I’m making fun of Wikipedia

I was doing this whole “pseudo-historical”  (if that is the term here) to make fun of Wikipedia and create a joke to make fun of Wikipedia and their pseudohistory bullshit that they write on their blog that they use to deride, mock, and insult views that do not agree with them, that are legitimate alternative opinions, like Civil War being Northern Aggression by Southerners, and they ignorantly lump them in von Daniken and his UFO nut and false claims crowd. People have made

This is to make fun of those on Wikipedia who are narrow-minded, overly-emotional, often step over the boundaries of their authority, and use labels to deride and mock people that they do not like, such as the “pse

I AM NOT pseudohistory or being “pseudohistorical” but rather writing some of this stuff to make fun of Wikipedia and it’s bullshit about sensational claims about some events that could be alternate theories THAT ARE PEOPLE’S LEGITIMATE opinions about something, based on some GOOD reasoning, like grassy knoll shooter, or Amelia Earhart disappearance, being lumped in with those who say that Gus Grissom was MURDERED by the government to

While this made sound good in the sense of having an opinion about an event to explore a different possibility, based on SOME thought, (i.e. brain fart) and some idea, IT IS BASELESS AND STUPID AND COMPLETELY WRONG BECAUSE HE DIED A HORRIFIC death with Ed White and Roger Chaffey in that Apollo 1 space craft after a faulty electrical shock killed them, THAT kind of stuff.

Or the stupid conspiracy theories about Elvis being abducted by aliens or other such related BS, that are nothing more than glorified brain farts of the reasoned and

PEOPLE have a right to make such claims that have little to no evidence, because if we didn’t, we would not able to explore OTHER possibilities WHICH IS WHY we use reasoning and rational thought TO INVESTIGATE and/or debunk them, such as in the Elvis case, IF THEY ARE COMPLETELY false and wrong! Silencing and lumping conspiracy theories in this way is a good way to flame an argument, a good way to get people upset about CERTAIN contentious issues or people who have legitimate concerns about farming or fluoride in the water supply, BEING labeled “ANTI-SCIENCE” or

Since when is it “anti-science” to be legitimately concerned about something, the health of others through organic foods not having pesticides on them and being concerned about them causing cancer or GM foods doing that?

They just use the label “anti-science” to muzzle and silence those that disagree with their scientific GM farming as a means to nullify opposition to it, THAT HURTS ANIMALS IN QUESTION, and to insult their critics by lumping them in with the UFO nut crowd, the flat-earth crowd, in an insulting and egotistical manner, by accusing them of disrupting science, when in fact THEY ARE NOT! They deliberately use this label to shut down and insult people and lump them into a category to basically ignore and forget about them and lump them in with UFO nuts in an inflammatory and ignorant manner. If we did not have ethical concerns about scientific processes, we would

This is what Conservapedia calls “scientific fascism” Couldn’t be a more appropriate label to describe corporate pseudoscience. Corporate pseudoscience that denies global warming, or that GM foods cause cancer, or any other forms of corporate pseudoscience, like the “smoking does not cause cancer bullshit” peddled by the tobacco companies! Fluoride in the water supply, making up bad claims, being concerned about the health of others is one thing, hindering it is quite another. The egotistical corporate pseudoscientists corporatist assholes can’t have opposition from the public to their schemes, so they ignorantly lump them in with flaky UFO nuts to use as a rhetorical device on the organic farming crowd to try to muzzle anyone who has a different opinion on GM pesticides causing cancer, or fluoiride not being good for you (can’t imagine why they’d lump them in a fringe category and use such labels to deride and make fun of them, no matter how stupid they may be. Of course, they label ethical concerns as “pseudoscience” or anti-science, or anti-scientific fringe theory to silence and destroy them.) or whatever stuff is out there. This is wrong, ignorant, and stupid. Raising concern about chemicals emitted from contrails, but the whole US government experiment BS just simply does not fly at all because th

The TRUE anti-science is the corporatization of IT, making it into a corporatist tool, to shill for them and their pseudoscience relating to smoking cigars or cigarettes, or global warming, OR ANTI-SCIENTIFIC conspiracy theories about government experiments, THAT ARE ETHICAL concerns poorly-disguised as such, to promote conspiracy theories, and they wrongly lump in the concerned citizens crowd in with the flaky nutty quacks out there,

IF people didn’t have moral and ethic questions about science, we would still have Nazi-style eugenics programs, people unvoluntarily picked up as guinea pigs for sadistic medical experiments, like in the Holocaust and other

I fear that we may be on the road to Nazi pseudoscience if the corporate people LUMP in concerned citizens with the conspiracy theorists who make up cl

The conspiracy theorists stupidly and wrongly take up their causes and distort them SO badly into something patently absurd, LIKE OH SAY FOR EXAMPLE, believing that fluoride is some kind of government conspiracy to sterilize people and make mountains out of molehills.

