Wikipedia’s Mainstream Bandwagon Propaganda

Ever noticed how Wikipedia tries to bill itself as mainstream and being accpted by experts? Well Wikipedia’s expert opinion page shows their obvious contempt for expert opinion and tells us that they are edited by cranks that do not know what they are talking about.  How Wikipedia tries to bill itself as “mainstream” and those opinions, that are probably mainstream, as BEING WRONG AND INACCURATE and their pseudo-intellectual sense of inflated superiority that they have



“Hey, let’s just get on the bandwagon and say to everyone, hey we’re mainstream and we represent the mainstream of scientific thought,” says WIKIPEDIA! HAH! WRONG!  Wikipedia has opinions on 1939 era Poland under Soviet occupation that sounds like a page out of The “history” edited by the cranks that they don’t like is destroyed, while the pro-Soviet cranks that they DO like are praised and honored. Wikipedia has articles on Vietnam War that are distorted for a political agenda (The whole war was seen through a political agenda and wars are often written through the eyes of the people that started them.) the COMMUNIST agenda concerning American Imperialism and how any opinions that do not agree with their interpretation, and their sick little consensus game that they play that treats historical and scientific thought like a democratic game of consensus. If this were true, WHICH IT IS NOT, then why do the experts themselves disagree on stuff? 

The loaded language used by Wikipedia, pseudohistory and claiming their form of history is correct, even though the claims crap is jsut that, cra made by the Wikipedia crowd to make themselves sound smart. History has different interpretations in some ways. The South didn’t lose the war, is one such opinion, held by many Southerners, but this could be destroyed as having no evidence in the sense of saying it’s crank opinion for example, when in fact it’s someone saying “We didn’t lose, we’ll fight you again!” The people on Wikipedia treat it as a sensational claim based on no evidence, when it could be seen differently in a another light. But alas, the almighty “mainstream” Wikipedia is always correct and the judge of intellectual and scientific and historical thought. There are so many historical claims on a subject, that when looked at differently, such as the “Russians stole half of Poland” while Wikipedia treats the theft of 50% of Poland’s pre-war territory as legitimate and even sanctions for it. The “mainstream” historians that they cite are Soviet apologists.  Yes, we all know that the SOUTH DID NOT WIN THE CIVIL WAR!  That was just an example. 

Ah, but yes Wikipedia has to be the consensus that everyone agrees on.  Tis mainstream asssertion by Wikipedia of being accurate, while admitting that it’s edited by cranks and other such people, really tends to make you question its accuracy.  Sure Wikipedia has good articles on a subject. Wikipedia does not realize, nor does it want to that one side is gonna have a different view of history than the other, i.e. the Wars in Yugoslavia or the Falklands War to name a few. The Argentines always believed the Falklands or Malvinas as THEY call them, are THEIRS and they were liberating, the Falklands, but alas Wikipedia would take this in their inflated sense of moral superiority, and treat it as a false claim.  But this is someone’s opinion. The opinions of experts often get in the way of judgement on some things, too like wars because they from a country that says that they were right!  Wikipedia trying to represent itself as the mainstream of historical and scientific thought is ridiculous!  It is a joke! This is like a street vendor with little knowledge in a subject saying that they’re an expert, when they’re not, just like Wikipedia does.  Who cares? History is not a consensus game! It never was and there is no historical method like a scientific method. It’s just the scientific method under a different name, which is yet more Wikipedia plagiarism on an intellectual ideal. 

And Wikipedia represents the “mainstream” one size fits all opinion?  This is not so!  Wikipedia is trusted by some experts and lampooned and ridiculed by some, so this idea of a mainstream consensus on the part of Wikipedia is just a bunch of propaganda.  This propaganda on Wikipedia has gone on for far too long. Any sane person worth their salt realizes that anyone who does not like evolution is not anti-science or the science being wrapped up in the guise of intellectual thought being used to belittle and mock religious people as illiterate and uneducated, which isn’t true because many attend college and are smart people, but this stereotype of stupid Christians, is just that a stereotype.  Sure, there are some that are anti-science. But science is being used as another word FOR EVOLUTION to say that all science is evolution. This is not the case!  Science is more than believing in evolution.  Funny how they don’t attack Muslims who believe the earth is flat, but OH NO that would mean a jihad. Christians are easy to pick on and insult. Sure Christians do not like evolution, but that is neither here nor there. Wikipedia tries to present itself as the debunker of cranks as the cross to the vampire a  I do not approve of the word science by either evolutionists or creationists being used as euphemism for Darwinian evolution!  They attack sciecnce, and the n Wikipedia in its suit of armor, pretends that it is the moral and holy cure for these heathens that have fallen afoul of their beliefs. Wikipedia’s holiness sickens me, while attacking these people.  I do not care about creation or evolution.  Science just simply can’t explain everything because it has human limitations. People see things that they just do not know  Oh how the science people ridicule anyone that doesn’t have a PhD in the subject and somehow expects us to have one, when we are skeptical and not understanding of how things work, and then make a hypothesis, and then they destroy it and destroy you in the process if you make up something, like “Do contrails emit chemicals” Wikipedia would make you crazy, but contrails do emit chemicals that are fuel mixed in with the engine that create a long contrail, but a government PROGRAM NO FUCKING WAY! The UFO people are cranks to the enth degree. I do not worry about these people because they are the least of my worry and the fact that Wikipedia devotes any kind of space to them, really questions if it is really relevant at all.


