Stop the “Hate-Spewers” Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller!

These two people Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are the two biggest bigots that the world has ever seen for a long time. Why? Because they spew hatred against Slavic Gentile people with their agenda that distorts history that labels the nation of Poland (an idea that has been thoroughly discredited by any historian worth their salt.) collaborated with the Nazis and did not fight them. These two people perpetrate this bigoted falsehood along with Abraham Foxman of the ADL and other Jewish “leaders” that claim to represent the whole Jewish community, but really do not. This media victimization and ethnicity that always looks for scapegoats to focus their problems on, that always looks for someone to insult.

I just love how Wikipedia wrongly paints Russians that react to their country being insulted and having Western values shoved down their throats that the majority of Russians (that are smart people, enough to be disgusted at our self-destructive Jersey Shore MTV type culture that most sane and smart people revile and hate.) as Neo-Nazi anti-Semitic flakes. Oh how I love how people like Foxman and their little hate-spewing agenda against Russians are promoted by the ignorant media. The Slavic perso I know how you all will all call me “Nazi” or an “Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Anti-Semite” or whatever. Those words have no meaning to me. For one, I do NOT hate all Jews! I am against those “Slavic” people who call themselves “preservers of Slavic heritage” that supports a man (Adolf Hitler) who HATED THE SLAVS and thought of them as little better than slaves to be exterminated. Oh the hypocrisy! This is like having a Jewish nationalist be a Neo-Nazi! It’s insane. These insane braindead idiots do not represent the Slavic people, but Debbie  (Foxman on the ADL website say that 40% of Russians are anti-Semitic.)

These Jewish people are people that out for revenge, using the Holocaust (I AM NOT a Holocaust Denier and condemn such stupidity.) as a political weapon to paint the Russians with an anti-Semitic brush to demonize them and belittle them.  I am NOT afraid to speak out against them and their ignorance! They can I will DELETE any posts that are written by Holocaust deniers. I AM NOT David Duke!

They are misusing the Holocaust to rewrite history to fit their own anti-Polish prejudices. This is an example of pseudohistory in the very sense of the word. These Jewish people like Abraham Foxman, Debbie Schlussel, and Pamela Geller, no matter how much PR spin that they lavish on themselves DO NOT represent Jews as a whole. They are the Jewish versions of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton have similar agendas like Schlussels with the same kind of victimization tactics and distortions of history to spin their own agendas.  I am NOT saying that the Jews control them or there is a Jewish-black conspiracy here. I am not saying ANYTHING like that. Anyone who distorts my words is a fool looking to make themselves look good. I hate such pretentious fools in the media that do this to me.  Sure Wikipedia will put me in the category of “Anti-Semitism” but this is NOT! Oh how Schlussel, Foxman, and Geller conflate legitimate critics like myself in with virulent Neo-Nazi racists!

It is WRONG and ignorant to do this, but they are ignorant people who disgustingly rewrite history. They tried to rewrite history to make the false idea of a “Negro Holocaust” which NEVER happened. Why would it have happened? To have committed a Holocaust against Black slaves would have been unconscionable and the South would have suffered for it. It is another lie made by the Afrocentrism crowd. The Judeocentrism of people like Schlussel that wish to denigrate and insult Poland as part of a victimization agendas that is like the Jewish version of Al Sharpton’s agenda. These people are hypocritical to criticize Al Sharpton’s agenda, but then promote their own against their opponents. The tactics are the same, but the ethnic groups that promote them are the same.  I just love how they’ll paint me as David Duke! Which I am NOT! I despise his supremacist agenda, which is the same type of extremist hatred that these hateful old hags like Schlussel and Pamela Geller propagate. They will always “defend” themselves and their legions of braindead fans will defend them to the death as tellers of the truth, (when they are liars through and through.) I am NOT gonna write about any of that “Zionist” crap!  The state of Israel has good relations with Poland and rightly so I might add, so NO ZIONIST bullshit please.

