more a personal blog than an historical one! I am more personal, the “pseudohistory” BS designed to make fun of Wikipedia and that BS historian blogspot page type people that bloviate about “pseudohistory” and use the label to put down and insult and stereotype and put down and label to death and DESTROY LABELS THAT GO AGAINST THEIR SELF-APPOINTED MAINSTREAM FRINGE-LEFTIST BULLSHIT ON THEIR to label anyone ridiculous to fulfill their shallow desires of ridiculing and bullying people like the little scum that they are! Good luck Wikipedia and your stupid BS! Good luck trying to discredit me and destroy me, you won’t succeed! Good luck idiots, IT JUST PROVES MY POINT ABOUT THE SHALLOW LITTLE BULLIES AND IGNORANT JUDGMENTAL RUSH TO JUDGEMENT IRRATIONAL DUMB BIGOTED SELF-ABSORBED, OVERLY-EMOTIONAL LOADED-CATEGORY LABELING ASSES ON WIKIPEDIA! Good night Wikipedia and the whole internet!

I created this blog to make fun of Harris Game Design, Wikipedia, RationalWiki and all the anti-Russian/anti-Slavic/anti-Polish/anti-American stereotypes and bigotry and cheesy movies and provide enlightening prespective, while ranting about stupid personal issues and alienating my audience about a Munoz guy who DOES NOT EVEN read my blog, but follows me to death across the internet and stalks me to death and insults my character and disability for fun and to destroy and silence me on the forum with the most hateful bullshit out there, by this stupid little troll, who puts people down, he deems a threat, in true Stalinist commie fashion, of course and TO MAKE HIMSELF FEEL GOOD AND COMPETENT AND PROVES MY POINT ABOUT THE SHALLOW AND JUDGEMENTAL RATIONALWIKI AND WIKIPEDIA CROWD who sickeningly disguise themselves as “skeptics” when they’re VERY much, blind lapdog believers IN THE TRUTH IN THE FASHION OF THE PAVLOVIAN DOG EXPERIMENT! Wikipedia is the follower and NOT the skeptic and I can prove that highly OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Just because you do not learn from them and do not belong to their snooty little club and I do not hate the intellectuals, just their snobby bullshit or do not learn their way or be a total jackass! College ain’t the real world, you know! I am no intellectual and do not pretend to be, I just want people to understand me and sympathize with me!

Good night world and HAPPY NEW YEAR! С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ. РУССКИХ ДРУЗЬЕЙ! Good luck world! Да здравствует РОССИИ! Ниех жые Польска!  Польска есть мой край! Армия крайова. Польская обольстительная армия в Второй Мировой Войны! ПОЛЬСКА МОЯ ВЕЛИКАЯ ЗЕМЛЯ И СТРАНА! З Новім РОКОМ, УКРАЇНЦІ!  УКРАЇНА Э МОЯ! ДЯКУЮ УКРАЇНУ!  ОЧЕНЬ ДЯКУЮ!  Спокойной ночи и С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ! СПАСИБО ТОВАРИЩИ!  Я поляк, если ты хочешь сказать!  Я говорю пять языках, Украинский. немецкий, сербскохорватский, французский, польский, и Английский. ПРИВЕТ РОССИЯ, Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ! Wikipedia makes Russian jokes seem flat and uninteresting when in fact they have one HELLUVA SENSE OF HUMOR THAT AMERICANS CAN”T BEAT NOR MATCH BASED ON YEARS OF WISDOM, HARD EXPERIENCE, HARSHNESS OF SOVIET UNION, TYPICAL RUSSIAN FATALISM AND CYNICISM, AND  HARD-BEATEN EXPERIENCES, AND HARD-WEATHERED, INTELLIGENT AND WITTY HUMOR, AND GREAT AND WRY AND DARK HUMORED JOKES AND GREAT AND LOVING AND HONEST JOKES that Wikipedia makes them WRONGLY seem as flat as Kansas!

