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Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Ideas

I have been a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator games for several years and I have always played them with glee, but got bored with the cheesy external views and the slewing feature that would make a Cessna 150 go … Continue reading

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McGregor Brothers Flying Circus the Documentary (About the Battle of Britain)

I was watching this McGregor brothers doing a documentary about the Battle Britain and from what I’ve seen of it, PSEUDOHISTORY DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT! First off, the documentary depicts Hugh Dowding as a nutty conspiracy theorist quack, … Continue reading

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Hokey Movies 80s and Beyond

I saw Red Dawn today and I could not help but notice its hokey plot about American teenagers taking on the whole Soviet military, which could NEVER happen if it tried.  Red Dawn’s plot is hokey because it has the … Continue reading

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