Русские Стереотипы на Телевидение США.

There is a new TV series on FX TV called The Americans, which in my opinion is absolutely offensive to Russian persons living in the United States because it recycles the old stereotypes of having Russians be depicted as subversive spies that always come here to undermine this country from within, as if directed by a 5th Column from Moscow. This is simply yet another case of the media inflating an old stereotype based on Cold War Propaganda of the evil Russian spy always lurking in the shadows, when in fact most Russians ARE NOT spies or subversives in this country trying to build a Communist state in the United States.

The KKK hated Slavic people.   Terrorizes them, too.

Do Google searches for KKK hating Russian immigrant people. Same type of fear-mongering propaganda against Russians and the fear of Bolsheviks and vilifying Russian immigrants as Communists, only Hollywood is doing today with their “The Americans” TV show on FX. Please stop FX from airing this crap!


This is simply an abomination because of the fact, that if these liberal politically-correct hypocrites did a TV show about Arab Americans being terrorists, like they’ve done here with depicting Russians as subversive KGB agents here to subvert America. Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube always talked about subversives, but HE KNEW who they were and only a few of them really were. Most of the Russians that came to this country during this period, if they could come at all because of travel restrictions in place in Russia at that time that restricted where people could and could not go during that period.  They may label you a Russian nationalist chauvinist, BUT IGNORE this. They are the chauvinists and hypocrites that churn out more

I suppose the Muslims had their day with the 24 TV series, but the 1980s Russian spy stuff is no longer even relevant! Russia is not a threat to us! They’re just sick of the usual bullshit that comes out of this country and I guess their whole conservative, non-politically-correct culture, family-values, traditional culture is too much for these far-left morons who are the worst racist hypocrites that perpetrate this anti-Russian garbage to sell to ignorant Americans who know absolutely nothing about Russia and are fed stereotypes and recycled Cold War propaganda that is no longer even relevant in today’s world.

This FX TV series called the Americans is a hateful and disgusting potrayal of Americans of Russian descent by depicting them as communist subversive agents.  But Russians are white people, and Christians, and Europeans, AND NOT MUSLIMS OR MIDDLE EASTERNERS who would threaten to blow them up i

Since, they’re not different from us, IT IS OKAY to stereotype and insult them, along with Asian Americans on TV shows like Family Guy. Liberals like to depict slutty Asian women that are of free virtue and easy to pick up, just like the girl in Full Metal Jacket, the one played by Papillon Su Su, that inspired the Me So Horny video by 2 Live Crew, that was obscene, just like this latest poison on the television that insults Russian people.

If FX had done a new TV series about Middle Eastern Americans being terrorists and trying to subvert America and destroy it and depicting Islam in the way that Pamela Geller depicts it, THERE WOULD BE howling outrage from one end of the country to the other about these stereotypes offensively depicting Arab (can’t really say “Muslim because sadly the American media has put this idea into the heads that ALL Muslims are Arabs and have perpetrated ethnocentric Arab propaganda that over-represents the Arabs in the media and perpetrates the ridiculous idea that Muslim and Arab are interchangeable, which they are NOT!) Americans in this way, MY

It is sad and disgusting at the same time that they would pepetrate these disgusting and bigoted stereotypes of a people, for whom most ESCAPED the Soviet Union and did not want to work for it, anymore. It is sad that the same people who dole out political-correctness for other people, like Arab Americans would NOT dole out the same thing for Americans of Russian descent, or Americans of Polish descent like myself.

You wonder why a Polish person like me is defending Russians? Simple! One of my family (I BELIEVE) made it big in the Soviet Union as a famous theater actress from 1945-1975 in the Little Theater in Moscow and was highly praised for her work. Konstantsiya Royek was her name and she was awarded “Narodnaya Artistka

I LOVE RUSSIANS! WHAT CAN I SAY! Some of my best years and worst moments of of over a quarter of my life were spent with those people. All those nice people that I always used to talk to, who did not like the simplistic ignorant one-dimensional stereotypes of Russian people that are frequently depicted on TV. Those that were actually KGB spies were mostly caught for the most part and our government knew exactly who they were and the idea that all Russians are spies, is as paranoid and ridiculous as the Russian propaganda during the Cold War that depicted all foreigners in the Soviet Union as spies and encouraged xenophobia and high mistrust of foreigners from other countries because the Russians did not who was a spy and wasn’t. Foreigners could not be destroyed and it was a security measure designed to protect their most sensitive secrets.

