RationalWiki The Encyclopedia that is an Insane Asylum

RationalWiki is not a rational website that debunks crank ideas. They promote the ones that they live and th

It is an insane asylum over there. Some of the most untrue bunch of lies that could ever be written in the entire world were written by RationalWiki. They claim that they are the truth and the holy appointed protectors of science and their subjects. They are quack pseudo-intellectual people that sound like someone

I am so sick of my Google search results being dominated with this website and prostituting itself as an “encyclopedia.” It is not rational, it is irrational. It is insulting rational criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia” and other stuff. While it defends the irrational and insane idiots that use Islam to hurt others. It is written by insecure, neurotic, highly liberal idiots that have jumped off the deep end into la la land insanity. It is irrational lunatics trying to be rational. It is like having insane people write the insane asylum. It is not scholarly or reputable. I just love how they try to destroy anyone who disagrees with them and how these pretentious fools who are a bunch of complete insane fools. Google of course shills for these people by promoting this “thinking man’s encyclopedia” that is not factual, but full of loaded opinions of people that are quite full of themselves. They are a bunch of smart asses trying to be smart. They are total fools that have not debunked anything. No one believes them anyway. They are among the most misinformed people on the internet.

They are rabid and hateful people. It boggles me mind how an encyclopedia could use the irrational and loaded word of Islamophobia to insult criticism of that stupid religion and brand us as whackos and unscientific for espousing that real sugar soda tastes better or organic food is better. It cracks me up when they call organic food anti-science. Excuse me! Isn’t it “pro-science”  because you don’t


They are bullshit! They have a bullshit meter! They are the biggest pile of bullshit anywhere on the entire web. They are in your face, pretentious assholes that claim to be the  They write untrue and hurtful lies about anyone that they do not like. It is not a rational wiki, it is an insane asylum written by people claiming to be sane and rational. It should be laughed at. If anyone had any serious brains left anymore, they’d laugh at this insane encyclopedia and its hypersensitive bullshit. They defend an irrational religion called Islam, then call criticism of it as “bullshit” They do not tell the truth. They are liars through and through.  They are a lie factory posing an a rational truth telling. They do not tell the truth. They do not debunk anything except that they are about to be debunked as a bunch of frauds, fraudulent pseudo-intellectual unprofessional idiots pretending to be real. RationalWiki is the biggest con job on the internet.

People like Michael Shermer are among the biggest and most pretentious bunch of assholes that ever inhabited the net. They are rabid attack dogs looking for someone to bully to beat their chests of being so righteous. RationalWiki is a disservice to science because it is written by people that aren’t certified in their respective fields.  Uses biased opinions and passes them off as fact. It is National Enquirer dressed as an encyclopedia. It is the National Enquirer of skeptical thought. Skeptics like Shermer are morons wo are narcissists. Islamophobia is a bullshit term that muzzles criticism of Islam. No, I will NOT link to this bullshit that smears critics of that hateful religion that holds back humanitarian progress and sane secular values to better the world. Our world would be better off without Islam! That religion retards progress. Just you wait! RationalWiki will label and insult me to death. They are like Stormfront for intellectual people that pimp a platform of hate and scorn for those that they hate, no matter how wrong and biased that they are and kudos for those that they DO like. RationalWiki is the most biased thing out there on the internet today. They are NOT rational or intelligent. They are pretentious snooty assholes trying to be intellectual. It is not intellectual. There are better sources than that bullshit! I am so sick of them pretending to be encyclopedic. It is an opinionated lie factory. RationalWiki. It is an insane asylum of irrational and totally neurotic and paranoid people pretending to be “rational” It is the biggest joke on the internet!  I have never seen such a backwater encyclopedia try to be mainstream. Google shills on behalf of them because they are “smart” and “intellectual” Well, they’re not. They are the hardest-left most insane bunch of dimwits that ever inhabited this earth. RationalWiki should be laughed at by sane