I am not the “king of cranks” or a dumb redneck hillbilly, but I do know that Wikipedia’s presentation of being “mainstream” propaganda needs to be exposed. Their articles are written by some of the most extreme and hardest-left feminists from San Francisco, the kind that scream “sexism” when things don’t go their way. Or the obvious Kuche, Kinder, Kuche crap which basically accuses traditional motherhood as being like the Ku Klux Klan. This is absolutely sickening that traditional mother parents are like the Ku Klux Klan and are being repressed by men.  This is sickening feminist propaganda that insults traditional family people and equates them with the KKK.  I am not in favor of limiting women, though I am against slutty irresponsible slutty Paris Hilton types taking over the world, screaming “MALE OPPRESSION” at everything that they don’t like, blaming patriarchy for all the problems, (like a religious patriarchy or a patriarch, which is a father figure, which shows their obvious contempt for such people.) and destroying everything that males worked so hard to create  These kind of spoiled little babies that believe that everything male is evil, is in my opinion, the grown up version of the kindergartners saying “Girls/Boys are gross” except this is more vicious and evil.

Do we accuse kindergartners of “sexism?” NO WAY!  That would be stupid because they do not full grasp or understand the meaning of such a word.  This vicious hatred of males and females alike  that believe that men who fought and died for our freedom are nothing compared to women that fought for rights, which is bullshit because men CREATED THE CLIMATE SO THAT THEY COULD FIGHT FOR THOSE rights, in WWII when women were working in the factories, which created the climate  for them  Without those men, they’d have no freedom, but alas they think that they should have the freedom to screw around with numerous partners while not being productive. Yes, there are feminists that are productive, but they support the ones that aren’t and the ones that screw around like whores. Yes, Michael Savage, you really know how to alienate people for sure! LOL!  That man has managed to alienate more people than anyone I ever knew, short of Debbie Schlussel. These people are Jewish extremists, Debbie Schlussel and Michael Savage that use Holocaust and Nazi imagery to shut down criticism of their extreme agendas that people do not approve of. Then scream “Nazi:” and evoke the Holocaust to destroy them and make their opponents look like Adolf Hitler type Nazis! It’s really sickening how these people misuse the Holocaust like this!  Misusing the mass murder of 10,000,000 people to further their own vanity! WOW! I am floored!

I am NOT gonna let the world be taken over by socially irresponsible feminist morons that screw around and treat men like sexual pleasure and only value having sex and hate marriage. Yes, I do generalize, there are those that do respect marriage and traditional, that are feminist, but sadly, they are gone and in the minority, replaced by these fools in the modern era! Oh sad it is! The feminists of yesteryear would be conservatives by today’s standards and probably right-wing Republicans, too.  Oh how history has REALLY changed! They are not gonna undo 500+ years of progress made by MEN for their own benefit that created the climate so that they can have their “right” to screw around as they please!  Their own fantasy world of a world dominated by men. Men created this world for you to live in. They invented the TV and internet for you to spew your horseshit across the world to destroy male society. You’ll never undo the progress that men created to improve the world, you stupid irresponsible little bimbos!

Sure accuse me of “sexism:” but it’s the truth. Your own Starbucks drinking world of vapid stupidity and complete jackass attitudes are gonna undo the values that your ancestors busted their asses for you to enjoy today by destroying everything male! You people make me sick to my stomach!  They want to make the word “slut” a slur against women so that they can make it acceptable to screw around with men and not having a productive life for themselves and live off the government on welfare!  I AM a person who lives on government assistance, BUT FOR A REASON!  I love how you assholes will use my disability to make me into a dumb person and trying to use it to destroy me, like certain idiots out there on the internet, but you won’t. Your lifestyle of screwing around with men and treating them as servants for your sexual desires is wrong and stupid. All that time screwing around could be

I know that not all feminists are sluts, but they support those that are, and make such behavior possible while screaming about the media promoting this behavior as “objectifying women!” Oh the hypocrisy is endless!  This obvious hypocrisy needs to be pointed out.  Sure complain about everything being “male dominated” so that you can undo a world made possible to you BY MEN!  That you hate and despise with a passion because they’re man and because it’s a conservative male-dominated structure in the military that you assholes hate with a passion. You are not gonna make the world respect your ignorant and self-righteous, sanctimonious behavior and dumb us all down into nobodies that accept your lifestyle of screwing around like a slutty irreponsible woman. I am not gonna let the world be destroyed by these clowns that aren’t responsible and piss on the men that fought for our freedom and embody a disciplined and tough lifestyle of regimentation for our freedom that has order and  everything that involves having a regimented order is Nazism to these idiotic clowns! These people that HATE THE MILITARY are the most loathsome group of people that ever was put on this earth! They hate the military because it is conservative and supports interests that they do not like and it represents the bourgeois order that they want to destroy because it is so much smarter than these dissrespectful people who are so hedonistic and it cramps their hedonistic lifestyles and it has a discipline that isn’t a pussified bunch of crap like and it has a clear direction unlike them and their grandfathers and dads that spat on the troops at airports in the 60s in California that hate the military and demean and mock our veterans as bigoted and racist on TV shows like King of the Hill for example, where a WWII vet 