This is NOT a Zionist conspiracy to denigrate the Polish people. It is part of an extremist agenda of hate reminiscent of the KKK to victimize Poland because they want to punish them for their role in the Holocaust. This is like a person saying after a bank robbery that the clerks collaborated with the robbers to rob the bank after the money was stolen by the thieves. This part of an agenda to destroy the Slavic peoples because they want to shit on their old countries as anti-Semitic because of their damaged memories of persecution. These egotistical people have a persecution complex that is really disturbing and disgusting. This disgusting bigotry is promoted in the media. Debbie Schlussel, the crusader of the Jewish people said that they won’t silence this Jew, when she was “oh so bravely telling the “truth” about Poland being Nazi collaborators that did not fight them.” Oh what bullshit this is! This ignorant woman should know about the Polish men and women that escaped to Great Britain to fight again in the Polish Armed Forces under British control. Now tell me, was Poland a nation that did not fight the Nazis? OF COURSE NOT!   This pseudo-historical idea  has been destroyed by major historians that do not rewrite history to suit extremist Jewish hate agendas like the kind Geller, Foxman, and Schlussel promote. We Poles are pro-Israel, unlike what Schlussel would have you believe. This disgusting bullshit pseudohistory is promoted by organizations like the ADL that are bitter about Poland whose government had escaped to Romania not fighting the Nazis, then promoting the idea that Poland did nothing to save the Jews, which is of course bullshit. Debbie Schlussel can run her mouth about how evil we are. She can run her fat little mouth until it falls off or until her brains fall out, but history is NOT rewritten to suit their falsehoods and lies about the Polish people and Russia, Russia IS NOT anti-Semitic. We are sick of the crap that Schlussel, Geller, and Foxman put out as “commentary” The Jews are just bitter people looking for a target to pick on to gain power from insulting others to promote their distorted view of history and acting like women that hate all men after they’ve been raped.

SURE THE NAZI Holocaust was horrible. I am not dismissing it, nor am I a whacky Holocaust denier. I am neither. I think such people should go to Hell where they belong. Such people are total idiots pure and simple. They have no place in any legitimate historical discussion. They like Schlussel and Geller rewrite history to suit themselves.  Schlussel’s interpretation of history is wrong, false, and flawed and relies on falsehood conspiracy theories about occupied Poland. Conspiracy theories that the Polish nation collaborated with Hitler to get rid of their Jews. Poland had a pre-war vibrant Jewish culture. Yes, there was anti-Semitism, but nothing like Geller, Schlussel, and Foxman would have you believe.  I do not like how they paint me as a whacky conspiracy theorist, but they are paranoid delusional people looking to promote their own vanity at the expense of other people. They are paranoid egotistical people that manufacture anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic problems to further their own vanity. i am NOT Norman Finklestein or anyone like him.  They can pull out chicanery and canards to smear me and take my words out of context, but it has no meaning.

In my opinion Atlas Shrugs and Debbie Schlussel represent the Jewish version of Stormfront. The comments look like the kind of stuff that one would expect to see on Stormfront. Just bitter Jewish people who complain about Islamic Supremacy then promote their own supremacist agendas. Like calling the kettle black. I am NOT anti-Semitic! I will not tolerate anti-Semitic comments, if I see any, I will just simply delete them or if they are worth replying to, destroy the idiot that wrote them.

