Stop the Hate Spewers Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller!

These two people Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are the two biggest bigots that the world has ever seen for a long time. Why? Because they spew hatred against Slavic Gentile people with their agenda that distorts history that labels the nation of Poland (an idea that has been thoroughly discredited by any historian worth their salt.) collaborated with the Nazis and did not fight them. These two people perpetrate this bigoted falsehood along with Abraham Foxman of the ADL and other Jewish “leaders” that claim to represent the whole Jewish community, but really do not. This media victimization and ethnicity that always looks for scapegoats to focus their problems on, that always looks for someone to insult.

I just love how Wikipedia wrongly paints Russians that react to their country being insulted and having Western values shoved down their throats that the majority of Russians (that are smart people, enough to be disgusted at our self-destructive Jersey Shore MTV type culture that most sane and smart people revile and hate.) as Neo-Nazi anti-Semitic flakes.

Oh how I love how people like Foxman and their little hate-spewing agenda against Russians are promoted by the ignorant media. The Slavic person I know how you all will all call me “Nazi” or an “Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Anti-Semite” or whatever. WHICH I AM NOT!  Those words have no meaning to me. For one, I do NOT hate all Jews! I am against those “Slavic” people who call themselves “preservers of Slavic heritage” that supports a man (Adolf Hitler) who HATED THE SLAVS and thought of them as little better than slaves to be exterminated. Oh the hypocrisy! This is like having a Jewish nationalist be a Neo-Nazi! It’s insane. These insane braindead idiots do not represent the Slavic people, but Debbie  (Foxman on the ADL website say that 40% of Russians are anti-Semitic.)

These Jewish people are people that out for revenge, using the Holocaust (I AM NOT a Holocaust Denier and I condemn such stupidity.) as a political weapon to paint the Russians with an anti-Semitic brush to demonize them and belittle them.  I am NOT afraid to speak out against them and their ignorance! They can I will DELETE any posts that are written by Holocaust deniers. I AM NOT David Duke!

They are misusing the Holocaust to rewrite history to fit their own anti-Polish prejudices. This is an example of pseudohistory in the very sense of the word. These Jewish people like Abraham Foxman, Debbie Schlussel, and Pamela Geller, no matter how much PR spin that they lavish on themselves DO NOT represent Jews as a whole. They are the Jewish versions of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton have similar agendas like Schlussels with the same kind of victimization tactics and distortions of history to spin their own agendas.  I am NOT saying that the Jews control them or there is a Jewish-black conspiracy here. I am not saying ANYTHING like that. Anyone who distorts my words is a fool looking to make themselves look good. I hate such pretentious fools in the media that do this to me.  Sure Wikipedia will put me in the category of “Anti-Semitism” but this is NOT! Oh how Schlussel, Foxman, and Geller conflate legitimate critics like myself in with virulent Neo-Nazi racists!

It is WRONG and ignorant to do this, but they are ignorant people who disgustingly rewrite history. They tried to rewrite history to make the false idea of a “Negro Holocaust” which NEVER happened. Why would it have happened? To have committed a Holocaust against Black slaves would have been unconscionable and the South would have suffered for it. It is another lie made by the Afrocentrism crowd. The Judeocentrism of people like Schlussel that wish to denigrate and insult Poland as part of a victimization agendas that is like the Jewish version of Al Sharpton’s agenda. These people are hypocritical to criticize Al Sharpton’s agenda, but then promote their own against their opponents. The tactics are the same, but the ethnic groups that promote them are not.  I just love how they’ll paint me as David Duke! Which I am NOT! I despise his white  supremacist agenda, which is the same type of extremist hatred that these hateful old hags like Schlussel and Pamela Geller propagate. They will always “defend” themselves and their legions of braindead fans will defend them to the death as tellers of the truth, (when they are liars through and through.) I am NOT gonna write about any of that “Zionist” crap!  The state of Israel has good relations with Poland and rightly so I might add, so NO ANTI-ZIONIST bullshit please.

This is NOT a Zionist conspiracy to denigrate the Polish people. It is part of an extremist agenda of hate reminiscent of Al Sharpton to victimize Poland because they want to punish them for their supposed role in the Holocaust. This is like a person saying after a bank robbery that the clerks collaborated with the robbers to rob the bank after the money was stolen by the thieves. This part of an agenda to attack the Slavic peoples because they want revenge on their old countries and paint them as anti-Semitic because of their damaged memories of persecution.

These egotistical people have a persecution complex that is really disturbing and disgusting. This disgusting bigotry is promoted in the media. Debbie Schlussel, this moral crusader  said that they won’t silence this Jew, when she was “oh so bravely telling the “truth” about “Poland being Nazi collaborators that did not fight them.” Oh what bullshit this is! This ignorant woman should know about the Polish men and women that escaped to Great Britain to fight again in the Polish Armed Forces under British control. Now tell me, was Poland a nation that did not fight the Nazis? OF COURSE NOT!

This pseudo-historical idea  has been destroyed by major historians that do not rewrite history to suit extremist  hate agendas like the kind Geller, Foxman, and Schlussel promote.

We Poles are pro-Israel, unlike what Schlussel would have you believe.

This disgusting bullshit pseudohistory is promoted by organizations like the ADL that are bitter about Poland whose government had escaped to Romania not fighting the Nazis, then promoting the idea that Poland did nothing to save the Jews, which is of course bullshit because many Poles risked their asses to save Jews and THIS is the thanks we get!  Debbie Schlussel can run her mouth about how evil we are. She can run her fat little mouth until it falls off or until her brains fall out, but history is NOT rewritten to suit their falsehoods and lies about the Polish people and Russia, Russia IS NOT ENTIRELY anti-Semitic. Many of them are friendly to the Jews and are good to them. The BS Foxman says about 40% of Russia being anti-Semitic.

