Keffiyeh and the Hachimaki

The Keffiyeh scarf worn by Palestinian supporters and the hachimaki worn by karate aficionados have controversial meanings.

For one, the keffiyeh is the scarf worn by the Palestinian people as their scarf that the Palestinian terrorists wear on themselves. As such, by the hard-left Pro-Palestinian media, it is worn to show “solidarity” with Palestinian (Fascism) cause for “freedom” against Israel. The Palestinian state is a Fascist state bordering Israel with ultra-violent fanatics that do reprehensible acts like blowing themselves up in town squares, pizza parlors, and buses, and Israeli checkpoints.  The keffiyeh is worn by the Palestinians, yet it too is a controversial symbol. Some see it as a fashion statement, others like Pamela Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel for example, see it as a symbol of hate, like a Klan robe or a burning cross or a swastika. The keffiyeh is a Palestinian headgear, much like the Japanese hachimaki. Are we to consider the hachimaki a “hate symbol” too just because it was worn by Kamikaze pilots to crash into American and British aircraft carriers during World War II? The hachimaki was worn by fanatical Japanese who wished to die for their Emperor, a human made into a God.  Which the Christians in the West used to demonize as “pagans” for example, the Japanese because they worshiped Hirohito, they USED THAT as propaganda to dehumanize them, to make them enemy. But the cause was NOT Christianity, but rather revenge for Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor shocked and angered America like 9-11 did, 60 years later.  The Hachimaki was worn by Japanese soldiers that killed our American boys in World War II. The Hachimaki was a traditional warrior’s cloth worn by Japanese to keep the body clear of sweat to prevent it from obscuring the vision of the warrior so he wouldn’t be distracted by it. The hachimaki was worn by Japanese soldiers and airmen when killing Allied soldiers, sailors, and airmen.  The hachimaki is lionized in movies like The Karate Kid where Ralph Macchio wears it as his standard head gear by Mr. Miyagi in the film. The hachimaki was featured in numerous movies featuring Japanese karate. But are we to consider the hachimaki a “hate symbol” the way Schlussel and Geller and all the fanatics at Atlas Shrugs consider the keffiyeh to be one? I think not because the hachimaki is a traditional Japanese warrior symbol of an honorable warrior culture that was claimed to be hijacked by the Japanese ultra-fanatical warlords in the 1920s and 30s to further their aims of aggressive imperialism against the Western colonial powers in the Far East. The Japanese wore the hachimaki when fighting against us during the war. I do not consider it a hate symbol any more than I consider the hachimaki to be one, either. I suppose Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel should look into THAT too.


But Pearl Harbor was a coordinated military attack with a clear objective to attack Pearl Harbor, 9-11 was a cowardly terrorist attack by an Islamic-inspired enemy who also believed in dying for their God, too. 9-11 was a cowardly attack by a stateless entity with a crude Kamikaze-like method of crashing into a tower complex and murdering innocent people. How dare they compare Pearl Harbor to 9-11! 9-11 was a cowardly act of murder, Pearl Harbor was an honorable military attack with a military leading it with an objective to destroy ships docked there and come home to their carriers, not this crazy one-way act of murder like 9-11!

This is disgusting that they compare 9-11 to Pearl Harbor, but I suppose it had the same shock effect as Pearl Harbor, but 9-11 is superficially compared to Pearl Harbor by the media. Besides, the same military forces (Japanese Empire) attacked Manila, Clark Field, and had MILITARY AND FULL state resources backing them up, not some third-world shithole nation like Afghanistan with a shitty military if any exists at all over there! The United States did not directly invade Japan right shortly after Pearl Harbor like we did 9-11 to Afghanistan.  The United States just simply did not have the resources to invade Japan directly at that time. The Japanese coordinated and attacked again and again, unlike Al Qaeda and Bin Laden terrorists, who could only do a one-time deal by crashing into the Twin Towers and Pentagon.  THAT was all at once. The same Japanese war machine invaded Philippines, Dutch East Indies, (present-day Indonesia), Malaya, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Could Al Qaeda have done THAT? NO THEY COULDN’T HAVE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE COORDINATED RESOURCES TO ATTACK AGAIN AND AGAIN US because of their limited crude terrorism on a shoestring budget. The Japanese DID attack us again and again. With Balloon bombs and a Japanese submarine firing its deck gun against an American military facility called Fort Stevens, near Warrenton, Oregon on February 23, 1942. That attack did NOT reach the press because it was feared it would spread panic.

