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I’m making fun of Wikipedia

I was doing this whole “pseudo-historical”  (if that is the term here) to make fun of Wikipedia and create a joke to make fun of Wikipedia and their pseudohistory bullshit that they write on their blog that they use to … Continue reading

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Skepticism of Neil deGrasse Tyson Documentary NOVAscience NOW Mission to Mars and Futurism in General-Musings about Outer Space and Cosmic Space Travel and Moon Landings and Science in General

I saw the documentary NOVAScience NOW Mission to Mars presented and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I am amazed by the presentation of the documentary, but I am extremely skeptical of it, because it’s all a bunch of futurist … Continue reading

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Русские Стереотипы на Телевидение США.

There is a new TV series on FX TV called The Americans, which in my opinion is absolutely offensive to Russian persons living in the United States because it recycles the old stereotypes of having Russians be depicted as subversive … Continue reading

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