They depict America as a closed-off and hostile society hostile to Russians, I THINK in the way

They can call me “ignorant and misinfomred!” BUT I AM NOT because I HAVE TALKED WITH ACTUAL RUSSIAN PEOPLE FOR YEARS AND YEARS and know many of them and they are nice and fairly decent and fairly reserved and sort of calm type people, who are shy around foreigners, BUT ARE right at home around fellow Russians and o

IT IS THE MORONS AT FX that are “ignorant and misinformed” by posting this bullshit! I hope that somewhere someone who is Russian will call for a boycott of FX TV for perp

I encourage all persons of Russian descent, Polish descent and all Slavic people to Boycott Hollywood for posting this hateful and bigoted propaganda against Russian people in the USA by depicting them as communist subversive agents of the KGB, even though most of the people living here HATE COMMUNISM and think that it is bullshit and are sick of the Soviet system and came here to escape it and have a better live in America to enjoy the American dream! WHAT NEXT? Jewish people as Nazis because they lived in Nazi Germany? Most Russians HATE THE SOVIET UNION and think that it was an evil system that deprived them of truly being free people and FX is gonna lump them in with their former oppressors with this “THE AMERICANS” In pseudo-Cyrillic text, of the idiots who can’t read Cyrillic worth a shit, but HAVE To “imitate” it because they’re intimidated by it and it’s “RUSSIAN” AND “COOL” so therefore, they’ll “embrace” Communism because these shallow idiots think that it is cool and subverts the system, THEN OF COURSE go back to their spoiled rich uncle’s place in San Francisco and be one-step holier than the rest of us, THESE STUPID LITTLE MORONIC AND IGNORANT AND SHALLOW FOOLS THAT KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT RUSSIA, THESE MORONIC fools would HATE HATE RUssia BECAUSE IT IS A CONSERVATIVE AND TRADITIONALIST SOCIETY THAT IS NOT RUN BY WHINY MALCONTENTS LIKE THEY ARE, THAT HATE ORDER AND A SOCIETAL ORDER OF AN ORGANIZED SOCIETY that ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTES AND PRODUCES SOMETHING, unlike these educated fools that do (I AM NOT ANTI-INTELLECTUAL AND RESPECT THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE AN EDUCATION.) AND DO NOT USE THEIR BRAINS OR THEIR EDUCATIONS TO FURTHER THEMSELVES, BUT RATHER go to Starbucks every morning and drink coffee and get buzzed-up on cream and sugar coffee and proclaim how we’re “repressed” “ignorant” and “stupid” people because WE DO NOT SHARE THEIR VALUES!

NOT ALL RUSSIANS were spies and stereotyping people that escaped from Communist tyranny in with those that perpetrate it is racist, hateful, and wrong.  Please make FX reconsider this stupid TV show and its Russian spy and mafia stereotypes that are crude, ignorant, racist, and hateful and are the same types of propaganda that would be used against Arabian peoples as terrorists and deadly murderers AND SUICIDE bombers and the ill-will towards Russian people and people of Russian descent is sadly still with us in American society.  Please stop this racist propaganda from

Of course it’s not “RACIST” to them because it is not propaganda against an ethnic group that these shallow clowns ACTUALLY like and they’ll portray you as a baby and an ignorant communist subversive, MUCH LIKE IGNORANT CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS DID BACK THEN AND STILL DO TODAY, against Russians, EXCEPT THEY ARE LIBERAL AND AGAINST THE “CONSERVATIVES” AND AMERICANS SHOULD WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE AND REALIZE THAT THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME KIND OF SHIT with the same kind of hate propaganda against Serbs, Russians, Poles, and other Eastern Europeans! Please stop this hate propaganda from spreading against Eastern European Slavic peoples and stop the smears of being smeared as “anti-Semitic KKK type Nazi hateful bigoted idiots and they smear Russians in this way on Current TV and other type liberal hate networks BECAUSE RUSSIA IS A CONSERVATIVE (SOCIALLY) SOCIETY THAT SEES THROUGH THEIR BULLSHIT AND REALIZES THAT THEY ARE EVIL AND FULL OF CRAP AND FULLY OPPOSES THEIR CAPITALIST WHINY LITTLE STARBUCKS-DRINKING ASSES until the COWS COME HOME!

Anyway, enough of my personal rants.  Just boycott FX TV and stop them from airing this shit as it premiers on FX TV.  Please for the sake of God, DO SO! Thank you very much!


Stop ANTI-RUSSIAN HATE PROPAGANDA ON THE TV NETWORKS and encourage healthy, honest, and rightful depictions of Russian people and stop the stereotypes that hurt Slavic Eastern European people in so many ways with this shit! Please stop this bullshit from being on TV! Thank you very much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for reading everyone!



And Give FX a piece of your mind.

I also defend Russians because they are fellow Slavs. We are culturally the same and speak similar type languages and our worldviews, outlooks on life and cultural values ARE VERY similar AND NOT ALL RUSSIANS WERE NARROW-MINDED FANATICAL COMMUNISTS LIKE THE show depicts either. Oh yeah, well why not depict Arab Americans as all being Al Qaeda members?