Alex Jones’ video about GM foods and the government poisioning people and using John Holdren documents to “prove” it, but making loaded and baseless statements duriing the video about that, ALONG WITH THE TRUE PARTS OF THE VIDEO, LIKE GM MODIFIED MILK, OR HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP soda. Hey dumbass, that’s why PEOPLE drink soda with REAL SUGAR, my doctor said that real sugar is better for you because it does not supress your appetite and is not a fake sweeter that dulls you inside like HFCS does, ah but yes, LET’S LUMP IN THESE ALTERNATE SUGAR-DRINKING SODA people in with the stupid flaky nutty conspiracy theorists, Because the corporate pseudoscience shills cannot handle any sort of opposition to them at all. I have no people opposing corporate pseudoscience and bad science that is disguised as real science being used by the corporations TO FURTHER their own control over all of our lives and I am against the corporatization of science and the great abuse and misuse of science by the corporations to muzzle and silence people.

There is nothing wrong with ethical concerns about something, just don’t have some stupid nut case conspiracy theorist like Jesse Ventura destroy it for you! Don’t they realize that they need a public that is legitimately concerned about the corporate shill pseudoscience that is being used out there? Don’t they realize that the public has a right to dissent against them because they feel that they are not following good scientific principles and corrupting it, as in the case of GM foods, or Exxon global warming denial BS, or the smoking DOES NOT cause cancer bullshit by the tobacco industry. That kind of pseudoscience. When the corporations use science, it is pseudoscience and really bad science, good science being corrupted

But of course, you’re an ignorant “conspiracy theorist” UFO “anti-science” flaky conspiracy-monger if YOU SAY ANYTHING about it, even IF THOSE concerns may be well founded, like organic farming, or global warming skeptics, for example having SOME support in the community. Science is not a consensus game, Wikipedia!

Of course, we have to muzzle and silence the opposition to lump in concerned citizens with UFO nuts!  I have no problems with people who have ethical concerns about science or some scientific processes used by the corporatisons IF WE DID NOT HAVE THIS, WE WOULD NOT HAVE AN INFORMED AND INTELLIGENT PUBLIC protecting us from bad science, diseases, other ailments, consumer protection laws, etc and the like. Of course, an informed and intelligent public is a good thing to keep good and moral healthy ethics back to the scientific community, but the egostictical and ignorant Wikipedia crowd has to ignoran

What about the pseudoscience made by the far-left radical groups or Pierce Brosnan related to Navy SONAR causing whales to beach, or PETA pseudoscience where they hired a quack to “prove” that drinking milk causes cancer or your bones to leech or some unfounded pseudoscientific BULLSHIT like that, to promote their flaky agenda. Let’s lump in conservative ethical concerned citizens in with those stupid flakes and nuts! Let’s do that and practice stupid ignorance and silence and muzzle people and shill on behalf of the corporations and NOT have ethical concerns and get away with bad science and LET US have them harm the public with ecological disasters, LIKE OIL SPILLS, or pollute the atmosphere AND HAVE CONCERNED CITIZENS SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND LUMP THEM IN IGNORANTLY AS ANTI-SCIENCE AND USE THIS LOADED AND HATEFUL LABEL TO IGNORANTLY LUMP THEM IN WITH UFO NUTS TO TRY TO MUZZLE AND SILENCE THEM!

We don’t need the corporations abusing science, we do not need flaky UFO nuts taking ethical concerns by the public and corrupting them into conspiracy theories that are nothing more than arguments poorly-disguised as “reasoning”  that are nothing but a bunch of falsehoods and lies! Let’s just not have an ethical or concerned public, and just do bad things to them and hurt them, LET’S JUST DO THAT, and