Well, these hedonists should look around and see that their beloved Hugh Hefner IS a WORLD WAR II veteran!  Yes, he was as a matter of fact.  Service and a cause that has a clear direction, unlike these coffeeshop crawlers, who are the pub-crawlers, except with a latte this time, as losers buzzed up on Starbucks coffee that think that being buzzed-up on coffee somehow makes them smarter and focuses. The cool, hip, and trendy crowd that insults the military and calls it uncool and racist should note that the military gave blacks a chance, the Tuskegee Airmen for example. WITHOUT THEM, THERE’D BE NO MODERN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND NO MLK, IF THE MILITARY HADN’T BEEN DESEGREGATED! by Truman in 1948.

Nobody cared about the segregated IF YOU CALL IF THAT, of the Polish, Czech, Free French, and others that served in the British Armed Forces during the war.

I just love how Wikipedia abuses and prostitutes the term “mainstream” just to make a bunch of egotistical idiots look good and promote their own glory.  Wikipedia’s (ab)use of the term mainstream really sickens me.  Why does their opinion represent “mainstream” thought? Wikipedia does not represent mainstream thought. It never has and never will!  Knowledge is not a Wikipedia toilet! I am sickened at how science has beceome a corporate factory and hijacked by them.  How anyone who disagrees with them is “anti-science” and a conspiracy flake.  The organic people are wrongly represented in this way. 

Organic food IS PRO SCIENCE! IT has  Ah but alas, anyone who disagrees with the mainstream version of “science” is anti-Science anyone against the corporatist shill establishment.  It’s really stupid on the part of these smart that are smart and educated. I mean, not every who criticizes science is wrong, especially the corporate hijacking of it by the “mainstream” science that paints anyone who disagrees as wacky cranks and anti-science.  Which is just plain WRONG! How Wikipedia sickeningly claims to represent the mainstream. 

If Wikipedia represents the mainstream,  MAINSTREAM HISTORY AND HISTORIANS STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH WIKIPEDIA AND ITS CRAP TO MAKE KNOWLEDGE A CONSENSUS SHELL GAME, like it does.  How Wikipedia clams its “history” is mainstream, which is total crap because Wikipedia often promotes communist propaganda on its articles about the “liberation” of Eastern Poland and the “liberation” of Bessarabia and uses the Soviet narrative when covering the theft of these lands from the Poles and Romanians.   Wikipedia DOES NOT represent mainstream history or science. It should be used as a note that its hijacking of the mainstream is dangerous for kids and young people alike.  Wikipedia is really dangerous in this respect. Wikipedia represents the dumbing-down of society and THAT is really trouble.

The pseudohistory article is a joke meant to ridicule the crap that they don’t like, not based on “evidence” or sensational claims, they uses flimsy reasoning to support their crap based on a thesis not being accepted, which sounds like some disgruntled college kid, rather than a mainstream historian or not being accepted as mainstream, the silencing of opinions that do not agree with self-inflated and self-important anonymous nobodies, and sensational claims that could be true, BUT IS SOMEONE’S WAY OF SAYING, this or that.   Sensational claims could be interpreted as being “The Russians invaded Poland and enslaved it.” WHICH DID happen, however the communist version of history is often used here and Wikipedia likes to discredit the opinions of those critical of the Soviet Union as “pseudohistory” while defending their own wacky communist interpretations of history, that Japan was a tool of the Western powers or whatever like that, that the commies often did.

Or that one I read somewhere, where someone generalized, BUT I LEAVES NO ROOM FOR PEOPLE THAT GENERALIZE something but have the right idea, like for example, the Soviets won the war. Which is a sensational claim, but it’s an exaggeration of the truth when the author means that the Soviets won the war AGAINST GERMANY, but Wikipedia would treat this as a “false claim” when the author meant nothing by it, but something else and generalized and made a mistake like David Barton frequently does. He is ridiculed because of his lack of historiographical training. The historiographical method is a plagiarism of the scientific method, trying to make History Science, interpreted a SINGLE WAY, which is wrong, because there many different ways to interpret an event, like the sensational claims Wikipedia peddles about the Chetniks all being collaborators for example, or their sensationalized political agenda against Nazi collaborators.  Making them guilty because they sympathized with the wrong side, when in fact many were NOT fanatic Nazis, like Abe Foxman would have you WRONGLY believe, or all Jew haters, but rather people that did not like the Russians and collaborated with the Germans, but WIkipedia has a virtual witch-hunt against these people because they fought on the wrong side.  Wikipedia’s loaded use of the Nazi collaborators category and using many different nationalities, Polish Nazi collaborators or something like that, to tarbrush and blacklist people based on the fact  that they fought on the wrong side during the war.