Pseudohistory is a joke term that has no real basis in anything, except to smear theories of history that they DO not like. It is a term that is written by people who have no idea what the Hell that they are talking about. It is my duty to destroy RationalWiki. These liars need to be exposed for the frauds that they are. RationalWiki is a fraud factory. It is a quack’s encyclopedia. It is so completely full of shit and people that alienate and insult other people. They are pseudo-intellectual quackery at its finest. They should be discredited as a joke. It would be nice if they were.’Thank you everyone. Just wait until they use their character assassination techniques against me and slander me to death with their lies and hate speech. Oh how they love to smear critics of things that they do not like as “extremists” They are so full of shit, it hurts!  Someone please expose these assholes as the biggest pseudo-intellectual frauds out there on the internet. Let’s debunk RationalWiki for what is really is! Thank you everyone for reading! I hope that this hysterical insane asylum pretending to be “rational” will be exposed for the insanity that lies beneath it and the insane factory of liars and pseudo-intellectual fools that run it. They are not the storehouse of human knowledge. They are a rational person’s outhouse! They are an outhouse trying to be a thinking Parisian salon! They are a bunch of bullshit that writes nothing but lies and hate speech. Why is it that anyone who isn’t mainstream is insulted to death and labeled “anti-science?” and wrong? This is insanity! Because science is not a democratic institution where the mainstream is always correct. RationalWiki promotes that fallacy. RationalWiki is a joke! RationalWiki is an insane asylum of dumbass fools trying to be rational intellectuals. It would be funny if it wasn’t so obscence. Anyone who isn’t a mainstream herd of sheep is always wrong in their eyes. Even though they make complete asses of themselves and people laugh at them for it. Oh RationalWiki, you’ll never stop being a total joke for us REAL rational and insane people that aren’t pretentious dickheads like you guys are! Give RationalWiki a salute everyone! Goodbye!


Thank you!



About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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20 Responses to RationalWiki The Encyclopedia that is an Insane Asylum

    • Anti Wikipedia Blog/ History Critic says:

      But then, why does it try so hard to pass itself off as one? It seem very deceptive to me how they pretend to be “scholarly” an “rational” even though they AREN’T an encyclopedia. It’s just so confusing to me. RationalWiki just seems so guilty of deception to me. Can someone tell them to not pass themselves off as one? That would be nice! Thank you for that!

      • David Wells says:

        It…is…a…WIKI!! What about that term is particularly difficult to understand?

        Just because you are confused doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

        If you have criticisms, you may want to consult the home page where the following is very promptly stated:

        “We welcome contributors, and encourage those who disagree with us to register and engage in constructive dialogue. “

      • bookooball says:

        “We welcome contributors, and encourage those who disagree with us to register and engage in constructive dialogue. “

        David Wells, you don’t get what the word, “deception” means do you? They will welcome criticism, sure… only to try and use it against the opposing view or by silencing them through censorship claiming they are trolling or being unconstructive.

      • Michael Naylor says:

        It seems to me like they are planted, pro-establishment puppets pushing the Zion agendas … ratshitwiki reminds me of when I used to read the sun or the daily mail (30 odd years ago since I bought the sun) the bias stands out like a sore thumb doing a Nazi salute…

      • ThatSkepticGuy says:

        No, it is PROPAGANDA. Flagrant lies and misinformation don’t magically become acceptable simply because you wave you hands and utter the incantation, “It’s only a wiki!”.

  1. Del says:

    Superb written article, that should really show

  2. Jake says:

    Rational wiki is the biggest joke of a website that I have ever encountered. There are the antithesis of what it means to be rational; they are Orwellian. They are the exact opposite of what they claim to be. Critical thinking involves a genuine pursuit of the truth for its intrinsic value. Calling anybody who disbelieves the official line a “quack” and calling anybody and everybody “conspiracy theorists” is a felony in elementary logic and critical thinking classes. Ad hominem attacks, inuendos, insults, and grossly biased reasoning are all things that one would expect to be missing in a website that claims to be “rational.” Not only are there the not-so-subtle informal fallacies littering literally every single page that I have ever visited, there are even outright untruths in many of the articles. Want a real laugh? Look at what they have to say about NSA spying and how “unfortunately, the conspiracy theories were right.” What a fucking joke.