Oh how they bristle at anyone calling THEM a Nazi, despite the fact that they’ve done it to everyone that they don’t like.  If one calls someone a “Nazi” and abuse it like they do and scream “Nazi” the loudest, then in my opinion that MAKES THEM Nazis!  There WERE Jewish collaborators with the Nazis, except Foxman blasts such history as “anti-Semitic” and mocking the Holocaust and trivializing it. Foxman always has some Holocaust chime in the media every time something majorly anti-Semitic happens. I’ll call him “Mr. Holocaust!” because of this.  The Holocaust SHOULD NEVER be forgotten, but the ridiculous chicanery displayed by people like Schlussel, Foxman, nand Geller DOES NOT HELP THINGS EITHER!  In fact, it makes them much worse and insults the victims of the Shoah to paint Poland in this way, when in fact Poland HERSELF WAS THE VICTIM! This is also insulting the victims of the Holocaust and trivializing them like Foxman would claim that people like me do.  They are insulting victims of the Holocaust. The Nazis did in fact plan to exterminate the Poles, too. There were Polish collaborators, but they were few in number. The Nazis expelled Poles from German areas during the war. The also gassed Poles in Auschwitz. But the revisionist agenda by Schlussel, Geller, and Foxman has been destroyed by major historians. Historians have destroyed these falsehoods about Poland and Russia. The Streisand movie that paints Russia as anti-Semitic and backwards for example is false also. There were pogroms yes, but nothing like the Holocaust. People were always bitter about the Jewish merchants and carping about them. Russia did persecute them, but the persecution complex by Schlussel and ADL and Geller is disgusting beyond words.  There were government officials in Russia that were Jews.

The conspiracy theories oh yes. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a joke and a hoax produced by the Tsarists. Conspiracy theorists always take something that IS THE TRUTH then twist it like a pretzel to unbelievable proportions outside the realm of human reason. The idea that Jews committed a Holocaust against Christian Russians is false. It is an exaggeration about people like Trotsky being Jews. They did not care about being Jews. They were very secular individuals and were acting on orders from the gentile Russian communists like Lenin to destroy religion. Orthodox Christian gentiles had a hand in it, too. Just that the Jews get blamed for it to promote a ridiculous conspiracy theory. The Soviets were atheists, but were raised Orthodox Christians in their youth.


Accusing Poland of collaborating with the Nazis is like accusing a child being molested by a pedophile of collaborating the pedophile during the molestation process.

This is the same kind of slave reparations agenda by Farrakhan and Sharpton mentality being perpetrated by Schlussel and Geller to insult the Poles. This is typical Sharptonesque victimization agendas for them to do. They are racists like Sharpton, David Duke, and Farrakhan to use themselves to collectively represent their respective ethnic groups to make themselves “leaders” the appointed ones holier than everyone else as godly leaders commanding the whole communities to serve their own bigoted and racist agendas. Abe Foxman, Pamela Geller, and Debbie Schlussel are racists! Wikipedia promotes the whole Jewish anti-Semitism quackery that these people personify. The anti-Semitic quacks are ignored by most sane people.

I believe that these people have an agenda to destroy Poland and make the Poles collectively guilty for the Holocaust to aggrandize their own personal egos and make money off the Holocaust victims! They are reprehensible people to distort the Holocaust for their own extremist agendas. This falsehood that Poland collaborated with the Nazis has been discredited.  But facts are not convienient to their agenda and they deliberately ignore them becasue they do not fit in with their narrative. Such as the Polish Armed Forces in Britain that fought under British command during World War II that were among the finest soldiers the Allied armies had. But alas my ancestors are called “Nazis” by miss Schlussel.

I love the military traditions of the German Wermacht and the German military marching music is some of the best in the world. In the eyes of Schlussel, that makes ME A NAZI! Which is completetly false because the average solder in the Wermacht was NOT a fanatical Nazi. Only SS were fanatical Nazis. I am not a Nazi, but I think that Debbie Schlussel is a bigot that likes to generalize to make herself sound smart. I DO NOT support the racist politics or policies of Nazi Germany or Adolf Hitler, but the German Wermacht was one of the finest and most disciplined military forces in the world!  The truth is that Wikipedia slanders people that simply fought on the wrong side during World War II and makes them guilty by association for collaboration with the Axis powers. This is victor’s justice on there. This labeling is done by the fools at Wikipedia to make themselves sound smart and it’s part of the far-left Antifa Anti fascist (read Fascist under a different name from these fascist radical extremists.) agenda to discredit genuinely patriotic people as Nazis and Fascists.