This is stupid and flawed logic and written by an Antifa thug over in Europe, the “anti-fascists” who ARE THEMSELVES FASCISTS WITH AN EXTREME AGENDA to stamp out and destroy patriotism and are themselves fascists that believe the state controls everything and uses fascistic rioting tactics to get their way and attack people. The Antifa people have NO support in this country, because we in America have no use for such violent rioting testosterone-fueled extremists, like in Europe, where they use these goons to attack people that do not agree with them, financed by the political establishment because of Europe’s paranoid obsession with fascists and the saying about saying so much about them and being afraid of your own shadow and that they are fascists themselves.  We have no use for the loudmouth whiners over in California, who are like their pansy friends over in Europe that are so paranoid of fascists that everything that disagrees with them is fascist. Europe’s paranoid fear of fascism is holding it back.  Europe has such paranoia it’s ridiculous.

They WANT US to be like Europe because they’re more civilized than us? Countries where people are arrested for “hate speech” because they said something critical and offensive about the Muslims. Draconian laws over in Europe that violate our First Amendment, such as display of fascist symbols for example, when such things are protected under free speech. Ah yes, but the Constitution is “bullshit” to those Europeans and how we are “uncivilized” because we don’t have these draconian laws that censor everything and limit free expression like Orwell’s 1984 or something.  This is really sad. I am not looking for another Breivik type fool to kill innocent people or smear critics of Islam as racists because of people like Debbie Schlussel and Bare Naked Islam, among the most racist bunch of people I have ever seen. It’s Jewish racism against the Muslims and the gentile Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. It is disgusting, crude, and ignorant, and just like THE KKK and Nazis that THEY despise.  Hypocritical morons!  Ah yes, but the hard-left anti-fascist Antifa thugs rule Wikipedia and they are full of shit that all forms of patriotic expression and devotion to country are fascists. These people represent the anal European control-freak mentality of inflated moral superiority that you are all wrong if nothing agrees with them. The inflated and anti-American Europeans. They need to destroy America because it is everything they aren’t. Free, open to express themselves, and an unregulated non-Socialist monopoly, like they crave. These bureaucrats that LOVE control so much.  Dummies!


Their contempt for people that fought in uniform to protect this country is truly hateful and disgusting. These hedonistic assholes wouldn’t know a good person or a good contribution to the actual society or know a good thing if it bit them in the asses. These people sicken me. Now Russia, is having to deal with these hateful and fascistic creeps. I met such a person on the internet the other day, who is just like the hard-left malcontent degenerates that embody someone like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. The only “job” they have is a blowjob sucking someone off all day! WHEN MEN FOUGHT FOR THOSE RIGHTS WHICH MADE THEM SIGNIFICANT AND ALLOWED WOMEN TO EXPLORE THE WORKPLACE. Hate to break it to ya sister, BUT RUSSIA IS A MALE-DOMINATED society, because the males made it possible for women to work hard and they created a better life for ordinary Russians, (so the propaganda spiel goes.) and the productive males created families and productive lives for Russians and are the center of the Russian devoted family society, that is extremely devoted like it is, and without males, these fools would have NOTHING and the males control stuff.  Which is why I laughed when some idiot wrote that Soviet Union was a matriarchy.  What a bunch of crap! The Soviet Union was male-dominated from day one.  Dominated is such a harsh word by hard-left feminists meant to convey harshness in their radical world where everything male has to be destroyed, Controlled is a better word. Dominated means that they aren’t letting women do anything, which isn’t true. Ah but alas, the Western media poisons the Russian masses with this crap and translates it into their language to enjoy the slutty promiscuous degenerate culture that Paris Hilton and Kseniya Sobchak embody.  Kseniya Sobchak and the stratified Russian establishment sicken me because they do not let the villages have total internet access or running water, which is just criminal because the companies look down upon the villagers as stupid and ignorant.  It is stupid that small town Russia is not represented and that all the people I talk to are spoiled Paris-Hilton type decadent people, because they are the only people that can afford internet over there. This is just criminal what the Russians do to these people!  Just total criminal negligence to deprive the people out in the villages basic necessities of life like running water!  The villages are shitholes. This is criminal what the companies do over in Russia. Just plain criminal that only a select and chosen few get internet, when in fact, IF EVERYONE had it, LIFE would be better. This is typical post-Communist arrogance on the power-control freaks of the old communist regime that went “capitalist” OR RATHER Socialist, because they DO NOT want to give up their beloved ideology and repackage it as SOCIALISM or something like that.  This is criminal

Hate to break it to you, but Russia without males would be nothing and you’d have no country or future and you hard-left Pussy Riot freaks ARE NOT GONNA UNDO it and turn your country into the hard-left sewers of California and San Francisco. AIN’T GONNA happen because Russians have MORALS and are sensible, yet realistic people that realize that this shit is self-destructive and leading to nowhere.  At least Russians had a sense of patriotism and devotion to their country and  (NOT AS AMERICANS KNOW “CONSERVATIVE”) a conservative sort of  Their whole definition of conservative IS WAY different than ours, that would be someone like Putin for example, who by Russian standards is CONSERVATIVE and the communist-type devoted to the Soviet ideal would be sort of conservative, BUT NOT LIKE AMERICANS know “conservative” On a whole different astral plane there! 

