Medal of Honor Games and FPS games in general are too cheesy.

I am a fan of Medal of Honor game series from EA and they are great for a shoot-em up game, but several things bother me. The AI close-in combat physics. The AI tend to just stand there and practically act like a punching bag for your smashing them with a rifle butt.  Why doesn’t the AI soldier just grab your rifle and take it from you and hit you with it? Or better yet. Why doesn’t the AI do something more human? Like find cover and shoot you, instead of dancing around like a ballerina sidestepping like a jazz dance with that weapon.

They just move from left to right. The AI is like shooting a cardboard target. Hey, if you want realism, play America’s Army or something better. They are better games than the MOH games with their jingoistic storylines and chest-beating heroics, that in real life get people killed. Militaries resent people that go out alone and try to be heroes and go without their buddies and desert them. The AI soldiers are of no help to you at all. They just sit there and get shot.

They are just pre-scripted to die right there. They just die.  I criticize EA games for being too boring with the AI in games and too much like the war movies like Activision does with its Call of Duty, too boring in the sense of doing the same moves over and over again and German or Italian dialogue repeated over and over again. The AI soldiers just simply bash you with a rifle butt when you get close, instead of ripping your head off with their bare hands and stabbing you with a knife that they have, where you get into it hand to hand, like Call of Duty World at War does, with the graphic effects of stabbing someone in the throat with a knife.

There needs to be better hand to hand combat simulating, instead of just waiting to get hit with a rifle butt and standing still, which DOES NOT happen in real life close combat because soldiers are trained to rip your head off at ranges where you get in close like that and use their hands and legs to fight with you. The AI Japanese in Medal of Honor Rising Sun are just too suicidal.  Sure the Japanese were suicidal, but NOT that suicidal to charge someone with a bayonet when he could shoot him with a rifle.  The AI were stupid in that game. MOHRS was really cheesy, but had great music. Great games are not judged by their great musical scores. Games are judged by their good gameplay, AI, and graphics, not music. A fact that EA seems to not really grasp.

EA Games produce the same predictable formula for Medal of Honor games. They need to make an MOH game with more realism and less of the cheesy shoot em games. In combat, accuracy does not matter how well you shoot, but really if you kill them. The MOH games and their anal obsessive obsession with shooting accuracy to win medals. Soldiers do not win medals for their shooting accuracy. There are no shooting cards to grade you on your accuracy in combat, only in training. It does not matter how well you shoot, it matters if you hit the target. I suppose players want to know how well they shoot, but EA does not really have an improvement system in that regard. This is not Full Metal Jacket, the R. Lee Ermey imitation drill sergeant in MOHPA was kind of cheesy.

They totally ripped out the drill sergeant sequence in Full Metal Jacket for that whole thing. You finish the game………..IN TARAWA, instead of participating in the battle that REALLY defined the Marine Corps, IWO JIMA!  Iwo Jima was the battle that DEFINED the Marine Corps and is a standard for Marine Corps bravery everywhere and one of their most important and well known battles. I think that it’s a travesty that the game finishes at Tarawa. I can guarantee you, the war was NOT finished at Tarawa, it took 2 more years of fighting to finish the Pacific War.

None of the FPS games I’ve seen so far depict Iwo Jima at all. This must a sacred holy religious right of rule to not depict Iwo Jima because it is the holy ground of the Marine Corps or something like that.  I do not know why.  They should depict Iwo Jima in a future game because it was lone the defining battles of the Pacific War and I do not understand why Tommy Conlin does not go on to Iwo Jima or Okinawa in the later games or Pelilieu, which were battles that defined the Marine Corps and were far costlier that Tarawa and battles that defined the Marine Corps.  Tommy Conlin should move onto Iwo Jima, instead of stopping at Tarawa!

In combat, you ARE NOT GRADED for your accuracy on the battle, just the fact that you shoot at all is worth something. Militaries hate people that go out and seek personal glory for themselves, like people that want to win medals or whatever. In the military, it’s all about TEAMWORK AND NOT HEROICS. It’s about working with your buddies and helping them to survive and get the job done.  The Medal of Honor point reward system is bullshit because nobody cares how your accuracy is in combat.