HAVING AN ETHICAL AND CONCERNED public IS A VERY IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL ELEMENT TO SCIENCE, WITHOUT it HAVING AN INFORMED PUBLIC, NOT CORRUPTED BY ANTI-SCIENCE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS,  THERE WOULD be eugenics, Nazi-style medical experiments, tobacco industry pseudoscience and other scientific watchdog groups lumped in bad-science believing phrenologists, astrologers, (Astrology is pseudoscience, yet it has a mainstream following. Explain THAT one Wikipedia.) UFO nuts, bad archaeology by people like Tsoukalos who made stupid claims that are worthy of a first grader looking at a cave painting and saying it’s “aliens” and supposing that they made contact with aliens and mated with them, HOW ARE WE ALIENS AGAIN? WHERE DID WE COME FROM IF WE WERE MATED WITH ET? Oh yes, the bad history of Ancient Alienation that has managed to thoroughly alienate the History Channel’s audience of hardcore history-buffs! No pun intended of course! The Ancient Alienation programs make up absurd claims about Nazis having a base in Antarctica. REALLY AND ALLIED SHIPS AND AIRPLANES WOULD HAVE MAULED THEM ON THE way down and bullshit claims like Hitler escaped to Antarctica at some Nazi base or whatever BS like that, and Wikipedia MAKES BS CLAIMS ABOUT AMERICAN SOLDIERS BEING MURDERERS IN VIETNAM using RECYCLED PROPAGANDA BUT NO CLAIMS OF PSEUDOHISTORY THERE, THAT IS OKAY BECAUSE THAT IS A VIEW THAT WE LIKE! OR OTHER COMMUNIST PSEUDOHISTORY THAT PAINTS DRAZA MIHAILOVIC TO BE A NAZI COLLABORATOR using Yugoslavian communist propaganda by the likes of anti-Serb bigots like Marko Attila Hoare or Sabrina P(etra) Rahmet for example, that is so bigoted and false, it’s like the KKK writing history about black people. Sabrina Rahmet is a far-left Marxist Soviet apologist scumbag who INSULTS NATIONALIST PATRIOTIC Eastern Europeans SICK OF COMMUNISM THAT SHE LOVES SO MUCH and the communist oppression in Eastern Europe that she shills and apologizes for with her pseudo-academic denials of communist crimes and oppression of citizens in Eastern Europe and nationalists like Lek Walesa revolting and getting sick of their shit and the post-communist nationalists that run Eastern Europe sensibility and rid the hated commies who are no better than the Nazi oppressors that replaced them and are labeled labels like “bourgoeis catholic-dominated Poland, fascists” all in the same fashion of Stalinist propaganda done by Soviet Union for example and insulting those who are traditionalists who deeply love their country and are nationalistic that are democratic IN WITH HATEFUL BIGOTED AND DISGUSTING NAZIS, or nationalists fighting communist oppression

It’s not the ideology it’s the shit done in the name of it, that’s the problem, with war crimes and all that shit. Without the ideology, there would not be devotion and love of a country, only to have that perverted by revolutionaries with carefully-worded propaganda like Hitler’s Nazis use the nationalism concept to further German expansionism, a PERVERSION of German nationalism in the highest sense, but the Aryan idea was foreign to German nationalism, until Adolf Hitler perverted it in there with his Aryan race bullshit and traditional German nationalism. It wasn’t the nationalism, it was the perversion of it that was the problem.

I suppose Europe is better off being an anti-nationalistic, anti-patriotic, self-hating piece of crap that beats itself up over its past and the nationalists starting wars all the time and having no faith in themselves and being overly self-hating to the point of ridiculousness to insult deep profound love of country and patriots sick of the immigration problems, in with NAZIS who exploit the issue to beat up immigrants and HURT people. They normally do not associate