It’s a load of crap because he deliberately confuses criticism and dislike of Israel with anti-Semitism because Russians are sick of people like Foxman and his ilk putting down and denigrating their country as anti-Semitic on Wikipedia and other crisis “pseudo-schlolarly” sites. Wikipedia’s take on expert opinion says that it basically does not welcome it. Par for the course for an encyclopedia that is edited by a bunch of anonymous nobodies.  We are sick of the crap that Schlussel, Geller, and Foxman put out as “commentary” The Jews are just bitter people looking for a target to pick on to gain power from insulting others to promote their distorted view of history and acting like women that hate all men after they’ve been raped.

I am not gonna say that ALL Jews are like this, but I am getting pretty sick of them bashing on Russian and using their influence in the media to denigrate and destroy it. Sure, I know you clowns out there will conflate me with Russian neo-Nazi groups, OF WHICH I HAVE NO ASSOCIATIONS with! It is beyond that at all and it is NOT a Neo-Nazi hate campaign, when it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is a real problem here.

The bashing of Russia and other SLAVIC countries by people like Schlussel that promote stereotypes of “backwards Russians” living in shitty villages with no electricy or running water and primitive as Hell! From their own outdated experiences of Russia as seen through their ancestors a century ago. A bit like saying that Americans still live in pioneer cabins and drive Conestoga wagons. Just saying. I will NOT approve ANY Neo-Nazi efforts to hijack this page and use it to promote their own anti-Semitic agendas to beat up Jews or whatever. I WILL NOT tolerate such people and I DO NOT tolerate them, nor do I tolerate the media far-left anti-patriotic, anti-nationalist self-hating media slur of Russian nationalists to describe people who are in all actuality, anti-Russian and support a man named Adolf Hitler who sought to exterminate and enslave the Russian people.

Those crazy idiot jackasses ARE NOT Russian nationalists! They are traitors to the Russian nation because they support an ideology and a man that sought to destroy them ALL!  Sure, accuse me of being a Nazi or a Jew-baiter or a anti-Semite, Neo-Nazi kook, BUT I AM NOT! I am sick of NOBODY OUT THERE addressing Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel’s anti-Russian/Slavic bigotry and hate speech, while condemning their anti-Muslim stuff, which is hypocritical and stupid because hate knows knows no bounds and no colors, it is a problem that must be addressed no matter WHO is doing it against whom.

I WILL NOT tolerate my post being quoted by Neo-Nazi flakes and fools to denigrate the Jews to promote the Aryan agenda which is outright hostile to the Slavic peoples! The media should quit making a big deal out of these extremists in Russia! They do not support Russia, they are its greatest enemies! They support someone who was one of the biggest enemies of the Russian people. It’s a bit like that Neo-Nazi joke over in Israel that fell very flat because of its obvious and odious mockery of the Jewish people! The Neo-Nazi groups in Russia should be laughed at as well!

This is like saying that Americans who are patriotic and deeply love their country are all Ku Klux Klansmen, which simply isn’t true and it’s a bunch of bullshit that the media promotes about Russia, just like when American conservatives blood boils when they’re compared to Nazis and KKK members, our should boil too, when hard-left pseudo-scholars like Sabrina P Rahmet insult US in much the same way. She is just as hateful as any fascist out there that I know of, and she has the commie Marxist line of thinking, which all about total hardcore control freak control and destruction off all patriotic values and honor to achieve their self-hating and twisted anti-country agendas to make themselves rulers of the world!

These braindead idiots need to be exposed for the anti-Russian fools THEY REALLY are! Wikipedia’s articles on Russia’s race problems are crap because they confuse disliking an ethnic group and mistrusting them with outright HATING THEM! THERE IS A BIG BIG DIFFERENCE there!

YES THE NAZI Holocaust was horrible. I am not dismissing it, nor am I a whacky Holocaust denier. I am neither. I think such people should go to Hell where they belong. Such people are total idiots pure and simple. They have no place in any legitimate historical discussion. They like Schlussel and Geller rewrite history to suit their own agendas.  Schlussel’s interpretation of history is wrong, false, and flawed and relies on falsehood conspiracy theories about occupied Poland.

This is a conspiracy theory promoted by the likes of Schlussel to suggest that Poland collaborated with the Nazis to kill the Jews because of personal hatreds with the Jews from centuries of anti-Semitism, supposedly, but in reality NOT because the Nazis also planned to exterminate the Polish gentiles as well because Hitler hated the Poles. There were Poles that were conscripted for service in the Wermacht, but this IS FORCIBLY being made to serve, as opposed to voluntarily collaborating with them.  Poland for one was not a nation anymore. Ah alas, facts are not convienient to Schlussel’s agenda. Poland’s government ESCAPED to ROMANIA and was interned there. Poland HAD NO government at all when the Nazis occupied it. They had n0 g0vernment left when the Germans finished off Poland. So how can Schlussel say that Poland collaborated with the Nazis? This is a big jump here to say that. A bit like saying that all the colonists collaborated with the British during the American Revolution.  This biased history is wrong and void of facts! I just love how the people pre-programmed by Schlussel’s brainwashing write things on Atlas Shrugs about Poland not fighting the Nazis and collaborating with the Nazis, LIKE FRANCE DID! OH I JUST CRACK MYSELF UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT!