It’s not training, it’s real life.  Too much freelance going on your own lone-wolf BS here.  You can’t just ask someone to cover you.  In Call of Duty: World at War, I remember manning an AA gun on Pelelieu once and the Japanese were shooting at me and my squad mates were doing NOTHING to protect me, which is sad because normally in real life, if you were manning the AA gun, someone would cover your behind when you’re doing it. The AI are absolutely useless in these situations for cover and protection. They are too rigid and too scripted to really have that extra initiative to really cover your rear end.
The game is great, but the AI is typical COD AI that just sits around and gets shot and does not protect you from getting shot to pieces. The AI meanwhile are charging at you screaming in Japanese at the top of their lungs, blood-curdling BANZAI screams about to rip your head off and kill you and the AI are just spraying bullets like a garden hose.  Really sad.

The calling in rocket support is great. Don’t know why they use the anachronistic NATO “Alpha Charlie” code in COD WAW,  when they used  Mike Able Baker Charlie, George, etc, WHICH WAS actually used in real WWII.  Able Baker Charlie Dog Easy Fox George, etc.  Calling it “missile support.” Hmm, missiles weren’t really used that way until after WWII. They would have called it rocket support or something like that.  When you call in air support the plane just flies away and you have to call them in again, instead of having it hover around the target area and strafing any Japanese troops out in the open, which would make more sense.

They’re rockets, not “missiles” because rockets are unguided, missiles are guided. There is a difference between a rocket and a missile. Though the Russian word raketa, meaning “rocket” also translates into English as a “missile.”, albeit a “guided” one.

Why do the AI always stand out in the open and get shot? Why do the AI just never have good camouflaged positions and have little tricks to be unseen? Like the Japanese sniper in the Guadalcanal levels where he stands on a wooden platform and shoots you from it, sticking out saying, “AHA! There’s the sniper!” instead of just being like a normal Japanese sniper and hiding in the tree branch foliage and being inconspicuous like a REAL soldier would and making proper use of camouflage to hurt you.

The AI just simply stick out too much and they are too conspicuous.  Soldiers do not stand still and wait to get bashed with a rifle butt. I mean, What kind of sane human being would what to get hit with a rifle butt? None that I know of, when MOST soldiers are trained in hand to hand combat to hassle with the enemy with their hands and legs when they get in close. The AI needs to be reprogrammed to rip the head off of any player that gets too close.

Is there anyone out there who will make a close in combat mod? I mean that would be HEAVEN to have a close-in combat mod where you use you hands and legs to bash your opponents and kick them to prevent them from stabbing you or shooting you.  You just grab the guy’s knife and use it against him. How about the AI sneaking up behind you and attacking you with hand to hand combat? That would be cool.

No more predictable and cheesy shoot em up arcade combat. Kill the Germans and that Kraut bastard with a knife where the AI ACTUALLY fight back in close quarters combat, instead of just clubbing you with a rifle butt. There’s more to hand to hand combat than just clubbing with a rifle butt.

The AI are too perfect and too predictable. They need to be more realistic, like the Star Trek holodeck programs. Holodeck games are real and they are out there, though not called that because of copyright and trademark reasons. How about a feature where you have a hand movement USB device like TrackIR, only with your hands where you use them for close-in combat?  The legs thing would have problems because damage to computer systems would probably happen from soda being kicked that destroys delicate parts or people getting hurt or something like that. Such technology exists for the Wii were you have exercise games that exercise the body. Try this for a hand-to-hand combat simulator? I.e. WiiFit with hand to hand combat with varying levels of difficulty.

Why not apply it for a military combat game simulator with real people where military enthusiasts like myself can play with their friends and get into real hand-to-hand combat situations, but how to avoid equipment from breaking and being destroyed?

Such technology for the Wii would be wonderful for a military game. A drill sergeant for the game where you can run around and go through obstacles and experience military training!   Those Wii exercise programs with your hands and legs for Wii Fit would be excellent for a military game because they would be able to realistically simulate combat better by getting prone, moving around with your legs, walking through a dangerous sniper-infested town in Europe somewhere, recreating the real psychological terror that a soldier feels on the battlefield. This will REALLY make you hate war, but it would probably alienate military gamers for being too realistic or graphic or whatever.  But hey, that Wii Fit techonology for extra realism in a military game I would love to see.

Why do the AI never act independently where they get to cover on their own from artillery and just stand around? That isn’t realistic either.

The Medal of Honor games are too politically-correct and too cheesy for my tastes.   I do not like the politically-correct Disney movie war crap that feels like a Disney movie  arcade game or a standard shoot-em up game with cheesy AI that do not act human and are not violent and aggressive like real soldiers should be.