I do not think it would have because it would have made us angrier wanting to kill the Japanese even more and more than Pearl Harbor. They feared it would spark outrage against the US Military for failing to defend us. Al Qaeda only attacked us once and that was that. No more attacks against America ever again. We could prevent the balloon bomb attacks by shooting them down with airplanes or did not think of them as harmless even though they could do harm. They were loaded with an incendiary bomb. Oh how the documentaries hype things! They said that the balloon bomb would have started huge forest fires and hurt the American war effort! I don’t think so because the fires would have happened and the Americans would have put them out and they would have spread, but NOT really enough to do any real damage.


The documentaries on TV also hype “Hitler’s Stealth Fighter”. The documentary fails to note that the Horten Flying Wing was NOT a stable aircraft to fly and its design would have been difficult to handle. This was before fly-by-wire technology was inveted. Pilots would have preferred the Me-262 jet fighter over the Horten Flying Wing because the 262 was more controllable than the Horten wing. The documentary has a mock CGI dogfight involving a Spitfire,  where the Horten wing dominates. But the Spitfire would have turned inside that airplane and done a maneuver to get the plane on their tail or the Americans would have followed one home and shot it down on takeoff or landing, like they did the Me-262s for example. 

It does not mention that and instead uses the same hype and shock and awe type effects of other documentaries of the same genre without even considering it. The plane would have been very wobbly to fly. The plane would have been shot down, but other Spifires would have shot it down probably.

There was domestic terrorism in World War II by German agents called Operation Pastorius that also failed because it was uncovered by the FBI after George Dash chickened out and told the authorities about the whole plan. The Coast Guardsman took the bribe and went on his merry way to tell his superiors at the station about it and turned them in.

As George S. Patton once said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country! We made the other poor dumb bastard die for his country!” People need to get that message across!


Back to the subject, the hachimaki and the keffiyeh are both controversial symbols. Are we to consider children’s cartoons hate symbols with samurai swords because they were used to behead Allied POWs or used to kill American soldiers during World War II? I don’t think so because martial arts and Oriental aficionados love them to death and are a indelible part of Japanese culture and symbols of a disciplined and tough warrior culture about honor and sacrifice, unlike the keffiyeh of a bunch of cowardly barbarians who have Jew-hated worse that Adolf Hitler could have EVER had in his wettest dreams. The Palestinians. To me the keffiyeh is just a scarf that Arab people, just like the hachimaki is a Japanese symbol of disciplined fighting spirit that was worn by disciplined warriors from Japan to have clear focus not distracted by sweat in the eyes. The hachimaki is a great symbol. It too has the same significance as the keffiyeh does to people like Pamela Geller does as a Palestinian hate symbol. The hachimaki is too a symbolic cloth worn by Japanese soldiers to kill our boys during World War II.  The hachimaki is the symbol of a disciplined and tough warrior spirit culture, the keffiyeh a barbaric and terrible one. The keffiyeh is just a scarf worn by people as a symbol of rebellious youth mislead by the hard-left Pro-Palestinian media about it, or they see it on TV and want to wear it themselves to make a fashion statement about rebellion. Nothing real here. Maybe the way Pamela calls the keffiyeh a hate symbol, we should call the hachimaki one too. Neither one of them are in my opinion.

That’s what I have to say about that. Thank you for reading.

Blog Critic.

Thank you!

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