This Jew-hatred accusation crap is part of a deliberate hate agenda o revenge against the Polish people. I just love how these fools paint someone as a Nazi for stating that they are bashing Russia and calling THEM out on it, as anti-Semitic. It’s too funny here!  They think that they’ll sue me for this, but I’m sorry 1st Amendment right MFers, you can’t take mine away because you’re offended! Sorry, THAT’S NOT how free speech works! You won’t win against me!  You’re just like the CAIR people THAT you claim do this to you guys, then you do it to others that you don’t like that CAIR does to you. You’re just like the Jewish version of CAIR!

Sure accuse me of Anti-Semitism, but YOU won’t win and THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT AT ALL! All you neurotic cranks out there can accuse me of this, BUT I AM ADVANCING NO SUCH AGENDA HERE! Any comparisons with Hitler or the Nazis, will not be tolerated here, I am looking to make sure that I phrase my words correctly, so that I do not breed more Breivik idiots who read my shit and use if for their wacky and nefarious purposes.

There were Poles that did collaborate in Eastern Poland because of the hatred they felt from the local Jews that collaborated with the Soviets, who in reality, were of Jewish descent, NOT religion to vent their anger upon the gentiles, which was itself wrong, but they were few. Those Jews that did this were acting in the interests of the Soviet state, and not of the Jewish people as a whole. The Soviets used the Jews to deliberately stir up hatred and trouble among people in the region, which they I’m afraid, more than succeeded in doing. The painful legacy is with us today.

These conspiracy theories that the Polish nation collaborated with Hitler to get rid of their Jews are just false and wrong. Poland had a pre-war vibrant Jewish culture. Yes, there was anti-Semitism, but nothing like Geller, Schlussel, and Foxman would have you believe.  I do not like how they would paint anyone who dislikes them as  “wacky conspiracy theorists”, but they are paranoid and delusional people looking to promote their own vanity at the expense of others. They are paranoid egotistical people that manufacture anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic problems to further their own vanity. i am NOT Norman Finklestein or anyone like him.  They can pull out chicanery and canards to smear me and take my words out of context, but it has no meaning.

There is anti-Semitism in Russia, as in everywhere else in the world, but it is so overblown by people like Abe Foxman and Debbie Schlussel, and Pamela Geller that it’s laughable and ridiculous. Sure all the self-righteous expose this people, will “try” to “expose” me as a fake, but they won’t because I am genuine from the heart when I write this stuff after years of observation and personal experiences with people over in Russia for the last 5 years or more.

In my opinion Atlas Shrugs and Debbie Schlussel represent the Jewish version of Stormfront. Their comments look like the kind of stuff that one would expect to see on Stormfront. Just bitter Jewish people who complain about Islamic Supremacy then promote their own supremacist agendas. Like calling the kettle black. I am NOT anti-Semitic! I will not tolerate anti-Semitic comments, if I see any, I will just simply delete them or if they are worth replying to, destroy the idiot that wrote them!

Oh how they bristle at anyone calling THEM a Nazi, despite the fact that they’ve done it to everyone that they don’t like.  If one calls someone a “Nazi” and abuse it like they do and scream “Nazi” the loudest, then in my opinion that MAKES THEM Nazis!  There WERE Jewish collaborators with the Nazis, except Foxman blasts such history as “anti-Semitic” and mocking the Holocaust and trivializing it. Like Chaim Rutkowski for example. He was one such notorious collaborator. Foxman always has some Holocaust chime in the media every time something majorly anti-Semitic happens, like the whole disgusting Holocaust on a Plate bullshit by PETA!  THAT is in my opinion, typical American ignorance about the Holocaust promoted in the media by TV shows like Family Guy and South Park, that always have some ridiculous overly used spiel involving Nazis and Jewish people and mocking the Holocaust in a way that is morally reprehensible and wrong. This whole attitude of harmless fun jokes in the American crude humor style, where it doesn’t effect US in America, because thank Go, WE NEVER had to experience the Holocaust, unlike Europe THAT DID, and their whole perception of how, oh I want to just not live this again, and the whole uneasiness Europeans and reserve and anger that THEY RIGHTLY in my opinion have from the Holocaust and their reprehension at the ignorant American joks and TV shows showing Jewish Holocaust stereotypes, where everyone who speaks the German language is a Nazi, is plain wrong and disgusting. Nor do I like how Russians are characterized as hardcore fanatical Communist ignorant killers and uneducated and backwards peasants like on TV, WHICH IS ALSO WRONG OFFENSIVE AND HATEFUL!  These stereotypes are offensive and the characterization of Russian girls as whorish mail-order bride sluts, or KGB agents that are fanatical Communists!