The games often make mistakes with historical accuracy, such as a Panzerfaust being reloadable, if anyone knows WWII, it’s that the Panzerfaust was NOT reloadable. It was a one-shot disposable anti-tank weapon. This was in MOH Underground. The M136 is incorrectly depicted as reloadable in FFUR (Flash Fx Ultra Realism) Mod Thunderbird 84, shout to my man, Thunderbird84 and Ghost Recon series.  The bazooka and Panzerschrecks are used without a person loading the rocket in the chamber and shooting it like that with a two-man team servicing the weapon like in real life.  The Panzerschreck, Bazookas, and Anti-tank rifles need to quit being carried around like a macho one man wrecking crew in Red Orchestra for example. The AT rifles are just very heavy to carry and they weigh over a 100 lbs.  It was impossible for one man to carry it. It had to have a team just to use the thing. Why does Red Orchestra always do this?

Red Orchestra 2 is MUCH MUCH better that Red Orchestra 1 and it’s more realistic, you can actually run from the enemy, instead of being out of breath after running for 30 seconds. Anyone in the army who is like that would not last very long after being out of breath for spriting 30 seconds. Those soldiers run fast and quick, with their lungs breathing heavily, and do not stop at all. The stamina bar is just too unrealistic because it has a human being running out of stamina, like some guy in a gym, rather than out in the field. Those soldiers can run very fast with over 100 lbs of gear on their backs for hours at a time.  And it does not take into effect, that it is mental and not physical to be able to go on like that, like in the REAL military, where you can run very fast, even when you’re out of breath. The human body just does not work like that in RL where a physically-fit young soldier runs out of breath, like some fat ass, for 30 seconds of running. Anyone like that would not be a soldier in any military and would be washed out. The human body is just breathing in the lungs when out of breath like that and the going on stuff is mental, not physical, unlike what RO would have YOU believe. Those guys can run really fast, huffing and puffing for breath and still make it because it’s basic human endurance and the getting tired stuff is all MENTAL, not physical. Those guys can run with over 100 lbs of gear on their backs for a long time and be gasping for breath like you wouldn’t believe. The human physical endurance just does not work like in Red Orchestra 1. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

I have that to say about Red Orchestra 1. Red Orchestra 2 is HEAAAAAVVVVEEEEEN! That’s all I have to say about it.

Call of Duty and Medal of Honor need to quit the Saving Private Ryan crap and focus on REAL WWII. REAL WWII is just as exciting, if not more so that Saving Private Ryan could ever hope to be in its wettest dreams!  I like Saving Private Ryan too, but I do not let it be used for my whole WWII experience you know.  Nor do I let it be judged for Enemy of the Gates as well. The Enemy at the Gates cheesy knockoffs and blatant Russian stereotypes of the Call of Duty series, about hardcore fanatical Russian communists that are not too bright, fanatical to the point of being reckless, and the whole ugly Russian peasant stereotype, often perpetrated by the Communists and the West themselves, and stereotypes along those

The only game that honestly depicts the Russian forces is Men of War, because IT IS made by ACTUAL Russians, so they’d know a thing or two about their war with Germany. The Battlefield Vietnam game is too cheesy and it too, is too much film-based and I get the impression that the writers and producers of the game, watched too many Vietnam War movies. They are made by foreigners, who obviously knew nothing about the real Vietnam War. The game has the Vietcong armed with weapons that they would have not carried, like ZSU anti-aircraft guns and shoulder-launched SAM missiles. The Battle of Khe Sanh level has MiG-21 fighters in it, when in fact, they had no air support at all, the North Vietnamese. They’d didn’t even have much of an air force. Their air force was all up north fighting the bombing of the North. There is no way in Hell that they could have deployed aircraft to the South because that would have depleted their resources that they badly needed to fight the American planes bombing them up north. Fighter defense in North Vietnam was obviously more important than supporting the troops down south, because they could not do it because of their limited resources. So why does the game have MiGs at Khe Sanh when there were none to be found? It’s just so stupid. What next, 105mm howitzers at Gettysburg?  Just kidding!

The North Vietnamese never really had any helicopters and only used them in any numbers during the Invasion of South Vietnam in 1975. Only the USA was helicopter and air-power intensive, obviously in REAL Vietnam. Too much Apocalypse Now bullshit in Battlefield Vietnam, Full Metal Jacket, etc. Even though these films are realistic,  they should NOT be used to judge the whole Vietnam War by them, which is what sadly, Battlefield Vietnam (BFV) did. Is it any wonder that the game did not sell very well?