BUT AH YES LET”S SMEAR NATIONALISTS AS FLAKES AND CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WHO ARE NAZIS AND EXCEPT THEM HAVING PERVERTED BELIEFS AND THEIR DISGUSTING PERVERSION OF NATIONALISM AND PATRIOTISM AND CALL AND LUMP IN ALL PEOPLE LIKE THAT AS NAZIS! LET’S DO THAT! Typical far-left Marxist commie tactic. Europe is so self-hating. I do not need another Anders Behring Breivik reading my blog and doing bad shit to hurt people. Agreeing with his beliefs SOME OF THEM ARE WELL-FOUNDED about immigration, but in reality he only wanted to hurt the government for personal reasons disguised as anti-Islamic crusader in his own delusional fantasy world and using the outrage over it to silence and destroy legitimate critics of Islam and the antics of the Islamic terrorists guided by the Koran and using it to justify terrorism against America and the perverted Islamic religion and that disgusting perversion of Christianity and Judaism known as Islam, AS RACISTS AND BIGOTS LIKE THE KKK AND NEO NAZIS to shut down and silence people like Pamela Geller to write falsehoods about them inciting the murderer so that the far-left can love Islam unopposed and shill for the Islamists and win their love and have them be used as a device to destroy the United States that they hate oh so much and that the far-left who only loves them because they are different from you and I and oppose us, in their treasonous minds, CAN USE THESE FASCISTIC TACTICS to shut down their free speech to point them as a cause. Anti-Islam may not be popular, BUT IT IS well-founded and well-thought out AND WELL ABOUT TIME THAT SOMEONE said something about their perversions of their religion, preventing another 9/11 from happening it. Gee far-left, let’s have another 9/11 or will you assholes be dancing in the streets like in Palestine and letting them get away with threateniing to commit genocide against Denmark becasue the Danes insulted their beloved and oh so precious prophet? Oh but them threatening genocide and threatening to cleanse Danes off the face of the earth is a legitimate reaction to the hateful Mohammed cartoons, isn’t it?

ASSHOLES! If these far-left swine had their way, we’d be living in Nazi Germany! Plain and simple! These same people that make up these libelious charges are the same types of people that “show support” for the Palestinians by writing Nazi-like slogans calling for exterminating the Jews. Ah, but get your waY “FAR-LEFT” and your “enlightening the unenlightened and ignorant racists and bigots oF THE WORLD AND DESTROYING PEOPLE concerned about Islam in WITH NUTS LIKE THE KKK FOR EXAMPLE, to achieve the total control that you morons and your anal control-fix just MUST HAVE YOUR POWER TRIP CONTROL FIX, huh Starbucks-drinking FAR-LEFT!  I AM NOT anti-intellectual, being “antii

MANY intellectuals like Robert Spence criticize Islam and someone needs to, if we don’t we’ll live in an Islamic theocracy and/or another 9/11.

The Bosnian Genocide thing. 200,000 seems like a pretty low body count for such an event, and they use the 200,000 figure to butress up the genocide thing, up that takes isolated atrocities and paints them as genocide and Bosniaks claiming that they’re suffered 10 TEN GENOCIDES?

IS GENOCIDE JUST A CHEAP PROPAGANDA TERM FOR THEM TO DESCRIBE EVERY SINGLE CALAMITY THAT HAPPENS TO THEM! TEN GENOCIDES! WHERE DO THEY MAKE SUCH A CLAIM! LET US JUST PROMOTE MORE ANTI-SERBIAN PSEUDOHISTORY disguised as scholarship. If it was, how come most of the Muslim lives and they use Srebrenica as the main event to point to the whole genocide? The genocide centering around Srebrenica and its massacre and pointing to it to make the idea that it was a genocide, AND BUTTRESSING THAT EVENT AS GENOCIDE, when Massacre and Genocide are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS! Massacre is a mass killing in a single location of unarmed people, genocide is deliberately-planned, meticulous, planned extermination of a group. No one could find anything about Serbs planning to kill them all, but that is neither here nor there to smear the Serbian people. This whole thing is a sordid and disgusting affair and politicizing the term genocide to further a political agenda, it’s disgusting and usiing it to hate all Serbs is just perverse and completely WRONG and someone should say something about it. I do not deny it. CrappyTown put it best “How can I deny something that doesn’t exist?” They just pretend that it does not exist, because they are sick of the whole genocide thing and want to move on with their lives and Serbs from abroad defend them because their image of a whole ethnic group is being put on trial for the whole world to see, but I AM NOT gonna get into the pissing contest controversy going on among Serbs and Bosniaks for the last 20 years, now on Wikipedia and YouTube! This whole Balkans Serb controversy is a sad controversy that is a vicious cycle of hate and discontent ON BOTH sides and people like Julia Gorin and Marko Attila Hoare and CrappyTown and Carl Kosta Savich and Serbianna, MERELY FUEL THE PROBLEM! The Serbs thinking the Croats were gonna exterminate them, SOUGHT TO DO THE SAME TO THEM! THis is incredibly stupid and ignorant for them to do this, back to them and stoop to their level in such a manner! Bosnia was a pissing contest and nothing more to further the vanities of Karadzic, Mladic, and Izetbegovic, and Mate Boban, AT THE COST OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS, MILITARY AND CIVILIAN! Let them cleanse and kill each other some more, see if I care.