The American Dad episode about the Russian immigrant guy was also offensive to depict them in typical closet Cold War American Cold War propaganda as Russians all being secret communist spies and pinko sympathizers,  the Russian immigrant is depicted as a fanatical communist who is ignorant and bent on destroying America, when most Russian immigrants deep down love America and all the great freedom that she brings compared to the repression and oppression in their countries.  They are mostly, if anything, VERY pro-American and this stereotype about the closet Communist is disgusting, bigoted, and ignorant. I am sick and tired of the bigoted anti-Russian stereotypes, while getting away with the

They’ll write BS about being an extremist nationalist or whatever, BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT! This is about addressing the stereotypes related to the Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia, when concerning Serbs and Russians.  being communists or genocidal bloodthirsty ethnic cleansers or whatever about Serbs or Russians.  IT IS NOT TRUE ANY WORD OF IT! This is all lies!  They would lie to prove how morally righteous they are and use flowery BS to take the high ground, when in fact they’re wrong and their BS bashing Russia from EITHER GENTILES OR JEWS, is JUST PLAIN WRONG! It’s not just the Jews doing it, many Gentiles do it too, but the Jewish people like Geller have a sinister agenda (yes I know I sound conspiratorial when I say it.) of hatred and revenge against the Slavic peoples in the way Farrakhan and Sharpton have revenge against “Whitey.”  Oh and BTW,  a I AM NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO-NAZI IDIOT OF THE DAVID DUKE VARIETY AND I WILL BANISH SUCH IDIOTS that latch on to this.

They call call me all the names in the world,  but that does not prove anything about how write they are, just proves that they have to use such nonsense to have inflated opinions of themselves and to bolster their bigoted and racist positions. Oh I love HOW THE MEDIA WILL treat it as wacky perceived anti-Semitism and inflate it to ridiculous proportions to people that dislike those clowns look as bad as possible,  and smear them like elephant dung all over a wall, but that does not mean anything when they’re wrong and the truth knows no bounds of monetary status, wealth, status, being on welfare,  etc to sue people that disagree with them. They won’t win. I am not worth their time or money to do so.

They are idiots.   We need to have reasoned and intelligent people as critics of that vile and hateful religion called Islam.  We need reason. We do not need to feed the Jewish-Muslim conflicts by reading Jihad Watch.  Their conflict is self-destructive and costing us money.  Sure, they’ll label anyone as “anti-Semitic” in their own world of self-righteousness, but that doesn’t apply here or mean anything here.  I do not like fanatical atheists like Pat Condell or Richard Dawkins either in their cloak of self-righteousness, painted as “reason” also, when they’re as fanatical as the Christians, THEY claim are fanatical and bigoted. They’re the atheist version of that.  We as Christians and Jews, need to stand up for our rights and values that created this nation,  or a secular religion that founded America. I love how Christians and secularists and atheists alike confuse the whole foundation of being Christian with the Declaration of Independence.

This nation does NOT have to have an official Christian founding to be American, even though IT DOES TO A POINT!  When the settlers always believed that God commanded them to settle the land, and blessed them, in their own words to settle it,and they believed that God founded America, a belief that persists to this day. Our nation does not have to be “official” to be founded by either ideal for all religions, or Christianity!  It doesn’t matter, the whole Christian foundation thing is unofficial and both Christians and secularists tend to confuse the issue.

We do have a strong Christian heritage, there is no dispute about that, but the rednecks hijack it for evil agendas, like the Klan does BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS ARE ALL KLANSMEN, another great hysteria promoted by the far-left to bash Christians and make them look as bad as possible to destroy their institutions and moral foundations to control America, SO THEY have you believe. The Starbucks crowd aare just a bunch of self-hating vagabond idiots that are so haughtily self-righteous and holier than everyone else, that it’s ridiculous.

(UNLIKE DAVID BARTON, I do not use it to promote my own ego! )

(UNLIKE THE KLAN I DO NOT USE IT TO PROMOTE A RACIST AGENDA OF TERRORISM AGAINST BLACKS AND OTHER NON-AMERICANS OR NON-WHITES or immigrants from different places, or anyone that isn’t a WASP or a Protestant phony Christian like those idiots are. I know those idiots are Christians, but they represent the white race more than Christianity, how they always put “White” before “Christian” in almost every sense of the world. Like “Revrend’ Sutter, does when he cloak his  sins behind religion, when their agenda HAS ALWAYS been about terrorism of non-whites and non-American and Catholic people, rather than about Christianity, which is just a useless crutch to those clowns to justify their sins and attacks against their brothers Black Christians, which the Bible forbids by the way.

Yes, THEY are Christian. BUT THEY ARE nothing compared to Al Qaeda and THE REAL PROBLEMS we face.  The Muslim terrorists are more fanatical, than the race-based Klan could ever be in their wettest dreams. The Klan is a ragged mob of redneck idiots, Al Qaeda is AN ORGANIZED, capable, methodical and deadly terrorist organization. The Klan is a joke, an anachronism of an earlier era whose time has passed long ago.  They are mostly dead, unlike what the idiots at SPLC would HAVE YOU believe! I can’t believe SPLC has you believing this propaganda about the being alive like they were 50 years ago! They are a joke! Dead! Gone!

An anachronism, the KLAN that has no place in today’s world. Al Qaeda doesn’t either, BUT THEY are determined, fanatical, and deadly, unlike the ragged mobs of trailer trash idiots like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis who are nobodies and idiots that aren’t a threat to anyone except themselves. The Klan’s agenda has always been more racial that religious, always more about being white than Christian. About how they’re holier that the rest of us! They use religion to hide their sins, when in fact it is secondary to them, to use the religion to “justify” their white supremacy. Love of all brothers is WHAT a TRUE Christian, unlike those phony Christians called the Klan have you believe.  The Klan was always about race, and not so much about being religious. The Semantics of Al Qaeda on the other hand, are much more complex than that. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are TRULY motivated by religion the Abortion clinic terrorists are idiots looking to seek attention for themselves and hide behind a veil of self-righteousness and are loathed and condemned by sane Christians everywhere.