Battlefield Vietnam is too cheesy for my tastes. There needs to be a better game.  Battlefield Vietnam.  Just like how foreigners could NEVER make a good Vietnam game, as demonstrated with Battlefield Vietnam. Oh wait, what about Gathering and Vietcong series? THAT was a good one!  Great game, made by FOREIGNERS! The same people that made H&D2 ANOTHER great game! SOMEONE needs to speak out against the cheesy jingoistic plots of Battlefield and Call of Duty,  and focus ON REAL plots that involve real people without using their real names, for privacy concerns, and all that. The military is too improperly represented in the games. There is too much chest-beating heroics, instead of people being sick of the war and having the attitude of “I’m over here, I miss my girl or wife, and I want to get back home and get this shit done so I can get home. ” Type stuff. There needs to be a feeling of actual terror and fright that you get as a soldier with bullets flying past your head and whizzing in the air. That scared feeling when a buddy is hit and going down. That scared feeling from enemy snipers and mines and stuff.

That feeling of helpless that one gets, but doesn’t let it paralyze you, but still keeps on going. You just keep on going and do not let the fear consume you from within. The fear is secondary, you are afraid inside, but you do not show it, because that is weakness, but you do not let it consume you.  Just do as your told and follow orders.  No more lone-wolf heroics crap like in Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games. Enough of the jingoistic heroic chest-beating fake hero BS and HAVE real soldier stuff that isn’t a parody of Hollywood movies.  Call of Duty is too politically-correct and so is Medal of Honor.  Rainbow Six has become sickeningly politicaly-correct with its Rainbow Six Patriots that characterizes American patriots and concerned about their government, as a bunch of terrorists with guns that hurt people, when in fact most conservatives AREN’T like THAT at all and those militias that do hurt people, are usually arrested and they lack discipline and foresight when they talk big about overthrowing the government or whatever. The game characterizes patriotic Americans, who are among the biggest customers for games like these, as dangerous and violent. Typical hard-left politically-correct BS.  This is retarded to depict them in this way, to overinflate this threat to advance a political agenda to disarm the populace and control them, and Rainbow Six Patriots compares these people as terorrists?

This game is typical DHS, SPLC propaganda passed off as a video game by the hard-left politically-correct Euro pansies at Ubisoft. The hard-left Eurosocialist Anti-American crowd that makes these games that totally suck like Silent Hunter IV, which has destroyers starting and stopping like drag racers,  in the sea. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to kill a destroyer.  Ubisoft games are frustratingly bad and the Silent Hunter community, THANK GOD, makes them at LEAST playable to historically-accurate gamers. Hat tip to my homies at SubSim. WOOT! WOOT!

The Rainbow Six Patriots game needs to be boycotted and taken off the shelves. This is not a video game, this is political propaganda by the far-left to characterize gun-loving American 2nd Amendment abiding citizens as dangerous terrorists.  This game shills for the Southern Poverty Law Center and DHS who wrongly characterize all Americans this way.  It will bomb as a game because most of the people that play those games are conservatives that own guns and are military-oriented, but NOT serving, or in some cases serving people that play them. They  are alienating their core audience with this crap!  Yep, thank you politically-correct Euro Socialist pansies at Ubisoft and your anti-American bullshit presented as a game. The pro-American Splinter Cell games were nice. Too much of the NATO intervention, Milosevic type dictator crap in Kombayn Nikoladze though.  The game is too much like the former Yugoslavia and not like the actual region of Georgia. The plot points are hokey. Concentration camps, and terror squads in Azerbaijan for weeks, hidden from the world by computer and they didn’t know about it? Surely SOMEONE with a camera phone or a smuggled camera would have smuggled out the footage to the world media or posted it online to highlight the horror and the world would have found out, anyway.