But the same common sense ideals like a work ethic and working hard, is ONE THING that they have in common there, but other than a few similarities, MANY differences, such as government ownership, the whole attitude towards labor being different than ours, like for example Russians have oh I don’t know a certain how do you say “THEY ARE NOT LAZY, but rather hard-working, but work for a family and take it all home and Russians resent the kind of spoiled pretentious morons that live in SF and drink Starbucks all day and chase their girls like a tornado chasing Jo in Twister.  Yes, I am American SO WHAT I LIKE RUSSIANS AND THEIR VALUES, CULTURE, AND EVERYTHING AND THEY ARE NICE PEOPLE and very intelligent and educated people and brilliant and VERY devoted people to and have this single-minded devotion to something and very zealously focused on getting things done. I hate to say it, but women in Russia did not fight to become sluts like Paris Hilton and Kseniya Sobchak, THEY FOUGHT TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE citizens and get work done THAT MEN provided for them.  Eastern European males built society, YOU ARE NOT GONNA DESTROY IT, PUSSY RIOT and other hard-left morons! They are sick of Western degeneracy FOR A REASON, you know, the RUSSIANS!

That thing that involves the bosses and working and being in favor with them and winning them over type of thing that Russians do over there that wouldn’t fly over here.  I don’t know what they call it, but I’ll think of it.

THEY think our country should BE RUN LIKE RUSSIA THE HARD-LEFT COMMIE SNOB RICH PRETENTIOUS snobs in California, whom the Soviets would NOT have hesitated to throw in the gulag and torture to death as “dangerous influences” because they are annoying, stupid, and ignorant people that are overzealous and threaten everything!

What does this have to do with Wikipedia? Simple it IS EDITED BY THOSE groups of people from California or somewhere like it in America that edit and write this crap!  Wikipedia always writes anti-Russian propaganda that bashes Russia and calls RT a “propaganda network” and presents it as a conspiracy kook network, Like FOX NEWS is or CNN hosting Jesse Ventura for example, or Fox News hosting Glenn Beck or the History Channel having the Ancient Aliens programs hosting conspiracy theorists and THEY call RT a conspiracy theory network. They just like to call it propaganda because they are scared over at the American news media that a foreign network of educated foreigners is challenging them and rising over the birdfeed-fed news of total bullshit that Americans are used TO AND ACTUALLY has a brain. Wikipedia is the media and it shills for them, so of course it calls it “propaganda networks” They always try to discredit RT as “Russian propaganda” because they can’t handle the competition and Russians are sending back their media in our faces, like we do to them every day!   You can’t take what you dish out, huh American news media!  Stupid morons! 

Эй Кристина,  я знаю что думаешь я дурак! Кристина Владимировна Свечинская.  Википедия на английском о тебе пишет говно!  О милая Кристина,  не будь страхом У меня инвалидност. Синдром Аспергера.  Я не грозный человек.  Я не тотальный мудак. Если ты видешь Кристина, не будь страхом мной!  Дорогая Кристина, мне нужно тебя. РАЗРУШАЙТЕ ИМЕРИАЛИСТОВ, а ИМПЕРИЮС ЛИДЕР на Херис Гейм Дизайн.  Кристина, дорогая, Я скажу тебя уништовать его и друзья на Херис Гейм Дизайн!  Кристина, Моя РУССКАЯ СЕСТРА, МОЯ РУССКАЯ СЕСТРА ОТ РОССИИ.  Моja Руска Сестра Кристина Свечинскаја са Русије!