Al Qaeda on the other HAND IS ACTUALLY DETERMINED AND fanatical and with a clear focus, unlike the Klan and those abortion clinic terrorists and they aren’t crazy and clouded by delusions of self-righteousness like the Klan and the abortion clinic terrorists are. The Al Qaeda group has a clear and determined goal to install Islam throughout the world.  They are fanatical and ruthless and they are not to be taken lightly. They, unlike the abortion terrorists, have the support of various governments and officials throughout the Muslim world. The Muslims may not necessarily sympathize with Al Qaeda or like their methods, but THEY sympathize with their views, not so much as the group themselves. And this is where Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel get into trouble on this topic.  The Muslim cultures have different attitudes in some areas, due to cultural differences between Pakistanis and Arab and Afghan peoples, BUT ALL ARE united by their common beliefs in Islam.  Craig Wynn has a whole spiel on that about the abortion clinic maniacs, but he unfortunately is an anti-Catholic bigot and his ideas about Catholicism being linked with Islam and  promoting bigoted anti-Catholic propaganda on his site, linking the fanatical Muslims all in with the Catholics, SIMPLY because the Pope met up with some Muslim religious leaders, when the Pope is an ambassador of the Catholic religion, reaching out to people for support AND DOES not necessarily represent all Catholics.

What about the Polish Catholics in 1683 that stopped the Muslims at Vienna? What about the Croatian Catholics persecuted under Ottoman rule? Yet calls all Croats Ustasha, even though they DID collaborate with the Muslims, but his misleading commentary on Wynn’s site has YOU believe that it was for religious reasons, when in fact it was for ethnic reasons because they felt that the Bosnian Muslims who accepted the Turkish customs and religion of the Ottoman Empire, who were formerly Serbo-Croatian Christians, the same race as the Christians and Muslims killing each other nowadays,  were fellow Croats. The Muslims killed the Serbs in WWII and the Muslim/Croat genocide against the Serbs in Bosnia leads to revenge half a century later.  Stooping to the level of those assholes. The Serbs sadly do not see what they are doing. THIS is why they get bombed by NATO for stooping to the level of the Croats and Muslims.

But sadly, the Bosnian apologists like Sabrina P. Rahmet and Marko Attila Hoare for example, apologize for these Muslim/Croat crimes during World War II against the Serbs and then blame the Serbs for them, and outright deny them as “Serbian propaganda” when in fact, it isn’t.  Axis propaganda and Communist propaganda passed off as “scholarship” How pathetic!  Robert Spencer is presentable and likeable, Pamela Geller alienates people and she is so strident and so overzealous and holier than everyone else, like her counterpart Debbie Schlussel. She’s basically like the hard-left feminists (who she ironically condemns in an American Thinker post.) except in right-wing guise.

Marko Attila Hoare is an asshole of the first order who promotes an agenda of Serb hated and claims it fixes the problems in the Balkans, when in fact, it makes them WORSE!  Marko Attila Hoare is a product of the jingoist interventionism that characterizes George Bush and Bill Clinton.

We cannot afford to have Christian crusader closet white supremacists hijack a religion. THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN THE MUSLIMS!  Robert Spencer’s sentence about the traditional right having “every “reason” to be anti-Semitic.” OH AND WHAT “REASON” IS THIS?  I just love how they paint Ron Paul libertarian critics who question our pro-Israel foreign policy as “Nazis!” Even though, most of them aren’t! These Holocaust generalizations and use of the Holocaust to promote political propaganda that in my opinion, insults the victims of the Holocaust, is truly SICKENING! I am NOT Norman Finkelstein. I do not like him and I think that he is an idiot!

How the traditional conservatives are anti-Semitic and how the liberal fake conservative Neo-Cons are pro-Israel! Their foreign policy was always pro-Arab states.  I just love how any criticism of their agenda is met with accusations of anti-Semitism and racism and being like Neo-Nazis. I think Neo-Nazis are repulsive and disgusting individuals. THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVE! Nazism was NEVER a conservative movement, it was a radical movement dedicated to overthrowing the Weimar Republic and putting themselves into power which Hitler did.  Nazism was a totalitarian ideology that believes in overthrowing the existing order (CLEARLY NOT a conservative ideology by ANY MEANS) and replacing it with their own people and their own interests above the people, like

His pseudo Tom Clancy-esque novel about Tea with Terrorists,  isn’t that great.  But I think it’s prophetic (no PUN intended) because it predicts that Navy SEALS go into Pakistan to hunt down and terrorist leader, much like what happened on 5/1/11. Sure he addresses the problems with Islam, but he is wacky and way out there! Robert Spencer is more believable because he has a background in it and he’s more presentable and not an insane wild man like Wynn is.

Pro-Life people HATE AND CONDEMN the abortion clinic terrorists and they are few in number, and not well coordinated.   I wont discuss the semantics of either one, because it’s pointless.

JDL was about addressing persecution of Jews in the world and preventing another Holocaust, so Kahane would have you believe. The late Rabbi Kahane was an outspoken firebrand rabbi who was on the the most conservative Jews ever know to man.  He had few friends because of his outspoken views. But they needed to be said. )

I just love how some fool on the internet will use loaded language to discredit me as “anti-Semitic” But that IS NOT why I write this, to promote such hatred. I write this to complain about the antics of Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller, and other like-minded (BUT NOT ALL JEWS!) Jews that think like them.

We bloggers need to be careful about our posts so that we do not incite another idiot like Breivik.!