Splinter Cell is a great game, though a bit unrealistic. No alarms sounding after you shoot out the cameras? Surely there would have been! Those cameras have a centrally-controlled base in the Ministry somewhere.  It would have alerted somebody.  You fail the mission when the alarms are sounded.  I think Splinter Cell is a great game! Ubisoft games tend to suck really badly. Rainbow Six games have become a joke made by the far-left politically-correct Euro Socialist, Eurotrash pansies at Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Patriots.  The whole Ustasha Croatian terrorists plot was a joke, considering that the Indepedent State of Croatia Ustasha rose again in 1991 after Tudjman gained power. The Croat Ustasha are in power under a different name over there.  That plot is a joke or the numerous Neo-Nazi Russian Mafia terrorists jokes made by Ubisoft that characterize Russians as violent, drunk,  mafiosos like in Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. The games dehumanize and stereotype Russians as ignorant, fanatical, drunken violent mafia-like communists, which MOST OF THEM aren’t. The problems of post-Soviet Russia were overblown by the Western media, though corruption is a serious problem over there and the lackluster security at nuclear missile and reactor sites is also a problem. Though I doubt some Russian would sell Al Qaeda nuclear material to get back at America. All fantasies of the movies and Call of Duty games about a dangerous and violent, resurgent Communist Russia! It’s all anti-Russian propaganda, but OH NO, they’re the safe and politically-correct villains, unlike the Arab Muslims who will declare a jihad and fatwa against Ubisoft and try to kill them if MUSLIM terrorists are depicted. They should be too. Did Project Reality experience death threats from Hamas or Fatah or PLO or Hezbollah because of their mod involving these factions? OF COURSE NOT! So, why would Ubisoft be any different?

Ah yes, but the hard-left poltically-correct gamer geek crowd is too stupid and too ignorant and the Starbucks drinking politically-correct pretentious, arrogant snotty hard-left crowd at Ubisoft and Activision are too stupid to make a game about real-world situations involving Al Qaeda or Hamas. The only game that REALLY approached the Islamic terrorists with a 10 foot pole was Command and Conquer Generals. Even that was too politically-correct for some people. But at least it did dep

Ah yes, but the hard-left Starbucks, game crowd who are the hardest-left bunch of douchebags out there, would whine and cry about how it “stereotypes” and “offend” Muslims!

Oh whah whah! Those bastards need depicted as the thieving, murdering, violent scum that they are and depicted as they are to properly depict the real world terrorists that kill us every day and the real situations help gamers to realize, that we are facing these people and we need to take them out so that they don’t crash another plane into a building or detonate a bomb at rush hour, killing thousands. I didn’t see any whining over the Insurgency mod either.

They need depicted and who cares if they are stereotyped that they use for political-correctness to demean anyone that dares to criticize them and their ilk. We need to address real-world situations and address real problems, but alas the politically-correct Puritans will have their way. Those bastards! The hard-left pro-Palestine Starbucks drinkers that make this shit need to realize this stuff.  But alas, they are made in California, land of the hard-left super-left anti-American Starbucks crowd.  Those wackos over in California piss me off!  They are disgusting people. That run their mouths about sexist and racist we are and then berate us about how we are too stupid to see their visions and these braying jackasses get the support of the media. Assholes!

I think computer games in the 90s like Fighters Anthology that depicted REAL WORLD threats and real enemies to fight, that isn’t politically-corret by today’s standards were the best ever made. If you tried to remake Jane’s IAF game, the hard-left pro-Palestine crowd would be up in arms about how it’s biased towards Israel, Israeli propaganda that is racist and demeans Arab people (the Fascist barbarian states next to Israel, need some love, don’t they?) and is pro-Israel.  Oh man, how the liberals would scream their self-righteous heads off about the game being anti-Muslim, racist, and offensive.  Jane’s IAF was a REAL game that is in my opinion, among the best out there.  Sure, the game is pro-Israel, but that is how it was in the 90s before the hard-left fringe liberal pansies took over, when Bill Clinton was hard-left, but conservative in SOME areas, BUT NOT A CONSERVATIVE REALLY, but socially-conservative, but liberal, and hawkish WHEN IT CAME TO SERBIA of course,  and was president.  Oh how times have changed? The hard-left politically-correct crowd would hate Jane’s IAF if it was remade. At least EA back in the day wasn’t hard-left politically-correct and cowadly like Ubisoft, the hard-left Eurosocialist crowd in France is. The surrender monkeys, the French. They should make a game about how France surrendered! It would make the pretentious hard-left French Euro-Socialist trash pee in their pants and mad as hell!

Ubisoft sucks major ass!  The hard-left anti-military crowd in California would HATE Jane’s simulaitons that are pro-military, tough and aggressive and pro=American and anti-Communist, something those hard-left Marxists hate to death! Jane’s games were conservative and pro-military and actually depicted the military correctly. Along with Falcon 4.0. Those sims did the military RIGHT! We need them again!  We need to stop pandering to the hard-left politically-correct Starbucks cafe drinking douchebag crowd and MAKE A REAL game to play THAT IS ACTUALLY pro-military and depicts them correctly and not as a bunch of pansies like Ubisoft, Activision, EA, and them CURRENTLY do.  I can just see the hard-left whining about Jane’s IAF about it being too pro-Israel!