Thanks Wikipedia for being hatefully anti-Russian and extremely close-minded and ignorant about Russian and wrongly characterizing Kristina Svechinskaya as a hacker genious, when in fact SHE WAS A SMALL MINUTE COG IN THE LARGER MACHINE AND PLAYED little role and DID NOT DO MUCH IN THE CRIME AND WAS RECRUITED INTO IT AND SUCKED INTO DOING IT AGAINST HER WILL AND WAS SUCKED INTO THE SCAM FOR MORE MONEY AND HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL SHE WAS DOING AT ALL, and of course, cried like a baby to prevent herself from going to jail for 40 years and biased and ridiculous National Enquirer type stories about her being “sexiest hacker alive” like in National Enquirer, so that the stupid nerdy shallow American trolls can JACK OFF TO A PRETTY RUSSIAN GIRL WITH MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN THEM AND FURTHER THE CHEAP RUSSIAN WHORE HACKER VIXEN SPY COLD WAR STEREOTYPES WHILE CREATING STORIES ABOUT HER AND GETTING THE MOST SUGGESTIVE PICTURES OF HER SO THAT THEY CAN ENCOURAGE THEIR FELLOW NERDS TO JACK OFF TO HER, ALONG WITH ANNA CHAPMAN and KRISTINA DID NOT STEAL MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE CASE and the REAL CROOKS have been caught and are rightfully serving time in prison!
Let the nerds jack off to her like the stupid sexist and shallow Russian-stereotyping dickheads that they are!  Go ahead, Wikipedia write your National-Enquirer STYLE BS ARTICLE ABOUT HER ON YOUR SITE! Fuck you Wikipedia and your anti-Russian hating bullshit! Good night everyone! Thank you for reading!


Thank you HVALA, SPASIBO, DANKE, MERCI, DYAKUYU, DZIEKUJE, AND THANK YOU FROM ALL THE LANGUAGES THAT I REALLY LOVE AND LOVE SO MUCH TO FURTHER MY PERSONAL ENRICHMENT AND DEEP LOVE OF OTHER EUROPEAN CULTURES AND AND LEARN Better about European cultures and make life better for everyone and from all the languages that I know to better able to speak to Eastern Europeans and be a better and more enlightened and intelligent person to fulfill love of Russian culture and people and to better understand and study them better and come off a more enlightened and intelligent person!

Thank you everyone! Justin!

That’s my real name, BTW!




From the ignorant “pseudohistorian” failed bad historian DAVID BARTON type out there, who destroys the pseudohistorians on Wikipedia who aren’t even trained in their fields themselves and ridicule and destroy amateur historians that do not agree with them and blasting them as false frauds and misinformed and stupid and ignorant, because they are not a member of their exclusive little club, instead of really loving history and being ridiculed by the pseudo-intellectual non-mainstream Wikipedia far-left fringe mob that writes all their articles, while shilling for the corporations and being snobby as hell and being the stereotype of snooty intellectuals, while failing to realize that historians do not agree all the time on contentious subjects and the amateur historians are sometimes the best, if you let them prove themselves and are just as good, if not better than mainstream ones, because sometimes the experts miss a thing or two or fine historically-worthy relics from the past to preserve for future generations!