I do not think these jokes are funny and I think liberals have a secret fear and hatred of Russia while promoting SOVIET Russia, by the Starbucks drinking self-righteous vagabond crowd, is hypocritical, wrong, AND DISGUSTING!  They along with the hard-right jingoist conservatives who deeply and badly want a war with Russia, like Sarah Palin said when she gave an interview with CBS about inviting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO and gleefully hoping that Russia will attack them, and thus be used as an excuse for war with Russia!

Oh Debbie Schlussel’s hate-laden response about my ancestors being Nazis! Oh Debbie, you are too stupid to know that you just fell for it!

Sure the whole self-hatred flagellation over nationalism and displays of REAL love for one’s country in Europe and arresting people for speaking out against the social problems with the immigrants in Europe and neurotic anti-American paranoia in Europe is ridiculous, BUT I DO NOT GO BLOWING UP A HUNDRED PEOPLE OVER IT AND MASSACRING A BUNCH OF helpless defenseless children over it, either!

Turning the mass murder of 10 million people into a joke!  Oh how Americans have such a different view towards this tragedy than the Europeans do! The Europeans, rightly, consider such Family Guy-esque lampooning of the Holocaust, as show by Rolf Muntz over in Europe. Europeans dO NOT THINK THAT OUR JOKES about the Holocaust are funny at all.

I’ll call him “Mr. Holocaust!” because of this.  The Holocaust SHOULD NEVER be forgotten, but the ridiculous chicanery displayed by people like Schlussel, Foxman, nand Geller DOES NOT HELP THINGS EITHER!  In fact, it makes them much worse and insults the victims of the Shoah to paint Poland in this way, when in fact Poland HERSELF WAS THE VICTIM! This is also insulting the victims of the Holocaust and trivializing them like Foxman would claim that people like me do.  They are insulting victims of the Holocaust. The Nazis did in fact plan to exterminate the Poles, too. There were Polish collaborators, but they were few in number. The Nazis expelled Poles from German areas during the war. The also gassed Poles in Auschwitz. But the revisionist agenda by Schlussel, Geller, and Foxman has been destroyed by major historians. Historians have destroyed these falsehoods about Poland and Russia. The Streisand movie that paints Russia as anti-Semitic and backwards for example is false also. There were pogroms yes, but nothing like the Holocaust. People were always bitter about the Jewish merchants and carping about them. Russia did persecute them, but the persecution complex by Schlussel and ADL and Geller is disgusting beyond words.  There were government officials in Russia that were Jews.

The conspiracy theories oh yes. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a joke and a hoax produced by the Tsarists. Conspiracy theorists always take something that IS THE TRUTH then twist it like a pretzel to unbelievable proportions outside the realm of human reason. The idea that Jews committed a Holocaust against Christian Russians is false. It is an exaggeration about people like Trotsky being Jews. They did not care about being Jews. They were very secular individuals and were acting on orders from the gentile Russian communists like Lenin to destroy religion. Orthodox Christian gentiles had a hand in it, too. Just that the Jews get blamed for it to promote a ridiculous conspiracy theory. The Soviets were atheists, but were raised Orthodox Christians in their youth.

Accusing Poland of collaborating with the Nazis is like accusing a child being molested by a pedophile of collaborating the pedophile during the molestation process.

This is the same kind of slave reparations agenda by Farrakhan and Sharpton mentality being perpetrated by Schlussel and Geller to insult the Poles. This is typical Sharptonesque victimization agendas for them to do. They are racists like Sharpton, David Duke, and Farrakhan to use themselves to collectively represent their respective ethnic groups to make themselves “leaders” the appointed ones holier than everyone else as godly leaders commanding the whole communities to serve their own bigoted and racist agendas. Abe Foxman, Pamela Geller, and Debbie Schlussel are racists! Wikipedia promotes the whole Jewish anti-Semitism quackery that these people personify. The anti-Semitic quacks are ignored by most sane people.

I believe that these people have an agenda to destroy Poland and make the Poles collectively guilty for the Holocaust to aggrandize their own personal egos and make money off the Holocaust victims! They are reprehensible people to distort the Holocaust for their own extremist agendas. This falsehood that Poland collaborated with the Nazis has been discredited.  But facts are not convienient to their agenda and they deliberately ignore them becasue they do not fit in with their narrative. Such as the Polish Armed Forces in Britain that fought under British command during World War II that were among the finest soldiers the Allied armies had. But alas my ancestors are called “Nazis” by miss Schlussel.

I love the military traditions of the German Wermacht and the German military marching music is some of the best in the world. In the eyes of Schlussel, that makes ME A NAZI! Which is completetly false because the average solder in the Wermacht was NOT a fanatical Nazi. Only SS were fanatical Nazis. I am not a Nazi, but I think that Debbie Schlussel is a bigot that likes to generalize to make herself sound smart. I DO NOT support the racist politics or policies of Nazi Germany or Adolf Hitler, but the German Wermacht was one of the finest and most disciplined military forces in the world!  The truth is that Wikipedia slanders people that simply fought on the wrong side during World War II and makes them guilty by association for collaboration with the Axis powers. This is victor’s justice on there. This labeling is done by the fools at Wikipedia to make themselves sound smart and it’s part of the far-left Antifa Anti fascist (read Fascist under a different name from these fascist radical extremists.) agenda to discredit genuinely patriotic people as Nazis and Fascists.

The purpose of Debbie Schlussel’s agenda is to smear the Slavic people and use the Anti-Semitism card an excuse to stick it to them to reinforce their own personal prejudices and hatreds and their connections in the media. The communists had such an agenda to destroy Slavic nationalist Polish people with the card of anti-Semitism to dehumanize them and destroy them. This is a tactic from the Soviet playbook that people have used for years on us.