Don’t you just love the hard-left California, pretentious snobbish, arrogant, Starbucks fueled crowd that are impulsive, rude, arrogant, out of control animals that screw around like rabbits?  Don’t ya love em? MORONS!  Video games are too politically-correct. Oh how the hadrd-left media will paint me as an “extremists” just for saying anything to shill for their friends at EA and Ubisoft and others to write biased bullshit in the news about how “bad” and “right-wing extremist” that I am! Oh man, how Bill Clinton would be labeled a jingoist hard-right, warmongering jingoist by California, HE WAS too and how he stupidly lumped them in with the right-wing people that didn’t like him to call THEM all “extremists” Wasn’t Clinton just wonderful?

Fighters Anthology represents Clinton-era foreign policy because of course the game was made in that era.  Always depicting Russia as the enemy, until one campaign depicted them as a friend against China. How rich! The Ukraine campaign of Russia invading Ukraine is about as likely as  America invading Canada!  The game coincided with the 1997 friendship treaty made with Ukraine that year.  The campaign is too jingoistic and anti-Russian and depicts an ultranationalist resurgent Russia truly proud of itself and NOT emasculated by the West, as being a threat, when in fact Russia is very dependent upon the West and IS the West and HAS been part of the West since the time of Peter the Great when HE decided that Russia had to get with the program and the rest of the world to be a REALLY prosperous nation.

The Ukraine campaign against Russia and a pro-American Ukraine fighting Russian aggression is HIGHLY unlikely at best.  Ukraine is also attacked from the West to be “liberated” by Poland. This is the SAME LAND that WAS stolen from Poland in 1939 by ironically enough RUSSIA and “ceded” and illegally annexed into the Ukrainian SSR and billed as “liberating” instead of “enslaving” this territories and stealing them from Poland. In the game Poland, liberates these territories.  Lvov was always Polish from 1921-1939 and internationally recognized as such!  The game missions are realistic to a point.

THE AI are too cheesy, but they are very good dogfighting AI, some of the best that I have ever seen in my life. Hey, the graphics suck, but hey AT LEAST it is better than the shit made today like Call of Duty series. Again, Lock on Modern Air Combat, leaves off where Fighters Anthology had shitty graphics and sparse scenery about Ukraine. They didn’t have Google Earth or internet advanced enough to tell people in Ukraine about the game. The internet didn’t advance enough back then to where it WAS REALLY widespread like it is now. BUT UNLIKE FA, only a FEW of the planes are flyable, whereas in FA you could fly them all.  The scenery in FA sucks, but this was made before high-resolution graphics took place. Google Earth scenery,  uprated high-resolution graphics for FA,  better scenery for the gamers. WOULD BE AWESOME! I loved flying over some peaceful land in the game alone at 20,000 feet with the nice scenery and music in my fighter jet.  Being shot at by SAMs and Triple A that you could walk on. Why is my B-2 when I turn the radar on make me an instant target? It sucks that there is no fighter escort to ward off the attacking enemy fighters and I am defenseless against them and torn to shreds behind enemy lines with the MiGs shooting at me. I feel really sad that I’ve got no protection from friendly fighters going deep into enemy territory.  Man, where are they? I just doesn’t seem yo highlight the fighters killing the enemy like true air-superiority fighters do in real life with F-15s. The radar detection in FA sucks and is not REALLY look down-shoot down radar found in most jets. The missile traveling speed is just way too slow for real life. In Cold War propaganda, where Russian stuff is shoddy and the American stuff works, the Russian ordinance DOESN’T work at all, and the American ordinance works as advertised. I can assure you that Russian ordinance does its job and works just fine.