The purpose of Debbie Schlussel’s agenda is to smear the Slavic people and use the Anti-Semitism card an excuse to stick it to them to reinforce their own personal prejudices and hatreds and their connections in the media. The communists had such an agenda to destroy Slavic nationalist Polish people with the card of anti-Semitism to dehumanize them and destroy them. This is a tactic from the Soviet playbook that people have used for years on us.

How dare she calls US Nazis! We fought them until the last man and we’re accused of being “colloborators” I am sorry Schlussel but history IS NOT written for your benefit. You flawed history that insults the fighting spirit of

I swear, the Jewish people are itching for a fight with Russia!  The American Jews (not necessarily Zionists) are the MOST HOSTILE towards Russia and Russians. Always characterizing Russia as a backwards nation. The Jewish people do not hide their hostility for Russia, like David Horowitz does and those “oh so brave” Jews fighting for the “truth” that is distorted to fit their perverted chauvinistic agenda against Russia. This is to say that not all Jews are hostile towards Russia. Many are genuinely interested in Russia. Oh how they’ll accuse me of “Anti-Semitism” just for posting this. Oh Wikipedia, character assassinate me with tyour overly-emotional category labeling. You just attach labels to things that you do not understand.

Face it morons POLAND WAS NOT VICHY FRANCE! France did not fight the Germans and collaborated with them. Poland DID NOT and fought aggressively and bitterly against them until their cause was hopeless and Poland fell to the Nazis and stood no chance.  Poland fell after a month of fighting from September 1, 1939 to October 6, 1939.  1 month and 5 days.

Excuse me, the history of the Holocaust was not written by people like Abraham Foxman and Debbie Schlussel. Foxman is a survivor yes, but his bitterness at blaming the Polish nation for erecting Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto, which never happened and were built by the German Nazis to house the Jews for extermination, is disgustingly ignorant   The Germans did this. Jews preferred to live separately from Poles in prewar Poland and this animosity between gentile Poles and Jewish Poles has spilled over onto the internet in the present day.  People like Schlussel throw gas on the fire.

Of course Geller uses KKK type rhetoric when she labels SPLC as a “communist organization” IT IS NOT! SPLC aren’t tolerant either, they are just as intolerant towards their enemies as the Klan is. The SPLC has become a joke.


I love how they’ll paint me as a Neo-Nazi or a white supremacist, OF WHICH I AM NEITHER! I also revile such people because like Schlussel, Geller, Foxman, and Sharpton they have racist supremacist agendas, as does the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The white supremacists are as supremacist as Schlussel and Geller are. Pamela Geller posts on SPLC sound like someone from the KKK wrote them. Some of the anti-Islamic blogs are racist and hateful against Western women that decide to marry Muslims.  The Blacks are no problem for me. Neither are the Jews. But hey, they’ll label it “Anti-Semitism” in Russia and oh how Wikipedia gets very emotional with the anti-Semitism labeling. Labels Russian patriots as “fascists” and lumps them in with Nazis. The Wikipedia articles are shills for antifa and they use antifa bullshit to paint Russia as a racist country with their “Racism in Russia” article which is a bunch of far-left baloney. The Russians have a wholly different attitude on racism than we do.  What we see as “racism” they see as disliking an ethnic group that causes trouble. Wikipedia has problems with people and accuse them of racism if they have problems with the cultural values and habits of minorities, which is where Russia stands, instead of discrimination.  Russia accepts these people, while disliking how repulsive they really are.  Russians do not officially discriminate against them, unlike the emotional Wikipedia antifa rhetoric would have you believe. Antifa are a useless bunch of self-righteous assholes that think that any form of patriotic love of country display is “fascism” These perverted extremists suck. Just as bad as the Nazis themselves. I do not care for any of those bullshit websites on the internet run by white supremacist Neo-Nazis that purport to “preserve Slavic heritage” from a group of people that hate Jews, which contributed enormously to Slav culture, and support an ideology that sought to exterminate them. This is madness to do this.  Russian attitude towards racism is to maybe They aren’t super politically correct insane liberal madness SPLC tolerance crowd, either. They hate white supremacists and their ideologies, but we think of as “discrimination” and racism they think of as disliking someone or protecting their country from their values. Oh how Wikipedia pontificates how “racist” and “evil” the Russians are and promote anti-Russian hate speech bullshit on their Racism in Russia article.