How dare she calls US Nazis! We fought them until the last man and we’re accused of being “colloborators” I am sorry Schlussel but history IS NOT written for your benefit. You flawed history that insults the fighting spirit of

I swear, the Jewish people are itching for a fight with Russia!  The American Jews (not necessarily Zionists) are the MOST HOSTILE towards Russia and Russians. Always characterizing Russia as a backwards nation. The Jewish people do not hide their hostility for Russia, like David Horowitz does and those “oh so brave” Jews fighting for the “truth” that is distorted to fit their perverted chauvinistic agenda against Russia. This is to say that not all Jews are hostile towards Russia. Many are genuinely interested in Russia. Oh how they’ll accuse me of “Anti-Semitism” just for posting this. Oh Wikipedia, character assassinate me with tyour overly-emotional category labeling. You just attach labels to things that you do not understand.

Face it morons POLAND WAS NOT VICHY FRANCE! France did not fight the Germans and collaborated with them. Poland DID NOT and fought aggressively and bitterly against them until their cause was hopeless and Poland fell to the Nazis and stood no chance.  Poland fell after a month of fighting from September 1, 1939 to October 6, 1939.  1 month and 5 days.

Excuse me, the history of the Holocaust was not written by people like Abraham Foxman and Debbie Schlussel. Foxman is a survivor yes, but his bitterness at blaming the Polish nation for erecting Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto, which never happened and were built by the German Nazis to house the Jews for extermination, is disgustingly ignorant   The Germans did this. Jews preferred to live separately from Poles in prewar Poland and this animosity between gentile Poles and Jewish Poles has spilled over onto the internet in the present day.  People like Schlussel throw gas on the fire.

Of course Geller uses KKK type rhetoric when she labels SPLC as a “communist organization” IT IS NOT! SPLC aren’t tolerant either, they are just as intolerant towards their enemies as the Klan is. The SPLC has become a joke.

I love how they’ll paint me as a Neo-Nazi or a white supremacist, OF WHICH I AM NEITHER! I also revile such people because like Schlussel, Geller, Foxman, and Sharpton they have racist supremacist agendas, as does the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The white supremacists are as supremacist as Schlussel and Geller are. Pamela Geller posts on SPLC sound like someone from the KKK wrote them. Some of the anti-Islamic blogs are racist and hateful against Western women that decide to marry Muslims.  The Blacks are no problem for me. Neither are the Jews. But hey, they’ll label it “Anti-Semitism” in Russia and oh how Wikipedia gets very emotional with the anti-Semitism labeling. Labels Russian patriots as “fascists” and lumps them in with Nazis. The Wikipedia articles are shills for antifa and they use antifa bullshit to paint Russia as a racist country with their “Racism in Russia” article which is a bunch of far-left baloney. The Russians have a wholly different attitude on racism than we do.  What we see as “racism” they see as disliking an ethnic group that causes trouble. Wikipedia has problems with people and accuse them of racism if they have problems with the cultural values and habits of minorities, which is where Russia stands, instead of discrimination.  Russia accepts these people, while disliking how repulsive they really are.  Russians do not officially discriminate against them, unlike the emotional Wikipedia antifa rhetoric would have you believe. Antifa are a useless bunch of self-righteous assholes that think that any form of patriotic love of country display is “fascism” These perverted extremists suck. Just as bad as the Nazis themselves. I do not care for any of those bullshit websites on the internet run by white supremacist Neo-Nazis that purport to “preserve Slavic heritage” from a group of people that hate Jews, which contributed enormously to Slav culture, and support an ideology that sought to exterminate them. This is madness to do this.  Russian attitude towards racism is to maybe They aren’t super politically correct insane liberal madness SPLC tolerance crowd, either. They hate white supremacists and their ideologies, but we think of as “discrimination” and racism they think of as disliking someone or protecting their country from their values. Oh how Wikipedia pontificates how “racist” and “evil” the Russians are and promote anti-Russian hate speech bullshit on their Racism in Russia article.

The articles on Russia in Wikipedia are bullshit written by news reports and biased news sources. Inflated claims, historians with anti-Eastern European prejudices and hatreds like Sabrina Petra Rahmet for example. She is the most hateful and evil commie pseudo-historian I have ever seen. Her books are clouded with communist propaganda rhetoric disguised as “scholarship” anti-Polish hate speech about Poland being too Catholic dominated and all that shit. Complains about rise of the “extreme right” (Commie lingo for nationalists that are sick of the commie regimes of Eastern Europe and their failed policies and totalitarian state control of everything and lack of freedom, something that bitch orgasmically loves. Commie control and Marxism.) and other such rantings. Her books are nothing but rants, tirades, and diatribes about how evil Eastern European nationalists that deeply love their countries are.

Sabrina Rahmet is an evil woman who should be discredited for her phony scholarship. She lets her hard-left super commie beliefs cloud her “scholarly” writings.  Too full of herself. She is so full of herself and lets her Marxist Stalinist opinions dictate and cloud her “scholarship” that is dishonest, wrong, full of lies and commie propaganda that sounds like an opinion page from Pravda, like for example that one page on the internet where she complains too much about Poland being too Catholic-dominated, then writes commie bullshit about the Eastern Europeans having the right-wing rising again.