The look down-shoot down capability in FA is non existent and the laser guided bombs are incorrectly depicted as lock-on IR weapons, when they’re guided by lasers and steered independently guided by the human brain in the cockpit.  It would be cool if you steer the bombs to hit their targets and hit the bunker at the weak point where the chimney stack is where the bomb will REALLY go! The game does a nice job of simulating collateral damage. If you blow up a friendly target, the mission is OVER and you’ve failed and it’s INSTANT Mission Failure. What bothers me is that the only foreign language heard in the game is Vietnamese. Everyone else speaks English, including the Russians, which is RATHER odd because they’d be speaking RUSSIAN in the cockpit because they’d be understood easier, they’re Russians and it’s their native tongue, and messages would get through EASILY! Why no Russian dialogue, except the lady warning about radiation at the Chernobyl reactor? She creeped the shit out of me, the strange Russian lady in Ukraine at a nuclear reactor in FA flying over Ukraine near Chernobyl.

Now that really KNOW THAT I know Russian it ISN’T so creepy nowadays and NOT SO frightening AND I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THEM AND AM NOT FRIGHTENED OF THEM AS THE ENEMY, LIKE I WAS THEN AND ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THIS MISUNDERSTOOD AND HIGHLY STEREOTYPED CULTURE,  I can tell you that she is saying “Attention! “Radiation!” “Authorized entry only!” at Chernobyl. What a great game IT WAS! BRING BACK FA TODAY! GREAT GAME WHOOH! LET’S HEAR IT FOR FA, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!  Ubisoft should be boycotted for this piece of trash political propaganda known as Rainbow Six: Patriots that bashes patriotc Americans as terrorists. Right out of the SPLC and DHS playbook, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you! Patriotic Americans aren’t all KKK white supremacist members, like hard-left Hollwyood would have you believe. We’re tolerant of all people, till the cross here illegally or our culture and values are being destroyed by the hard-left and spat on by them.  Anyway, boycott Ubisoft! Boycott Rainbow Six: Patriots!

(DO NOT CALL ME A HARD LEFT CALIFORNIA Starbucks drinking liberal moron, because I WILL NOT tolerate military-bashers, the spoiled and pretentious, arrogant bastards that YOU clowns are, by running your mouths and proclaiming how we’re all stupid because we do not listen to you at all or because we don’t have the same education level NOT being anti-intellectual here, but isn’t ridiculing someone’s intellectual capacity anti-intellectual, even if they’re stupid? It’s NOT when THEY do it. You people that piss on the military and proclaim how you want to destroy the patriarchy or whatever bullshit that you want to use to undo the conservative, patriarchal military structure to dismantling it because you hate it because you cannot stand brave people fighting for you and ACTUALLY achieving something! MORONS!)

It was sad that we got beaten by a second-rate, third-world air force in Vietnam, all because the bureaucrats WRONGLY throught that dogfighting was obsolete and never gonna happen again. So, in their short-sighted vision, run by civilians who knew nothing about aerial combat,  unlike Robin Olds there, who fought in WWII,  didn’t train them how to fight enemy planes, or kill MiGs. It was all about destroying Russian bombers.  This cost many American pilots their lives in Vietnam and training was redone.  For the better, I might add.

I am so sick of the Hollywood stereotypes about dangerous and addled Vietnam veterans with PTSD. They are hurtful and hateful. If you saw all that shit like in Nam, you’d be disturbed yourself. Hollywood’s portrayal of PTSD is INSULTING AND WRONG! Hollywood is of course, run by the far-left, who has spit on Vietnam veterans since the 60s themselves and of course, they’re gonna put that into their film making, depicting American soldiers as murdering cowards, like in Full Metal Jacket.  Well, sure you wouldn’t be able to discern friend from foe in Vietnam

Enough the addled, nuts, PTSD, violence-pronce Vietnam veterans stereotypes on the movies and TV.  They need to stop because they are not funny and they are insulting to those that lived it. Like on Family Guy!  Of course, the hard-left does its best to spit on these brave young men, that fought the wrong and disgusting ideology that these hard-left Starbucks drinking pukes love so much, Marxism and Communism.

Why can’t you just grab the guy’s rifle and take it from him and stab him with his bayonet and have a real hand to hand combat, instead of the usual predictable bayonet stabbing?

They just wait around and wait for you to shoot them. It’s like they’re saying “Hey! Come shoot me!”

People criticize the MOH games for being too cheesy and too much like Saving Private Ryan and too much like Disney. I do not like their PG-13 depictions of war, while trying to be the R-rated highly gory and graphic Saving Private Ryan. Call of Duty needs to have better squad coordination and less “individual heroics” to truly be a better game. I would love that if the AI weren’t so dumb and stupid like a brick wall! Please make a better game, thank you.

More better AI would be nice! Thank you everyone for reading.  It was a pleasure. Thank you very much!


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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