I hate Wikipedia and its anti-Serbian propaganda as well.  Wikipedia writes that O Srbijo Mati, is fascist because some circles sing it. Prussian marches are fascist because of being Nazis. I swear some things that are called “fascist” to Serbs that Westerners think are normal, like for example, not wanting your land stolen to Albanians in Kosovo for example, is one!  Westerners like to berate Serbs as retarded and so does Wikipedia for example. The anti-Serbian hate speech that when others speak out against it is called “fringe theory” or some bullshit like that. Serbia is always a friend of Russia! They are friends for life! The Serbs are a hated and misunderstood people and our lumping them with Pavelić and Karadžić and Milošević and others that think like the do, IS STUPID AND WRONG! Milošević was a fake who was a communist who WAS NOT a real nationalist, but anyone who is sick of the attacks on Serbs is called a Milošević apologist or a racist or a Nazi fascist by people like Marko Attila Hoare for example.  It is really disgusting that this anti-Serb hate speech is still there and that Serbia is snubbed and hated by the West to this day, while the more violent Croatia is hailed as a hero. Our snubbing of Serbia, I think is a mistake, that is to say THAT not all of them are like that. But really, if YOUR grandfather was brutally slain and killed by fascist thugs, wouldn’t YOU want revenge? That’s what they did.  Revenge and Serbs did not want to live in another Croat or Muslim dominated world where they would be discriminated against and murdered at will. If the Croat-Muslim people had the same kind of  will the Serbs did, THEY WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME TO THEM! That IS assured! We aid one faction of killers, and kill another! How pathetic and how sad are we! The Balkans policy was misguided and sad and Wikipedia insults people that criticize it. Internet sites criticizing it are shut down for “hate speech” or some related offense. Opinions criticizing the jingoist foreign policies are labeled “racist” “Nazi” “supporter of genocide” Serbian war crimes, etc, and all that and pages on Google that criticize it are erased and gone and people are silenced because of it. The West just does not want to know that not all Serbs are murderers, if they are at all!  This whole jingoistic and sensationalized war in a part of the world that few if any Americans REALLY cared about, was in my opinion a really sad one. We got away with the jingoism, until the Iraq War happened, then the hard-left that supported Bosnia and Kosovo, or those hard-left that dissented were shut up by the media in a most draconian fashion, CONDEMNED IRAQ!  The hypocrisy is fun! They label any history that criticizes it as not being mainstream and pseudohistory, EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT!” But the US sponsored “pseudohistory” that hails the intervention and dehumanizes the Serbs and kills them on behalf of the jingoist mood in the country at the time, is hailed as fact. The Serbs war crimes are a big deal, but the Muslim and Croat ones are denied, IF NOT celebrated on there. The Croats and their pseudohistory that makes the Serbs look like Nazis, based on COMMUNIST pseudohistory by the Tito government, is hailed as pseudohistory. IT IS NOT PSEUDOHISTORY, IT IS REAL HISTORY BASED ON AN ALTERNATE viewpoint of the whole wars over there that says “HEY THEY DID SHIT TOO!” How come it’s denial of genocide, WHEN WE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT? Or that Serbs had death camps, but yet, there were no gas chambers and all that. Bosnians themselves had such camps where Serbs were tortured. The Holocaust narrative doesn’t fly, because the BOSNIANS ACTUALLY fought back against the Serbs and had FIREPOWER that would have envied the Warsaw Ghetto uprising soldiers. but hey the Croats put THEM in camps and killed them. They were also a determined army fighting force, something that the Jews could not hope to ever be.  The Holocaust co


Sure, you’ll call me a “genocide denier!” BUT THAT’S THE FACT HERE!  Why is ANY critical opinion of US jingoist interventionism labeled as “extremism” and Nazis and lumped in with extremist wackos? The answer is simple! THEY CAN’T HANDLE CRITICISM of their agenda and their friends in the media make sure that such opinions are lambasted, ridiculued, and insulted to present themselves as “mainstream” like Wikipedia does every day! Face it, people HAVE MANY different opinions on something, NEVER a unified opinion, HENCE why WIKIPEDIA IS A MESS! Serbs are always made to look bad on there.  Wikipedia’s unhealthy obsession with genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes is truly something to behold because they have self-righteous Starbucks-fueled rants about how America is guilty of ethnic cleansing or whatever because of the Indians or because of the British expelling the Acadians as “ethnic cleansing!”

IT WAS NOT ETHNIC CLEANSING and here’s why.  The emotional use or abuse of this term is truly sickening beyond all words to described expulsions of whole peoples. THERE IS MORE to ethnic cleansing than expelling people. It is a system where an ethnic group is weakened down to practically nothing through killings, usually of a small portion of the population,

THAT NEVER happened with the Acadians. The loaded use of the word “ethnic cleansing” is truly sickening. There were no attempts to whittle them down to nothing or to hurt them. The Trail of Tears is represented as such, but ethnic cleansing does not mean giving an ethnic group a state somewhere else in present-day Oklahoma.  Which is WHAT THE Trail of Tears was!” But alas, they’ll call me a “genocide apologist” BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! I am not an apologist for anyone’s genocides or ethnic cleansings.

HOW COME THE MUSLIMS GET AWAY WITH THE “SILENT” ETHNIC CLEANSING?! The ridiculous use of the word “silent” to describe any against Serbs because the news media didn’t document them because they were too busy getting their stories from Sarajevo WITHOUT ever CHECKING them or getting people that spoke the language and KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING!  HEY THEY DID IT, TOO!

But the whole definition is controversial and there are many controversies about Serbian war crimes and the whole Balkans spiel and the interventions in Iraq. Why is interventionist politics any good? It’s not! The world’s policeman BS is costing us dearly.  The ethnic cleansers did not allow the Serbs to have their own state somewhere else, unlike the Trail of Tears debacle.  THAT WAS one of the most shameful moments in American history, BUT I AM NOT QUOTING THE HARD-LEFT AND ANTI-AMERICAN PROPAGANDIZED WIKIPEDIA version, EITHER!  It’s just as shameful when foreign people rub our faces in it, the way it’s done to Serbs!  Why should foreigners who know NOTHING about the local culture be believed, the jingoist interventionists just wanted a war to advance their own ideal of interventionist conflict stops wars, and the patriotic feeling from Desert Storm of “We can beat up anyone we want to!” Our military is being run ragged by these interventions into parts of the world, that if the media didn’t bombard us with them 24-7, would be places FEW AMERICANS would EVER care about, like Iraq, Bosnia, or Kosovo. The jingoist feeling in America at that time, was something to really behold.  Clinton and Bush era jingoism is going to cost our economy dearly. DESERT STORM WAS necessary, because a foreign brutal dictator invaded a autocratic Kuwaiti kingdom and we NEEDED to stop him and George Bush on the documentary THE FATHER OF W, said that if we hadn’t stopped him, he’d be in Saudi Arabia today and about the oil, well you wouldn’t run your car and it gives us so much prosperity!”  That was on the documentary KIllbox Inside the Gulf War, which runs on the Military Channel, channel 195 for all you Dish Network subscribers, 