  3. ika says:

    >wastes several pages of text on throwing insults around
    >calls rationalwiki arrogant and aggressive

  4. Looks like the rationalwiki fags have ganged up on you

  5. It’s true that they thoroughly disregard the opinions which does not fit to their own. They openly destroy some eminent personalities over one or few mistakes they do but overwhelmingly ignore the mistakes and illogical arguments of their materialistic leaders whom they irrationally worship.

    But they are right about many things. I guess more than 90% It’s just that they are right now materialists and destroy the views of other sides because there is no good evidence. They may be right but their way is purely bigotry and sometimes even does not bother to deeply look what are they even talking about.

  6. ideazoneii says:

    Great post! Rational Wiki is truly a morons paradise! If you quote Rational Wiki as a source it basically discredits you as a dumb ass shill.

    • Justin Royek says:

      Yes, and they are attacking people of Polish heritage in the comments section of anti-Russian sentiment on Wikipedia as eating pierogis and the loudest Polish nationalists as being Americans. Well, I am deeply proud of my Polish heritage and it is not distant to me at all. Sorry for being off-topic. They are attacking Americans just to prove how smarter and more superior they supposedly are. They are full of shit, in my opinion.

  7. Katie says:

    That site is a complete joke. Don’t bother even questioning their definition of “rationality”. Rationality means whatever they say it is. If you don’t agree with them you must be irrational! And how can you have a “rational” discussion about subjective value judgments, statements that can never be true or false? You cannot use logic and “rationality” to derive an ought from an is. Like “Global warming is real, therefore we should do whatever it takes to stop global warming.” It doesn’t even matter if global warming is real. You cannot derive that conclusion using logic and rationality. That conclusion is a subjective statement, i.e. it cannot be defined as either true or false. You cannot derive liberalism using logic and rationality, because political ideologies are subjective value judgments! And if a political ideology is said to be “true”, then it is no better than pseudoscience!

    • Justin Royek says:

      Yes, that’s right. ANY ideology and ANY religion can be criticized and everyone is fair game on the internet! Yep, just like 4Chan and Reddit! I’d rather have a free-for-all and the freedom to criticize ANY ideology than live in a repressive hellhole, like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan! Ika, would live in Poland be any better? Life in Poland is heaven, compared to Russia and Afghanistan! Many of us, decided to form blocs in the millions were we said “Have GENUINE freedom and love it for everyone” Poland’s Catholicism can be criticized OPENLY and Islam cannot be in the West! We’re just “racist redneck Islamophobes” right? Wilders said that Islam is a totalitarian ideology! Yeah, 14 centuries of various despots sure as hell make the Soviet Union look like a church picnic! Saddam Hussein was just one of many despotic Middle Eastern leaders and he was the one that we did dislike, like the Ayatollahs in Iran and their mafia turf war called the “Iran-Iraq War” That was a giant circle jerk of a war, like the Yugoslav Wars were!

      The Middle East has been ruled by 14 centuries of various Islamic despots and we’re supposed to pretend that none of that exists, Sheila Belometti? It just isn’t real! It’s “fabricated” by the CIA! Sure, and the thousands tortured and killed by that sadistic brute Saddam Hussein and the clowns in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE don’t “exist” They sure as hell do! I see people from this part of the world living in Erie, Pennsylvania and they escaped hellholes like Iran and Iraq to live in the USA! Same with those folks from Bosnia and Kosovo! We “caused” all that, right?

      Aw, “big bad America” is run by “Zionists and Jew-lovers!” Yeah, sure, Ahmed! Your little countries are hell compared to Israel! Israel has a functioning democracy and the “democracy” that Bush created in Iraq is sure as hell backfiring badly! That one guy in that one Kraut and Tea post said that democracy is alien to them and foreign to them, like how European diseases were deadly and foreign to the Native Americans! Sure, come here to “evil America” and find me!

  8. Nick says:

    They certainly post a few bits of actual reason, but most of it is highly inaccurate, deliberately misinterpreting garbage.

  9. David Gerald says:

    I have tried editing RationalWiki articles to make them less biased and more factual. All my edits have been reverted. The mods don’t even reply to your comments on the talk page.

    Its like Scientology, if you even dare question anyone they think as “Good”, you will be marked as a “Destructive” person, all your edits will be reverted and anyone who supports you will also be marked as a “Destructive” person.

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