Hollywood will not face the terrorist threat and these shallow traditional-culture hating fools in Hollywood (except the Islamic and the non-European cultures AND sure they’ll smear you as “supremacist” FOR THAT, I respect the Russian culture HIGHLY and respect all people, but not their cultures that are not that great, like the Arab culture. (SOME of the people are okay, even though their culture ain’t that great.) BUT I AM NOT and respect all cultures and do not care really about any of that bullshit anyway, and they hate immigrants and foreigners, much like the clowns in Hollywood who claim to “respect” other cultures, but pretend to be “racially tolerant” because it’s “hip and in and politically-correct” to do so and IN REALITY, THEY ONLY RESPECT ONE THING: MONEY AND NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS!

I suggest that y

Wikipedia will not NOT do anything about these stereotypes, because they label ANYONE that criticizes this bullshit as “RUSSIAN NATIONALIST CHAUVINIST FASCIST RACIST” TYPE PEOPLE, WHICH IS A TERM THAT THESE FOOLS USE TO DEFLECT CRITICISM FROM RUSSIANS that ARE REALLY PISSED OFF AND HAVE FEELINGS AND LABELING THEM WITH THESE HATEFUL INSULTS LIKE A PLAYGROUND BULLY WOULD DO, is just hateful. What next? Russians as “Jew-bashing Jew-hating, anti-Semitic clowns who attack Jews all the time?” THAT HOLLYWOOD uses the Jew as a victim in this day to smear and destroy the Russian culture that these idiots hate to death because their ancestors escaped from there long ago and subsequently use their stereotyped repressed memories of a Russia that died out years and years ago that changed radically since the year 1910 and hasn’t the world as a whole changed since then? But ah yes, Russia is a “primitive sadistic and backwards culture, of ignorant, traditional, uneducated (DESPITE BEING BETTER EDUCATED THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN), narrow-minded and fanatical Communists. The Nazis used to perpetrate these stereotypes against Russian people during their war with Russia from 1941-1945 to vilify the Russian people to feed these stereotypes to the German masses to get them to hate Russians! The same propaganda is being recycled yet again, in a different form by the Goebbels type crowd in Hollywood against Russians yet again, only the Nazis are replaced by the Cold War propaganda AND NO I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE AMERICANS WHO FOUGHT AGAINST COMMUNISM ARE NAZIS! In fact, Russians should be grateful that Americans destroyed Communism because it was an evil system that repressed them and prevented them from being the free people that they are now. Russia of today is completely unrecognizable to the Communists of the past, even though they are heavily honored over there because of the progress that they brought that country from years past, and NOT NECESSARILY the ideology, ALTHOUGH THAT IS A FACTOR, TOO because it brought them everything AND THE AVERAGE RUSSIAN THAT HAS A brain realizes THAT COMMUNISM IS DEAD AND GONE WILL NEVER COME BACK!

Wikipedia thinks that this shit is NOT ACCEPTED BY MAINSTREAM, BUT IT IS AND THE MAINSTREAM RUSSIANS HATE THIS BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA PERPETRATED BY FX. IN THE SAME WAY THEY CALL RT A PROPAGANDA NETWORK, THEY SHOULD REFER TO FX IN THE SAME WAY, BUT OF COURSE THEY CANNOT DO THAT, because the corporatists at Wikipedia shill for these people and pretend that they are “rational educated and intelligent” despite perpetrating KKK type bigoted paranoid stereotypes about Russians.

You can look up on the internet how the KKK thought of Russians as all being spies and Bolshevik subversives They thought of Polish people in the same way.

n 1915 William J. Simmons, a veteran of the Spanish American war and retired preacher founded the second Klan. He said that the immigrants were ‘slowly pushing the native born white population into the centre of the country, there to be overwhelmed and smothered’. The Ku Klux Klan also claimed that immigrants were a bad influence on white people, which were simply their own views. The Klan feared Russian immigrants in case they encouraged the spread of communism (MUCH LIKE HOW THE FX TV SERIES THE AMERICANS PORTRAYS RUSSIANS ON THERE.), which opposed the KKK’s idea that people should “work hard to look after your family”.

Source for the info here. Of course, they must vilify Eastern Europeans as racist and bigoted and violent people (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NICE and tolerant little people, TILL YOU PISS THEM OFF.) to ram through their anti-Russian hate speech on the TV shows because they want to start another Cold War to ram their disgusting values down the throats of Russians and vilifying them with these crude stereotypes is the best way to do that.  So, I am

This is the same type of KKK fear-mongering of Russian immigrants as spies that THEY used to do and calling all Russians as COMMUNISTS, but of course, the fools in Hollywood are “racially-tolerant” only to a certain group of people that serves their interests, and THEY too perpetrate racist stereotypes of Black People as violent, street gangsters who wear their baseball caps in a goofy fashion and wear those goofy pants and in a goofy douchebagesque fashion, and Hispanics as all being illegal aliens being hunted down by the government for being in the USA, again MORE STEREOTYPING!