I am gonna distance myself from the whole sordid mess, while still loving the Serbs and Serbian and hating the ethnic cleansing and all that stuff. I am not gonna think about it. It is a disgusting and hateful and vicious circle of hate on all sides!  The REAL genocide was them all trying to kill each other and establish their visions of an ethnically-pure country, the Serbs just

Sure, let Attila Hoare insult me to feed into his vicious circle of hate and discontent, blaming Serbs for everything and all that shit and the Bosniak and Croatian propaganda he uses against them to destroy them and feed into the vicious cycle of hate and discontent he and Srebrenica Genocide Blog and them fuel this hate and discontent.


THE ETHNIC HATRED STUFF DID NOT HAPPEN UNTIL MUCH MUCH LATER, FUELED BY THE WAR AND THE VICIOUS CYCLE OF HATE AND VIOLENCE OF THE OCCUPATION IN THE KINGDOM OF YUGOSLAVIA by the Chetniks and Partisans, often using and dishonest tactics, Germans using Partisans and Chetniks to play off each other, and accusing them of being collaborators and all that, WHEN DJUJIC WAS DISGUISED

Of course, the Nazi collaborator label is a label used by the recycled commie propaganda by people like Marko Attila Hoare for example does.

The ethnic hatred and Pavelic was a fringe of Croats! The Croats that cheered them on in Zagreb were sympathizers of Pavelic, I suppose that there is much to be seen outside the propaganda films of cheering crowds in Zagreb. There was ethnic hatred, but Diamond Phillips treats the 1940s occupation in with the 1990s hatreds that only happened because of the wars and because Tito did not allow the Serbs to mourn their losses at the hands of the Ustasha, his failure to destroy them among the Croatian diaspora abroad in places like Argentina, USA, and Australia and the failure to put Pavelic on trial at NUREMBERG HAD DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES IN THE YEARS AHEAD and SADLY helped lead to the problems in the 1990s.  If Pavelic had been put on trial for crimes against humanity and genocide against the Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies, AT NUREMBERG and the failure of the Allies in seeing the Ustasha movement as a threat, and NOT SILENCING them at Nuremberg in 1945, LED TO PROBLEMS and IT LED TO THE SERBS TO BE EMBITTERED BY IT and committ similar type crimes against the Croats and Bosnian Muslims that h

The Bosnian Muslims committed crimes against the Serbs during World War II, AH BUT LET’S KEEP UP THE INNOCENT VICTIM SERBIAN AGGRESSOR IN BOSNIA NARRATIVE by the Bosniaks that turns them into white knights and further their nationalistic propaganda BS that denies all crimes by them against the Serbs under the Ustasha during the war, and murder of them, or the extermination by the Mufti of Jerusalem AND IGNORE THEIR COLLABORATION WITH THE NAZIS, WHILE THEY CELEBRATE IT TODAY and ignore Bosniak atrocities against Serbs and sadly, pass off this innocent victim propaganda during World War II, AGAINST THE SERBS, and pass off these anti-Serb hate propaganda falsifications as “real history” when in fact it’s pseudohistory is very much the literal sense!

The Bosnians were NOT innocent victims and they did wrong during the 1940s and 1990s war and blame it on their victims and SO DID THE SERBS AS WELL AND THESE TWO FACTIONS ARE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER, AND NO MY WORLDVIEW IS NOT FORMED BY PROPAGANDA ON YOUTUBE and all that, when in fact there is real footage and real photos showing jihad against Serbs, only to be mysteriously silenced by YouTube because they do not want their narrative being upset and all the domains being taken down by the ISPs that host them on the internet and having the links be mysteriously taken down and destroyed by them and supporting the jihad against the Christians over there and our government doing it under preventing genocide, BUT THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, and I do not care what either one of them think at all.

Let’s them hate and kill each other and have this vicious pissing contest on the internet, involving Julia Gorin and Marko Attila Hoare and Srebrenica Genocide Blog, and his morbid obsession and all that whole Srebrenica Genocide (in reality, massacre and pointing out to Srebrenica as genocide, when in fact, massacre and genocide are NOT the same at all.) sordid mess.

Let either one of them deny atrocities against the other! Let’s let them kill and hate each other some more and let them create their twisted and sick visions of perverted nationalism and hatred and let them kill each other some more! SEE IF I CARE!


Let the pissing contest continue!  IT WILL NEVER END AT ALL!  THANK YOU FOR READING!


Questioning war iS NOT denying genocide, or genocide denier or supporting Iraqi aggression, or any of that bullshit that they



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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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