But to those self-hating commie fucks anyone who is really devoted to their country and proud of it is a fascist anyway! The communists want to discredit the old systems of devotion to the reactionary ideals, then replace the patriotism, that THEY hate, and pervert it in with the stuff that they do like and repackage it to suit their needs of a patriotic motherland. The Russian commies could not totally undo the centuries of devotion to their country and all that given to them for centuries, so they mixed it in with commie ideals and infused it with a nationalistic flair, where the Commies replaced the Tsars, like Stalin did. The Russian commies, although they banned religion, THEY COULD not completely destroy it.  They hated the Western degenerate Hollywood culture that they personify, so why should the hard-left fools in Hollywood embrace them, like all those Che shirt-wearers!

At least the Soviets were a conservative brand of communism that was devoted to its country, favored common sense and hated the kind of liberal whiny babies over in California that wave signs around thinking that they are righteous and holy then complain that we are stupid if we don’t listen to them. They would NOT have lasted long in the USSR and they cry NAZIS OVER anyone that has an orderly and devoted system of government that is devoted to the conservative (NOT AMERICAN conservative like Bush or Reagan) ideals of patriotism, motherland, honor, etc that they hate. Oh man, they’d scream right-wing Fascist Nazis, if they knew WHAT THE SOVIETS REALLY were like! Stupid fools!

These Starbucks fools proclaim that they are commies when they know absolutely NOTHING about Russia or the REAL Russian shoved down their stupid brains by their hard-left college professors who in many cases, NEVER LIVED A DAY in the Soviet Union or understand what they really were about. Those Russian academics in the USA are USUALLY NOT pro-Communist because they hate it with a passion and realizes that America means freedom and prosperity and happiness and devotion to a REAL productive life almost free of restraints, that they could not have in the Soviet Union!

Anyone who hates the commies and their BS relating to the lack of freedom in their ideology, the commies and labeling them all in a category of “right-wing” as a convenient way to demean and destroy them and her words of expressing dislike of people that are traditional and sick of the communist-dominated bullshit where the people react to do and destroy its anal and obsessive government-owned tyranny that does not care for the “lower people” and reacting to the Commie ideology that treats them like dirt!

The “right-wing” in her sick little mind is a codeword Commie slur for staunch anti-communists that won freedom in Eastern Europe and she of course bashes them because they destroyed her beloved little Soviet ideology that hates bourgeois nationalist patriotism and dismantles the Commies are amoral evil people that are people that have no value system whatsoever.

What is convenient to their little desires and their lies that conceal their hatred for those that disagree with them, much like the Nazis and their sick belief that the government owns our freedom and dictates to us what to do! Freedom is selective in Communism, which is why you should tell the Commies to go to hell if they claim to represent the repressed, which THEY are the oppressors and the exploiters of the little people for their Machiavellian designs for world Communist domination and tyranny.

Right-wing is a label they use to demean and ridicule people sick of their hateful ideology that destroys their freedom and belief systems of believing in a higher power, which the Commies hate because it’s an obstacle to their amoral “everything goes” behavior where their personal and selfish desires matter more than the people below them. Communist treat the people that do not think like Religion is an obstacle to the Communists and their designs of mass murder because religion NORMALLY (although it has happened IN ISLAM and stuff like that)

Racism has been nothing but a convenient label to force values on us that are incompatible with our own! Racism is the incorrect label because it is demeaning and wrong to label ALL RUSSIANS as racists because they have problems with blacks based on the reactions of a few people! America has a black problem with Trayvon Martin then! We’ll judge America as racist against blacks, the way Mark Levin characterizes Russia’s attitude towards Muslims because of Chechnya! Mark Levin is WRONG and he makes the point about Russia having a Muslim problem. We’ll let’s do the same with America and 9/11 for reacting against the Islamic terrorists. The Chechens are the same problem with the Russians and their civil war with them. We’ll use America’s Civil War the way Mark Levin uses Chechnya as an example to demean Russia’s attitudes towards the Muslims, and use it to say “American mistreats Southerners” in their civil war.

Chechnya, Russians did not cleanse them in their recent wars in the 90s, contrary to their propaganda by the Chechens. The Russians did not play around with them and beat them down to a pulp and made sure that they’d never threaten anyone again.  The Slavic people know how to fight these people, but Serbia was just uncalled for! The Bosnian Muslims and Serbs are the SAME RACE of people because the Bosnian Muslims were the Serbs/Croats converted to Islam during Ottoman times.

What I criticize is that America makes a Jerry Springer-type circus relating to the “ethnic hatreds” of these peoples and treats in the media like some kind of bad Jerry Springer-esque pissing contest with fighting family and overly dramatizes the vicious, deadly, and destructive wars in the Balkans.  The wars were bad, with atrocities on ALL sides, but the reality is that they DO NOT want to hear about them anymore and how the media with its smoke a mirrors, produces sob stories of the local population going back to their daily lives before the war and using that as “going back to the cleansers” or whatever bullshit that they write.

The Angelina Jolie movie is ridiculous because it feeds on the “so-shocking” Serbian male falls in love with Bosnian girl, which DID happen and does happen every day over there for a long time for many years. We’ll just use the whole KKK type in America to say that it is like Nazi falling in love with a Jew anology (WRONGLY used here because Bosnians and Serbs are the same ethnically, one embracing the Turkish culture, the other fighting it and expressing their disgusting with it.) to make a point that black woman does fall in love with white man and then make the point that American is a country full of Klansmen where blacks are oppressed daily and terrorized by the Klan and the whole point about the blacks going back to their homes to live their lives as usual, going back to where the terrorizers live.


This is also so stupid.


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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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