Except that Hollywood gets away with insulting Polish people. The Clinton “Stereotype all cultures” era has come back again with a vengeance, THEN SCREAM :NATIONALIST fascism” if they say anything about it, and I remember as a kid all those stereotypes of Russian people on the TV shows that still happen today, depicting people with stereotypical Russian accents, Russian girls acting like whores for American males, male-order bride type stuff, and sexy Russian spy seductresses that steal secrets from under your nose and seduce you into giving secrets in a night of hot intercourse where she teases him ever so subtly and he gives them to her after she “loves” him and depicts a Russian woman as an “easy-going whore who spies on people.: AND AGAIN, the

If Muslim males were depicted in the same way as being terrorists or suicide bombers, MY GOD the outrage would be tremendous and the howling would be HEARD IN HOLLYWOOD itself and ther would be liberals calling for boycotts, accusations of RACISM EXCEPT THAT THE SAME CROWD DOES NOT DO THIS WITH RUSSIAN PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A “PROTECTED SPECIAL STATUS” ethnic group and IT IS ABOUT BLOODY TIME THAT THEY WERE!

All you “expose” websites with your Gestapo-like file searching effiecieny CAN “EXPOSE” me as a “liar” or whatever BULLSHIT THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE, BUT THAT IS IRRELVANT TO SEARCH ME OUT AN STALK ME LIKE THE LITTLE BULLIES THAT YOU ARE CORNERING SOMEONE ON THE PLAYGROUND AND BULLYING THEM, much like you fascist clowns in Hollywood like to do! Fuck you greedy Fascist Hollywood corporatist clowns! Fuck the conservative jingoists like Glenn Beck that salivate over the thought of way with Russia to finish their Cold War era wet dream of destroying Russia once and for all.

The conservative and liberal jingoists still depict Russia in this way to sell these crude stereotypes to the American people to vilify Russia as a “communist and totalitarian” country to make it okay to subvert and destroy its traditionalist culture that does not like the Hollywood BS (even though they themselves put it all over their TV and claim that they like SpongeBob, all the people that criticize America for this stuff, also watch SpongeBob for some reason. OH YEAH, because he’s a loveable cartoon character that has no evil hateful subversive stereotypes that want to destroy Russia like the conservative Glenn Beck John McCain jingoist crowd wants to do so badly! Oh Glenn, you think that Pravda called Obama a ‘Communist” DESPITE THE FACT THAT THAT ARTICLE WAS CRITICIZING HIM FOR BEING A COMMUNIST IN MUCH THE SAME style THAT YOU DO < BUT AH YESH LET’S SENSATIONALIZE it for our little narrative that insults Russian people and potrays them all as “communist thugs” that want to take over the whole WORLD WHEN ONLY A FEW RUSSIANS ACTUALLY SHARED THESE AIMS AND THE PEOPLE WERE BRAINWASHED INTO believing it 24/7 BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT THEY KNEW, much like the clowns that call for in their jingoistic fervor FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA!  McCain and Palin want to go to war with Russia to finish them off, to perpetrate the corporatist designs on that country, but oh yes, they smear you as a “conspiracy theorist” because of this, of which I AM NOT an Anti-Semite or Conspiracy theorist(AND I AM SICK OF A SMALL GROUP OF JEWS LIKE DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL AND PAMELA GELLER BASHING MY COUNTRY AND SLAVIC COUNTRIES IN GENERAL AS “BACKWARDS RACIST AND ANTI-SEMITIC!)  OF WHICH I AM NEITHER and they will deliberately take these out of context to try and smear people like us that criticize this bullshit on the FX TV show, this hate-filled Anti-Russian propaganda on the TV show should be boycotted and stopped in the same way that people like Debbie Schlussel and her ilk stopped “All-American Muslim” from being aired ever again on TLC. Except that Schlussel is as much of a bigot as Al Qaeda and the Nazis that she HATES AND DESPISES, EVEN SHE RECYCLES THEIR HATE-FILLED PROPAGANDA AND WRITES IT BACK AS HER OWN IN JEWISH GARB THIS TIME, WRAPPED UP AS BEING JEWISH ISSUES, and writes her own hate speech against these people.  She’s the very definition of an anti-Slavic racist bigot of the kind that the KKK are, and recycles the same type propaganda against Polish people and attacks them.



I AM NOT SAYING THAT ALL JEWS are this way at all before any of you clowns out there come out with the “Anti-Semitism” accusations based on a flimsy argument that you have here.


I encourage all people to protest this offensive TV series and let FX have a piece of your mind and stop these hateful Russian stereotypes on the TV.


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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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