The documentary presents the sickening reality of the war, unlike what the jingoistic news media had YOU believe, to discourage anti-war sentiment. But hey, they did it anyway to make war look good for business, BUT HEY THIS IS A “CONSPIRACY THEORY and MAKES ME A CRANK AND A QUACK FOR questioning the interventionsim wars in the world? any critical thought that iS REASONED AND INTELLIGENT IS RIDICULED AND SILENCED BY THE NEWS MEDIA!

The Bosnian Muslims weren’t exactly, innocent victims, either. The whole Holocaust narrative is also shot in the ass! The REAL Holocaust against the Serbs have a century earlier and its heirs the Croats of the Tuđman and Izetbegović variety CAME BACK to kill them again!  The Serbs weren’t paranoid of the Ustaša either.  Tuđman was proud to have associated with them and was continuing their legacy. However Tuđman and Pavelić had MANY differences, Tuđman was a softie and a weakling and Pavelić had the support of an occupying army,  Tuđman had no concentration camps for the Serbs, Tuđman was nowhere NEAR as fanatical as Pavelić could be. Basically Tuđman was a pussy compared to Pavelić. Ah alas, Wikipedia considers this to be “fringe opinions” “denial of genocide” and “WRONG” WHICH IT IS NOT AND THE MAINSTREAM PEOPLE OF THE BALKANS KNOW IT! The Serbian war crimes stuff is loaded with propaganda and the war crimes of different nations categories are so loaded with emotional one-sided opinions of the kind like National Enquirer, MSNBC; and all the American “yellow journalism” media, that it’s ridiculous NOW I AM NOT SAYING THAT THEY HAPPENED; THEY DID, just that the emotional labeling is ridiculous, like the way the Americans talk about the stuff that happened with the Indians, except that HISTORY IS HISTORY and it happened and Wikipedia can’t CHANGE IT AND THEY ARE NOT MAINSTREAM SCIENTIFIC OR HISTORICAL FACT ON A SUBJECT, even though Wikpedia uses this bandwagon propaganda to suggest that they are.  Wikipedia admits that the cranks THE PEOPLE THAT THEY DO NOT like,. compared to the ones THAT THEY LIKE that support agendas that the corporate pseudoscience shills like that bash Organic food and label pseudoscience anything supporting or it or believe in Creation as “anti-Science” movements, this loaded expression to insinutate that THEY ARE anti-science because they DO NOT believe in evolution and this loaded expression of “anti-science” where science is WRONGLY in MY OPINION used to be a euphemism for evolution. This is not so. Science doesn’t revolve around evolution and it should NEVER be misused as a tool to destroy religion! That is wrong and stupid.  Science can’t explain where all those particles out in space came from that formed our planet. They just fell from space! Science ISN’T SURE OF THAT! I think that there was a Creator and that science is a great tool of man to explain things and that everything scientific is created by man with God watching over it, and it is to say that “HEY SOMEONE had to create it and the natural processes themselves are the work of God” in my opinion. That’s just my view, but HEY I AM A PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC WHACKO FOR SAYING anything and “anti-science” WHICH IS A BUNCH OF BALONEY BECAUSE I LOVE SCIENCE VERY VERY VERY MUCH! WITHOUT IT, I WOULDN’T HAVE MY COMPUTER, MY KEYBOARD, CURES FOR DISEASES AND EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN AND SPACE AND ALL THE GREAT STUFF WE ENJOY AND A MORE ENLIGHTENED WORLD!” Science has been hijacked by the coporations to create the cold and unfeeling totalitarian-type world of genetically-modified food, but hey are the EUROPEANS that condemn it, anti-science? I) THINK NOT because their science condemns this crap, and I am somehow anti-science? Which is a bunch of baloney! We need a spiritual need and science can’t fill that.  Science is the rational explanation,
I am tired of the creationists being called “anti-science” because they don’t like evolution or the loaded use of the world “science” to mean a euphemism for evolution. There’s more to science than evolution or global warming! Global warming is too a product of shill science, but I will NOT get into that.  I am NOT a scientific quack, without it, we’d have no reasoning. To me God, is the personification of the created natural works, and science is the man-made way of rationalizing it. This is not intelligent design or whatever.  I guess nature is GOD!  He is all around us! PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME RELIGIOUS, I AM NOT!

I just believe in God and I am sick of the loaded language that evolutionists and creationists use to bash each other, and the (mis)use of the term “ANTI-SCIENCE” to describe and insult anyone that does not agree with corporate shill science or who dislikes evolution and believes in God,  and misusing the word “science” to mean evolution. Why is it that anyone who questions this totalitarian shilling of science, labeled a “quack” Science needs to be individual again.  The creationists can go on all they want to. I do not really care about them. I believe there is a creator, just not evidence for one, because the scientific processes of nature, i.e. Science is the humanistic way of explaining it RATIONALLY, and religion gives it a personification of Creation, unlike Intelligent Design or Creation Science.  Creation iS NOT science, that too is a loaded term.

