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Wikipedia promotes Marxism and Hard-left as Hell!

Have you ever noticed that many Wikipedia articles about Marxist terms promoting Communism and Marxist theories relating to critical gender theory or whatever theory floats the boat of Wikipedia. While labeling anyone who criticizes the communist ideology as a far-right … Continue reading

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Keffiyeh and the Hachimaki

The Keffiyeh scarf worn by Palestinian supporters and the hachimaki worn by karate aficionados have controversial meanings. For one, the keffiyeh is the scarf worn by the Palestinian people as their scarf that the Palestinian terrorists wear on themselves. As … Continue reading

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Stop the Hate Spewers Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller!

These two people Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are the two biggest bigots that the world has ever seen for a long time. Why? Because they spew hatred against Slavic Gentile people with their agenda that distorts history that labels … Continue reading

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