The articles on Russia in Wikipedia are bullshit written by news reports and biased news sources. Inflated claims, historians with anti-Eastern European prejudices and hatreds like Sabrina Petra Rahmet for example. She is the most hateful and evil commie pseudo-historian I have ever seen. Her books are clouded with communist propaganda rhetoric disguised as “scholarship” anti-Polish hate speech about Poland being too Catholic dominated and all that shit. Complains about rise of the “extreme right” (Commie lingo for nationalists that are sick of the commie regimes of Eastern Europe and their failed policies and totalitarian state control of everything and lack of freedom, something that bitch orgasmically loves. Commie control and Marxism.) and other such rantings. Her books are nothing but rants, tirades, and diatribes about how evil Eastern European nationalists that deeply love their countries are.

Sabrina Rahmet is an evil woman who should be discredited for her phony scholarship. She lets her hard-left super commie beliefs cloud her “scholarly” writings.  Too full of herself. She is so full of herself and lets her Marxist Stalinist opinions dictate and cloud her “scholarship” that is dishonest, wrong, full of lies and commie propaganda that sounds like an opinion page from Pravda. She lets her beliefs get in the way. Full of overly-emotional hate propaganda against Poland and its people. Wikipedia actually uses her sources of info and does not bother to check other sources. She rants too much in too many cases.

She should be watched out for. There are better scholars on Eastern Europe that she.  No respect for Poland’s Catholic traditions which the commies hate as “bourgoeis nationalism” and try to destroy as part of their communist agenda to control the country. The Church beats the Commies every time. Faith in God destroyed Communism FROM POLAND, not those Afghan cavemen! We Poles destroyed Communism! We Polish Catholics, not Afghan Muslim cavemen with rifles and American-made FIM-92 Stinger missiles. Anyway, I disgress. The fascist idiots like Schlussel sicken me to no end.

Now the intellectual insane asylum of RationalWiki will ridicule and insult those whose views do not agree with them. On RationalWiki, if you’re not a corporate science (pseudoscience) shilling red-blood all-American uncritical thinking male, then you are a quack extremist, you are an extremist fringe quack in their eyes. Oh how RationalWiki uses name-calling and hate speech that is childish and immature and wrong to insult their opponents instead of rationally debating them. RationalWiki is an insane asylum of pseudo-rational idiots trying to be rational.  I will tell my readers to disregard that lie factory known as “RationalWiki” It is an intellectual version of National Enquirer and nothing more.  Lists of internet quacks in McCarthyist blacklisting fashion! What a joke from a site that IS every single quack on the entire internet full of idiots that are so full of shit up to their ears in it! RationalWiki is a nutjob site of the biggest pseudo-intellectual nutjob whackjob types on the entire web. Little better than the “quacks” that they are trying to criticize. Some of the stuff that they write off a quackery, is actually scientifically valid. But hey to them if you are NOT a red-blooded non-thinking American who believes in corporate-shilling pseudoscience and does not bother to criticize it at all, then you are “anti-science!” The quackery does not cease to amuse me! RationalWiki ridicules people that criticize the corporatization and dehumanizing of science by the corporations and shills for them. RationalWiki is the enemy of real science and reason. It is run by shills for the corporations and if you are NOT a red-blooded all-American non-critical tool that does everything that the corporate science fools tell you, then you are a total pseudoscientific quack! Oh the insanity never ends! RationalWiki is a lie factory and a hate factory not much better than the KKK! It is an insane bunch of jackass douchebags trying to be rational and sane! It is filled