We preserve the past as much as you do, Wikipedia and you fools aren’t trained historians yourselves and are a mob encyclopedia like RationalWiki, which RationalWiki is the trolls encyclopedia. It’s a troll’s encyclopedia (WHEN IT IS NOT) to be a total troll encyclopedia designed to piss people off and troll those death that THEY HATE with loaded arguments and their shallow pseudo-intellectualism,  and laud and lionize those that they love to death! RationalWiki, the troll’s best friend and the trolling skeptic pseudo-encyclopedia, like Wikipedia! Wikipedia is bullshit!  They do not prove themselves worthy that their views are correct and mainstream, WHEN THEY ARE NOT, and Wikipedia AND OH SO RIGHTEOUS AND OH SO INTELLIGENT AND OH SO RIGHT ALL THE TIME AND BEING PRO-HISTORY WHEN THEY’RE NOT ACCEPTED BY MAINSTREAM HISTORIANS AT ALL AND THEY DO NOT WRITE HISTORY AT WIKIPEDIA AT ALL AND THEY ARE NOT THE MAIN WRITERS OF HISTORY, AND HISTORY IS NOT A CONSENSUS GAME AND HAS MANY INTERPRETATIONS, BUT WIKIPEDIA IS ALL BLACK AND WHITE AND ONLY ITS INTERPRETATION, NO MATTER HOW FLAWED, CAN ONLY BE “CORRECT” IN TRUE ORWELLIAN FASHION, I MIGHT ADD! Wikipedia just silences them and destroys them as NOT BEING MAINSTREAM to mock and ridicule them and hurt them to DEATH because they HATE THEM TO CREATE the illusion to have a monopoly on writing history, when they can’t even write their own histories without flaming and trolls and non-experts! Ah but they falsely charge you with being “anti-intellectual” and a non-trained fraud historian ANYWAY! SCREW WIKIPEDIA!  Their little exclusive club of “pseudohistorians” can’t be threatened, can it? ONLY the far-left, can make fun of destroy people that do not agree with their version of history or disseminate it FROM THE EXPERTS to further humanity, WHICH IS WHAT I DO! I learn from the best and sadly rant too much about stuff! Too self-absorbed!

Wikipedia’s “pseudohistory” thing is a complete and total joke and should be treated with contempt and the category sprung back on Wikipedia to say that you are the very thing that you say you and that you are full of shit and THE MAINSTREAM HISTORY-APPRECIATING NON-TRAINED COMPETENT historian IS JUST AS GOOD as any of the regulars IF HE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL HE IS DOING and sincere ABOUT IT, BUT OH NO WIKIPEDIA HAS TO RIDICULE AND DESTROY THEM AND SILENCE THEM AND PUT THEM DOWN LIKE THE LITTLE EGOTISTICAL AND PRETENTIOUS LITTLE SHALLOW BULLIES THAT THEY ARE TO PUT DOWN OTHERS AND MINIMALIZE THEIR OPPOSITION! I AIN’T NO QUACK OR FLAKE! They are not mainstream and never will be!



But that’s neither here nor there!

Those who think my worldview is limited from Fox News and ALL THAT FOX NEWS slur that you idiots like to use against the History Channel because it celebrates the pro-American history shows that show Americans bringing freedom across the world, can go fuck themselves!


Anymore cheesy 1980s and 1990s films that badly depict the miitary and insult it, while being pro-military, like Independence Day, Manhattan Project, or Red Dawn!