Please stop the “mainstream certifiability propaganda!” Wikipedia because many mainstream people DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU! THANK YOU!

I believe that science is the way to explain how everything works from a non-religious point of view, and that the creation of the planet is all God’s work, but I not gonna say that science proves that God exists. God is a personification of nature’s creations and science is the natural way to explain that from a man-made perspective. God is not science, and science is NOT God! Call me a whacko nut, but that’s the way it is!  Please why don’t you two just leave each other alone?  Forget about the creationist and evolutionist zealots and wackos! They ALL hinder science!  Science did not create God, and God is just the creator and science is the man’s way of explaining how it works and God made it all happen and man used science to explain it BUT IN NO WAY DOES THIS VALIDATE CREATION OR CREATIONISM, IT DOESN’T! away, giving a humanistic feel. I AM NOT ANTI-SCIENCE or creationist or evolutionist. Because I think the whole issue is BS.  Sure we evolved over millions of years, but that’s millions of years we’re talking about. The apes thing, well am I an ape? I don’t think so. Look, science and religion should stay the hell out of each other’s way!  This is a foolhardy war (more LIKE a pissing contest if you know what I mean!) I know that you are gonna misinterpret me as a creationist and pseudoscience, but that IS NOT what I am saying. What I’m saying is that God did create us, and no science does not prove creation because that’s the natural rational way of how we were created and science proves the natural methods without religion, but GOD IS THE ONE THAT MADE IT HAPPEN! HE is the personification of all nature and its creation. A week is 7 days, guess what, that came from Creation!
I am NOT saying that science proves that God exists or scientific proof for God! God is just something to believe in and to me, the interference of the evolutionist secularists the religious people ruins it for everyone!

I AM NOT ANTI-SCIENCE! I AM VERY PRO-SCIENCE! Sure Wikpiedia, label me pseudoscience, but I am not because I believe that all those scientific processes work and created us and that God is the person who is really a personification that made it happen, created us! Hey SOMEONE had to have created us and science does not answer that and uses the means of the weather, nature, and the naturalistic elements all coming together from billions of atoms and other particles over millions of years that happened as proven by Science, but to me the God story is the made that made it happen and NO I AM not saying that there is scientific proof for God’s creation, either! That is all I am  To me science is man’s way of explaining nature, and the forces at work.  Someone has to make them work. To me, God does that, but that doesn’t prove that science validates God in any sort of way or the Biblical Creation or anything like that.

I just compromise on it, Can we leave it at that? Thank you!  To me God, puts a human face on or personification if you will, where science can’t ever or could never do, lest it comprimise the very core tenets of science to rationally explain and create everything. They can call me “anti-science” but I can ASSURE YOU I AM NOT AND NEVER WILL BE! TO BE THAT WAY IS TO BE A TOTAL IDIOT THAT DOES NOT ENJOY EVERYTHING MAN created to benefit us all and live in an enlighetned and more intelligent world, with science helping us to live better and be better people! How the hell can you say that people like that are “anti-science” and make such rash generalizations of a whole group of people based on a few idiots? Come on, everyone? Can’t we all just get along!  Thank you from a “crazy uneducated” nut. I am tired of people ridiculing us because we don’t have PhD and alienate people from science because of this inflated ego crap by Dawkins and others.

To me, the whole creation evidence to support God, is stupid and ridiculous, and very loose anyway, based on loose circumstantial evidence that is anecdotal and not really accurate to be scientific. It’s not science, so why call if “pseudoscience” if it isn’t “science?”  but it is NOT trying to be science, it’s trying to compromise.  Now phrenology THAT’S PSEUDOSCIENCE right there, which is a bad scientific process trying to be science. Basically Wikipedia’s misuse of pseudoscience is what really bothers me. The whole loaded terminology to bash Christians in with the wackos in truly bad!  Pseudoscience is any shit science that doesn’t work and has failed to work and emotional use or misuse of the term, pisses me off. To me pseudoscience is anything related to UFOs or any of those wacky Area 51 type crap or hoaxes

But I won’t worry about any OF THAT crap! I stay the hell off there, for good reason. Why are creationists lumped in with these idiots? That’s just sickening. They aren’t mentally ill like the UFO nuts. There’s a difference there. The creationists are normal every day people on the community that are law-abiding citizens FOR THE MOST PART; and the UFO nuts are paranoid to go out in public and superstitious to the enth degree and really neurotic and scared people, unlike the creationists.  I just won’t get involved in any of this stuff or the bullying by the science people against religious people for sport to inflate their egos, is just WRONG!  Please for God’s sake, LEAVE THEM ALONE! The whole scientific evidence for creation is crap, but it’s anecdotal and circumstantial and sketchy at best. 

Well, that’s my opinion about it. Thanks for reading!

But alas, I AM LABELED an ethnic cleansing apologist, which ISN’T TRUE any more that saying that Hitler was pissed off about the Versailles Treaty and wanting revenge for Germany’s defeat.

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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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