A bullshit category! HAH! What A JOKE! RationalWIKI IS ALL BULLSHIT!  I cannot believe that no one combats these neurotic extremist Nazi dickheads! I cannot believe that people believe them as if they were real! I cannot believe that people believe in this National Enquirer encyclopedia that is so full of shit and full of idiots that “challenge” whacky beliefs, but actually promote the ones that they like, but are such complete assholes with loaded language and lies and lies after more lies to the death full of complete shit that they have passed any sense of credibility as a source of non-biased info. They are not sane and rational. They are liars and idiots. The world will not just simply “change” because these idiots pontificate on how the rest of us should think and stuff like that. It is like the Nazis saying that they are “good science” These people are the rationalist fascists that that ridicule and insult anyone in a fashion remiscent of Pravda. IT is a communist encyclopedia that sounds like articles from the Soviet Encyclopedia! It is a joke pure and simple! DO NOT EVER USE RATIONALWIKI AS AN OPINION ON anything! IT needs to be debunked as a lie factory, a pit of snakes, the most vicious and venomous kind of snakes out there in the whole world!  The are a rattlesnake nest. They haven’t debunked anything, they’ve only made it stronger an d tougher. But hey, for those of us that are not red-blooded American corporate shills that just do what the corporations say about everything and listen to the lies that they feed us, rational wiki is a joke for sane and critical thinking people. Any form of critical thought that does not agree with them is ridiculued as “conspiracy theories” But hey anyone who isn’t a red-blooded pro-corporate having the corporations screw you over shill for the big companies who isn’t a CNN-watching total Kardashian-loving Bieber-loving idiot who hates all the corporate science lie factory spews out, is a “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-science!” Can RationalWiki get more ridiculous?  The answer is yes! Anything that does not agree with their smug and arrogant view of reality is wrong. There is no middle grey area for these people. It’s either right or wrong! No grey area here! 

Hat tips to all the hate spewers out there. Good luck being a shill for corporate quack science, RationalWiki and having scientific theories and other theories outside the mainstream that the braindead idiots who are shills for corporate feed that believe it like gospel truth and have it fed into the brains like brain food, branded as “bullshit” and “conspiracy theories” even though there is a grain of truth to many of them. Just because it semi-truthful and somewhat sensational outside the mainstream doesn’t mean that it is wrong! This is more anti-intellectual bullshit from people trying to be rational and sane encyclopedia! This assertion is wrong and anti-intellectual. But hey, who’s counting? RationalWiki is the biggest lie factory on the internet! Hat tip of to them and their hard-left Pravda commie bullshit everyone! For those of us that are not total idiot jackasses with self-inflated opinions that live in their mother’s basements and jerk off to Paris Hilton, RationalWiki is a JOKE! THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER OF ENCYCLOPEDIAS! I WILL NOW DECLARE AND WRITE OFF RATIONALWIKI AS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL JOKE AND A FRAUD! Thank you and good night everyone. Good luck being corporate shills and corporate pseudoscience shills, assholes! You cocksuckers will and are gonna need it! Good night everyone! Thank your for reading!

Hats off to all those hate-spewers out there. RationalWiki, Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller, Abe Foxman, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, KKK, and other such related quack wingnuts! The world would NOT be the same without you clowns, OH WAIT YES IT WOULD! Good luck being total asshole dickheads morons! Thank you everyone for reading this blog destroying the hate-spewers and pseudo-intellectual liars of RationalWiki! The corporate pseudoscience shills and total liars! Good luck total morons! The internet IQ would be better off without you dickheads! Good night, assholes! I AM FINISHED DESTROYING AND DECONSTRUCTING THESE IDIOTS FOR THE ASSHOLES THAT THEY ARE! GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE! READ THIS WITH YOUR COFFEE AND SANDWICH OR CEREAL IN THE MORNING, WOULD YOU?  Good luck entire world and use this knowledge to destroy these total idiots!

Goodbye “HATE SPEWERS!” I am going to bed to have a restful night’s sleep! Thank you everyone for reading!



Racism has been nothing but a convienient label to force values on us that are incompatible with our own!


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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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