So, there you go right

(The dictator is played badly, by the same guy that plays Hercule Poirot, David Suchet, who does a very lousy job of playing a Qaddafi-like despotic Arab dictator, whom the character was modeled after in the film, because we were having troubles with that clown and Reagan-era jingoism and Qaddafi’s aggressive fascistic anti-American policies of challenging Reagan to a fight and having his ass kicked and his ass kicked again and finished for good by Barack Obama in 2011 and ironically by the man, whom he praised as a great leader because of Obama being a black Muslim from Kenya, despite being “Christian” but isn’t really at all.  Obama is a Christian in the Ustasha sense. His ethnocentric, afrocentric black church in Chicago is the kind of whitey-hating church and racial supremacist bullshit that I would expect from the KKK, except black this time and chauvinist in the style of the Ustasha. We’ve elected the Americna equivalent of Ante Pavelic as president of the United States from his Ustasha-like church, Trinity United Church in Chicago, this racist church and Reverend Wright, too. Why is it a “conspiracy theory” to believe that he is Muslim when his father was Muslim from Kenya?  If Obama’s father was Jewish, Obama would be a Jew, even if his father converted to Christianity from Judaism. So, how is that a conspiracy theory that he is “Muslim” anyway, by heritage and NOT by religion? How’s that a conspiracy theory WHEN IN FACT IT IS TRUE THAT HE IS MUSLIM, IN THE HERITAGE SENSE, BUT NOT IN THE RELIGIOUS SENSE AND PEOPLE TEND TO CONFUSE THE HERITAGE PART WITH THE RELIGION part. So, tell me why that is Barack Obama Religion conspiracies with this loaded and hateful”moral superiority smart liberals over dumb conservative conspiracy theorists’ BULLSHIT” on Wikipedia that we are “ignorant conspiracy theorists” if we question Obama! He IS Muslim in that sense, the ethnic sense. If Obama’s father was Jewish, he’d be Jewish ethnically on his father’s side even if he were practicing or not or if he converted from Judaism to Islam, let’s say. That we are flaky conspiracy theorists to be lumped in with Area 51 UFO crowd nuts simply because they cannot accept questioning of their leader, anyway. Those morons! IF Obama was a white guy for example and his father was Jewish and converted to something else HE WOULD HAVE BEEN LABELED “JEWISH” and no conspiracy theory THERE, but SINCE OBAMA IS BLACK AND THAT MAKES HIM SO GOSH-DARN SPECIAL and holier than the rest of us because of his race, WHY THAT IS A “RACIST CONSPIRACY THEORY” to say that he is “Muslim” IN THE HERITAGE, not religious sense, people confuse the two badly, I might add, and a mark of conservative KKK type racism to even say this at all, even though he is of Black Kenyan Muslim heritage, but because of stating who he is. How is “that” racist? Simple! The racists who shill for him promote this disgusting hypocritical bullshit and perform ridiculous mental exercises in the Obama religion conspiracies article. This is ridiculous and stupid that he gets a pass like this, because he is black. If a white guy’s dad HAD been Jewish and born of that stock and converted THE MEDIA WOULD HAVE instantly labeled him Jewish, but the Muslims have the same thing, BUT OH NO, that’s “racism” to point that out and they ridicule you as a conspiracy theorist. What a bunch of crap! Anyone see the racist hypocrisy by the racist “anti-racist” ‘race relations” far-left anti-white anti anyone that disagrees with them, crowd.  AND NO I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANY OF THAT “WHITE SUPREMACIST BULLSHIT, EITHER! )


They would have almost certainly folded in a real-life combat situation and pissed themselves and ran if a bullet went past THEM SOMETHING THAT THE REAL CHE GUEVARA WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE! Che was NOT afraid of bullets and other shit flying at him and being shot at by the other side, the puppets of the American imperialists in Cuba, shooting at him. Che was cool under pressure, but NOT cool as in hip or trendy and he would have HATED those bourgeois youth over in California wearing his image on their shirts and living it up like spoiled drunken bourgeois swine that they are, like in Jersey Shore, for example, AND CHE WOULD HAVE HATED THESE RICH ULTRA-SPOILED, CAPITALISTIC, ULTRA HOLIER-THAN-THE-REST OF US TYPES BECAUSE CHE WAS A MAN OF THE PEOPLE, unlike these pseudo-men-of-the-people, fake-ass Jersey Shore jackasses. Although Che did come from a well to do family, that is. Otherwise he wouldn’t have traveled across Latin America on a motorcycle. Those were expensive and difficult to afford in Peron’s Argentina were Che was living at the time. His family had to have money to afford such things, because Latin America has a rigid, macho-domineering upper-class STRATIFIED repressive and oppressive class system left over from centuries of Spanish colonial rule. And they do not forget their place or know who they truly are, now do they.

Anyway, back to Red Dawn!

All you are gonna accuse me of hating Red Dawn, because of the false perception of being some sort of commie, well that just isn’t true at all.

Why does Hollywood always make movies that never seem to depict our military in any correct sort of way? Like for example, ID4 and failing to scramble jets against the alien saucer craft in New York City and destroying it, clearing knowing that it was hostile. Would any intelligent military let that thing destroy whole cities? No, of course not! There would be wide nationwide outrage over the whole saucers destroying whole cities, President Whitmore would be accused of NOT caring for the American people and being a shallow, superficial Bill Clinton type president that Hollywood was madly in love with at the time. In some kind of panicky scenario where the military does nothing where movies like Independence Day are so unrealistic in their depiction of the military? The stereotypes of the inefficient and inept military are not really correct at all.


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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